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Dear St. Jude, friend and relative of our Jesus Christ, Thank you for interceding on my behalf to God Our Heavenly Father, Thank you for answering my prayer. I am thankful that my marriage of six years to my wife has been saved and will be stronger as each day goes on. Thank you.
Dear St. Jude friend and relative of our Jesus Christ, Thank you for interceding on my behalf to God Our Heavenly Father, Thank you for answering my prayer. I am thankful that my marriage to my huisband of nine years has been saved and will be stronger as each day goes on. Thank you.
I have been so blessed in my prayers in such a way above and beyond what I could've ever imagined. Within less than six months my life has been entirely turned around. Blessed be to the providence and grace that has come upon me. Blessed be to all who seek likewise. Prayer is an awe inspiring force. Don't give up or shut prayer out from your life. There is a power within, without, and around ourselves on this quiet earth. Visualize what you will have in the future; believe on it, pray on it, and stay in it. I will pray for you as well. Blessed be.
Yes, God has sent me three wonderful Saints to pray to. St. Anthony, St. Jude and Saint Claire! I can't believe how much they have helped me. I am forever grateful.
Thank you, St. Jude, Holy Mary Mother of God and all of you that helped with your prayers;we have a contract on our house. May your needs be met and your hearts be filled with the love of God.Amen.
Staint Jude thank you never failing to intercede for my needs. You are a dear friend.
Thank you, St. Jude for prayers answered. Sincere apologies for taking so long just to say "Thank You".
Our family went through a harrowing experience while my sister was seeking admission to her post- graduate course. With the powerful blood of Jesus, intercession of Our Lady and fellow believers prayers my sister did get admission. Praise god always for his ineffable mercies!
yes........he does.........Thank you God Judge not the Lord by feeble sense, but trust him for his grace, Behind a frowning providence, he Hides a smiling face, Thank you, Deepa
I heard somewhere that if you pray on someone's picture, they (the person in the picture) will "feel" it. I tried it and it worked!! My prayer was answered in about 6 months, of course, when I least expected it. Try it :)
Thank you Lord for answering my many prayers for my son in the AirForce. Thank you also for anyone that prayed for him. He needs prayers for the next 2 months in school. It is very difficult. He is so proud to be serving his country. God bless all of you and I hope all your personal prayers are answered.
Thank you, thank you, thank you Lord for answering my prayer. My son is doing well so far with his tests in school in the AirForce. He has 2 months to go. Please help him the rest of the way. God bless everyone who prayed on this Website with me. May all your prayers be answered. Thank you Jesus.
YES! GOD DEFINATELY ANSWERS PRAYER!! I am carrying our first child, our miracle baby, because God and the Blessed Mother answer prayer. They have given us hope and faith, and have seen us through some very scary times during this pregnancy. All the while, we kept our faith, knowing that they would protect our precious baby, and through the prayers of countless people, our baby is growing stronger everyday! The Lord has a reason for everything, and I believe this was a way to strengthen our faith in Him. We are so grateful for our answered prayers!
Lord, my wife's brother would not have recuperated without Your power. Thank you and be with us all.
Dear Lord, Thank you Almighty Father for the healing of my sister. With all the complications due to her car accident we didn't know for some time she would return to us, but you did. Now in re-hab she is doing so good and we are told she might be home in another month. This is a miracle, thank you Lord. We continue to pray for her husband that soon he too will be able to come home. Also, Lord I feel your present sorrounding Phil. I feel a contentment that surprises me that you are in control and you will not let me take control from you. I am at peace and I am gaining understanding of your timing, I leave it to you Lord.
I want to thank all of you for helping me pray to the Lord. Only this morning I submitted my prayer-request for help with my home because of storm damage, and much to my surprise, my brother, my neighbors, my friends all came to my rescue. This is a miracle because no one ever lifts a hand to help me in any way. These neighbors rarely speak, and I could go on and on, and yet by your help in prayer, all this became possible. I'll never forget it as long as I live. There is definitely power in prayer. For a long time, I never thought God listened to me and wondered why since I have always tried to live right, but thanks to all of you who prayed with me, He listened and I just feel wonderful. Thank you so much.
