Yenra : Answered Prayers : God's Help


Thank you!
Thank you Jesus for hearing my prayers through Three Hail Mary Novena. I was really desparate and in pain at that time. Thank you Jesus and Mary for being with me in my hard times and giving me strength. Please bless everyone and give them strength in difficult times.
thank you dearest jesus for the kok place and also for a new friend in fr. please accept my thanks for the blessings in my life. also for my dishwasher and also my disco lite and also my new cds that i managed to go shopping to buy stuff i needed and also hammy food and also aspirin and all the rest etc. please know that i am grateful. please continue to bless me and make me see things to thank you for. amen
Thnak Dear God for everything that you give Good and Bad. I accept your will , And I am grateful my son Marcos I know that raising a child is not easy,and I have had my struggles but I know that no matter what You have always been by my side carrying me through it all. Let your will be done .In jesus name.... Amen
Not by coincidence Lord ,You place people in our lives that bring us to You through the wounds we share. We learn about love, compassion, understanding, and forgiveness as we embrace the experience and let go of the pain. Through Your grace & mercy and and full acceptance of Your will for our lives we receive what we really need. Thank You God!
Thank you LORD for hearing and answering our prayers. Please bless everyone during this holiday season. PRAISE THE LORD!
Thank you LORD for the job that you will give to me on Monday. Please LORD bless everybody this holiday season.
Thank you Lord for answering my prayer re Kh's unsafe driving.
Thank you Lord and Mother Mary for keeping G safe during his bmt.
Thank God for the blessings through our prayers of our Blessed Mother and all the Saints for my daughter have passed her exams.ManyThanks and Praise and Glory to God our Lord.Amen.George
i just want to thank you so much dearest jesus and mary and all the saints for answering my prayers. esp about love and socialife and about a prayer partner who also love music like me. haha i didnt expect a 45 year old man but i guess you provide me without me asking. please help me dearest jesus to continue to see more reasons to thank you. amen
Thank you Saint Jude for answering my prayer, I'm one step closer to my dream.
thank you Lord for answering my prayers
thank you God I am making very good progress in my undertaking
Dear Lord, Thank you for prayers answered.
Dear Lord. Thank you. St Theresa Thank you. Amen
Thank you God for the phone calls last night. - D
Lord, St. Jude, St. Theresa, St. claire & Holy Spirit, Thank you for the blessings you have bestowed upon me. I took the actions from yesterday as a sign . I cannot thank you enough. Thank you for my family, for my friends, for eveyday lessons you show me. Please continue to protect our relationship from all evils. Please let me know what is happening with dl. I'd rather know than not. I ask in Jesus' name.
thank you lord for this day and for your blessings. please guide and protect my words thoughts and deeds and make your will mine. send blessings to family friends and relatives across the miles and grant them the gifts of your spirit. please grant us the grace necessary to persevere on the path ..instill in us your spirit of peace love hope & charity. increase our faith. please hear the prayers of all who pray and grant them what they need. god bless. amen.
Thank you LORD for the job that you will lead me and receive today.
God, Jesus, St jude, St Joseph, & St Anthony, thank you for hear and answering my prayer. Thank you for guiding me in the right direction last nite
Thank you God for a good day. They come so seldom and I bless these days when they do come. Thanks.
Thank God for your protection and provision to my family since this year and thank you for the answers to my prayer and thank you for the answer you will give to my current prayer, i pray in jesus name. Amen
Thank you Lord for everything you have blessed me with throughout this year. Thank you for allowing me to have my Grandpa one more day every day. For give me for the days I have not given thanks to you.
Thank you Lord for this day, it's our Christmas Party. Hoping we will have succesful & happy Christmas Party. My your blessing pour upon us today and everyday. Please take good care of my family, friends and loved ones and myself. Avoid us from any harm and sickness. I leave everything to you, all my dreams, my career, my family and my lovelife. I believe that in your time you will grant all my request in accordance to your will. AMen
Lord thank you for pulling me back close to you and giving me peace in your name.
Dear Lord, Thank You for answering my prayers. I just hope that Esperanza knows that I love her so very much and miss her more than anyone could imagine. I don't have the heart to see her, so ill, it breaks my heart. Beverly
Thank you for the invoices that have been posted recently. AMEN.
Dear God, thank you for favors answered. I am sorry
Dear God, i am thanking you ahead of time. ch
Thank you Jesus, Mary, and St Theresa. You have answered our prayers. The doctor's report is in today. All cancer gone.
