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Thank you Jesus for prayers answered on tuesday. Thank you for continued blessings! Thanks to all that have prayed for my son and daughter. My daughter is now sleeping again. My son still needs to strengthen his faith. Blessings to all.
Thank you all for praying for me. For now, my baby is surviving.
Thank you Mother Mary for prayers answered. AS
Thank You Lord for filling my Heart with The Holy Spirit. Thank You for the peace between Jim and myself. Lord, You truly are The Savior of the world!
Thank you St. Therese, I Saw My Roses Today!!!! I will continue to honor you. Thank you St. Jude, Jesus and Our Blessed Mother. Please continue to help me. I will love and honor you always and tell everyone about your wonderful help. Thanks again!!! Love to all on this site.
Thank you Lord for prayers answered for my sister and her family. They have been given a chance to get their finances in order. Thank you to Our Blesseed Mother Mary, Sacred Heart of Jesus, Infant of Prague, the angels and saints who helped our familyu, as well as all the people on this website. Through God, nothing is impossible. Amen.
Thank you St Jude for al the help you have given me. Please continue to help me in my present needs
Thank you Sweet Jesus, for your healing touch on my son. My Blessed Mother Mary, I also thank you for your strength and watching over my son. Sweet Saint Padre Pio, Thank you for your many prayers offered to our Lord for my son's healing. To all the Angels and Saints, thank you. From my heart, I love you, I praise you, I thank you, In loving gratitude, S
Dearest Jesus, Thank you for the financial blessing I received today which arrived at the 11th hour in the form of a gift from a family member. Thank you for the countless blessings and for hearing the intercessory prayers of Saint Joseph and St. Therese and Your Blessed Mother as well as all the Saints, Angels and Prayer Partners. Thank you for never leaving me or forsaking me, my Lord. I love you. Lia
Thank you St theresa for the roses I just seen Please I beg you with all my heart that you answer my prayer. Please send me a yellow rose as a sign that you are going to answer my prayer thank you I love you slq
BL, Do you have to see a rose or actually receive a rose gor your prayer to be answered? some people say you have to receive one other people say you can just see them? Can or will anyone answer this thanks and god bless to all :)
Thank you Lord for prayers answered. My little kitter cats are doing so much better and getting over their upper respiratory condition. Lois
I am not a man of remarkible faith. I will try . Thank you in advance..PCB.
Thank you, God, for many prayers answered....Jeff
Thank you vary much for the answered prayers and all the work you sent us
To MO: Thank you for your prayers regarding my marriage reconciliation. Yes, I am praying to St. Rita, St. Jude, St. Anthony, St. Philomena, St. Therese, and the Virgin Mary to pray for us and that the Lord may return the love that I was had for my exhusband and for his conversion and transformation as well. I truly believe that God will answer my prayers; however, I just need to stay firm in his word and believe that he will answer my prayers as well as the prayers of everyone at this site. You are in my prayers as well as my daily rosary intentions. God bless you.
Thank you Saint Jude, for answering my prayers by keeping a very difficult situation from getting worse. Although I am still praying that the situation itself will be resolved in my favor, I am greatful to you for ensuring it didn't get even harder to handle.
Thanking you now.
Thank you St. Joseph for praying on my behave to the Lord Jesus. Thank you for answering my Novena prayers so promptly. I will never forget you, I will never leave you or desert or or Jesus again.
Thank you St. Jude for praying on my behalf to our blessed Dear Jesus. Thank you for the answers I have received from my novenas to you in the past and in the present. You are certainly a saint to intercede for us when we are desperate.
Thank You God for our family. Please continue to hear our prayers for our special intentions. In Jesus Christ may we grow and prosper and live in Your Peace and Light. Amen.
Thank You God for the peace You bring to me through Your love. Thank You for giving me the strong faith and hope in You that makes me know all things are possible with You and that You will always give us what we ask You for. BB
Please Dear Jesus cure my daughter who was found to have Parvo Virus. Thank you very much for your help. You have always helped me in time of need. FD
Through the intercession of St. Joseph, Blessed Virgin Mary, to Hands of Jesus, God The Father & The Holy Spirit, I Thank You eternally.
Thank you Jesus for letting everything be okay between me and v.I found out it had to do with work.Please let him keep his job.please I would do anything to make him be able to keep his job.I want him to be happy.It would make me so happy to see him happy pleasejesus please.
Thank you for your protection.Amen.
To all those who prayed for my daughter, the surgery yesterday was successful, now we have to wait and see. She is in a great deal of pain right now, which was expected, but everything went off without a hitch. Praise God. We thank you so much for your prayers, and ask you to continue to pray for her over these next weeks as she recovers and heals, and also that the surgery worked, which we won't know for sure for a few weeks. God bless you all and thank you for caring and being there for us. In Jesus, Paula
Thank you Lord for always being there when I need you. In times when things just seem hopeless, you have never failed to open a window and provide me with a solution. Please continue to bless me and my family and for answering my prayers.
