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I too have been praying for an answer to on simple prayer for over 1 year and even lately having been praying more as I want this prayer to be answered so bad. Then today things in the situation seemed to be even worse - why is that when I have been praying so hard. Is it possible to pray too much. I have even been going to the church and lighting candles and nothing seems to help. It just gets worse instead of better. I have been trying as someone said earlier to keep the negative thoughts from my head and heart but it is hard when it seems everything is going against me. It seems so unfair when the other person that is causing all of the trouble never goes to church and probably never prays as much as I do and as hard as I do. Why does he seem to be winning?
I am very happy to see people in this website come together and pray for eachother though they don't know each other, Alleluia! The power of god is bigger than word. I pray for all of you who need help in the name of lord. .
Thank you Mother Mary and my Lord Jesus for helping me and answering my prayers. Thank you for the blessings and graces you have given us. Thank you ever so much.
I no god loves me and I feel in my heart he has helped me thru life in every thing I do .
Thanks to Our Lord Jesus, Our Holy Mother and St Joseph for graces received today. GLORY BE TO THE FATHER, THE SON AND THE HOLY GHOST, now and at the hour of our death AMEN.
Dear God Father Almighty, I thank you from the core of my heart for healing my mother with a speedy recovery who was bed ridden with a paralytic stroke on July 8th 2002 and now walking and moving in the house. For keeping her blood pressure and diabetes also under control. The Doctors also acknowledge that its a mircale to see her recovered for they had completely given up hope. But our hope is alway in You. Thank You Lord for everthing I make this prayer Through Jesus Christ Your Divine Son and Through Mary Our Blessed Mother.
Thank you God for bringing someone into my daughters life Thank you also for everything that you have given and have done for me!
Thank you God for all that you do for me daily! I am truly blessed!
Thank You God for your kind and generous graces. Showing us that man's wrongly conceived notion of love, care & concern based upon conditions, of weightts & measures is not about You! Your love is never conditional to your faithful. Everything of You is love!!! You never let us down Lord! Thank You Sweet Jesus for your sacrifice! Please allow us to show gratittude and praise to You. Please show us the way o Lord... Amen. Amen.
Dear Lord, thank You for this day. Thank You for the peace I feel today since I came home from Mass. Lord, You alone know how many struggles I have in my life and how anxious I can get. This peace is truly a gift. Thank YOu
O' God, thanks for healing my mother and restoring her health. She had cancer, her therapy was a success. She is still a little weak, but we believe in you and we know that thought you all things are possible. Thanks for answering our prayers.
Thank you God. I prayed that you restore my parents health, and you continue to watch over them and bless them in their elderly years. Thank you God for being so good to my family and for protecting and providing for all of us. We are grateful and love you.
Thank you God for hearing my prayers and answering my requests as a loving good Father provides for His child. You have taught me many lessons and I want to thank you for those rough times because in my darkness you taught me to lean on you and to have faith in your promises. I am eternally grateful for all you are teaching me and blessing me with. I believe you are a good of mercy, grace, provision, forgiveness and love and I continue to ask that you fill me with the fruits of the Holy Spirit. I am thankful for the miracles big and small you have granted me and I don't ever want to not have you in my life. I love you God. I pray for all those here who are expecting their miracles and answers from You, and I ask that you grant their petitions in Jesus name we pray. Amen
I am in misery. I pray every day, all day. It seems completely that God has abandoned me. Literally, almost everything in my life that could go wrong has. It gets worse, not better. For over a year now, I can'tr even describe what I've been feeling with regard to one very important situation. When people say, God answers according to his own calander, etc...okay, I'll wait for the answer, but, why won't he send any relief in the meantime?
Is it wrong to pray that someone doesn't get the job to keep your relationship together? This job is known to break up marriages and relationships,because of the hours forced to work. You have no choice in the matter,either work or not. I choose to not let a company consume my life. Jobs come a dime a dozen.At a job you are only a number,until the next one comes along. So why give up your life. I will continue to pray.
I've been praying for one thing I think I may have some answer to. I've been praying that A. is not hired at this particular job fulltime and it been 6 years and he still has not been hired fulltime. I keep praying that he is still not hired. The job is not for him. i guess I am getting my answer slowly. What do you think? Any feed back would be helpful.
