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Thanks to St. Jude for answering my prayers.
Praise God for the safe return of one of our POWs. Amen.
Thank you Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, for listening to my prayers.
St. Jude and St. Rita, thank you for my answered prayers and the prayers that will soon be answered. Please keep interceding for me to our Blessed Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you.
St. Anthony is so powerful in matters of the heart. Thank you, dear St. Anthony, I prayed for you to send someone special to my daughter, and you did. I ask you now to bind them in love and devotion to one another, bring them to Holy Matrimony. In Jesus' name, I pray, Amen.
Thank you St Anthony for hearing my prayers and for the granting of my petition. I know you will not let me down, in Jesus' name, Amen.
I guess I should have mentioned the most important favor that I pray for everyday is being answered everyday that my son is healthy/happy and I know that St.Jude will continue to protect my son in his everyday activities. A.E
To St. Joseph - March is your month,dear St. Joseph. I finished the 30- day novena in your honor and just wanted to say Thank You for all you have blessed me with, and all you will bless me with in the future. Thank you for accepting my petition and presenting it to our Heavenly Father.
l received roses today on my computer. I guess this was a delayed response because l published St Theresa's novena a day later. Thank you for listening
Dear Heavenly Father, Lord Jesus, the Holy Spirit, the Blessed Mother and all the saints thank you for letting me have a good weekend. I pray that it will continue and the depression becomes less and less. I ask this in the name of Jesus. Thank you. C.G.
Thank you St.Anthony for letting me hear from Bobby............EF
Thank you Our Lady of Mt Carmel, and all the saints for your intercession, I do hope we have our miracle, please guide her in her love for D, and help him to be patient, please give them back their happiness. Amen
thank you God for hearing my prayer, and coming to the assistance of K, I do believe that it will work out, I hope and Pray that it does, Amen
Thank you for not letting my mom's injure be worse. Protect her please and let her heal quickly. Thank you for bringing Mike into my life. He is a good friend.
In The Name Of The Father, and Of The Son, and Of The Holy Spirit. Thank you is long overdue for the Master Mechanic to services the car. Looked at sticker on inside windshield & I am about a year late. He rarely says a word; always is cheerful & very understanding regarding financial arrangements. Thank you for the reminder to visit friends in hospital. Thank you for daughter & children who helped clean after an unexpected short few days down. Thank you for my sons & their excellent families. For Father McNulty who returned the phone call today. For friend Jan. For David W. who towed car out of muddy lawn after two weeks. He recommended gravel, since I like to park there. Many people have been left unmentioned at this time. Father,Please continue Blessing them as you always do. Thank you.
Thank You, Jesus and The Blessed Mother for the Prayer Partners and this Website. I Hope and Pray this Website becomes a Fountain of Healing for all who come here.Amen.
Thank you my Lord, Jesus, for hearing the prayer that Saint Therese whispered into Your tender ear and for granting my request through her intercession. Thank you Saint Therese for the gift of your friendship and your "little ways". All my love to You Jesus and to Saint Therese. ...L
Thank you St Anthony!!
Thank you, Heavenly Father for all you have blessed me with and will continue to give t me. Thank you for the intercession of your saints, especially St.s. Therese, Anthony, Joseph, Expeditus, Ann, Monica, Jude, Raphael, Fr. Fulton Sheen, St. Padre Pio, in the name of your Son, Jesus, Amen. Love, Deb, (NJ)
Thank you Father for letting R's cancer be in remission. He worries all the time. Give him the faith to know that he is in remission and that you will keep him that way so he can see his son grow up to be a man. I love you Father.
