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Does God hear and answer prayers? YES He does. I have been out of work for 6 months and the job search was very difficult. I prayed for God to give an opportunity for an interview and to do well. I received my opportunity and start on March 19, 2001 at my new job. Thank you Lord, Blessed Mother and all the angels and saints for hearing my prayers. My trust and faith are in You.
Whether God does answer your prayer or not, know that he loves you and wishes not to teach you wrong. Your prayers will be answer justly, and in time. Patience gives the man love and wealth within. Praying for the right deeds brings you closer to God, and praying does not have to give anything but a sense of love towards our God. He, is our savior, and He will love us always. I pray for I believe is right, and God indeed answers my prayers, as detailed as I wish them to be, He answers them. Jesus Christ is beautiful and in our hearts always.
yes god does answer prayers.he sure did mine.thank you lord jesus .i prayed for money to pay our house and car insurance and all of our march bills .which i prayed on here between 2-26-01 to 2-28-01 and on 3-01-01 my prayers were answered. and with our sitaution we had no way of getting it, but my prayers were answered, thank you lord.
Yes, God will answer all prayers in his own time. It is hard for us to understand WHY God does what he does, but in the end it is for our own good. Yes, just walk out in faith.
god asnwers prayers you don't even make. he knows when you are searching and have not found the correct answers and are discouraged. in my case, he knew i needed help to get me back to my old way of thinking. i know we always see the picture of christ with the little sheep draped across his sholders because he went to look for one that is lost. that happened to me, in the middle of the night i was woke up i got up and got a drink of water, i al of a sudden heard my clock radio turn on and thought someone was breaking into my house. but the clock radio turned off and i really didn't hear any voices or commotion so i decided to open the door to the bathroom which i had locked when i heard the noise. i stepped out on the rug and it felt electified and i said very loudly, oh my god!the instant i said that the electicity shot through my body-it wasn't painful but i could feel it. as i looked above me i saw something floating above me but it was extremely faint in color so i stepped over to see if i wasn't imagining something but i suddenly heard a whoosh sound and i was face to face with what appeared to be an angel and he was so perfect. he looked directly into my eyes and i couldn't believe what i was seeing-he was very tall wore a white robe that had no wrinkle or crease in it and his hair was perfectly cut . i didn't know if i should say anything or not because sometime spirits that look good are not-i didn't say anythin and i do regret that. the strange part is after he spiralled into the next room through through the crack in the door i felt perfectly calm about going to sleep. when i went to sleep or just closed my eyes i had colors of a beautiful brocade of gold and wine and there was dimension to it. each night there were different colors but the most amazing thing is my ability to differentiate between good and evil.i began to pray more he rosary for one -3 a day, the liturgy of the hours and daily mass. i was a changed person. it was something god knew i needed. i had other religious experiences since that time also. so yes he answers prayers that even your heart makes
Yes, I believe God, through Jesus Christ and Our Eternal Mother, Mary does answers prayers. I can definitely testify that I wouldn't be married if it weren't for Jesus answering my prayers. He sent me an angel though I rightfully don't deserve. On the other hand. I have had a skin condition since about 13 years old that doctors have never been able to diagnose. Nancy, my wife and I also had the unfortunate experience of failed adoption. This is due to the birthmother and birthfather being dishonest in what they said they were going to do. Nancy was diagnosed by doctors when we first got married in 1990 that she couldn't have kids due to polycystic ovarian disease. We have accepted this but realized that adoption can be such a wonderful blessing. I also just received word that my grandmother is back in the hospital for a condition that they first thought was her heart, they now have determined it's her lungs and they don't know their next move. I pray not for myself but for: 1) That my wife and I do get to adopt. 2) My grandmother gets well again. "Where two shall agree, there shall I be in their midst".--Our Savior, Jesus the Christ. In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. AMEN!
Yes, God does answer all prayers. REMEMBER, it is not our time it is God's time when he will answer all of our prayers. It may seem that when you ask for a specific time he does not answer you, but REMEMBER God does always come on time. Yes, I am discouraged due to a second half of a prayer request that I have prayed for and God has not answered it, but I will continue to pray to God and YES I do have faith that he will come on time like God does always. God be will all of my brothers and sisters and please continue to pray for me and my family. I love you Lord !!
praying does work everyone should try what do they have to lose. ask and you shall receive maybe not what you want but you will be answered
NO! I prayed that I wouldn't lose in Las Vegas and I did!