Thank you St. Jude for helping me find hope where I thought there was no longer any. Thank you for listening and your continue help.
Thank you St Clair for prayers answered.amk
Thank you Jesus for all that I have. Thank you Mother Mary, St Jude. St Claire, St Theresa, St Joseph, for your intercession
Thank you dear Lord for the victory in court today. I believe that You helped in every way. Although it was a small start I believe that Your Will will be done. amen
Thank you for being with me throughout my most difficult times this fall. Thank you for the newfound strength I have and for the optimism that is slowly returning to me. A
Dear Lord, Thank you for showing me the answers needed to deal with my families problems
Thank you Lord for all my blessings
, most beautiful flower of Mount Carmel, fruitful vine, splendor of Heaven, Blessed Mother of the Son of God; Immaculate Virgin assist me
I thank you god for my life. amen
Thank you God for letting my brother's knee be okay. Amen.
Thank you Lord for all the blessings and guidance, thank you for being there all the time. Lord please help me to avoid negative things or temptations. I leave everything to you. Just lead me and I will follow. I'm hoping that the coming year will be a great year for me and for my family. You know how much I love my family. I'm hoping that someday all my dreams will come true in accordance to your will. I pray also to someone special you who he is coz I care for him. Amen
thank you so much dear jesus for all the new and wonderful changes that happened to me since my bd. thanks also for finally letting get hammy food and also powder and soap and seaweed. thanks alot. i love and thank you and thank you for fr. thank you also that s and me got closer these days. but i want to continue thanking u in the coming months ahead. amen
thank you lord for your angels and saints both in heaven and on earth. please hear my prayers for those special persons who have touched my life and heart with their gifts and talents. bless them and grant the intentions of their hearts, guide and protect them. please bless them with your love and fatherly care. amen.
Thank you for granting me hope and returning my optimism to me...A
dearest jesus and mary and all the saints, please accept my thanks for being able to go out this wonderful morning. i finally bought the hamster food my poor hamster needed and all the things i needed to buy. thank you so much for blessing me. amen
Lord, thank you for answering two of my 3 prayers. Now please help me focus on getting my little girl help with ADHD. and help me pay it forward.Thanks for your blessings. DeeD
Thank you, Dear Father, for prayers answered. Ann
Thank You, Dear Lord, for bringing the letter sent this week into D's hands. Open his heart and his mind to the true joy of the season. Bring him home. Amen C
Lord has been good to me, my family and friends, he has protected us. At times we didn't realise why things happen a certain way, but only later we realise his decisions for us turned out for the better. I pray that God continue to protect us during Christmas and in the New Year 2004 and bring Peace to all our family, friends, and to all people all over the world. Amen
Thanks be to God in the name of all those who will forget to thank Him this day. db
Thank you St Jude for answering my prayers. I have asked for your help three times in my life, and you helped me each time. Thank you
Dear Lord and prayer partners today, I'd like to share the gift of freedom I have from my sin of the past two years and how I have been shown the way to this freedom by God, Christ in others, prayer partners, the Eucharist and Scripture - I have received my Christmas gift early - thank you to God and all my friends here
Thankyou for your help in yesterdays proceedings.
Lord thank you for the peace you have given me over this period before New Year. *at
St Jude and all Saints, thank you for help with my father. I know you answered my prayers. I will always be grateful for your help. Amen
Thank you St Jude for your continuous love and guidance. Love K
Thank You, Healer of All, for lessening the pain in my neck and shoulder, so that it is no longer painful for me to work. Amen. Love, Wendy
Thank you St Joseph for miracles and prayers answered. Love K
Thank you St Joseph for your continuous love and intercession. Love K
God, St. Jude, St Joseph St Anthony thank you for hear my prayers
God, Virgin Mary, St. Jude and St. Rita Thank You for answering my prayers for Elizabeth and I to have second chance to create a new life together. Please continue to grant us guidence and help to learn and grow as a one, as a couple. will continue to pray for healing for the both of us and please will it so that Liz is cured of her emotional illness. Thank You again for answering my prayers, I trust, believe and love my lord with all my heart and soul. Amen. Tom
GOD thank you for all the wonderful things you have blessed me with this year, a beautiful house that i managed to fully furnish with the furniture of my choice, a job that is making me to pay for all my expenses, my family, friends and colleagues, my success in my studies and now officially an honours graduate, and the loving baby that is growing inside of me. Thank you i would not have made without your Love and support, thank you once again.