Thanks to Mt Carmel for fighting with the invisible war fare that we christians are constintly fighting please contiue to interceed for us help my husband to pass his exam , get a good job, help us to relocate to a better and peacefull place. May God bless you. Ol,NNMM , au va
Thanks to Mt Carmel for helping me thru tough time my husban was not working I was on disability because I had just gave bith to a baby. I don't understand how it was done but threw Mt Carmel intercession we maid it threw the rain please Mt Carmel Continue to interceed for me , help me so that my husband can find a job , pass his exam, and that we would be able to relocate so we can raise our children in a Godly fasion, please help us to move out, fight for us with those who are for unknown resson are trying to break up our family . In God I trust Amen, ol nn,ma, av, au,
Thanks to st. jude for prayers answered and favors received. EH
St. Jude, thank you for I am sure that you will hear our prayers and Neil will soon come home to us and will make us his priority and will never leave us again. Amen.
O Lord and Mama Mary, thanks you so much for I know that you will soon hear my prayers and that my husband will soon come back home to us and our family will be forever intact. Amen.
thank you for granting the power of forgiveness to a friend & saving our friendship.
Oh Holy Saint Jude, thank you for answering my prayer. M
dear almighty god, we thank you for our prayers answered my sister M. graduated already in college and my brother J. alreave have his work.........le.
Thank you, St. Jude, for the prayers you have answered throughout my life. Lonnie S
In The Name Of The Father, and Of The Son, and Of The Holy Spirit. Thank You for the renewed pep & vitality, this day, the neighbor's offer of help, my daughter & grandchildren taking me out to lunch & speaking to my Mom. Thank you for the gift of Life. s. Praise to Your Name.
Thank you Father, Son and Holy Spirit and Blessed Virgin Mary. My son was accepted to trade school. Many people prayed for my son on this site. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Love Mom.
St. Jude here my prayers. I give thanks to you each day. Lord pray for me. SR
Divine Mercy of Jesus, I prayed so long for a certain job at the company I work at. I never did get the job. I was interviewed at two different times. I stayed in my job and have grown and done just wonderful. The awards and bonuses I have been given have been just wonderful (especially this last award). If I would have gotten the job that I thought I wanted, I know I would not have been as happy as I am now. Thank you for answering the prayer in the way you saw fit and not the way I wanted. I do not know what is best for myself and my family, but you do. Thank you Divine Mercy of Jesus and Sister Faustina. I love you and will pray that others will turn to you in prayer.
Thank You Jesus for another day. A bad day with You is better than a good day without You. I pray I am worthy of You and Your Heavenly Home. amen
Dear Lord Jesus, Thank you for your blessing and guidance. If not for you I could have made a worst mistake in my life. Thank you for being there when I needed you. Thank you for my wonderful husband, for nice kids, and for my supportive family. Thank you in Jesus name. Amen Min
Dear Godm Christ my Lord and the blessed immaculate mother. Can I thank you for all that I have? My family, My home by the sea, wonderful friends, new friends and health. Now I give you thanks holy trinity and blessed mother for guiding the hands of my new employer, to select me for a job. I have prayed for employment and my answers where answered beyond belief. Thanks be to you.
Thank you St. Therese for the message of Hope and Love - J will carry roses on her wedding day! Love, Deb, (NJ)
Thank you for all your blessings St. Therese- please continue to shower my daughter with roses her whole life and for the many blessings you have given me Bless Lisa and Rich with a life of love and health and happiness. Vicki 3-27-03
Thank you Dear Heart of Jesus for the prayers you have answered and the ones you are going to answer very soon.
For the Hope You Given me and the Love and "The Kindness". Thank You Lord, Jesus and Blessed Mother.amen.
Thank you for answered prayers! St. Jude, thank you. St. Therese, thank you for roses sent and prayers answered. Thank you St. Anthony and St.Claire. Blessed Mother, thank you. My Lord, thank you for answering my prayers! I will continue as promised!