Fro one month now I have been praying to Jesus and Saint Jude to assist me in finding a good job. I lost my job in January and was in turmoil over what to do. Today I received a job offer after going on one interview. Thank you
i pray to god that my cancer never comes back and i went for my first check-up and everything looks good. thank to god
Big Time! My fiancee' and I are just about to start our married life together. I am in the Army, and where we would go after June remained in question. We Prayed fervently for God's hand, and by his Grace we got the assignment we hoped for. Even if we had not, though, God gave us the grace to say, "Thy will be done," so getting our choice of assignments was really the icing on the cake. Knowing God is with us always is the real answer to prayer.
Of course God answeres prayers. I think that it's the most amazing thing that God, listens to our prayers, that we being simply people have the ability to talk to God, we shouldn't take that for granted. God wants us to be good people and to do the right thing and he knows what that is. If you pray to God he will answer you, sometimes it's just a matter of finding the answer.
YES God does answer prayers. "Ask and Ye shall receive" God listens to us, we need to listen to Him. Praise the Lord for He is Almighty. Thanks-You God for taking care of me and for all your forgiveness, Amen
Yes he does He hears us and he knows it even before we gonna say it. But one thing that made me think, I believe that ONLY God can hear us and through Jesus Christ His begotten Son we pray. If we pray to the saints or to Mary there is nothing wrong with that... but there is one thing that we need to remember that only God can hear us, because He is God and there is none like Him. When we meet Him in our time and ask ourselves can we hear your prayer? you don't know Did the bible tells us so ? Did Jesus mention anything about it ? To tell you the truth no one knows...except God Himself But onething I am sure God will definetely hear us. He surely answer our prayers in His time. But still we are one with the saints, Mary and all the believers through Jesus Christ. Just hope that we as Christians understand the true meaning of prayer like Jesus pray to His father.. our God

This is the story of a miraculous healing. Miracles happen all the time, all around us, not just in places like Lourdes. Fr. Robert DeGrandis says that healing is a response to prayer. At the urging of Pope John Paul II, The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith has recently published INstruction on Prayers For Healing. In that document, the Vatican cites many of the healings told in the Bible from the Old Testament, through the time of Jesus told in the Gospels, and on through the New Testament. It goes on to mention the recent increase in the number and popularity of healing services. The point is that prayers for healing are human, natural, approved by the Church and encouraged.

Genny had a problem with menstrual bleeding ever since puberty. In high school it once got so bad that she needed a transfusion. The woman described in Mark, Ch. 5, bled for 12 years. Genny bled three times that long. There were a multitude of doctors, tests and treatments, all to no avail.

That Genny is of Mexican descent has bearing on a parallel part of this story. A dozen years ago, she helped found a Mexican dance group, sort of a Ballet Folklorico for children. The purpose was to pass on a part of the culture to a new generation. It brought families together, not just to attend practices and performances, but to work on costumes and props. Sometimes four generations of a family would be involved.

St. Francis is reputed to have said, "Preach the Gospel always . . . Use words if necessary." This is the way Genny lived life. No one could know her without knowing she was full of faith. Once, Genny was with the children attending a dance conference in San Diego. They had been sightseeing, missed their bus and were stranded. The children became frightened. Genny got them in a circle, they all held hands, and said a prayer. As soon as they said 'Amen' they turned around and there was a bus that took them back to their hotel. The children were immediately convinced that prayer works. They've never forgotten that, as we'll soon see.

Shortly thereafter, the children first, then the parents and families of the children started coming to Genny asking about prayers and Church and faith. She learned that 17 of the children had fallen through the cracks. Some hadn't yet received Confirmation, some hadn't received First Communion. Some hadn't even been baptized. It took awhile, but eventually, on one day, Genny brought 17 young souls into the Church.