I standing before our heavenly father and our lord jesus christ do bear witness to his works upon the earth. In the light of the gloryous gospel of christ we have our template, and the one we would liken ourselfs to. The image of christ unfinshed in our hearts for the lack of understanding of his will and spirit, and in god great wisdom, that if he told us outright what we were to do for him, might condem us. Haveing hope in jesus lifts the viel so that we can see some portion that is given to us, and he giveing vishions that are not understood by us we strive to solve them and in due time according to his will we solve them. If this was not so, how then would we wish to follow our heavenly fathers direction?. We then might not wish to pray for the answeres, or think that god doesnt have anything for us to do. For this is the couse of dreams and vishions, to drive us to solve them, and through the remishions of a wrong we might be doing to keep us from the answere we strive to gain. In prayer we want to gain favor in the sight of god, and to have that which we pray for, and god in his glory also wishes for us to become more like him, and when we learn that which god wants, we also gain that wich we pray for. For there is no difference between the things of the spirit, and the flesh, and god rewards his own for doing that which is rightous in his sight. In our closet that we pray must be prayer of rightous thought, and not that which is not, or we may be tested by the evil one. To pray is to change that which you are doing, and if we do not do thing that god wishs the things around us get worse. Things get worse to change that what we are doing, or praying for. Rightous thought is scripural only. Most people are led to believe that god will do things differently for different people, but this would make god wishy washy and not have a set of rules for us to go by. If it seems to be that god does things differently for others its because they cannot see the size of the whole picture. God our father will do the same thing for the world, as he will do for a country and for a individual. simply a man named isreal. If i it seams i speak for a country i may just be talking about the experiances i have had with god my father, and such is the bible. there is no differance in the size of the matter in our father eyes, becuase the truth is the truth. Peace and love be with you in jesus name. chris.
Thank you so much Father, Mary, St. Therese, St. Jude, St. Anthony,and all the Angels for interceeding on my behalf! I recieved a call telling me that I am gonna get trained for a new job!! Thank you so much again, I really need this job Father, you know more than anyone how much I need it...Thank you for hearing my prayers and answering me, it took a while but I kept my hope and my faith and you came through. Please guide me, give me strength, give me eloquence, fill me with love as I embark on this new job. Thank you to all of you for praying for me, prayer works!! In time he WILL answer your prayers!!
it sure does sr. during the course of my last year there were many times i felt disappointed and hopeless. but then a friend came up to me and said that it must not be the right time yet for things to be resolved . our calender is different than the Lords. I also got a book about St Rita. you might find it helpful for it helped me alot . Please hang in there your time will come.
I too have been praying for a prayer to be answered for over 1 year. It is hard not too lose hope when you don't see any results. Why is it that sometimes the more I pray the more things seem to be even worse in the situation I am praying for? When I lose hope and let up a little in my prayers then things seem to get better. Sometimes I feel like the more I pray the more I get my hopes up and then when nothing happens I am even more let down than if I had not been praying night and day. Does this make sense?
your prayers will be answered in His time . Mine took a year but it was hard work on all of us. Please hold on and continue praying. le
my prayers have not been answered, but I have faith that God knows what is best for me. I feel helpless but continue to have faith.
Earlier this year, my son had a situation at his job that made him want to leave. Just this week another job became available that proved when God closes one door he opens another. It was an answered prayer!!
Thank you God, the gaurdian angels, Saint Jude and all that prayed for my Son. This time the chest pain was acid reflux pain . Thank you God it wasn't another heart attack. He had 2 in April. Pain in his chest scared him and I both. Thank you Dear Sweet Jesus for hearing my prayers. I love you all.
Lord, St Jude, and Blessed Mary I thank you for hearing my prayers. I know you are here with me and my family. I will honor you always. ss.
Lord, yet again You have shwon Your love for us by providing us a means to fellowship and community prayer. The operator(s) of this website has provided a more immediate and less intrusive means for us to respond and interact with one another that we might spread Your message. We are truly fortunate to have the circle of friends and prayer partners that we do, and we thank You for giving us the means to witness on Your behalf. Thank you Almighty Father!
Thank You Dear Jesus, Holy Mother Mary, all the Saints, Holy Apostles and Angels of Heaven for guiding me to renewal, opportunity for reconciliation, of my faith and love for You and Holy Mother Church!!! Please continue to guide me on the path. Please protect me from all evil, person, place or thing that would interfere for I never want to be separated from you in this life or the next. I pray for the remediation and forgiveness of the grievous sins I have caused toYou and to Holy Mother Church. I pray that it is God's will that He grants me the grace to defend and support You and the Holy Catholic Apostolic Church as a baptised and confirmed soldier of Christ. Thank You for coming to my aid and delivering me to the glory of God and the blessed Sacraments. Amen.
St.Anthony, thank you for helping me find the inner strength to keep going and trying. Without my belief in you many times, I would of not continued, you have helped much in my life, and continue to do so. Just wanted it out there in the universe, a thanks for a prayer that needed to be answered and has been. God bless.