Thank you dear Lord for saving Logan's life. Please continue to hold this blessed little preemie in the palm of your hand.
Thank You Lord for all our many blessings. Without You we are nothing. Thanks to You for intercessors & Saints.
Thank you Lord for all you have given us. We should never forget to thank you God every day.
Thank you Lord Jesus, St. Michael, St. Raphael and Virgin Mary for haering and answering my prayers. Amen. MA
St. Jude thank you for hearing my prayers.
Thank you God for answering my prayers. AMEN
Thank you Lord for this day. I'm hoping that the coming year is your promised to me of a real joy you offer for me. Amen
Thank you God,Jesus,the Virgin Mary and St Jude for answering my prayer to bring a loved person back into my life .CC
Lord, Thanks for being here, please help us to rememeber to thank you for everything even the baby baby miracles you give us each day - like turning right with no traffic or a smile from a stranger, a already boiled jug. Open our eyes Lord and help these miracles be enough when we feel hopless.
PRAYER FOR A FINANCIAL BLESSING- Say 9 Our Fathers & prayer: "Eternal
Day 4 in Novena to St. Therese, thank you for the roses seen yesterday, I am certain that you hear my prayers and will answer them soon. Amen
Dear Lord,thank you for guiding us during our planning for our community for the year 2000. Thank you,too for leading me to a very nice and conscientious neurologist and for continues guidance in arriving to a right diagnosis. Whatever happens Lord, I know that you're in complete control of this situation.Amen. NCV
Lord God, I post a prayer in the name of all those who forget Thy goodness and do not say 'thanks.' They simply go on o another 'gimme' like little children. Daily thanks and praise in the name of those who forget to be grateful. Amen. " db
Thank you for prayers answered. LLL
Thank you St Therese for interceding with God to answer my prayers. Love K
Jesus I thank you with all my heart and soul
Thankyou Jesus for all the blessings and miracles you give me each of my life. I love you with all my heart and soul. kim
Thank you God, St. Jude, St. Anthony, St. Joseph for hearing my prayers
Thank you, O Holy St. Anthony, for prayers answered!!!
thank you so much for answering all my prayers so quickly dearest jesus and mary concerning my social life and the new kok place. thank you so much for fr and all the rest who make it possible now to leave my house for social meetings even though it is just nearby. amen
thank you dear jesus and saint rita for all favoures received and please help anykha father with his new job
Thank you St. Jude for the miracle of my nephews remission from cancer. Have faith and love in our Lord. MBL
Thank you Lord for all of my blessings. Please let me always remember this. Amen
Heavenly Father, I come to You in Thanksgiving for 28 wonderful years with my son, Steven. Thank You for giving me this child in the first place, and thank You, God for the opportunity to make beautiful memories with Steve. He was and still is a great joy in my heart.
Thank You, Dear Father in Heaven, for help in my deep sadness at the loss of my son, Steven (9-17-2003). You knew I would need strength to get through my days. You , Lord, sent me the most wonderful friends(those picked by You). I could never have chosen more wonderful people to be my strength. You really know how to pick the Best, Lord.
Dear God thank You for making it possible for me to get two credit cards on collection agencies paid off completely! It is such a relief. Thank You for the Catholic Charities Soup Kitchen and other places where I got free food so I could put my money on my bills. When my businesses get going I purpose in my heart to give them money back, so others can be helped. Thank You again, I was in SUCH a bad state of nerves over it and now it is all better and I feel mountains of oppression lifted up off me. Thanks also for getting me through a tough time this past week. I really needed Your emotional support and it was there. Thank You for Your faithfulness in answering my prayers and the prayers of others who prayed for me. Barbara
Yes thank you Lord for keeping us safe on the roads and helping us avoid potentially dangerous incidents everyday. We always need you as our co-driver!
Thank you Lord for the car and I just missing each other last Friday morning on the way to work. You had to be sitting on my fender - I never saw that car coming. dy
Thank you dear Lord for beginning the healing process on my fathers hand and fingers and please let it continue. Also thank you that my best friend Marilyn and I have reconnected. dy
Thank you Lord for all you have given me. Kevin
Thank you St. Martha and St. Jude for prayers answered. LLL
Dear Lord, Thank you for protecting me while driving in the bad weather
Thank you LORD for the job that you will lead me to today.
Lord please relay this prayer of gratitude and relief to Saint Jude. I am a man of few prayers and little faith but attest to your great strength and love here, now. You have helped me overcome a hurdle that held me in stagnation. My petty fears are washed away with renewed faith. You know my dream to advance and my hope to always do good work. With this gift let me continue in victory improving my skill, strengthening my devotion and learning all that I might. The wonders of my world are innumerable yet finite in heaven.
