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Purgatory: The Queen of Heaven reigns over Purgatory. In 1322 she appeared to Pope John XXII and revealed to the Vicar of Christ that she would descend int Purgatory to deliver form their agony those who had faifhfully donned the Scapular of Carmel. Our Lady also made known to the Pope that her visitation to these devoted clients of her Scapular would be made on the Saturday after their death. All of the saints, however, who have ever treated of the subject, agree that they would rather suffer the cruelest tortures men have ever endured on earth than to suffer the flames of Purgatory for a single hour. 1988 by the Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Maary of Saint Benedict Center. I hope this helps a little John.
For the person who ask the question about Purgatory it is found in one of the books in the bible that the King James does not have. So if you look at both King James and the Catholic Bibles look for the one's they do not have. John
I still need your prayer's prayer partners for my daughter Chris and her 3 children. Things have gone better for them but she needs a job of some sort. She also needs someone to come into her life as a friend to help guide her to make some good choice's. I will continue to support her and the children but they need alot of direction. I am luckey the 2 younger children are in a good school system that cares. Jamie is in Jr. High 7 grade and is having a hard time adjusting to Jr. High School. I have done and still doing Novena's and praying the Rosary everyday and will for as long as it will take. Thank you for your payer's John
Thank you Lord for bring my daughter home safely from her trip. Also thank you for me having a great time with her 3 kids ages 3,4,and 13. I think it was a good experience for my self and the boys.John
Response to: Thank you so very much. My heart sings. My patron Saint is St. Jude Thaddeus, it was not until Friday night that I came across St. Theresa through this wonderful web site. I searched the web to find out about her. I came across pictures of her also, how beautiful she is. However, after reading about her life and love of God I had decided to ask for her intercession. Within the first 11 hours I had before me 74 roses in the nature I had stated. That same night I saw in my travels 6 rose bushes with roses still living on each bush (I live in a colder climate). The next day I continued to see more roses of different colors, I was amazed. I was so emotional. I looked up to the sky and told St. Theresa that I would never forget her, that I would always be gratefull and that I would always pray to her. In all, since this past Saturday I have seen more than 200 roses of some kind. I am hopeful that my prayers to Saint Theresa will be answered, I just know that I need to be patient. thank you for answering. I truly wish you all good things under God and I will pray to the Good Lord, St. Jude and St. Theresa on your behalf for what ever your heart desires. Again, Thank You and God Bless. SB
I prayed that my daughter and my son-in-law would find each other again not only for the sake of their children, but truly for themselves. Everything was getting worse, I couldn't understand why until it came to me that they were not acknowledging the presence of God in their lives. They didn't know God, in fact, God was like a fairy tale to them, it seemed to them when people get older that's when a person starts going to church sort of covering all the angles just in case there was a heaven or a hell. I was so disappointed in my daughter that she had giving up her early teaching of God. I was so unhappy that she was unbeliever and she was so unhappy with her entire life. Well, things got really bad. I prayed that they could make peace for the sake of the children and although they couldn't possibly be together that they could respect the children and resolve their union in some order of peace. My daughter told me she didn't realize for a while that she was praying not for herself, but for her husband. She cried out that guidance would come to him to show him how much he was losing and what a good person he really was. She tried to fight against praying for him then she said she started to feel very calm and she was able to think more clearly. Talking it out to a good friend she knew she loved her husband, but she knew she may have to make a very hard decision. She knew that God was always with her and she knew members of her family were always going to love her. She would try to work out her family problems in calmness and she would tell her husband she loved him and that God loved them both. I don't know how this will be turned around, it's beyond my understand, but it isn't beyond God's guidance and His love for this couple. I, as a mother, who was given this gift of a child from God am so thankful that she has turned to God and I pray that her Faith in God will be strengthen and her and my son-in-law's example will be a testimony of God's love to their children Thank you, Lord, I praise Thy Holy Name, Christ Jesus
Dear Father and Lord, Thank You for another day and for the many beautiful blessings bestowed on me. I pray and thank You for my family for peace, love, joy, continuity, fruitfulness, health, longevity and prosperity. Thank You for forgiveness and mercy shown to us daily. We pray for wholeness in life involving ailments and cures, relationships and marriage. We pray and thank You for employment, our jobs and the financial sustenance. All good things come from You, Father and we thank You for Your presence in our lives, now and forever in Jesus' name we pray. Amen.
