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Jesus, I love you and thank you with all my heart and soul. You've have answered all my prayers and have never led me astray. I know that I am soooooooo blessed and enriched by your love. I thank you for always listing and always giving. THank you for your unconditional love. I am a better person for knowing you and loving your. Make me a channel of your peace.
St. Jude, Worker of Miracles and Helper of the Hopeless, thank you for your blessed intervention to help my friend to recover and us to stay together. Please continue to help us to overcome all the difficulties to come.
Dear God, I asked through the intercession fo the Virgin Mary, St. Joseph, and through the Rosary for the return of my husband, I am ever so greatful. Let him heal and find you, and lets us begin to heal. I will never forget you my Lord.
Thank you My Lord for everything you give me daily. I love you with all my heart, AMEN. ALM
My prayers have been answered!!!! I have been praying for many many many months & now my prayers have been answered. My wonderful girlfriend & I are back together and getting better everyday. Please don't ever give up praying. If I have any advice for people you must believe in the good Lord, Mother Mary, Jesus, and all the Angles and Saints in Heaven they will take care of you, if you place your trust in them. Thank you Lord, Mother Mary, Jesus, St. Jude, St. Joseph, St. Mother Pauline, St. Ann, St. Anthony, St. Therese, St. Claire, the HOly Spirit and all the Angles & Saints in Heaven!!!!! God Bless you and everyone on this site. Amen.
Thank you Lord for all you have given to me. Thank you for my wonderful family, my awsome husband, my great home, all my friends, my health and my great faith in you. I Love you Lord! Thanks so much!
Thank you dear wonderful Lord for healing my daughter Maryann.
Thank You Lord for the wonderful friends and family that I have.
Thank you, for prayer answered, that my cousin's son rasto called her from Spain, because, she was absolutely unhappy, that she did not hear from him, because he is alone (travelling) . Thank you dear God. But I still need your help in my family spiritual needs. Please hear my prayers. Thank You. **G**
Thank You Lord that the prayers for a hostile employment situation were answered and that you have heard the prayers of my prayer partner and me. Praise You Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Amen
Thank you God for all my blessings!!! Thank you to Saint's Anthony, Jude, Theresa, Claire, Thomas Acquinas, Joseph. Through your intercession and the intercession of Mary our prayers were answered. An opportunity for another job has come to us and we ask for guidance and help in making this difficult decision. Please Lord, through the intercession of my heavenly friends, answer our prayer be it your will. Please help our friend Mike and so many others still out of work. EVN
thank you st claire i have faith in you and in the lord god amen
Thank you Sweet Jesus for always helping me thru the intercession of Mary, St.Anne her mother, St.Jude, St.Anthony St. Joseph and the Holy Spirit!!! NANCY
I thank thee our Christ for several small favors of which you have responded. It did not involve suffering or pain, it is several to which I will not disclose and keep secret with us my father. Amen!
Thanks to Jesus, that one social activist who was to go to trial had his trial put off! This gives us more time to pray for the charges to be dismissed. Thanks to God as I was very concerned about this person's welfare. Yours in Christ, Barb
Thank you St. Anthony, the doctor said the surgery went well for baby Joshie and he is waking up now! Go to God and thank Him for me! I love you!
Jesus thankyou for everything and I love you.thankyou also to the Blessed mother,St Jude,St Theresa,St Anthony,St Rita,St Michael,St Clare and my guardian angel who interceed to jesus on my behalf everyday and everynight.please continue I love you all.Jesus I love you.
Oh my dearest Lord and Blessed Mother,thank you so much for letting my husbands check post to our account today, his company was having computer problems and I have so many bills due, thank you, thank you, I am sorry I doubted you..MJ
Dear Lady of the Miraculous Medal, Thank you from the bottom of my heart for hearing and answering my prayer. JB
Thank you Lord for helping in our house hunt.
Thank you to the Blessed Virgin Mary for Prayers answered. My prayers were answered I believe 0thers will be blessed when their prayers are answered also. ThanksC.
Thank You God for loving me and for speaking to me in the silence of my heart. BB
Thank you Father and Creator for hearing our prayers and especially those whom we invoked: the Holy Spirit, Jesus, and the saints(Saint Anne, Therese, and Claire). Our mortgage financing came through for my wife and I as we begin our marriage journey and family life in our new home. We are grateful that once again, the power and promise of prayer continues and You have not turned away from us, Your children.In Jesus' Name, Amen.