I'm getting bombarded with roses today! Praise God, thank you St. Therese,
Almighty father I thank you for giving me a baby girl please help her to always love the lord . Blessed mother mt Carmel keep her health for me protect her for harm . Also bless my two sons please remove all evil eyes on those boys for me lord cover them with your blood . Lord jesus please let them always be mindful of your word . God Bless America ol,nn,ma,va,au
dear lord I thank you for your protection and love to day our lady of mt Carmel interceed on my behalf . help me pray for my husband to pass his exam and for him to find a geed job . please angle gabrel protect my chilren for harm keep my family healthy and safe . please angle gabriel protect our country , men and women that in the service amen ol,nnma va au
Thank you St. Therese, My Little Flower. I knew there was a reason for you in my past, these things are being revealed to me now in my life. Thanks for never forgetting me, even tho I know in my heart I forgot you many times, but that will never happen again. Love, Your Sister,
Thank you God for helping my brother getting a job! I have prayed for such a long time and you answered! I thank you so much for giving him another chance. All of the hard work finally paid off and the hope and being positive! God you never let me down and I thank you for that! Sorry if I ever doubt you in my life. You are truly a wonderful God and I will love you for ever! Glory be to God the Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit, Amen
Lord thank you for answering my prayers You are beyond amazing My life is full of love and i will forever believe in you for you have made me who i am today. Bless not only myself but all those who need you in this hour and eternally Amen I'm sorry for ever doubting you hopelessness will no longer devour me for you are ever loveing and you are all i will ever need no and forever Thank You Thank You Thank You!
I would like everyone to know that saint jude answers all prayers he has never failed me in a desperate situation i am so grateful that he is a trusted confidendt of our savior and lord. kim
Dearest Lord, we have Novena prayers for nine consecutive days at home this month. We had wonderful prayers among ourselves and some members of the church. Thank you for guiding us always. We place our petitions in the box. Please answer all petitions in the box. May the LORD our personal saviour continue to shower us with his blessings always. Help us to overcome this economic downturn especially we have to settle our housing loan. It is quite a substantial amount. We pray that we can maintain our property without any difficulty. Amen.
Thank you St. Jude for hearing my prayers (SR) Most holy Apostle, St. Jude, faithful servant and friend of Jesus, the Church honors and invokes you universally as the patron of hopeless cases, of things almost despaired of. Pray for me, I am so helpless and alone. Make use, I implore you, of that particular privilege given to you, to bring visible and speedy help where help is almost despaired of. Come to my assistance in this great need that I may receive the consolation and help of heaven in all my necessities, tribulations, and sufferings, particularly (your request) and that I may praise God with you and all the elect forever. I promise, O blessed St. Jude, to be ever mindful of this great favor, to always honor you as my special and powerful patron, and to gratefully encourage devotion to you. Amen.
St Therese thank you for showing me the roses yesterday and Sunday. Mother Teresa thank you for guiding and helping me. BB
Thank you dear Lord for taking care of my son CJ from birth 01/26/03 till now. Thanks you curing him of all his sickness and disabilities that were expected by the doctors. May your name be praised. And may you continue to protect him from future disabilities and help him grow to become a stong and healthy child and man.
St. Jude please answer my petitions I prayed to you for in the eight day novena I just finished. Even if my prayers can't be answered immediately, please help me to see clear signs that they will be answered in due time. Please St. Jude I ask you this with all my heart. PK
Dear St. Therese thank you for the rose on Sunday and Monday. I know you are listening to my prayers. Please answer them. Please let me get the phone call from the prospective employer I am waiting for. Please St. Therese I know this position will be better for me and my family. Please help me. I am so tired of being miserable because of my current place of employment. Please hear my prayers. PK
Jesus you are my kim
Jesus I thankyou with all my heart for everything.thankyou for prayers answered yesterday and for the happiness that filled my heart I love you.To the Blessed Mother thankyou for helping prayers be answered yesterday please continue to interceed for me thankyou and i love St Theresa,St Jude,St Anthony,St Rita,St Claire,St Michael and my Guardian angel thankyou for interceeding to jesus for me please continue i thankyou with my heart.It truley means the world to me that you interceed for me daily thankyou again.Jesus I love you and thankyou.also thankyou to the prayer partners for prayeing for me to you.