For the person who asked about the roses: St. Therese has a sense of humor about these things. Sometimes the roses are real, and sometimes they can be a picture, a gift, or even the scent of roses where there are no flowers. I once received an antique milk glass box. . .with roses and the name "Therese" painted in fancy gold letters! No part of my name is Therese, and there was no reason for someone to give me the box except that they knew I liked antiques. :-) It seems as if she likes to do the unexpected when she sends her roses, and all of the roses that you saw may very well be the answer to your novena. Can't say for sure, but it wouldn't surprise me at all.
I am praying for something that to God would be possible to do. But i've been praying for soo long, fasting, novenas and the whole nine. But it hasnt come throught yet. I am almost about to lose my faith and i dont want to. So God, please help me and i am running out of time...
Thank You Father for all our blessings, which come from You. Without You, Father, I am nothing and have nothing. Thank You, Amen.
Thank you Father,Jesus, Immaculate Heart of Mary, Holy Spirit, Saint Therese, Saint Claire and Saint Anthony for prayers answered. I will always invoke all of you. Father, you are awesome! All things are possible through your Blessings. Thank You so much. I thank you in Jesus' Name. Amen
dear Lord many many thanks for answering my prayer....we just found out my son has been accepted in the union!!thank you Lord for answering my prayer....mj
We can never put God to the test, He is the one who does the testing. Remember what happen to satan when he tried to test Him. Confide to our loving Father, to Jesus and to our Blessed Mother the things that you hold most dear in your heart. Jesus is the Master of all hearts and He leads them gently to where He pleases. Talk to Jesus, tell Him what it is that you desire, it could be anything. Nothing is impossible with Him. Remember to also talk to Him when your happy and when you have nothing tangible to ask Him for. Pray to Him every day for your salvation. Thank Him for the life He has given you. Attend church services, the mass is the highest form of prayer that there is. Receive Jesus at mass, its like breathing. Don't only tell your sorrows and pains to Him, tell Him your joys and your plans. Tell Him your faults, Jesus is there for you, just talk to Him, He listens. Maybe you will not get an immediate answer, but you will receive one. If you make a promise to Him, start your promise at once and never break your promise. When your prayer(s) are answered, thank Him. Gratitude draw benifits and the benefactor loves to be reminded of His bounty. Say little prayers like: Jesus I Love You, Jesus My Mercy, Jesus I Trust in You. Believe in talking with Jesus and believe in the power of prayer for they both work. Many people will pray to Him when they want or need something only to put Him aside until the next time they cry to Him. Let Him know that you love Him every day of your life for He gave His life for you. God Bless.
I want to pray more so God can answer more.
Dear God I ask as a child please in the name of Jesus your only son and through the intercession of the Bleassed Mother. Please HIS
Thank you God your wonderful people that prayed and said lovely things for my friend *J* and the loss of his beloved cat. It made me feel good to read their posts. I felt like I did not do enough for him, since he had to bury the cat by himself. I know he hides his tears. So I thank you God also for giving me the words to write him a special poem for his cat, he liked that. I also took away the left over cat food for the Kitty Shelter so it would not go to waste. So God, you did answer my prayer with these good Christian people here that also prayed for my friend and God helped me find a way to help my friend. Amen Cate
Dearest L Thank you for your prayers maybe God will grant my marriage to come back Thank you HIS
Almighty Living God, My mum who is a diabetic has shown some improvement in her health after discharged from hospital on Monday. I am indeed very grateful to you LORD especially in times of trouble, you are always there for us. Pls continue to watch over my mum and my family always. Praise to you, LORD Jesus Christ, Hallelujah.