Thank You Lord for keeping my parents healthy and for letting things go well at the job interview. Also, Thank You St. Therese and St. Rita for the rose that I saw on the car driving by just as I called out to Jesus. S
thank YOu Lord and StJude for hearing my prayers and making me pass with 5 in my exams..
Thanks to Saint Expedite for answering my prayers. Remember to called upon Saint Expedite for immediate anwers and resolution. Thanks.
Dear Father in heaven, Thank You so much for the many prayers you have answered. We have had such a difficult time this past year,but it looks like some of our burdens have been lifted,and we know that only you could have solved these problems. We continue to pray for all who ask for prayers, and for your continous Blessings on our family. I love you God my Father, I know you are always there for me,Thank you so very much for favors recieved.AG
I GLORIFY GOD IN ALL I DO Glorifying God in all you do puts what you are doing in a new perspective. It gives more significance and purpose to the task at hand. It causes you to do a better job. Glorifying God in you interaction with others will cause you to treat them with more respect. As you do your daily tasks, honor God and see how the importance of the task changes. Everything I do, I do to glorify God. I give all the praise to God from whom all blessings flow. Whatever I am doing, I do for God. I put forth my best possible effort at all times in honor of God. Thanks, God. And So It IS! "Therefore, I will sing praise to thee, and not be silent. O Lord, my God, I will give thanks unto thee for ever." Psalms 30:12 Peace, Love, Light & Rich Blessings to You and Yours
Thank you Lord for helping out with my special intention.
I thank You Dear Lord now and always.
I sold my palce at a good price after 3 months of your prayers! Thank y0u Praise the Lord!
Praise God who healed a foot condition over night that last time took two weeks on antibiotics! Thank you Lord! Amen.
DEAR LORD thanks for healing me from pain and anger and looking over my grandparents + in the name of the father the son the holy spirit AMEN.
I just want to thank you Lord for the millions of times you have answered my prayers, and i'm sorry if I had forgottten to thank you at the time.
Hail Holy Queen
Thank you Heavenly Father for answered prayer with my brother-in-law and family's situation. I know that you are in control of everything that happens in our lives. I know that You will continue to guide him in the days ahead. I thank you in the Name of Jesus Christ.
Thank you God for my daughter Antonia's successful surgery. there are no words that can express the graditude that we both feel. please be with her as she goes through the chemo treatments. I love. Amen Esther
st claire i love you and know my novena to you will still come through i have faith thank you josh
thank you jesus for letting my mom come thru her surgery today with no problems i love you and thank you for everything amen
My car caught fire last week and burned completely. Although it was very old, at least it was paid for. I tried really hard to have the faith I needed that God would get me another car. Even though my faith wasn't perfect (I would get scared sometimes), my son-in-law came to my job today with a car and told me that I could go tomorrow and sign the papers for it at a dealer he knew. I know God will help me come up with money to meet the payments. All day I have been saying "Thank you, God."
Yesterday Jesus answered my request, I asked him to stop the telemarketers from calling. The calls start as soon as we get home and continue all night. We monitor our call but just the ringing is annoying. Last night I asked Jesus, "please don't let them call", our phone service was out for a few hours due to a neighbor cutting the line. I truley enjoyed the peaceful evening.
Our Lady of Mt. Carmel. Thank you......Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, Thank you. Amen. Thank you. Amen.
Thank you Jesus and Virgin Mary for hearing my prayers. Only You know how anxious and unsure I have been feeling lately regarding my relationship. Due to my prayers, You have made me see the light and have given me the strength to accept that which I can not change. Thank you for being with me through this difficult period and for always guiding my path with your light. Amen
Thank you Lord for always answering my prayers, Sometimes I don't even know what I want and the other times I ask for the wrong things, but in the end, everything always turns out ok. Thank you Lord
Mary is in Heaven, and she does intercede for us just as any other person in the "communion of saints" can pray for our needs. She is the Mother of Jesus, Who is God, so that does make her the Mother of God and quite a bit more than "just an earthly woman." We ask for her prayers, just as we ask for prayers from the saints and from our fellow believers on earth.
thank you lord for each moment i get to share with tierra. my heart is broken and i am anxious about tomorrow, thank you for being there for me to turn to. lori c
Thank you Lord for answering my prayer. elizabeth
Lately, I have been extremly vulnerable when it has come to my beliefs and I am fearing that everything I once believed in is not what I truely feel. I have posted some recent prayer requests however i am beginning to lose myself and I am scared. I know that the lord will see me through however i sometimes doubt if i will own up to my end of the deal my life. please help me by prayer and comment Thanks God Bless
Hey i myself can testify that novenas are heard and the will grant your request he always does unfortunately no matter how much i praise the lord to others i find myself becoming lazy and giving up my time for prayer to other non important things God I am sorry and i promise as you have done to me to committ my every inch to you You are of life my love and my savior Please keep me in your prayers!