Thank you lord for keeping my panic attack and anxiety down, please heal me completely. It is so hard for other people who don't go through this to understand. I pray also for all people who suffer from this disease to be healed. Amen.
Our Lady of The Sacred Heart. Remember, Our Lady of the Sacred Heart, what ineffable power thy divine Son hath given thee over His own adorable Heart. Full of trust in thy merits, we come before thee and beg thy protection. O heavenly Treasurer of the Heart of Jesus, that Heart which is the inexhaustible source of all graces, which thou mayest open to us at thy good pleasure, in order that from it may flow forth upon mankind the riches of love and mercy, light and salvation, that are contained therein; grant unto us, we beseech thee, the favors which we seek. . . . We can never, never be refused by thee, and since thou art our Mother, O our Lady of the Sacred Heart, graciously hear our prayers and grant our request. Amen. Thank You Sacred Heart of Mary for prayers answered!
Everyday my prayers are answered.Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! I will continue my prayers, for I see it helps but not always in the way that we want it. I guess that is the beauty of life and love....thanks be to God Lord Jesus Christ, Amen
Thank you Sacred Heart of Jesus for prayers answered - I adore you, I glorify you & I praise you. Thank you Mother Mary & St Jude for answering my prayers.
Dear Father in Heaven, thank you so much for your blessings. I always believe what I ask would be granted according to your will! Praise You Father. Thank you Immaculate Heart of Mary and my Special Rose Saint Therese for your intercessions. Glory Be to God!
Dear Father and Lord, Thank You for using the gifts and abilities You have given me for the benefit of all around me. I pray that You will accept my thankfulness and praise in Jesus Christ's name. Alleluia and Amen.
Dear Beloved Father, I have so much to be thankful today and always. Thank You for the employment, work, family, talents, skills, gifts and for the numerous positive directions. Oh Lord, You are awesome, loving, merciful and the ONE and only. Please continue to bless us and be in our lives, transforming us according to Thy powerful will to make us whole in the name of JESUS CHRIST our BELOVED LORD AND SAVIOUR. Amen and Amen. GOD IS GREAT!!! JESUS IS AMAZING!!!
My prayer was answered and I thank you! I ask that I continue to heal and feel the Grace of God within me. I need to stop the negative behaviors of my lost Love.
of course he does! :) and believe me, it was one prayer i never stopped praying. its a personal prayer though, it varies from day to day but the thought is the same... i had a fight with a very close friend, we never talked... untilone day after i went to the chapel and prayed(and almost cried)... i went to class wherein he was my classmate. and he came up to me and we talked like the normal talk. all my other friends got shocked by what actually happened. and i told them, "know what? i just came fromt he chapel and prayed..." and i know, that my prayers were answered! *sigh*
Thank You God for answering my Prayers that my husband get this job!!! We are so grateful for this opportunity, thank you Lord. We have learned so much in these last 8 months and I know we are better stronger people for it.Thank You. AMEN.
Yes, He does! A few weeks ago, I posted a prayer on another website asking for "blessings too numerous to contain" for a dear friend. She just emailed me and told me she had just received a surprise bonus at work which was "too big to contain"! God truly is great - ALWAYS! I continue to pray for speedy and happy responses to ALL of the prayer requests posted here. Everyone have a peaceful and miracle-filled day!
Thank you lord Jesus for prayers answered. Thank you Immaculate Mary and Saint Therese for your intercession. Praise be to God!
close to a year ago i was in the desperate of times, almost married 21 yrs. and now my husband wanted to leave. my heart was breaking . i searched for the right prayers. went to counseling talked to friends. now come aug 20th it will be a year for that terrible time. thru all of this i have learned that faith and patience is the most important tool of all. so now i would like to thank st. jude. the lord. the virgin mary, st rita, padre pio, my dear gram in heaven and gramma wilma that left us in april and a's aunts and uncles in heaven and dear mr.d. and of course every one in this life that helped us. our love took a year to find again but we will be stronger than before. for this i am so greatful. god bless prayer and beliefs .
DT - thank you for remembering me in your prayers. I am ever hopeful that the Lord will re-unite me with the woman I love, because she's a good woman and has helped me become the spiritual man I am today. Thank you so much, and I will pray for you as well. Have a blessed day!