In the meantime, the bleeding got slowly worse. By the summer of 1999 she was constantly tired - without energy. Again the doctor did tests. This time, blood counts showed she needed an immediate transfusion. Genny started taking iron while she arranged for donated blood to arrive, and barely avoided receiving the transfusion. Other tests were performed, among them an ultrasound. The ultrasound showed "multiple cysts" and, on the left ovary, "a two inch growth . . . suspicious of neoplasm." A hysterectomy was scheduled.

Family and friends were notified of the upcoming surgery and prayers were requested. Among those told were the children of the dance group. Shortly after 9:00 PM on the eve of the surgery, Genny was resting on the couch. She began to feel heat on her left side, growing in intensity. Putting his hand on her left side, even her husband could feel the heat. After twenty minutes it stopped. Not much was said that night - she knew what had happened.

Several hours later there was a phone call from one of the parents of the children in the dance group. It seems that, when the children heard about Genny and her upcoming surgery, the children asked to go to Church and pray for Genny. At the time Genny felt the heat on her side, 17 of the children were at Church, in front of the Tabernacle, beneath an image of Our Lady of Guadalupe, praying the Rosary.

Not knowing if everything was healed, Genny went through the surgery. She was told that it would take two hours - it took only one. Afterwards the surgeon came out to say that everything was fine, the usual stuff. Asked what he'd found he said he'd found nothing. Asked specifically about the two inch growth on the left ovary, he said, "There was one piece of tissue that looked like it had just shriveled up."

Yes! Two years ago I was struggling with whether or not my faith is sufficient for salvation and I asked the Lord to help me with finding the answer. The next week I was giving a presentation to parents of the high school students I teach, and one man came up to me and said, "I have a strong feeling that you are a Christian and I just want to say I am so glad our son has a Christian teacher at this school." I told him about my prayer, and we praised God together!
I have been praying for a special request for a long time now and was feeling let down that it hasn't been answered. My 9 year old son said "Mom, God has a lot of other prayer before yours to answer. He will answer yours when its your turn you have to be patient."
Yes, in his own time. Thank you Jesus !!
Yes, God does answer all of our requests. But, it is not at our time, it is at God's time. I have been waiting for a second half of a request for a while, and I am still praying and asking for his help and direction. Please pray and continue to pray and God will answer all of your prayers.
Yes God does answer prayers, they may not be the answers we want to hear but the answer is always in our best interest - to help us move forward in our lives or grow more in our faith or to evolve into better human beings mentally and emotionally, so that we can make the world a better place for our children and their children etc.
Thank you God, Padre Pio, St. Jude and Blessed Mother for prayers answered
Yes, praying to Saint Jude and other saints has changed me to the way I have always wanted. To love others as myself. Thank you God!
Yes, God does answer your prayers. My life two weeks ago was a mess, I talked to God and He ask me to Let Go and Let God and I did and He has answered all of my many prayers. He has also shown me the right path to follow and be with Him. I give Thanks to God for my new life!!
God's mercy is endless and He is a loving and compassionate God. My household is struggling serious financial difficulty and the Lord led me to a job that fits my needs and pays more than I had hoped for. The Lord forgave my offenses and mistakes and because I am trusting in Him HE is straighting my path. God is good. All praise to the one true, Triune God!
I believe so I lost my faith and asked for a specific prayer to be answered to prove i should keep my faith.....2 days later my prayers were answered. Praise Jesus
Yes! God has answered many prayers in my life. most recently he answered a prayer request that enabled me to go parttime in my teaching job-60%, so that I still gain the years worth of teaching experience-sweet Jesus lives and answers our prayers- I now have energy to give to my dear family.
I was frankly leading a life of grave sin when I found myself pregnant by another man during a brief separation from my husband. I was in despair at the mess I had made of my life. I prayed my heart out. I was then cured of the cancer found at the scan for this baby. She saved my life and my husband accepted her as his own. I am BLESSED in a big way. God lead me to the Catholic church and has healed my life and I walk with him now.
Not only does He answer prayers, He answers our every need, at all times. For His love for us is perfect - we need only seek the limitless comfort he gives us through the gifts of the Holy Spirit and the saving grace of our Lord.