Yesterday, just after requesting prayer for my not losing my job, neighbors came over to help me with a tree that landed on my house when we had a storm last Sunday. I have never received any type of help from my neighbors whatsoever, so I think my request for prayer yesterday had something to do with causing this to happen. Thank you very very much.
Yes, definitely.
Yes God answers prayers. I have prayed the Novena for several reasons recently, and those prayers have been answered. Health restored to one family member, happiness in another, forgiveness in my self....thank you Dear Jesus
I feel like god placed someone really special in my life a little while ago,however things didnt work out but we still talk.I really care and want to learn to love this person however I wish that he'd feel the same way about me but unfortunately I dont think that he does.He makes a big difference in my life, I just pray everyday for god to bring us closer.I hope it happens.
Yes, I prayed to 5 days of Novenas, and had my prayers answered. My romantic relationship was under stress, and I prayed for a resolve, and it has happend.
Yes. Ask and you shall receive. If you have faith that it will work and if you listen and look for the answers. It does come. Thank you!!!!
I have read many of the inspirational prayers that some of you have submitted and want to thank you for sharing. I have always been a christian but like many of us become distracted by lifes everyday events and find little time to pray and thank god for his mercy. I recently found myself in a desparate financial situation with no apparent immediate solution. I questioned why god would allow things to get to this point and pleaded with him through prayer to help resolve these problems. Just as I when I thought all was lost, the Lord responded at the 23rd hour with an answer and a solution. YES, God does answer our prayers. He knows how much we have to go through before he does. Sometimes he says no, sometimes he answers them immediately and in my case sometimes he lets us get stronger in faith and our comitment to him
I have been praying o St. Therese for months and months and asking for her to bring me an answer to what I'm praying for to her. After my 5 day novenas to her I receive Roses but that it only Roses, no answer to my prayers. I am not giving up hope yet. I beleive and trust in her and I'll wait a little longer for her to answer, and I hope it's soon.St. Therese don't let me down I haven't given up on you, don't give up on me. Bring me my answer. I still believe prayers are answered even I did't receive mine yet.
Thank God for the wonderful woman he has given me as my wife. I could not imagine life without her, and she is truly an answer to prayer.
My wife nad I got married this padt May- which is typically the rainiest month of the year. We were worried about having the sun shine on our wedding day which seems like a small thing, but on your wedding day it can be a big deal. We made a shrine to the Queen of the Rosary and put fresh flowers in front ofher daily. Also, we said a hail Mary in front of her daily. Wedding day came, it was looking grim, and then miraculously the Queen of Heaven who made the sun dance made it shine beautifully on our wedding day. Don't doubt, don't despair. If she takes care of little details like this, she will help you in your need. Just stay away from sin, and determine to avoid all near occasions of sin.
God always listens and comes to our assistance. Some don't understand that God assists us in ways we may not readily understand. As time goes on we may look back and know God answered our prayer. Never give up your faith, just believe always. St. Jude thank you. St. Theresa thank you. St. Claire thank you. St. Anthony thank you. Blessed Mother you are always with me, thank you. Dear Jesus thank you for keeping me strong and letting me spread your word to others. God Bless you all who are in need. me
My most humble thanks to St. Christopher for his help and prayers and for watching over my family and me during a recent trip. I asked for his help in keeping us safe and for our vehicle to bring us home safely. While driving down a major thruway/turnpike there was a truck with a trailer; the trailer broke loose and was less than 300 feet from us when it went into a spin. With St. Christopher's help we escaped without harm and so did those unfortunate folks in the truck towing the trailer. I entrust my prayers to the Lord and his most holy servants (Saints) and am most grateful for theie love and devotion to Christ and their help in obtaining answers to my prayers. Thank you St. Christopher for your help.