I refer to the request sent by "Unhappy mother". Do not despair. Sometimes, God puts us to test. You must have faith in HIM. Many times my prayers request were answered. Try to use the Rosary. It is an armour. I think this website is very useful. Many people from all walks-of-life are praying for you. Pls continue to have faith in our LORD. He has mercy for us all. Amen
TO 16;59 Please pray for my problems I have a lot but the most important is my daughter she is going thru bad time from catholic to another church. Pleae pray for us. unhappy mother
My prayers friends, I came to ask for help, for your prayers. I do not want to use the request site, because there is a horrible abuser using bad language since 22:05 . Please help me to pray with me for the help for my daughter. She is changed person, she left her catholic faith and she started elsewhere. Please, I am despereate mother. I finished different Novenas, but I do not see any change. I need your help. Please pray with me. I am in shock, I do not want to use whole page. Please help me to pray, I am loosing my strenght and hope. Please, Dear Mother of God you know she is hurting me, but the most she is hurting you, because that church does not recognize you. Please help me. *Unhappy mother*
St. Francis of Assisi, please heal Tymone. He seems to have problems with his thyroid. Please help him to gain some weight and have a normal appetite.
St. Therese help to understand your messages of roses. I am reading an old book about a lady's encounters with you. Thank you for having someone think of me and ask me to read this book.
Please Pray for Mark and Julie. They are 18 yr olds who were in a motorcycle accident sunday evening and sent on Life Flight to a Houston Hospital. Complete healing in Jesus Name, Amen.
Dear Father, I thank You for every blessing You shower on me and my family. I thank You for leading me to find work that makes me grow practically and morally. Thank You for guiding me to this site (I was seeking - and You made me find). I pray for a fruitful marriage, children and financial stability so I can be a blessing to all around me. I pray for good health, healing and a miracle cure of all our ailments. I pray for guidance, protection and sustenance at home and at work. I pray for my M. for blessings and longevity. We invite You Lord to be a presence in our lives, both now and forever. Amen.
Dear Heavenly Father, I pray with all my heart and soul that any and all of the prayers on this page that expand Your Light, Your Love, Your Sanctuary, Your Healing, Your Forgiveness, Your Beauty, Your Perfection, Your Charity, Your Purity, Your Infinity...... be answered with great joy! For in the end, You are All there Is that truly Is.
I asked God to help me have a nice vacation and not drink and ruin it like I always do. God helped me overcome my temptation to drink. I am not a real bad drinker but I found out that not all alcoholics drink all the time. when I have one I can't stop and I ruin everything because i feel tired and I do things I would not ordinarily do but God helped me to realize that I would ruin my hard earned vacation. Thnks for all your prayers. I will pray for all.
Thanks to all for praying. My prayer was answered and i will continue tp pray for all. We all can find things in this life that make us doubts God's love for us but some day we will find out why things happen but in the meantime we should continue to pray and end with thy will be done.
God answers prayer. But he says that, in your prayer, you must believe that he will answer. I know that one prayer was anwered when I looked at the picture of the Sacred Heart of Jesus on my wall and asked him to find me another precious puppy when mine died and in my prayer I knew immediately that he would answer. The very next morning, my new dog was shown on a TV news show as I passed by the TV. I never watch that show and have never done so again since I don't watch morning TV. And two sets of friends also saw the same show and phoned me. Believe me, I needed that dog in my utter despair, and that dog needed me, had been terribly injured in a car accident and was sick and with her problems, only I could have been her best caregiver. Believe in God.
Thank you Heavenly Father for the prayers you will,in all Your love & mercy,hear and answer;for the miracles You granted,is granting now,& will grant us in the future.I praise you Lord and apologize for neglecting to thank and praise you before,but instead I indulged in self-pity,complained and asked for more.Thank You for the lesson of today.I love You,praise You & thank You for your kindness.m
Dear CNS.. Please write to me and please tell me what you mean Thank you HIS
what is her reale name
To the one that posted 13:41:30, today. At least you have realized the wrong. Your parents are family to you. Go to them, boldly confess and ask them to regain the lost trust. Then promise yourself not to repeat that wrong again. BO
St. Francis thank you for your assistance in helping the small little creature that is so much a part of our family. Thank you for helping my little friend. Yours in Christ.
well i did something wrong and now i lost my parents tust!!what do i do??