Thank you Lord and all the Saints that came to my aid. Amen
Thank you Lord for your guidance and help in my practicum. Thank you for my good children. Please always be with them. Thank you for my understanding and supportive husband. Amen Min
Thank you for a beautiful day and the hope that my long standing prayer will be answered.
Dear God, Thank you for allowing my son, Kerry J. Sr., to find a job. It has helped to pull him out of his depression and despair and begin to believe that maybe there is hope--even for him. Thank you God. Irene
Dear God, Mary, St. Joseph, St. Jude and St. Pio, Thank you so much for letting my husband do well with his phone interviewing and getting to the next step with his job prospects. Today has given us so much reason to be hopeful. Thank you also for the beautiful healing mass that I was able to attend this morning. I feel so much more peaceful about our situation. K
Thank you Lord for allowing me to make Mass this morning.
Thank you, Lord, for every blessing in my life. Thank you for always listening to me and answering my prayers. Please help me grow in you, Lord, and help me with my sins. Please help me make good decisions. Please bless my family and friends. Thank you, Lord, for the love you give to each and everyone of us.
Lord, help me with all my sins in the past and future and that I may never do the things that I am doing is talking about camp please help me Jesus. please answer me tonight and forgive me for all of my own sins in my life as of today. sunday , march 16 2003 at 9:30
Thank you, St Joseph, for answering my prayer. FK
Thank You Lord for answering my prayer for the safe return of my husband and son.
Thank You Lord for answering my prayers throughout my pregnancy and Delivery. Praise and Love to you, Lord Jesus Christ. Amen. GM
Thank You, Jesus for Your Sacrifice on the Cross. Thank You for Your Seven Sacraments. Thank You for the Blessed Virgin Mary. Thank You for opening Heaven to repented sinners.
Dear God, ThankYou for bringing me to an understanding of why You said no to some of my prayers. ThankYou for knowing what's best for me. ThankYou for loving me. ThankYou for the many prayers and blessings You have given me. ThankYou for taking the time to gain my trust. I love You God. Through Christ. Lisa
Thank you dear God.
Havenly Father, thank you for all your blessings that have been given to me and my family. I have been praying for a special intention for a long time, I have every confidence that it will be granted, in Jesus' name, Amen.
Blessed Mother, I've been praying that my daughters new job goes well. Friday she won a contest. It's not more money but at least it appears things are going in the right direction. Thank you and I will contine to pray every day to you.
Tankyou St Anthony for prayer answered ever gratefull to you.Say Prayer below daily
St Anthony Prayer for a miracle Most Holy St Anthony,gentlest of Saints,your love of God and charity for his creatures made you worthy,while on earth,to posess miraculous magical powers.Encouraged by this,i implore you to obtain for me (make your request).Your are the saint of Miracles,Blessed Anthony,and your heart was ever full of symphathy.Present my petition to Jesus and the graditude of my heart will be ever yours.To be said daily
Dear Blessed Virgin, thank you for answering my prayers for a reconciliation with my husband, thank you for taking him from the dark area of his life, and making him realize that he was losing his family by being selfish, self centered and withdrawing from everything and concentrating on only on his work.
I had a bad day today - I finished my 5 days novena to St. Therese, and was upset, anxious about my request. Very soon after finishing the prayers, I saw the word "rose" written online quite a few times - saw roses in the front office, heard the word rose twice in about 10 minutes on the radio, then saw a graphic of a rose unfolding on a website. Coincidence? I think not. Lord, forgive me for ever having doubts, I'm only human - please be patient with me. Thank you for granting my request.
Thank you for all You do for me. JN
Thank you Lord for answering my prayers for suitable, gainful and stress free employment. I start work on 3/24/03. Thank you my dearest prayer partners for your prayers and support. I will continue to pray for suitable employment for all who are currently looking. May god bless you always.
Thank you Infant Jesus of Prague, Blessed Virgin Mary - Mother of God, St. Jude, and St. Anthony for your present answers to my prayers and the answers that are forthcoming very soon. I am so grateful with all my heart.