YES. I prayed to the blessed Virgin for a little girl who was in a coma after a riding accident. I took care of her on one of her procedures in the hospital. I felt the need to pray for her recovery. I was afraid or too shy to offer the prayer to her family which I thought were of different faith. So, I prayed for her myself. For three consecutive days I prayed with her recovery in mind. A week later, I saw her again in the operating room still in a coma. Somehow, I knew she will wake up one day; I just knew. Weeks later, I ran into her doctor and I asked about her. He told me she had woken up and left the hospital to a rehab center. I was so happy. Thank you Blessed Virgin. I pray to You and ask for your assistance. Always keep my faith strong.
Without any doubt. I am in an orthopedic surgery program- one year ago I was a strugglingmedical student with BAD grades- orthopedics is one of the hardest residency programs to get accepted into because of the quality of applicants and the limited number of training slots every year. By all rights I did not deserve to get accepted where I am today. I had the intelligence, but I spent a good amount of time partying and goofing off instead of studying. I came humbly to Mary with all the guilt on my head this time last year, repented of my past failings, and begged for her lovig intercession. I did 6 novenas in a row, 3 with my request, and 3 with my thanks for her aid no matter what happened. Last December I found out that despite tough competition I had gotten into the program I wanted. It WAS miraculous. The residency uses a rating system based on points to determine who they pick. The better the applicant, the higher the points. There was one apllicant I know for sure who had interviewed who had much better grades and awards and publications than I. In spite of that I still got the slot. More importantly, I had a re-awakening of my faith that had laid dormant for much too long. Mary will help you and Jesus does love you. Trust and obey, and pray pray pray!!!
YES! Last year my family and I were totally homeless. We found ourselves living out of a hotel. By the graces of Our Lord and The Blessed Virgin Mary, after saying a rosary novena for nine days, We found a home to purchase. Then the day we were to move in, I was taken critically ill. I was expected to die. My husband prayed to Katherine Drexel, within that hour, he returned to my hospital bed to find me in a chair! I made a miraculous recovery! My family and I have been through so many downfalls in the last 4 years but time and time again the Lord and His Blessed Mother step in to hear our cries. We are not worthy of such graces or mercies but Lord we thank you for never forgetting the cries of those who love you.
Yes God always answers prayers. I know sometimes it seems he is taking too long, and you must remember, a year of our human time could be a split second in God's time. Remember, with suffering comes growth. Trust always in God that you are exactly where you are meant to be. Never turn away from him. Have faith and believe.
Dear St. Theresa, the Little Flower, through you intercession with our Lord, I received your beautiful flowers and my prayers answered. Love is wonderful Lord and I promise to love you more each day.
Dear Lord, today I saw the proof that turning myself over to You brings results. I thank You and promise to always trust in You completely. I love You Lord. Amen.
Thank you St. Rita and St. Jude for your intersession, my prayers were answered beyond my expection. Thank you God for all that I am blessed with.
Thank you Dear Father above for helping to get good friend to be willing to apply for and enter into a good home where she will have her needs better met. Thank You for helping my faith stay strong that you would answer this prayer, since many doubted. Thank you so much Father for helping her to see this was a blessing and that she will be happy with this choice.
I just left a testimony 5 or 6 down from here. I prayed for several days that my ex fiance would get her life on track, and tonight she responded positively to my emails. I just know that God is behind this, with the Holy Spirit and the Holy Family. Other small prayers were answered today as well. Pray for help, and you shall recieve it, if you are sincere and it is proper. Thank you Holy Family, and Holy Spirit
My prayers have been answered and there is no doubt that God gives you what you need, when you need it. He just allows you to muck it up first. Then, if you ask, he will fix it for you, if you are sincere. Thank you God and Mother Mary for all the blessings you have given me.
Thank you St. Jude and our Holy Father and Blessed Virgin for answering my prayer. I was in a truly hopeless situation and I posted a prayer request for a miracle yesterday and that night my prayer was answered. Please pray for all the others who have asked for help. Thank you.
God certainly answers prayers. Throughout my life I have experienced difficult times. Many times I asked god to help heal my wounds, other times I would just ask him to be by my side and to comfort my desolate broken heart. I have found that god hears every single prayer that comes from our hearts.The ultimate and most important is to believe and have faith. To all of those who are searching for answered prayers,it is important to understand that god works in a mysterious ways.