Thank you GOD for the many blessings you given to my family, my friends and myself. Please be with me today and show me the way to do better for you. My heart breaks for all these people who need so much for than I do, please help and bless these people on this website. With all my love and thanks. DMB
Thank you GOD for the many blessings you given to my family, my friends and myself. Please be with me today and show me the way to do better for you. My heart breaks for all these people who need so much for than I do, please help and bless these people on this website. With all my love and thanks. DMB
Thank you Dear God for your help and answering my prayers. Thank you Sacred Heart of Jesus, St. Jude and St. Rita. My prayers were answered and I believe in the love God has for us.
Dear God thank you for your help.
Dear Saint Therese thank you for your intercession. I love you.
I had no where to turn in terms of finding work. I have been refused jobs and the ones that I got ended no where. My income became inconsistent. For almost a year I was out of work and started spending on my savings for rent, bills, domestic commitments and even on loans. I was down to the last pinch. I realized that I needed a miracle from God because things were really going downhill. The moment I turned everything to Jesus, I experienced a miracle. One phone call led me to an open door which came at the right time before my life was turned upside down. This very door was once shut, but by the blood of Jesus, it was opened for me again. What are the odds for such a U-Turn on the part of the recruiters? It was very clear who was at the helm of the ship. When the Lord is doing His thing, even the roaring lions will be silenced, which goes to say - With God all things are possible! Now, I feel and believe Jesus' power of redemption and restoration. Looking back, I learn of the Lord's promises "I will never leave you, nor forsake you" "Do not worry for what you shall eat, drink or wear..." Come to me all ye who are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest" Cast your burdens upon me ...". The Lord is always with us during our ups and downs. He surely was with me when I was going through those difficulties, and the proof is He showed up on time when all I needed was a rescue, and truly He came to my rescue at that crucial juncture. I have hence learned to lean on God in everything and trusting Him for His goodness, power, will and direction. Thank You, Lord for remembering me and for counting me as one of Yours, in Jesus' name. Amen.
Thank You Father in the name of Jesus Christ for the many manifested blessings both seen and unseen. Thank You for the guidance and protection, the intercessions and the open doors You grant us. I commit my family (including myself), health, work, marriage and children into Your holy hands. We invite You to be Lord of our lives and we thank You for the precious gift of the Holy Spirit. In Jesus' name we pray. Amen.
Thank You Lord as I read some of the postings today I see that my prayers are being answered. I thank You Father and know that You will continue to bless us all as we diligently seek You. In the Name of Jesus. Amen. L
Thank You Lord for answering my prayer about the police finding D's killer. You have put it on his heart to turn himself in to the police. I thank You Lord and I pray for all involved especially Rebecca and K and the one who turned himself in. Let the truth come out Lord and You judge accordingly. Give the family peace and closure in this terrible ordeal. Thank You Father in the Name of Jesus. Amen. L
please agree with me in prayer, i need a miricle this is too much for me to handle, Jesus please have mercy and hear my cries and bring us back together and works on his heart to reunite us! right now i ask Jesus with all my heart and soul for a miricle to bring us back together, perform a miricle in his heart and mind and have him MISS me and CONTACT me today. this seems so impossible please show me this isnt impossible.God please. someone told me Jesus wont anwser this kind of prayer
God answers ALL prayers,He has always answered mine. I asked Him to please help my daughter through a difficult time in her life. My daughter was diognosed bi-polar and through her actions and deeds I was afraid for her life. She has two small children and they needed their momma to always be there for them. I prayed to God to help her find someone who would love her and her children. God's love came through. How do you thank Him who has changed not only your daughters life but yours too? As I write this my daughter is engaged to a wonderful man who loves her and her chidren. I still pray for her all the time knowing that God will always listen and answer all I ask of Him. Thank you so much sweet Jesus
God the Father, God the Son, God the HOLY SPIRIT, Mother Mary, Joseph, St. PIO, Mother Cabrini, ST. Jude, St. Anthony, St. Htacinth, departe dfamily and friends...Thank you for being there for me through this difficult time and thank you for returning my LOVE to me...I hve learned lessons that will carry with me ofr the rest of mylife..I am truly sorry for not expressing my happiness with you and I am going on with my life....I am in LOVE with DSL and I LOVE you All...Thank you Grandpa for the unconditional Love that I never received..I praise you Lord and when she comes back I will have another test...that of truly foregiving and trusting...Until then I am listening to what the Holy Spirit told me and I am thankful for what I have....AMEN
Thank you St. Therese for the roses you sent to me. I know that my prayers are being answered everyday. Last night I dreamt that a Saint sent me a rose and I was told that it was from St. Claire, but I sid no It is from St. Therese. Can anyone please tell me more about St. Therese and the meaning of her roses. Since I did an five day Novena to her, I have "received" 3-4 roses. Please help.....