Thank you God and All the Saints for all your presence and help today.
Than you God, St. Jude, and all who had helped me with my request-my prayers where anwsered! Love, K
Dear lord thank you for bringing my sister safely home on Sunday morning. Thank you mother mary thank you jesusand
Thank you Lord Mary and all the saints for the daily miracles you bring to alllllll of our lives. Please help us to see them more clearly
I prayed that I would sell my store, I had Faith and it sold.
Thank You St. Jude for the Healing of my granddaughter. Have Faith and your prayer will be answered.
Thank You, Jesus, for granting my son his miracle. Amen
Lord Jesus Christ. Thanks for such a loving weekend. Please send a miracle so that we can share our love deeper now in our own home.
Thanks Jesus for loveing me
Jesus I know you will grant me this request and I love you for hearing my prayers. That JME misses me like crazy and she will make the commitment to me this week. Oh Divine Chiled of Prague and still the great opnipotent God, i imploere through thy Most Holy Mother's powerful intercession and through the boundless mercy of Thy omnipotence as God, for a favourable answer to the intention I so earnestly ask for in this novena. Oh Divine Child of Prague, hear my prayer and grant my petition. mention request. Say the above three times followed by 1 Our Father and 1 Hail Mary for three days. LJP
thank you so much dearest jesus and mary there are so many life savers in my life you provided for me that i have to thank you for. this new kok place is really something i can kiss your feet in thankfulness over and over and over and over. i am so very grateful, i really am. i trust you and belive in you and hope you can help me lead a more better life with less struggles. this kok place at this price plus it is smoke free is a wonderful blessing in my life. my life will never be the same again. thank you so much. amen
Many thanks to the Blessed Virgin and the Sacred Heart for prayers answered. mps
Many thanks to Mother Teresa of Calcutta for prayers answered. mps
Thank you dear God! Thank you Blessed Mother, thanks to dear Jesus, all of the angels and saints for prayers ansewered so promptly in my distress, my son has work now, thank you with all my heart forever-Helen
Thank you, Virgin Mary! Thanks to dear Jesus, dear God, all saints, and angels for helping me and answering my many prayers!--HS
Thank you St. Anthony for answering my prayers in bringing communicayion back into my life with my ex wife (lover) back into my life.
Thank you so much St. Jude, for my answered prayer, i started on my novena on thursday and my prayers were answered on friday just 24 hours and you answered my prayers. Thank you so much and i love you, i promise to pray to you every day of my life and let others know about you my St. Jude. Thank you once again. Amen. M.R.
Thank you God and St.Jude and anybody else who helped-A has written, and I feel better. Much love and thanks, you have always been there for me.
Thank You God for my daugther have passed her exam papers and promoted to 2nd year of her NA poly.I am grateful for the help from our Blessed Mother,St Joseph,St Jude,our Lady of Fatima and All the Saints for the prayers.Thank God.Amen.George
thank you for making me feel better! A
St. Jude - I await your answer to my prayers with an open heart and open mind. Please hear my prayers. -PWM
MOST HOLY FATHER thank you for helping me keeping me calm helping me to understand deal and calmly accept P G A X and M. i love cherish worship and adore yopu. your servant.
MOST HOLY FATHER, BLESSED MOTHER, ALL OF THE ANGELS AND SAINTS; thank you for answered prayers thank you for letting baby M feel better. thank you for the grace to deal with her being ill. thank you all from my inner most being. i love cherish and adore all of you.
Thank you for being with me. It's a difficult time but I know I am not alone.
O God, I would like to thank you for hearing the prayars of the Catholic people,my husband has rather better state in his brain tumor sickness, pl. bless the doctors who will treat him radiation treatment,Thank you very much, I promise to reward you.
Thankyou in advance for making me and mine now and always safe, happy, healthy, wealthy and wise and Holy as you would like, Dear Lord. We Love You and We need you.We pray and give thanks that You have granted your own petitions Lord and freed the Souls in Purgatory and converted all sinners now and always. We thankYou for giving us a spirit of no fear and Perfect Peace now and forever. Especially for me and mine and those that need it most. We Love You thank You for your mighty protection and the peace that comes with us knowing that You got our backs and we can live without fear now and always. Thank You. Allelujah!Amen!:)+++
Thank you for prayers answered. DPM
Thank you Jesus, for the call from my son. It was a very warm phone call. Amen
Thank you Lord for my parents receiving the financial help I requested. Thank you also for being with my new niece, Gabrielle, as she was born 3 1/2 weeks early. She is doing great and only with your guidance and strength we trusted in you. In your name I pray and say Thank you and God Bless. Amen SD
thank you Lord, blessed mother, St Anne and especially St. Jude for answering my prayer. My body is healing, please let it continue. Thank you for teaching me patience and faith. I love you!
