Yenra : Answered Prayers : Favors Received


Thank you for all You have done for me, God, I count my blessings, each and every one of them. Thank you for coming into my life and beginning to clean up the mess I had made of it. Thank you for forgiving my sins, and giving me a chance to start over, without having to carry the pain of guilt that I had in my heart for the way I was living my life in sin and selfishness. Thank you for sending Your Son Jesus to die on the cross for my sins and for instructing me on the way You want me to live my life. Thank you for wanting the best things possible for me, and I pray that I will have the wisdom to understand what direction You want me to go in my life in the coming year. Thank you for my health, my home, my family, the material things you have provided for me, but mostly thank you for removing the veil from eyes and allowing Jesus to come into my heart. Thank you for my family, I pray that although they do not know You Lord, you will soften their hearts and spirits and I pray that you will send me Christian friends and role-models to inspire me. I pray that You will lead me to a Catholic Church so that I may worship and praise in the company of other Catholics and I pray for good Christian friends to come into my life. Thank you for the joy and peace you put in my heart and always reassuring me that I am not alone, as long as I have You. Please bless all my friends and I pray especially for M whom I am estranged from at this time. Thank you for putting him in my life, and for the opportunity to learn about love and being loved. Thank you God for the many gifts.
I thank you Lord for everything you answer my prayers all the time,not right away but soon you do i love you will all my heart and im sorry for all the sins and when i did something bad to hurt you because even though you forgave me for all this i still feel really bad because of everything that you have done for me and that your the father from above i love you and hope you accept me into the next life,your paradise and Jesus im sorry for all the sins and i know how much pain you were in when u died for us im sooooo sorry for everything and all my sins
Dear God, thank you for the food on the table that my family shares with me. For our health, our ability to hear, see, taste, touch, smell, walk, breathe. Thank you for the beautiful Christmas tree we put up this year and for allowing my aging parents to live such productive lives. Thank you for taking care of them financially through their hard work, savings, and pension, they are able to live a satisfying life considering the extreme poverty and suffering they had as children during the war and depression. Thank you for my father's ability to drive my mother to her appointments and for being clear headed enough to manage all the bills and household chores and even for caring and sharing with me all that he has. Thank you for my home, for the material possessions that make it a home, for health you have blessed me with, for blessing me with some intelligence to face this world alone without a husband. Thank you for watching out for me and protecting me and blessing me with so much. Thank you for teaching me many lessons through the years of poverty I encountered to make me appreciate every single morsel of food, the clothes on my back, the car that I drive. Thank you for changing my priorities and making me realize that you are number one in my life. Thank you for so many blessings and especially during this Christmas season. Thank you.
thank you Sacred Heart of Jesus, for favors recieved.