Does God answer prayers?Yes,I believe that but am still scared.Can I take the challenge Jesus gave St Peter to leave the boat & walk on the water in the middle of the storm?I am trying,but I have tornados in my life right now! I am extremely scared,sometimes desperate ,maybe it's God's will and I have to accept it,maybe it's just a test? I do not know,but another part of me believes that I am in loving caring hands no matter what,especially when I read in the bible passages like Isaiah 43:"Fear not;for I have redeemed thee.I have called thee by thy name; thou art mine.When thou passest through the waters,I will be with thee;and through the rivers,they shall not overflow thee;when thou walkest through fire,thou shalt not be burned;neither shall the flame kindle upon thee.For I am the Lord thy God,the Holy One of Israel,thy Saviour;...I have loved thee.."I love you too Lord.I believe,help my unbelief!I pray for the intentions & needs of each & everyone on this site.May the Lord bless you all,please pray for me.
Thank you god for answering our prayers for the Chavez baby who was reunited with her parents today.
I have financial difficulties. I need to take care of my son. I have been at rest and happy lately since I have been praying not only for myself but for others needing assistance of a prayer. I have faith that offering a rosary for someone in need of prayer is the best gift of all. The power of prayer is real. I have beed praying for a son whom has posted for a pray request of his 75 year old mother suffering from a stroke. I offer the rosary for every morning and evening since.
Pray the rosary. Call out to your Father, God, He loves us and wants to give us what we ask for.
Thank You Lord Jesus, Immaculate Heart of Mary and Saint Therese for blessings granted.
I am 15 years old, and many things teenagers do at their naive age is wrong. I had always been catholic but never deeply religious. There was a prayer that I wanted answered and God brought me to the church and very close to him by me wanting this prayer answered. The prayer has still not been answered but I know it will come in time. I am a very different person now because of it. Thank you God.
For those who are discouraged by "Never Fail" prayers please remember that god is listening; he does hear your prayers and knows what needs you have. His time is infinite; he does not work his miracles by a time clock. Years for us are just moments for him. Do not get discouraged; let his will be done and all will work out for you according to his plans. His way of thinking is not our way of thinking; his way of doing is not our way of doing, but he does love us and will always be there for us.
Thank you lord for healing my bladder this week. Please lord help me and other in side to get jobs. Thank you, thank you.
Thank you God for working miracles in L's life. I see what great changes you are making in him, and I know it is because you are answering my prayer requests. God, I never doubt your power. You are awesome.!
August 15 belongs to our divine Mother Mary, let us remember her especially tomorrow, because she never forgets about us. Thank you Blessed Mother and thank you Lord for everything.
The Lord and Blessed Mother answered my prayers.Thank you
Yes. I prayed to St. Jude asking for help with a "lost cause." Out of the blue my problem was solved. Never doubt the power of the Lord, St. Jude and prayer.
Thank you Father God and St. Therese for answering my prayers. Please continue to bless me and answers my prayers. Blessings to you Lord Jesus and Saint Therese.
Yes, I too have had my prayers answered before. Thank you so much.
Dear Father and Lord, Thank You for transforming my life. I see the changes. Please continue to mould me according to Your purpose and will in Jesus Christ's name. Amen.
Of course God answers prayers. There are so many countless miracles that He has performed on a daily basis, too numerous to mention. He answers prayers according to His Will, Time and Plan for us, as a good Father should for his children. It is Biblical, it is written in the Holy Word of God, it is recorded in the Gospel, it was spoken by our Lord Jesus, that God will grant our requests, especially if any two or more agree. Read the Bible, take Bible classes, it is all there. Knowledge is power and God wants us to use our brain that he has blessed us with. Yes, lighting candles, and praying Novenas are all wonderful and praising, but you need to know the formula to pray. There is a formula that one must follow. Plenty of books written about it. When you pray, remember you have to pray with a forgiving and repentent heart, and a clean conscience, try confession, receive Holy Communion, read your Bible, pray with a partner, etc. God Bless, your Sister in Christ.
Thank you dear Lord, Blessed Mary, and St. Jude. I know you were with me today.
Thank you for answering my prayers and for JMZ. I thnak you for the day and LOVE that I feel in my heart
Dear Heavenly Father, Thank you for all the blessings you have bestowed upon my family. Thank you for keeping my children safe and healthy. Amen
Thank you Father for the many blessings you have given me, even though I dont realise it. Thank you for my mother who works so hard for us, thank you for the food we somehow manage to get, thank you for our loving pets, thank you for our daily requirements being met, thank you for the loving friends you have given me, thank you for your constant protection and love from You from Mary, from the Saints and from the Angels. I ask you to please continue to protect me and mine, to love us and to show Mercy on us. Please hear our cries O Father so that we may rejoice in your name. Father thank you ounce again for the many blessing I sometimes manage to forget. Keep me patient Lord, for in time I know you will grant my prayers, given in your time. Please hear everyones prayers and continue to hear the prayers of everyone on this prayer page. Amen.