Thank you God. I see you working. Thank you for showing me your power and that you can work through my weakness. Thank you for teaching me to ask in fatih.
thank you my daughter is still carrying her unborn child the lump on placenta has not grown, please let this child be born healthy.
thank you for prayers answered. lll
Thank you for showing mercy on us! Thank you Lord! stephanie
Thank you God for the good report my sister had from the doctor. Thank you God for the good day yesterday. Thank you God for the invoices that were posted. Thank you God for the phone calls yesterday. AMEN.
Thank God for the BLESSINGS and God is GOOD all the Time.AMEN!.L
ThanK YOU GOD our Lord for the prayers answered which I have requested for my daughter E's examination papers have passed and done well to promoted to her 2nd year of BS Poly.I am very thankful and grateful to our Blessed Mother,St Joseph,St Jude,St Theresa,Our Lady of Fatima,St Anthony and all the Saints and Angels.I thank my God in Jesus Name.Amen.-George
Thank you God for the phone calls yesterday. Two in one day. Thank you so much.
MOST HOLY FATHER, JESUS, HOLY SPIRIT, BLESSED MOTHER, ALL THE ANGELS AND SAINTS, thank you from the inner most part of my being, thank you for all that you are , all that you will be, all that you have done, and have not done, all that you will do. thank you all for all of the true great blessings in my life. thank you all for keeping my family and myself safely in your arms. please know i love and cherish all of you.
Thanks to all those who prayed for Moira last night. Moira went ot eternal rest this morning. I am glad I found this website and was able to ask people to pray for her. I pray for all those in need that they find peace.
Thank you Lord for the the financial relief I received today. Thank you. Amen.
thankyou lord jesus for the help with mjl please help more thankyou amw
Thank God for every blessings for my family and protections, health.God is good all the time.Amen. G
Thank You Lord for helping to alleviate my mother's pain. You love us all so much. I thank You and Your Precious Son Jesus and Our Blessed Mother.
Lord, thank you thank you thank you! It's a miracle! The Union meeting went well. My boss is finally recognizing what a good team player and employee I am. Everything is going well today. Thank you Lord for your miracle. Also, please continue to heal Grandma Trudi from her cancer and other ailments. I know she is feeling better. Thank you thank you thank you. Also please help me with my "temper". I need to learn not to be so reactive. Amen. S. in California - God is so good!
Lord, You delivered me not the miracle I asked for - but one more worthwhile. My faith. Thank you
Praise and Thanksgiving for finding Jessica and returning her to her mother and grandmother! God is so good, D
I would just like to say thank you lord for keeping me strong. You are helping me so much, I don't know what we would do without you. You always seem to fulfill my heart when I need the most or when my heart hurts inside, I just want to give thanks to you, and I will not only ask things from you but I will also give to others what you give to me,love always Val
I cannot thank you enough for all you have done for me oh sweet Mother of God! I love you with all my heart
Thank you so much for what you have done for me oh holy virgin Mary! Pray to the Holy Virgin Mother, she will always hear your prayer and grant you all you need, even if it not exactly how you wish it to be! Have faith!
Thank you LORD for the job that you will send to me today.
Dear Lord, Thank you for lifting my daughters spirits. Also the 1st place last night helped. AB
Thank you St.Jude for all you do for me and my family thru my prayers each and every day,Amen. Victoria
I thank you God for healing my body and bringing me safetly through surgery. I thank You,Saint Jude for interceding on my behalf. Thank You from the bottom of my heart!
I would like to express my praise and gratitude for prayers answered. St. Jude I thank and praise for his wonderful help. Through his intercession to God on my behalf he has helped me so much and I am forever grateful to him. I encourage anyone with a prayer that seems hopeless to pray to St. Jude because he listens and he helps!!! I thank and praise God the Father Almighty, Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior, The Blessed Virgin Mary, St. Joseph, St. Anthony, St. Francis, all The Angels, Saints, Souls In Heaven, and The Holy Spirit for listening to my prayers everyday and for bringing love, comfort, and light into my life. I finally have hope for a happy future and I know it is because of my prayers everyday. My message to all who read this is don't give up hope!!! I am a strong believer in the power of prayer. Thank you and God Bless!!!