Thank you God for answering my prayer. E. Auston
Thank you St. Jude for answering my prayer. E. Auston
Thank you Father for all your gifts, forgive me for having doubt and fear regarding my petitions - I'm not giving up on them, Lord - I wil continue to pray hard for this marriage to come to pass.
Loving Father, thank you for being with me as I recover from my miscarriage. Thank you for giving me an accepting heart as I lost my beloved baby. Thank you for giving us the unexpected pregnancy, although short, because our love grew even stronger through this difficult loss. Amen.
St Therese, I have seen roses all week. Thank you for the signs of roses to let me know that you are listening and are helping me. I will continue to pray to you and look for the roses. Again, thank you. Love from a sinner.
Dear Jesus, I have been so selfish asking for favors, I have forgotten to thank You for all the wonderful things in my life. I am truly sorry for this. It is just that I am so consumed with my request, I cannot think of anything else. Please, please, forgive me. I truly thank You for my family, my home, my friends and my life. Without You, I would be floundering around now, just waiting for something to happen (probably bad). With You, I have some confidence to get through each day. May You continue to be at my side through these trying times, I need You Jesus! And please, please, answer my request that is in my heart. Thank you and much Love.
Thank you Father, she called and with your help, my heart smiled again. I know my prayers are selfish and there are so many others more important and even more deserving than mine, but I thank you for answering me. You truly are my light and my guide.
Thank you father for giving me the streight to ask my step-father for a two week loan to pay our mortgage. I hope your devine intervention will touch him as I know that I have been quite a burden to my mother and step-father these past 12 months. Thanks to your grace, I now have my profession back and will dedicate myself to turning a new leaf, working harder than ever, and changing my ways. Glory to god the father for showing me the way and for saving me and my family. You are a true and great god. GV
Thank You Father for all You have given me, thank You for loving me, thank you for all the ways You show me Your love. Thank You for bringing me closer to You. BB
Thank you Father, for hearing my prayers. Thank you for blessing me and Daniel. Please bless those on my reconciliation list. Let them feel the awesome power of your love and blessings. Thank you Saint Jude for your powerful intercession on my behalf! In Jesus Name. Amen AC
Thank you, God, for sustaining me through all my trials. Thank you for giving me a place to stay until I find a home. Thank you for good friends, please bless them. Thank you for my family, please bless them. I love you for being so kind and giving to me. RD
Thank you St. Anthony, a million times over for the safe return of Elizabeth Smart!!!!!
Thank you Lord! They accepted our offer! We got the house! Thank you for your blessings.
Thank you St. Jude/Blessed Mother Mary and Lord Jesus for prayers answered for my husband and not giving him cancer!Kim (WI)
Thank you Heavenly Father and all the saints for all prayers answered. In the Name of Jesus, AMEN! , your grateful daughter.
Dear Lord Jesus thank you for answered prayers that i recently requested for myself and my surgery. Thank you dear Lord. Christine.
Thank you St. Therese for the roses, I know you will never let me down, In Jesus' name, thank you. Love
Father, in the name of your son Jesus, please accept my deepest thanks for all you have given me and all you will give me, especially the gift of T and J. That has been a prayer of mine for a lot of years. Continue this relationship and let in culminate in Holy Matrimony. I love you,
Thank you Blessed Mother.B
If only prayers were answered.
Dear God, thank you for answering my prayers last week. Please continue to help me with my situation as I need constant help to overcome my sin in these matters.
Blessed be our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ - true God and true Man...for he has done great things for me; and blessed be the Holy Virgin Mary, St. Joseph, and St Jude Thadeus for helping me find gainful employment, Amen!
Dear Lord, Thank You for giving us a lead on Craig's place. Please help this lead come through so that we can sell the condo and afford to pay our down payment on the next place. Thank you so much for Your undying generosity! Amen.