Mother Mary and Jesus, I came to yesterday with prayer and you answered, thank you. Now that I know I have to move on from DSL, please help me to heal the pain in my heart and be able to take the lessons learned and to have a loving, healthy relationship. I love her enough to let her go and she has made it clear that she does not want the LOVE I have for her. I wish her only happiness. Please help me to help myslef through this ordeal and to LOVE openly..AMEN
Thank You Father for hearing my prayers. Thank you Mary for interceeding for me. I know you hear my prayers and I know in time things will be fine. Thank you ounce again for the many blessings!
Another answered prayer, is my niece surpasses both the first and second chemo theraphy though she's still at the hospital right now for recovery after her 2nd chemo, Next would be the 3rd chemo test that would be scheduled on the 21st of August, again, to all prayer partners on this site, we ask you to offer prayers for this little angel that her 3rd to 5th chemo test to be successful. Once again, we thank all of you and most of all to our Almighty Father for this answered prayer and for listening more prayer requests for this little angel.
Our heartfelt thanks for all prayer partners in this site. Most of my prayer requests to our Father are being answered and granted, to site few requests, are, the Lord provided my husband a job in one of Saudi Arabian company for 2 years contract, secondly, the Lord, teach me and gave me the strength to become strong to face all my trials in life and giving me peace of mind and little by little free me from worries and some burdens that I am carrying. For all these things, we praise and thank God for being always with us especially when needed Him most. You too, we are inviting you to communicate with Him and open your hearts to Him because He will always be attending your needs. Praise God...
Please pray for me not to go bald, losing my hair at such a young age (18) is making me incrediably depressed and at times I contimplate suicide, please pray that I will not go bald.
to & for all prayer partners on this site: "The Lord hear thee in the day of trouble;the name of the God of Jacob defend thee;Send thee help from the sanctuary,and strengthen thee out of Zion;Remember all thy offerings,and accept thy burnt sacrifice..We will rejoice in thy salvation,and in the name of our God we will set up our banners:the Lord fulfil all thy petitions"God bless you all,each & everyone,pray for all & pray for me
If I've been able to offer someone here the least bit of hope or inspiration, it is only through God's love and intervention that I've been able to do so. I came back to the church in January after being away from it from over twenty years. It was the love of a good woman that brought me back - but it's the love of God that keeps me there! My relationship with the woman (M) is going through a rough time right now - she ended it a few months ago, telling me she wasn't ready for a serious relationship because of past family hurt and problems (including a divorce from an unfaithful husband). I still see her at church, and it hurts, but I am hopeful that God will heal her and open her heart and mind to my love once again. Yes, God DOES work in mysterious ways. From no church involvement to where I am now has been a wonderful and sometimes painful journey. But if my words can help someone find peace or hope for their own situation, then that truly IS God working in and through me. My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone who posts and reads here. Do not be afraid, do not despair, do not lose hope or faith. Be calm and know that He is God.
Yes. Yes. Yes. God will answer your prayers. Call God Father and pray to Him by talking to Him as a father, He is your Father in heaven. If you didn't know your earthly father or had a bad hurtful relationship with him please know that your Father God in heaven has always been beside you and He always will. Call Him Father. He wants you to. He wants you to know Him as a kind loving Father who wants to give you love and for you to love Him. He is waithing to hold you in His arms all you have to do is ask Him to.
Wow, God does work in mysterious ways! I'm so TIRED of worrying about my husband getting a job, and so SICK of worrying about loosing our home, and have been praying like crazy for some relief, then BAM, I come to this web page and see TEH* 11:53 posting, and I come back to calmness again. Thank you Lord for sending me here, and reminding me that its all in Your hands, and there isnt one dang thing I can do about this, except continue to pray and believe.
Thank you for answering my prayers. God the father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit, Mother Mary, Padre Pio, all departed friends and family, all the saints. Thank you for your support and guidance through this difficult time. Your continued help with my healing is greatly appreciated. Thank you from my hesart and soul
St. Therese - I continue to see roses, yet I've not seen any resolution to my prayer rerquest. Have I done something wrong? I beleive in your intercessory prayers and your ability to help those seeking your assistance. Please help me soon. My sadness and despair increase every day. I love "M", and I want her back in my life. I did nothing wrong to drive her away - won't you please heal her and re-unite us? Please help me St. Therese. In Jesus' name I pray. Amen.