Thank You, dear God, with Your Holy Angels and Saints, for averting the current crisis.
Thank you God for my job! Thank you for helping me put my career back on the right path, and in the right direction! Thank you Holy Spirit for guiding me in the right direction, for giving me the right words to say, and making this dream a reality! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Thank you Lod for letting me keep my baby after wanting to have an abortion. It was through your will Lord that things didn't work out the way we wanted them to. I hope that all my other prayer will be answered too. Thank you for love. In Jesus name Amen
Thanks for comforting me in my Pain Lord and Mary
Thank you God for answering my prayer; thank you St. Jude for interceding on my behalf. I will encourage devotion to you always.S
Dear God, thank you for all the blessings you have deemed me worthy of. I can never thank you enough. Please grant me that we will be married by the end of this year. Please place a circle of protection around our relationship and help us to grow stronger in our committment and love for each other,
Thank you God for my interview at 6:00pm tonight. I will do my very best to win the job, and with Your Devine intervention I will be able to live my life anew giving thanks and praise for you for my lessons and blessings. Amen
I especially want to thank San Juan Diego for his intercession for bring relief towards a very difficult situation. DCM
Dear Lord: I praise and give you thanks for saving J. from alcohol. Please continue to strenghten him and Bless him with your Grace. I also thank all the Angles and Saints who interceded for us.
Thank you for all my blessings. Please keep in mind my prayers and you will for me
Thank you Lord for brining my dog back
Thank you Lord for hearing my prayers about my job interview going well. You are truly an awesome God :-)
Thank You Jesus for bringing me to see the ways I have in the past allowed satan and his demons to be in my life. Thank You for the grace of deliverance from the evil one. W
Dear lord, thank you very much for hearing my plea. my daughter is now feeling better and the pain has subsided.Thank you lord for everything and I glorify you. thanks you for making my mother better dand my father too. Thank you lord for everything.
Thank you lord for delivering the positivity of a very wonderful friend and another who i have become pretty fond of over the past couple weeks. Thank you for the motivation with the search for a new position and thank you for the strength with my surgery next week. Thank you lord for being by my side even though i do not always acknowledge your presence please keep all negativity far from me far from my hear and mind Thank you for helping me keep the faith
18:47:53 '' Serenity Prayer''
what isthe name of this prayer: god grant me the serenity to accept the things i cannot change courage to change the things i can and wisdom to know the difference
Dear Lord, Thank you! I guess you can say I won afterall. I remained Kind, and I didnt act out in jealiousy. Thank you for protecting me from her.
Dear God, St. Jude and St. Rita, Thank you for answering my prayers and allowing me to help Liz return to church and God. Please continue to answer my prayers Thank you.
Lord please love us for how much faith everyperson has on this page - see our daily faith and striving and help us Lord
dear lord i am here to thankyou for what you have done so far with what i am praying for i thankyou in your name amen
Thank you LORD for the job that you will give to me today.
BLESSSED MOTHER thank you for your intercession, thank you for wrapping P and myself in your arms keeping us safe and together. thank you for listening to my pleading. please know i love and adore you.
HEAVENLY FATHER thank you from my inner most being for answering my many prayers to bring P home safely to those of us who love so deeply as well as cherish him. thank you MOST HOLY for walking with both of us and keeping us safely wrapped in your arms. my deepest thank you FATHER. please know i love you, worship you andadore you with my mind, my body and my soul. your servant,
thank you Jesus, for creating the will in people to help my family member during this very hard time. I know, that You are guiding these terrific people to a positive result. Amen
Dear Lord, Jesus, and St. Jude: Thank you for hearing my prayer and helping me through my darkest hour. KC
Thank Jesus for allowing my brother-in-law Matt to make it through yet another surgery. He is in the recovery room right now. The doctor said that there was no complications at this time. Thank you to all those who took the time to pray for him during the surgery today. God bless each and everyone of you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. AMS
Thank you Jesus for hearing my prayers. SS
Dear Lord, Thanks for answered prayers
Dear Lord, Thank you for all you do for me. Please help me to continue to pray and strengthen my belief
Dear Lord, Thank you for blessing my life and my family. Please continue to guide me in my life. I need you more than ever.