In his time, God answers all prayuers thank you fro showing me the power of patince and how beautiful your love can be. Thank you for my life.
God Only Answers one prayer at a time!
I prayed daily for the return of my fiance, so that I could complete my family and live a good christian marriage. My prayer was not answered with a YES, but with a NO. She is now dating a married man and appears to have really gone bad. The Lord saved us from making a big mistake. Now I must pray for her to get her life back on track. I think that GOd does answer prayers.
Dear Lord, The power of prayer is the reason I am alive!!! My life was almost taken from a near fatal car accident, but worldwide prayers saved me from meeting you sooner than your original plan, Lord. I want to thank you Father, Jesus, Holy Spirit, and St Jude whom prayers weres ent to in my behalf. Please continue to bless me Lord, and give me the stregnth to continue through my rehabilitation.
God remains by our side no matter what. Thank you God for answering my prayers in regards to my recent break up with my boyfriend. You have given me courage and you have given us the strength to work things out. Please continue to guide us as we work together to build a new a long lasting relationship. AMEN
i ask god to bring me friends to spent time with and he has brought a special friend who i spend alot of time with now. thk god. he answers so many of my prayers there isnt enough room on this page to list them. i love you god
Thank you Holy Spirit and Immaculate Virgin Mary for helping me secure a better paying job. I pray that you will both answer the other requests I've asked for in my novenas to you. I ask for patience in the meantime.
yes god does answer prayers. i said a prayer on sunday night 8-5-01 while looking at a picture of the lady of lourdes or guadulupe. and my prayer was answered today on monday 8-6-01 i asked to get some food , our electric bill paid and my daughter to pay us 25.00 . well it all was granted to us on 8-6-01 thank you lord thank you ladies of lourdes and guadulpe amen
Definitely. A little over 2 and a half years ago I was diagnosed with Graves disease. I was told that I had to have radiation and massive amounts of drugs. I took the drugs (14 pills a day) but didn't do the radiation. More importantly, I prayed, my family prayed, my friends prayed. I blessed myself with holy water from the Tickfaw visitation site. Now I have been in remission for 6 months, on no drugs and still no radiation. My doctor is amazed. As a Hindu he isn't ready to attribute it to prayer -- I am
Yes, I prayed that my mother-in-law would treat us nice while we were at a family gathering this past weekend. She was very cordial, and complimentary. This is so unlike her. She usually insults my husband and throws his siblings success in his face.
Yes, God answers prayer. We may not always get exactly what we 'asked for', but we get an answer of some sort, even if it is "no". Oftentimes we don't understand the"no" answer because we want something very badly. We cannot see the future, so we don't understand the no. I asked God that my very young niece did not fly across the United States by herself because I feared for her safety. She went anyways. Her mother went with her one way and her parents made sure that her flight coming home did not have any stops. She made the trip by herself safely. All in All, God did answer my prayer because she returned home safely, which was my main concern. I am asking God now that my young nephew doesn't leave the area and get with good companions. I do not know the answer yet. I want him to stay in the area because if he stays in the area, then maybe his dad whose health I am concerned about, may stay in the area. I want to be available to make sure that my brother gets the Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick. My chances are better if he stays in the area rather than moves away. If that happens, chances are very unlikely I will be able to make sure he gets the sacrament of the Anointing of the sick. I do not know the outcome of my prayers, but at least I can say I did my best, and have to leave the rest up to God. God does not interfere with anyone's free will. Oftentimes that is why what we pray for does not turn out exactly like what we pray for.
Yes definatly,when I was young I asked God to help out my family in a time of need and he did.Recently I prayed to the sacred heart for help with my buisness and she granted me my favour.When people say their prayers havent been answered I think they are either asking for the wrong things or are expecting too much.God will always help us no matter what but we must also help ourselves and not be greedy in what we ask for.Also we must talk to God whenever we can and thank him for what he has given us often he is our friend as well as our saviour and I believe if we chat to him regurarly as a friend when it comes time to ask for something he will always respond as all good friends do.It has to be a two way street so remember to give as much as you take.
Yes Mom prayed for my bed to fit on the other side which I wanted and it did.