Holy Infant Jesus Christ, St. Jude and Mother Mary please answer my prayer that my son MMR who has been diagnosed for rare disease, outgrow the illnes, grow taller everyday proportionately. May my son MMR and nephew both grow taller everyday and may they grow taller by 15cm, or 20cm or even more year end. Thanks. Amen
may i request that we pray together for a friend, who is so dear to me, and who's undergoing some psychological concerns. he's so depressed and paranoid to a neurotic extent. i pray that he continues to go to therapy and take his medication regularly. i hope he realizes that he is loved.
I prayed continuously for God to rescue me in my 11th hour from financial destruction. God was true to His Word, he never left my side and he provided for me through my earthly father here on earth, who gave me some money to get back on my feet. It was more than I expected and I know that God worked his miracle on this situation. I still have a way to go with getting back on my feet, but without God's help and my father here on earth, I would have been in really really big trouble. Thank you so much, for all those who have prayed for me and I continue to pray for all of you, especially those in financial distress. Thank you.
i have asked many times for god to speak to me and all i hear in my head is in his own time and patient. i was amazed when reading back a few lines on this page someone answered the same exact way i have heard it in my head. so yes god does answer our prayers he hears us. never give up hope in his time it will be done
Please pray for our marriage. I am getting very depressed, and my husband would rather do things with friends , on his own, but never with me. He rarely talks to me, and I feel something is missing in our marriage. Please pray he needs me in his life and not just for cooking and cleaning. I don't mind if he has alone time, but we should be able to do something together and have fun. I pray that he needs Jesus in his life as I do. I pray also that he converts to Catholisism and that we have that to share together. Please Lord , Bless our Marriage and I pray we have a happy life.
My wife has recently filed for divorce. I am praying for reconciliation for our marriage and to have our family restored. Please pray for my wife and family. I love them very much.
Dear Lord, Thank you for a wonderful day. Amen
how do you mean spend an hour with jesus in the blessed sacrement? by praying or going to the church?
Yes, in His time, in His way. Be patient, He will answer. Please continue to pray for me. - I remember all in my prayers and continue to pray for our nation's security, freedom and safety.
Thank you Sacred Heart of Jesus, Our Lady of Hope, St. Anne, the Mother of the Virgin Mary and St. Jude. Thank you for answering my prayers and being with us when we are lonely and need your guidance and love. Teach us how to love others too.
Thanks for everyone who prayed for me. Thanks for the saints that helped God answer my prayers. I can now see better with my glassesss. I ask that everyone prays because praying is the key to Holieness. God Bless All
Thank you St. Jude for answering my prayer. I continue to ask for your help. I know how much you have done for me. Thank you.
Thank you Lord for all your help. You have made many miracles in my life through my prayers to you . Prayers do get answered in Jesus Time and not ours. I have had miraculous interventions from blessed Virgin Mary, St. Rita and St. Theresa. They all helped at different times of my life, with great wisdom and power. Of course, the most magnificent sight of all was seeing Jesus in my dream, in all his glory and bright light, he held me in his arms while I was crying and asking him why must I suffer so much? he never answered me in my dreams just held me tight and gave me the most beautiful, loving reassuring smile ever. The next day I woke up and that very same problem I was questioning him about, something that made me suffer for years and years, was completely solved, even much better then I anticipated. Prayers in a state of bliss is also important. We should not only turn to our Lord in our time of need, we should also thank him for our happy times as well. Jesus is the way and the only way to heaven.
Thank you, Lord for this day that you made us, and for helping me be productive in my work and kind to my friends. Thank you for the beauty of the river and the flowers and the smiles which remind me how much love is in the world. I am grateful and I praise thee.