Dear God, St. Jude, St. Rita Thank You for answering my prayers of allowing Liz and I to meet and talk on our 4th anniversary. Thank You so very much. I do believe and trust in you. Please continue to answer my prayers for us to have a second chance to build something special, for Liz to find the strenght to overcome her emotional demons, to help us learn and grow as individuals as well as together and to make you a very large part of it. Thank You in advance God, St. Jude, and St.rita
Thank you Lord for keeping my uncles heath safe. Thank you for the new potential business u sent me yesterday.
Thank you Lord for all you have given me to be grateful for and especially for a refreshing and loving Thanksgiving holiday. I was able to see my Mom and see my aunt, both whom I need and love very much. Thank you for my friend's invitation to have me over for dinner.
Dear Lord, thank you for answering the prayer of Carol SF.
Thank You, St. Anthony, for helping me find the keys.
Thank you My Heavenly Father and My Lord Jesus Christ, thank you for blessing that I am to receive. I believe in the power of prayer and I believe you will answer my prayers. Thank you for listening to me and hearing what is in my heart. Thank you for granting my prayers.
Lord you gave me all the best.I have to glorify your name.I say :thousand of thanks you .I love you Lord
Lord you gave me all the best.I have to glorify your name.I say :thousand of thanks you .I love you Lord
Thank you Jesus for making my wishes come true.In you the only one to trust.Thank you Thank you thank you again stay with me all the time.
Thank you LORD for the job that you will send to me today.
St. Rita of the impossible I come to you with confidence in my great need (mention request) you werevery pleasing to God on Earth and are so much more so in heaaven. I promise to use this favor when granted to better my life to proclaim Gods mercy and to make you WIDELY known and loved. Amen. Thank you St. Rita for all you have done for me. Love,LS
Thank You Lord for the good things that happened today...and for all the good things that happened last week...Thank you for all the Angels and Saints...Jesus,God,Mary and everyone in heaven,especially the poor souls from purgatory who prays for us with no merits...AMEN.... -Jamenie V. Lazaro Manila,Philippines
Thank you Jesus, Queen of Heaven, St. Joseph, and St. Jude for prayers answered. My baby was born perfectly healthy. Thank you my husband allowing my family to see the baby. Continue to allow me to take the baby to see them without arguments. Espcilaly this Christmas.
Thank u for laying your hands on me, feeling my pain and sending your caring discret love. Please hold me Lord.
LORD, I love you so much, you brought me soooo many small loving miracles on the weekend that show me how much you love T and I. Please join us together even closer in your love.
Thank you Father God, Sacred Heart of Jesus, St. Jude and Holy Spirit for blessing us with our own place to live. C.O.
Thank you HOLY FATHER .I've passed my exam today.
Thank you to St. Jude, St. Theresa, Holy Mary for prayer answered. I've passed my exam today.
Many, many thanks to St. Gabriel, St. Theresa, St, Joseph and all of the other saints for all the blessings bestowed upon me. Thank you for helping me with the problems in my office now and in the future/js
Thanks you St Jude, all answers have been given. Help is avaiable to all who have Faith and trust. Never give up hope all things are possible. J.G.
thank you lord for this day. please bless my family and friends and all who come here. help all to have a peaceful day renewed in your spirit.
SAINT THERESE i come to you to ask for your intercession, to pray for me to the HOLY FATHER for assurance that P will come home safely on MOnday to those of us who love and cherish him. thank you dear SAINT THERESE.
HOLY FATHER thank you for prayers answered. SAINT JUDE, SAINT RITA thank you as well. BLESSED MOTHER thank you also. HOLY FATHER please let me continue to follow your word and ways and let me know that P will come home safely to us. HOLY FATHER thank you for always being forgiving for i know that iam a sinner and ask for you to have mercy on me. i know FATHER that i have a call, please help me listen and grant me the mercy to do what it is that you need me to do. please know i love you with my heart my soul and my mind. thank you again. your servant, jw
Thank you Lord for giving me a chance to have a job this Christmas, hoping that i will be hired permanently. thank you for your support and help Lord.
Thank you St Jude , St Ann, ..please believe my prayers were answered. maybe not exactly like i would like but believe me they do listen and guide us ....i love my faith. thank you..