Child Jesus of Prague, Thankyou for graces received today. Please always be with us, especially my husband. Sharon
Thank you Lord for prayers answered today. Please stay with me as I ask for the final request for payment before Friday of this week. Now you know dear lord that all will be well in my life and my family will be safe; thanks to you, my lord Jesus Christ. GV
Thank you Jesus for allowing me to get ssdi which I desperately needed. Thank you for introducing me to deeper spiritual experiences.
Thank you God for being with me during my conversation on this new job offer. Please stay with me and guide me into doing what is best for you and me and my family. Thank you for loving me unconditionally. jen5
Lord today i wil count my blessings and i will not add up my troubles, i will keep my heart close to you so i may hear,speak,a nd act upon only what is of you. I will do your will and keep strong because you the creator have suffered much more than i will ever know and ithank you for bringing me to this world love always bj
thankyou Jesus for hearing me and answering my prayer. I love you!
Thank you for my Dad's operation going so well.
Thank you lord for watching me today. Min
Thank you God for a beautiful day with my students. JN
Thank you Jesus for Your Triumph over Satan and death. Jesus You Are the Power and the Glory and Your Eternal Kingdom is without end!-R
Thank You Holy Trinity for giving me the gift of Holy Fear of Your Three Persons. I know what waits for those who toy with your Power and Glory. Thank You Jesus!-R
Dear God, thank you for answering my desperate prayers of last week. Please give me continued courage to do the right thing from this point on.
why didn,t you print my prayer did it scare you?
Thank you ST clare for answering my prayers, we have finally started to talk...please make more come of it!!! ST Clare always answers my prayers!!!WEndy
Thank you God for helping my friend with her daughter. Please stay with her and her daughter and give them the strength they need. I Love and Praise you always. jen5
St. Therese thank you for answering my prayer. My husband received a job offer.Thank you Mother Mary for watching over my family.
Thank you Lord for saving my job I know it was you that did it. Please help my husband get a job now, I have so much faith in you and I love you too.
Loving Father, thank you for answering my prayer for strenth. I have felt your presence through this sad ordeal as I've miscarried the baby I loved so much. I know that I have been strong and composed only due to your assistance. Amen.
Thank you St. Jude, worker of miracles, for interceding for us in helping us overcome our financial difficulties. We're well on our way, but continue to need your help. Amen
I am working at a part time job right now till June. I want to thank St. Theresa and Angels V
Thank you St Anthony for helping me find the papers I needed for my prospective employers. Please don't let them ask me for anything else. since I don't have anything else to give them. I ask for this in Jesus Name. Amen
Thank you Father for every blessing we have received from your bounty of love for us. You have said - in everything -pray without ceasing, but pray also with thanksgiving - for anything you ask of the Father he will give you in the name of His Son Jesus. Lord, I had prayed and prayed thru the intercession of St. Anthony and St. Anne to send a wonderful young man into my daughter's life. When the time was right, he appeared. I am so grateful for this gift to her! I continue to pray for this relationship to culminate in marrriage, and thank you Father for answering my prayers. In the name of your Son Jesus, Amen. Love,
Thank you Jesus for helping me with the sales in my business. Also thank you for helping our marriage, it is much improved. Also that of my sister's. Amen
Thank You Saint Jude and Jesus Christ for answering our prayers. Thanks for keeping our Children Healthy and Safe. Thank You. Zarine
Thank You Lord for my son going to Mass with me today, I hope and pray he continues to do so.
Thank You St.Jude for prayers answered. Please be with my son and his team today and tomorrow so they will win and advance on to 2nd round. Let my son shine in his role and keep him healthy/happy and safe from harm/danger and injury. Thank You St.Jude
thank you for the prayers sending love to my daughters. Thank you for all of the blessings you have given me
Dear Lord, thank you for this site and allowing us the gift of hope in face of difficult situations. Through hope, and faith in you, we are offered comfort. In the Lord's name.
Father in Heaven, we call you Abba - which means Daddy in English. You have said anything asked in the name of your Son will not be denied, give us the patience to wait for your time, not ours. Thank you for all blessings given to us despite our unworthiness, please continue to grant our petitions we ask in the name of you Son, Jesus.