I, standing before our heavenly father and jesus do bear witness to his works upon the earth. I had a relationship with a very lovely women, and things seemed to be going fine. I was very much in love with her, and was the first time i fealt jelous over a women because she couldnt spend much time with me, and not because of who she was around. This relationship didnt last long, and she was soon gone. she had told me that she was a good christain women, and wouldnt hurt a fly, but she sure didnt prove it at the time she left me, because i think it hurt me worse than anything could have. I was already involed with another women when this took place, and i had asked god before hand if this was ok to do or not. You see because god accepted my prayer of self sacrafice for not wanting to pratice deciet or evil he granted me that i could follow him, and hear him. He didnt answere my prayer and didnt know how to go about what i was doing, and thought that it would be ok. After everything was over and even with both women I figured it was wrong to do such a thing because of the terible pain i was put through because of it. I asked god again what i should do, and to give me the answere the next sunday in church. during the week i had a dream that i was flying a old airplane with a stick controler, and when i looked i saw the women i was in love with flying a airplane just like mine, and watched her fly away from me. I looked ahead and saw a (silver jet) it was very larg and shiney. I flew up to see who was flying it through ( the glass) and no one was flying it. The plane was flying in automatic, and the instrument pannel was larg with many flashing lights. The next sunday came and i went to church and was looking for someone who could interpret dreams, and i was disapointed to find no one could, and i couldnt understand this when the bible tells of those who can. I sat down and noticed everyone rushing around, and they didnt follow there normal schedule and rush a man to the pulpit. He introduced himself as a evangelist and had a important message for us. As he spoke he said that when we fly a airplane we need a operation manual to learn how to fly the airplane, and he held up the bible. He added that without a manual we would crash into the side of a mountain. There are two sides of this, one the physical, and the other spiritual, and one we wouldnt think of and thats mental. Everyone might see that of course the bible is our guid to our spiritual self, but they might not see how. Its like when noah built the arch, and when moses parted the sea. They might see that god saves man when they repent, but they might not see that a savior came to deliver them out of bondage through the trubled waters to a better land. like the signiture of someone you know, and the things in common meaning the same by the spirit, but not understood by reading it. What god told me was to follow his spirit not what i read, because in finding what i thought was the answere to my prayer in scripture, or not understanding scripture...... was the reason for my faults... its what got me hurt, and no not one person could help me interpret it right, and my only hope is the savior jesus christ. The most interesting thing though is that over time each women has come to me and told me that i was the only man who ever treated them like a human being. so thank god for effort in doing things right. they all want to try a relationship again but i have changed so much that i dont think they are right for me, and maybe that is what god was trying to tell me all along. through these times god had told me that men and women didnt think the same, and he told me several times this. and so i went to find out and looked it up, and found out he was right. God took much of my self blame away from me that day as i read about it, and in doing so i realized that if things are out of our understanding, how much so is it for our salvation. And he was right about that too. On a more current note, when i saw on the new on sept 11th what had happend i new that day also that god had spoken. Its the likness of spirit that told me so, that god wants us all to follow his spirit, and to try to understand our own fears and differences so that we may achive our goal of entering into reast with our god and lord. Peace be with you in jesus name.
I have been praying to god that he will restore my relationship with my boyfriend who broke up with me. I love him and I know he is my soulmate. I was wondering if people can pray fo me to get him back. I believe God will bring him back to me. I have a strong feeling about that, and a burning desire. He is the love of my life & I need him and miss him. Please pray for him to come back to me Please. God Bless. I Love You God
Thank you all for your prayers for my brother and his neighbors. They were all being evicted by the new landlord. My brother found a better place at a better price! He is a man of deep faith and knew that everything would turn out fine.
Thank You Mother Mary, Dear Jesus, St. Jude, & prayerful souls, for intercession & showing the way. The relationship with TL was injurious to both of us. Please continue to pray for us that we heal from past hurts we've suffered and that we inflicted on one another. Please bless &guide us to find a softened heart and relationships that will fill our lives & spirits with God's love. Please pray for us to find wisdom & discernment to fulfill our roles for the HEavenly FAthers plan. HIS WILL BE DONE. AMEN.
Please pray my miracle happens today.that I'm able to come here tomorrow and tell you all about it. Kalu.
TEH -- it's a privilege to pray for you and everyone who requests prayer here. Thank you for your prayers, as well. With the help of the Father, our Lord Jesus, the Holy Spirit, the Blessed Mother, and all of our saint friends, we have nothing to fear.
Read the prayer about the lost puppy below. God loves and cares for the littlest of His creatures. Don't You think He loves you even more. God is your Father. Call Him Father. Talk to Him like a father. He promises that if we call Him Father He will bless us greatly. Read about Mother Eugenia and God the Father.
Get as close to God as you can. Spend an hour with Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. You will see God working in your life in little ways and big ways. There is no such thing as a coincidence. It is God and only God. You will really feel His love. If you get really close to God in your love for Him you will see and feel His love for you in everything. Pray the rosary, pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy. Pray and read the bible. God is there waiting just call Him and He'll help you.
Dear - thank you so much for your kind words and throughfulness. Your prayers are appreciated and most assuredly will be returned when I pray this evening. May God keep you and protect you always.