Yes and Yes. God always answers our prayers. My life has been so fine and even so I haven't always prayed, God is always there for me when I needed help or advise. I find a lot of strenght in prayers in times of doubt or weakness. I love God and I wish that everyone would pray to him to thank him for all that he does for us.
I'm a grade 12 student, and I just returned from writing an exam. I was very worried and nervous about this exam. Instead of spending the few precious moments before I left to write my exam I prayed for God to help me. I am very happy to say that my exam went well. When studying I have learned that it is hard work, but it is important to thank God for giving us the ability to learn, and be thankful for the opportunity to go to school. God won't put the exam answers in mind, but he will give you the patience and ability to learn them!!
Yes God does answer our prayers. We need to remain faithful to Him as He is to us. I am a single mother that has been out of work now for 3 months with no source of income and house payments to make, I am very desprate. I prayed to St. Jude to intercede on my behalf three days ago when my car broke down. Today my car is getting fixed and I am going in for a job interview!We must always remember to praise the Lord and "talk" to Him on a daily basis, not just when we want His help. I have many Angels lifting me up and for this I praise the Lord!
Yes. A few weeks go, I returned from lunch feeling "blue." I randomly searched for Catholic Prayers on the net. The first sample that came up was "For a Peaceful Death." The next morning, I received an email from my oldest friend's wife that my friends father had died unexpectedly the day before - at precisely the time I was reading this "randomly" selected prayer. I didn't even know my friends father had been ill. My friend told me; "it was very peaceful." God answered a prayer for me when I didn't know that I should be praying for it! Yes, God is there, and He does listen. And He does respond.
Yes God Answered my prayer - I prayed to God for my husband to understand the problems he was going through with his brother. God sent the answer in a dream - he sent someone dear to me to tell me to "look Jacob up in the bible he has something to tell you." The story of Jacob helped my husband to understand.
For all STUDENTS out there! This will help you with your exams.It doesn,t mean not to study.But with all the nervousness of taking exams this has helped me. "St.Joseph of Cupertino who ,by praying at your examination were asked only the questions you knew, pray for me now that I too may be granted a similar favour.In return dear St.Joseph,I promise to help make your name known and loved". I got this from the Rosminian Fathers, in kilcurry,Dundalk,Ireland. Good luck with all your exams.God wants you to do well!
God answers our prayers if we allow him to do so. He is most powerful and merciful. I praise him for all the help he has extended to me, my family and to all who sought and found the answer in Him. Bless us all.
God, my Father, has been answering my prayers since I cried for his presence in my life 13 years ago. I was not an active Christian when I discussed my very life with Him, yet within six weeks His presence made itself known. I find that even though He answers my prayers, offered daily, the most powerful answers come when He gives me the subject matter to pray for. This asking Him to do His own will is always done, and done speedily.
Yes, God does answer prayers however, it might sometimes be indirectly. God answers my prayers by giving me the strength to face each day with courage. God answers my prayers by reminding me that I am so fortunate and to always remember that no matter what adversity I face that He is always with me. We always want to ask God for things but God gives us his blessings and He gave us Life and it is up to us to have faith to enjoy Life and to overcome all obstacles.
Yes he does...I put out a prayer request for a good friend. She needed a job and to be happy....I saw her this week and she is working and happy with her new job...Thank you God and everyone who prayed for her.
My daughter was sick with fever for three months. NO doctor could find anything wrong. My prayers to St, Jude were answered. My daughter is well and we found out the cause of the fevers, Thank You St. Jude.
I was suffering from panic disorder. I was in constant pain and severe depression. Nightime was the worst time. I would stay up for days on end crying uncontrolably. One night in the mist of this I was visited by the Lord. I didn't see him or hear his voice, but I knew he was there. Suddenly everything changed and with his help and love I was able to find a doctor and treatment plan that is sending me on the way to recovery. My life has changed in so many ways. Things touch me like never before and I feel as though I am truly begining to live. I now look forward to a long health life with God on my side.
Yes, God does answer prayer. My husband and I were trying to conceive and seeing a fertility specialist. I would say rosaries 3-4 times a day. Durning this time I would ask for signs and I would see them. Well, my prayers were answered we had a little girl and 18 months later another little girl. Thanks Jesus, Mary, Joseph, St Gerard! We have been very blessed.
