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This Page began with the simple question: "Does God Answer Prayer?" The links at right link to testimonies surrounding this question. These include doubts by some that are countered by answers from others. At some point in the page's history, it changed from the question of whether God does answer prayers to how God does.

Does God Answer Prayer?

Doubts About God

Are Prayers Answered?

Interceding for Us

Grateful to God

God Answers Prayers All the Time

Angels and Saints

Explanation of Praying to Saints

God is Good

Blessings Flowing

In His Own Time

Thankful Attitude

Prayer Works

Blessings Given

God Hears

Little Things

Praying With Faith

God Responds

Heavenly Intervention

God Answers Prayers

Praying to Saints

Thanks for Everything


Thanks to Jesus

Favors Received

God's Sense of Humor

Saints Help

Unconditional Love

Divine Assistance

Answering Prayers

Comfort Prayers

Prayer Roses

Thank You to God

Wonderful Blessings

Guidance Given

Many Blessings

Miraculous Intercessor

Blessings Bestowed

Prayers Answered

Through Hard Times

God's Favor

God Gives Much

Hearing Prayers

Thanks to St. Jude

God's Help

Prayer Testimonies