Somebody please explain to me the following: Guardian Angels. Does ones guardian angel need to be of the same sex or can it also be female for man and man for female? I read on one of the sites that if you want to know your guardian angel's name then you just need to pray to God. I did that and the same night I dreamed that his name is Gabriel. I am female and I just thought that maybe my guardian angels should also be female. Can somebody answer me, please
God has answered my prayers for some recent medical testing to determine what the mass in my leg is. The results were good. The lesson learned was not to take life, nor your good health for granted. Also, the day never gets too busy to stop and talk to God.
Please pray that my wife and I will be able to sit and talk with each other. Pray she will see Jesus in me and in my life and she will feel Jesus in my heart. Pleasae pray we will be back togehter in a new holy and sacred beginning. Please pray we will be united as a family and shine Jesus to the world through His love for us, our love for Him, and our love for each other. I know God is working please pray faithfully and fervently for our family to be together. BB
St. Theresa of the child Jesus. Thank you for sending a rose down on my daughter's family today. You gave Chris and her children a wonderfull gift today from God and his church. Please ask Jesus to send the Holy Sprit to her and her children. This is the 6 day of my Novena thank you John.
God does answer our prayers He loves us and wants togive us what we ask Him for. God is working now to answer my prayers He shows me the progress.
In response to 20:39:09. St. Anthony's powers are immense. He is so loving and once you establish a relationship with him he will never leave you. He is truly a special friend and protector. Enjoy your friendship with him and never forget to be his friend and seek his guidance in good times too. He is truly, truly a friend and special protector. My love and adoration is his forever.
Yes, God answers prayers! Our duty is to ask wisely, have faith that our prayers will be answered according to His devine will, because God knows what is best for us. Sometimes, we cannot see that our prayers are answered, because we cannot always see immediate results, but if we ask for something and place it in God's hands so that whatever answer we receive is according to his will and eventually will lead us to salvation, our prayers are always answered.
God does give us what we ask for from Him. He gave me very specific things I asked for twice in the last two weeks. You have have faith and confidence. It seems that when God gives me what I ask for He does it when I'm not even thinking about it.
Lord thank for this day.
Yes God does answer prayers in his Time. St. Rita came to me in a dream and I started praying for her, I was going through a messy divorce, she helped me through so much and I can never thank her enough. She really is the Patron of Impossible cases. St. Rita Thank you from the bottom of my heart, thank you Mother Mary and Father Jesus for everything.
I have a Protestant friend who could not sell her house and had a new one built. She told me it was causing alot of problems for her and her family. They were having money problems because of it and problems between her and her husband. I told her to pray to Mary and ask for help she ask me why. I told her Mary was a wife and mother and she understood family problems. She told me the next day she had prayed to Mary but admitted feeling odd about doing it. That week after 6mo. she sold her house. I ask her if she now was going to put a statute in front of her new home. She laughed and said no but I will remember to pray to her more often. John
I only recently discovered the Saints and my life has been improved immeasurably. My first prayer was to St. Anthony and although I am not Catholic and have never been baptized, my prayer was answered. Very recently, there was something that I wanted very badly and I again turned to St. Anthony. At first, it seemed as if my request would not be granted and I wondered if I was asking for too much. I refused to give up and chose instead to do one of his novenas. I have yet to complete it and already I have received the answer I wanted. This really went a long way in strengthening my faith and I don't intend to look back. Thank you God, Jesus and my special saint St. Anthony.
Thank You Almighty Father, in the name of Jesus Christ for continually showing me mercy and for Your presence with me through the gift of the Holy Spirit. Thank You. Alleluia and Amen.
I talked to my priest about our mission trip today and we worked things out. Thanks for the advise and praying for me. Dana
In his time and with good reason god answers prayer in the way thats best for us
Thank you, God, for prayers answered.