Thank You, Lord in advance for the answer to this prayer; Lord, I am totally lost regarding D. In my head I know that he cannot allow himself to come to me, but in my heart I feel You calling me to let him into my life because that is what he needs most of all. I am so sorry, Lord, for all the pain we have caused each other. Please forgive me for hurting the people I love the most. Lord, I ask that You take away all the pain between D&I and in Your Loving Kindness, forgive all my sins, especially the bad feelings and thoughts I have had about this person. Bring him to my door secure in the knowledge that I will hear him out, and not place the blame on him, but talk about what we both could have done to avoid this painful time. Amen -
Dear Lord, thank you for answering my prayers. Thank you for Your Forgiveness of sins, Your mercy, Your Graces, and Your love. Your Servant, JH. Amen.
Thank you for answering two of my prayers, please answer the other very soon.
Thank you Lord for all the blessings that you have given me, most especially my husband and our families. Thank you Lord for ALWAYS being there for me and being so forgiving! LML
Thank you Saint Jude and Saint Philomena for praying to God for me. I apologize for forgetting to thank you on my ACT exams. N.Y.
I thank the lord for giving me the wisdom to pass my ACT exams. The first time I took the exam, I scored average (17). The second time, I scored higher with a 21. I asked the lord for wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. He answered my prayers with a score higher than I expected. I also thank the lord for other tests I have taken recently and passed! Thank you dear heart of Jesus. N.Y.
Thank you Saint Jude and Sacred Heart for staying with my pregnant daughter and unborn grandchild and watching over the baby as it grows. We are frightened because of her pervious miscarriage, but are laying this in your hands dear Jesus and have confidence that now that you have finaly brought us this small miracle again, that you will continue to help it live and grow. I am so grateful for these blessings we have been given for the beautiful season of Christmas and Jesus' birth. I ask for your continued help to bring our own small miracle to its birth in July. Thank you Dear Saint Jude, Saint Anne and Saint Anthony. Oh--and Saint Therese, who brought us the sign of that one sturdy little yellow rose in October when my daughter became pregnant. Please, dear Saints, stay with us. Help me to be worthy of your grace and blessings and intercession for my daughter. Now that they are engaged, let them take the next step of holy matrimony before this baby is born too. Amen.
Thank You Lord, for letting me see my friend today. Please help him to find a brilliant and dynamic marketing director so he can immerse himself in his work. With inspiration and direction from You Lord he will go far with the talent he has. Please grant him Your blessings and give him a nudge to get motivated. Don't let him give up his dream...he's held the creative seed You have given him for many years and it's ready to germinate. Also please send him a nice lady friend who will help him and nurture his creative side. Thank You God!!!
Dear Lord thank you for that interview call you provided me when I least expected. I hope something good comes out of it. I pray to you Lord to guide me with the right thoughts and actions.
Thank you St. Jude for the many times you have helped me....I apologize for forgetting to thank you...
Thank you God and thank you St. Monica.....A wrote back! I give many thanks....
Thank You God.....for EVERYTHING as I cannot leave anything out. Love, Carol in SF
Thank you God for sparing my husband's life this week. He is cut and bruised after the accident but otherwise unhurt. I am grateful to the police and the hospital for taking care of him. It is difficult to forgive the careless driver who hit my husband. Please help me to find forgiveness in my heart. This year has been especially troublesome for our family. I pray that better times are ahead. God bless everyone on this Thanksgiving day. Peace on earth. Amen.
Thank You Lord for this wonderful ThanksGiving Day 2003 and for all blessings seen and unseen. Thank You for providing this website and for the kind and caring people who take the time to pray for others. .Please bless and keep our families and loved ones in Your Fatherly hands.....God Bless all! Happy ThanksGiving!!! +
Lord thank you for getting me closer to a response. *at
Thank you for being my watchful guardian and for continuing to bless me with health, good friends, and a loving family. Please help me receive you fully even in this time of doubt and fear. A
Thankyou God for all the blessings you have given my family and me. I would like you to bless those in hospitals infirmiries and nursing homes and those who are homeless and less fortunate and the under previledged. Please Lord be with them and I hope they come to Jesus. Amen
Thank You Lord for not allowing the sale for m to go through. Thank You Jesus for all Your Blessings.
Thank you Dear God for this beautiful day, for family and good health. Thank you for helping me through this year, in sorry and darkness you have been at my side. Most of all thank you for bringing me closer to You. I will love and honor You all the days of my life. Please Lord smile upon those today who are saddened and feel alone. Let them feel Your presence and know that You are with them. Amen
SAINT JUDE thank you for answered prayers.
Father, thank you for healing me, and removing the cancer from my mother. Thanks to all of the people who have helped me. I am grateful for the medical care, and for the financial help. Thanks for giving me another chance to change my life. Amen.