We have just migrated into this country and are meeting so many challenges in our everyday lives as we continue to adjust to the new way of doing things. Its like a baby learning to walk......everything is so new. BUT THE LEARNING IS SO MUCH MORE INTERESTING AND LOVING BECOZ WE CONTINUE TO PRAY.OUR PRAYERS HAVE NOT ALWAYS BEEN ANSWERED BUT OUR FAITH HAS GROWN.As a family we feel that this strengthening of our faith is GOD'S ANSWER TO OUR PRAYERS.Often we get disappointed becoz our ambitions or wishes are not fulfilled there and then , but our faith tells us that it is God's way of "doing what's good for us in His own time ". We continue to thank God for His presence in our lives and we believe that His answers are always for the that point in time...even though it disappoints you ! !Please pray for FAITH IN HIM...subscription is FREE.AMEN
Seven years ago i fell in love with a man.I was adamant that i wanted to marry him...i used to pray and even after so many years when i didnt get an answer i uased to feel God wasnt answering my prayers.But for no reason one fine day i realised he isnt the one for me.TOday when i look back i know that it was his answer to my prayer otherwise i would have ended up in a disastrous relationship.I got a job abroad because of my prayers to infant jesus.I have seen so many numerous instance in my life when my prayers have been answered.When i got the job and being inexperienced I had to face a lot of problems.Alone in an alien country i have survived everything and am now standing strong.When I look back i can see his guiding hand.I thank you jesus and praise you!!!
Seven years ago i fell in love with a man.I was adamant that i wanted to marry him...i used to pray and even after so many years when i didnt get an answer i uased to feel God wasnt answering my prayers.But for no reason one fine day i realised he isnt the one for me.TOday when i look back i know that it was his answer to my prayer otherwise i would have ended up in a disastrous relationship.I got a job abroad because of my prayers to infant jesus.I have seen so many numerous instance in my life when my prayers have been answered.When i got the job and being inexperienced I had to face a lot of problems.Alone in an alien country i have survived everything and am now standing strong.When I look back i can see his guiding hand.I thank you jesus and praise you!!!
One morning my husband felt pain while urinating. I had shocked of my life when he told me his urine contained blood. I was so scared and worried, I prayed to the Lord every seconds. We went to see a doctor and were told that he had urine infection and it could also be kidney stone. He was given some tablets to ease the pain. The doctor recommended my husband to see a specialist in one of our private hospital. He did not go instead we kept on praying over and over and with God's healing miracle he didn't feel anymore pain and there was no blood anymore. It's been 9 months now, I can't thank the Lord enough for HIS wonderful healing. Believe me God never stop answering our prayers.
I'm 41 years old and have been an alcoholic and an addict for well over half my life. I was prepared to live and die as such. Anyone who feels this way, don't be scared or confused about going to A.A. I had no idea what sitting among a group of people, just like myself, who all WANTED GOD so badly you could close your eyes and feel it, could do for a person. I have never prayed so hard and meant it. Nothing else, short of death, could have ever stopped the way I was living (or dieing). Thank You Lord.
Thank Virgin Mary for prayers answered. You have not failed me yet. Believing is that we need. How can anyone say that God nor his saints do not exist?!!! They are real and everyday in my life when I pray about something it is always answered. Thank you Blessed Mother!!!
Indeed he does, there are have been various ocassions where I have prayed for things and the Lord has answered. One such example is I had broken up with someone whom I really cared about. This individual wanted nothing at all to do with me. I prayed about it and a year later we finally spoke and became friends. Sometimes God doesn't answer when you want him to but he always answers when he feels it is right. I am truly blessed and everyday I thank God for blessing me with all the things that he has.
After being in a relationship for 5 years, it ended bitterly. I was devastated. After two years of bitterness, I said "Lord I am ready to accept the man I will spend the rest of my life with." Two weeks later, someone I know for years asked me out on a date. I was going home to get ready and out of nowhere came a huge rainbow as I was driving home from work. It stayed there until I got off the highway about 10 minutes. Believe me he was heaven sent. He is the perfect complement to my life. Thank you Lord.