Thank You Father and St. Jude for helping me in my time of need today! Well about a week ago my dog had puppies and today I left to go do something, and when I came back I counted the puppies and there was one missing. I was hysterical! I thought my other dog did something, or it fell off the bed out of the box and hurt itself. I threw my matresses off the bed and serched through everything I have stashed under my bed ( a whole lotta junk!) I moved and looked through everything! still no sign. I couldnt hear it crying or anything. I was about to give up, but then I asked God and St. Jude to please let me find the poor puppy who was lost in this horrible heat! I prayed that I would find him alive.... So then I decided...ok maybe I didnt look everywhere underneath the bed, so I looked again...Looking and looking and looking. Then I moved some luggage that was bunched up in the corner and lifted it up and lo' and behold he was there! I couldnt tell if he was breathing, so I picked him up slowly and he began to cry... I was sooooo Happy! The mother was just as happy as me! Hes doing fine and I can already tell that hes gonna be the adventurous one of the group. Thank you again Father and St. Jude for answering my prayers with the quickest of haste!!
TEH, I will say a special prayer for you and M tonight. God bless the two of you, and I pray that the Father will send His healing touch to her. God bless!
I want to thank God for the many answered prayers and miracles in my life...just when I thought it would never happen, it came by surprise...most recently being reunited with my daughter...Thank you from the bottom of my heart. It truly does happen in God's time.
My Dear ALMIGHTY FATHER, Thank You very much for quelling the storms everytime both at work and at home. Thank You for replacing all the unrests with Your mighty love as evidenced again today at work. LORD YOU ARE GREAT AND FULL OF LOVE, PEACE AND JOY in JESUS CHRIST'S NAME. AMEN.
Dear Heavenly Father, Thank you for all the graces you have shown me and for my deep faith in the Catholic Church. Amen
Mary answers prayers to!! I was on a retreat from July 8-11 of this yr. I prayed to Our Blessed Lady during these 4days and she answered my prayer on the 24rth of that month. Only 15days later. Thankyou Blessed Mother :)
God, thank you for bringing my mother and myself back together. It is a beautiful thing and I thank you for forgiving me and for helping deal with all the pain of my childhood. I am on the road to recovery and I am trying to live by the Golden Rule. Thank you Lord
Thank you Lord for hearing my prayer and letting those who I have hurt forgive me.
Thank you Sacred Heart of Jesus, and Immaculate Heart of Mary for answering my prayers. I ask that you continue to bless me, and my marriage and my finances. In Jesus' Name. Amen.
Yes!!! I want to thank our dear Lord and Blessed Mother for many answered prayers!!!
Yes, God does answer our prayers. He answers in his way and in his time. About a month ago I was so desperate and hopeless when the love of my life broke up with me. Today I'm much better through my own prayer, but especially through the prayers of so many people. It was all this prayers that brought "R" and I back together. So I thank all of you who prayed for me from the bottom of my heart. "J"
Thank you Lord and St. Jude for listening to my prayers each day and helping me in my situation. SR
Thank you my lord, jesus and all saints for keeping me strong in these difficult days in my life. I pray for all who are in job hunting as I do. Please lord give us all the necessities we need in your power. .
Thank you Jesus, St. Jude, St. Anthony, Mary,and the Holy Spirit for answering every one of my prayers! If you believe, you too will be rewarded. My husband and I are reunited, I now have TWO job offers, and my husband is cancer free! I will never doubt you again, my friend and savior, Jesus Christ. God bless everyone who is in need of a prayer answered...DON"T give up, it will happen when you least expect it.
Dear Lord, I know I have been bombarding you with pleas, and now we are friends. I am trying not to get my hopes up, I'm not sure what is to come out of this. Thank you for hearing my prayers!!! I love you Lord, if he is the one you want for me, please give me a sign, and let things proceed smoothly from now on. If you want someone else, please let them come in to my life before Christmas, so I don't spend another New Years Eve alone. I will continue to pray...because I know you listen...and answer all prayers. Keep my heart safe Lord!!! I love you dearly.
Blessed Father I want to thank you for hearing my prayers last night and granting them, you always are there for me, especially through the roughest of times, May your name be lifted on high and loved through out the world always and forever!
thank you lord for all you have given me pleae let my boys continue to be heathy and holy and i a good wife mother and provider for them please them continue to grow in the lord.
thank you lord for all you have given me pleae let my boys continue to be heathy and holy and i a good wife mother and provider for them please them continue to grow in the lord.
Yes God answers all prayers. God loves when we pray!

thank you lord for all you have given me pleae let my boys continue to be heathy and holy and i a good wife mother and provider for them please them continue to grow in the lord.
thank you lord for all you have given me pleae let my boys continue to be heathy and holy and i a good wife mother and provider for them please them continue to grow in the lord.
thank you lord for all you have given me pleae let my boys continue to be heathy and holy and i a good wife mother and provider for them please them continue to grow in the lord.
Yes God answers all prayers. God loves when we pray!