Thanks you for being there for me, insuring growth in my life Thank you Father
Thank you God,Sweet Jesus for allowing my daughter to come out of the surgery cancer free. Thank you Prayer Partners for all the prayers. Thank you Lord for leading me to this site. Amen Esther
Today I received good news from Sarah & Shaun re their baby. I Thank you Saint Jude once again from the bottom of my heart for your intercession. Glory be to the Father, and to the son, and to the holy spirit. As it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be. Amen. Jo
Thank You Lord for your blessings. I praise you, I honour you and I adore You! Prayer Works! Amen. Thank You in the Name of Jesus. Amen AC
Thank you Lord Jesus and Mother Mary for answering the prayer that allowed me to attend my daughter's christening this past weekend and allowing me to stay in the country just a few more days to get my wife squared away before I leave. Thank you Lord, I love you.
Thank you Father, Son and Holy Spirit for prayers answered. I love you. Elizabeth
Thank You Lord for answering my prayers. I ask for your strength and guidance to help me overcome everything - everyday.
The last testimony was from Deb in NJ
I made many novenas last week for my daughter, one of which was to St. Therese, the Little Flower. Today at work I received a primrose from a coworker with three, small yellow blossoms. This was the answer to my prayers, I have once again been showered with Heavenly Roses from St. Therese. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
I prayed and have asked our Lord, our Heavenly Father and all Angels to forgive me my past and give a chance to a new future. My prayers were answered fully. I continue to thank the Lord and Angels and I continue to pray for other needs, because God answers all prayers.
Jesus and Virgen Mary, thanks for everhing. I want from you, pace, energe and faith faith to much. I love you so much.Please give me, your belessing. Meus Amores...........
Thanks Jesus and Virgen Mary, for everthing you did for me. Thanks Saint Abedel Macia (egipcian saint ortodox) you did for me in year 2000. You cured me for a desies very bad. I never forget you. I love you so much.
Lord please bless me, my gift of writting has seems to have disapperaed. I haven't wrote with love and passion in a while and i am desperate for my truth in words!
Lord although this week has not brought me much success with my house or romantic life i am very greatful for the little things that you have blessed me with. I was very understanding towards the fact that things had gone wrong and i am very gretful to you for blessing me with such patience because you know as well as i do that i was never one with great patience untill i prayed for you to bless me and you did just that. I also wanted to thatnk you for just being such a wonderful mentor. Plesae lead to happiness again on my own i no longer need to depenmd on another being for the love and support that you continually give me. I love you and are ever so greatful for having you in every part of my being. God Bless and Keep the faith
Thank You Blessed Mother and St Joseph for hearing my prayers!! Thanks Be to God for the grace of prayer! Thanks to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and St.Jude for prayers and favours recieved. Amen.
Thank you St Jude for coming through for me. As always you never fail me and my family. St Jude novena was really good for my spiritual healing. My anxiety and uncertainty for not having a job to support my family is almost over now that I have a job offer. Thanks to St Jude and all the saints and angels who interceeded on my behalf. Everything is possible when you believe!
Thank you for healing my husband from his cancer. We thank God, and all the saints and angels who interceeded on his behalf. St. Jude and St. Pargrine had a big role in this as well, as we are so grateful for their intersessions on my husband's behalf. Nothing is impossible with God!
Almighty Father, I give You thanks and praise for answering my prayers regarding my mother. Thank You Lord! Mike (MM)
St. Therese, I didn't think I would see roses but at the end of the last day I did. My request is on the way (I hope) Thank you very, very much. Rick~
Thank you NN. Rick~
St. Therese, Thank you for the roses that popped up on my computer on Monday. I don't know what made me scroll down and there they were at the bottom!! Although my request has not been answered yet, I know that you are listening and asking Jesus to help me. I will continue to pray to you and to Our Lord, the Blessed Mother and St. Jude. Please continue to intercede for me. Much love.