Of course God answers prayer. God saved my daughter's life when medical science felt there was no hope. God always responds, sometimes, we just don't want to accept a particular answer and so we think we never were heard.
I know that God answers all prayers, if only we believe! My life has been blessed because I got to know about God and His Devine power early in life! Share it with children! Share it with all, God listens to our prayers always! He answers, but we have to open our hearts to listen to him!
He does answer prayers! I am 36 yrs old and have never had a child. I knew it wouldn't be easy so a year after my husband and I wed, we went to an infertility Dr. and started trying. The dr. almost gave up on me, but I am now 5 weeks pregnant and another blessing was given to us...their twins!!!!! Thank you God, Thank you Blessed Mother, Thank You St. Jude for answering our prayers.
God hears all prayers. I thank St. Jude for the prayers answered.
Yes. St. Jude thank you!
One day, I was praying to God looking outside my window , about all of the bad things that were happening to the world , but I felt that maybe he wasn't listening . So I asked for a signal that if He was there. In that very intance a white dove passed in front of my window , at 3 in the morning! I felt so good inside after this . Thank God.
It sure seems as though he does. I had been in a job that seemed to be going nowhere for the last 6 months. About a week ago I came upon this website and found the Prayer for Success at Work. I said the prayer devoutly and believe it or not within a day I began negotiations and accepted an offer for what I anticipate to be a dream job. Thank You ---.
Yes, He does. In August my mother was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. We just got a report that she is doing much better than the doctor thought possible. Thank you Lord. Thank you Blessed Mother.
Yes, he does answer prayers. My son has a writing dysabiliy call dysgraphia, we prayed and prayed for healing for him, and God sent the answer on a recent trip to D.C.. The last night of our stay in our hotel we happened across the conference site of the International Dyslexic Association. Everyone there was extremley helpful and now we have found a wonderful tutor to help our son.
Yes he does. I am a single parent with two children working a low paying job, and I prayed over and over to god to help me provide for my children this X-mas, and he has. Several of my co-workers gave me gift cards and food to feed my fame. All Praise to God. Thank You Lord.
Yes, God does answer prayer. Sometimes the answer is no. God said that whatsoever ye shall ask in my name, believing,it shall be given unto you. Through faith, God answers all my prayers.
Yes, God hears ALL prayers!
Yes, God hears us and helps us through the worst of times. I pray for my son daily and all my loved ones. I pray for God to guide my son to the right path. Jesus hears all and gives me strenght and hope. St Jude has answered so many prayers. Miraculous things have happened when I've been in deep dispair. St. Jude, St. Anthony, St. Theresa, St. Rita thank you for all the prayers answered. Blessed Mother thank you. Without my faith I would be lost.
YES!,After a prayer in desperation; consumed in deep depression for about 15 years; my daughter lost her baby, I was full of anger and hatred for my daughters partner who had treated her so badly I blamed him for this death. The evening before the funeral of my stillborn grand daughter; A neighbours taxi failed to turn up, so they asked me to take them to see a healing nun; i felt curious so went in to see what it was about; i joined in singing a hymne quietly; and almost instantly felt this great wieght lifted from me. i could feel no anger, no hate, no depression, i looked up wondering where it had gone.Also i know now i had been lost, i was in hell, but the Mercy of God lifted me out; if i got what i deserved it would be hell; thank God for His Great Mercy and Goodness. please pray for laspsed catholics and conversion.
Yes, God has answered many of my prayers. Last year my husband fell from 25 feet high onto solid concrete, he should have had some severe damage but wound up with only two broken legs. I believe there was an angel there to protect him.
YES! 1. I passed my exams by praying to St Joseph Cupertino. 2. after praying i went through a red light without realising. lucky i did because there was a truck behind me i didn't notice beforehand doing over 100clicks behind me. if i had stopped i would have been killed. 3. i did a novena for personal reasons to st Teresa of the child Jesus and as promised i received a rose from an anonymous person while i was at work at Kmart. till this day (i kept it) the Rose smells fresh as the day it was given to me.
of course he does you just have to look for the answers in all that is around you and God is certainly not going to say out load hello but ask and you all ways receive and then you must give thanks as soon as you have recognized God answering your prayers
October '99, my wife and I questioned each other on whether we should try for a 3rd child, she felt we should ask God that question (Good Idea) so we prayed on two consecutive days for a sign. Well on day three, we were at my mother-in-law's house for a visit, when after our two children and I went to bed, my Mother-in-law said to my wife that she had to tell her about a dream she had the night before. She said it was the most vivid dream she ever had and in this dream my wife came to her and said mom, I'm going to have a child near Easter. After 8-9 months of trying, we are expecting our third child in March, 01. I'm still in awe.
I believe with all my heart and soul that God answers my prayers! I have had many, many times that nothing less than a miracle happened to me or one of my family members. I believe that God listens to me and I believe that I have a guardian Angel that always with me! I also believe that God gives to us, good or bad, only what we deserve. May God bless us all!
With the help of a novena to St Jude and a direct prayer to Jesus, I received a sign that my son would be alright. In my darkest hour of dispair, I picked up a copy of Reader's Digest. The cover story was Healing Miracles. While reading the article I thought to myself "God is this a sign to me that everything would be ok"? At the time, a football game was on the TV, I then said will something happen like an interception to let me know? Within two seconds, the quarterback threw the ball right into the hands of the defender for an interception. Three days later the evaluation of my son's condition began with the Doctor stating that it doesn't look as severe as we might have thought. Although the evaluation isn't over, the fear and the sadness that filled my days have gone and I know my son will be fine. God has taken me to dark corners before, but has always brought me to a better place afterwards. From my mouth, to St Jude's ears, to Jesus' heart.
Everything happens according to God's will. He has a plan for you and for me. Worry not about tomorrow; just be glad you've got today. No matter what Jesus will always love and care for you. Please pray for my restaurant in Sterling Heights, MI "Sizzlin' Wok. Thank you. God bless.
GOD answers all prayers in accordance to his will. "Ask and you shall receive"
Yes, God answers our prayers. I have experienced his presence a number of times. I was sick with an undiagnosed neurological disorder when I was in the 7th grade and my family thought that I was going to day. I know that my mother prayed hard that I get well and the mysterious disorder went away. When I was looking for a job, God helped me find my way to the job that he had in store for me. God ALWAYS listens and answers our prayers in the way that is best for us. Do not lose hope! He listens!!
Yes God answer prayers, knowingly or unknowingly.It may not be direct but the wisdom of pure knowledge of God i.e step one of his opening our mind. Then HE nourish us with guidelines, ie whether our ten commandments have been adhered or if its the contrary then we must first whitewash our past and present sins before expected 100% answers are given. Hence our perseverence comes in to play ie to perform penance, confessions, holy communions, prayers of not lips service but of heart felt. Therefore we have to fulfill our sacraments given by our apostolic teachings.
I believe He does. Please pray for my wife whose brain tumor has come back. Thank you all.
My husband and I could not have children, after waiting what seemed a life time on an adoption waiting list, I laid in Bed crying myself to sleep one nite....As I slept I had someone whom I feel in my heart was Jesus say to me, cry no more, your little girl will be with you soon...That morning when I woke up I felt in my heart I was going to have our baby soon...One week later we got a phone call we were chosen by a young girl....3 weeks later, on Mothers Day I was holding our baby girl:) Thank you Jesus, Thank you Joseph.....
Thanks to God and prayers to St. Jude my prayers were answered. Pray. It works.
My husband and I had tried for more than two years to conceive a child. After seeking medical help and saying a novena to St. Philomena, I am 11 weeks pregnant.
My wife was diagnosed with a milignant brain tumor size of a tennis ball and thank for all our prayers and the lord Jesus Christ our prayers were answered. The brain tumor disappeared.
Years ago my grandfather was critically sick, twice the doctors said he won't last long, but twice did he get better. On the third time, he did finally passed away, but he died very peacefully, and his dead body looked as though he was merely sleeping. I attribute this to our prayers to God.
Praise God Always! Through prayer to God, a friend was healed of a brain tumor!
Yes - I got healed of asthma after having it for six years.