Thank you very much all my prayers are being answered step by step. Thank you Lord for answering my prayers I will also not let you down, but I will be with you all the time. AMEN.
Thank you St. Jude for hearing my prayers. This was my first novena and it had a powerful effect on me. I am praying for an end to my infertility and over the past few days I beleive there have been signs showing me that my prayers will be answered in time. This has been a wonderful experience for me and I am thankful to St. Jude for petetioning my request to God. Thank YOU!!
St. Jude thank you for all of the times you have answered my prayers. I only hope that you can forgive for forgetting to keep my publication promise. I hope that this testimony will make up for this careless mistake. I strongly encourage anyone who is reading this testimony to pray to St. Jude when they are in need. I know from personal experience and from the experiences of my family that novena prayers to St. Jude work. It has NEVER failed any of us! If you are in crisis, I can not think of a better saint to pray too.
thank you lord for showing me the way to live peace fully with my step mother. amen.
Lord, thank you for showing me that article which seems like a coincidence but I KNOW it wasn't. It was you confirming for me that I am not imagining things. Thank you, as this keeps my faith strong. Please keep showing me through various means that you are with me and its not all in my head. In Jesus' name, Amen.
Thank you St. Jude, St. Ann, St. Clair, Mary, & God for being there for me when I was in despair. I thank you all for answering my prayers.
Thank You St. Jude for delivering my request to God. You are truly a very compassionate and powerful patron. I hope that this testimony will help to inspire people to pray to you in time of need.
Thank you St. Jude for answering all of my prayers!! If anyone is in despair, I strongly urge them to pray to St. Jude. My aunt and I, pray a novena to St. Jude whenever we are in a very serious situation and I can honestly say that this novena has ALWAYS worked for us!
Dear St. Therese, again I have to thank you for another rose. I got to my parents house tonight and my father picked a rose from his garden for me. I didn't even know he grew white roses. Usually they are red, pink or lavender colored. This time a rare white one bloomed in his garden!! I had specifically asked for a white rose from you and this is the third time in four days that I received white roses. Leo surprises me with white roses, too! St. Therese, thank you so much for your help. I know Jesus has heard our prayers. Love, Lia
Dear St. Therese: Thank you so much for listening to my prayers and request. I know that you heard them by the roses that came my way. Thank so for interceding for me and I believe that changes will be made because of you.
Thank you almighty Father in Heaven,for helping me through mt turbulent times of unstability with my health. Thank you for keeping me closer to you dear Lord Jesus,the most Blessed and Loved Theotokos Panagia Maria and for all my Catholic Brethren for having such a wonderful web site so that this Orthodox may share his love of Our God with Them.May the Holy Trinity be with you all!
Thank Yuo Lord for giving me patience, confidence , and positive structure in these sressful days in dealing with my new home. Thnk You with every inch of my being for providing me with shelter and success please do not let me forget how you have helped me get where i am today and where i have came from no matter how great the materialistic may be. I am ever greatful for you in this life time now and forever. Please don't forget to keep me in your prayers i will never fail with the help of your faith
Dear Sweet St. Therese, thank you so much for delivering my prayer request to Lord Jesus and for continually showering me with the sign of roses. This week alone, two surprise deliveries of white roses. Thank you Jesus for hearing my prayer and for accepting St. Therese's intercession on my behalf. Love, Lia
Thank You Lord for our family- the love, friendship and charity we experience through Your Son Jesus. Please grant us the miracle we so humbly request, and if it is Your will to follow through our plans. Thank You In Jesus! Amen.
St. Therese & St. Rita, Thank You both so much for the many roses that I keep seeing that really are unexpected and have been in unusual places. Today I saw a couple of giant ones at a store and in the same day I saw a lady wearing a beautiful blouse and light jacket covered with roses. I know that you both are interceding on my behalf. Thank You. God Bless You. Amen and Amen.
May the Lord Bless Mel Gibson and his family for standing up for Jesus and making a realistic movie about the actual suffering, sacrificial death of Jesus. May the Lord protect him and his family and friends from those who want to persecute them for their beliefs. In Jesus Name. Amen Amen
Loving Father - I thank You today for blessing me and my family so abundantly, for being my constant companion and comforter in these tough times.Lord - no-one but You understands what that comforting means to me.Thank You Father for carrying my burdens for me and answering all my prayers.Lord You have set me free.Thank You.Amen.(T.A)
Thank You Father, Thank you Immaculate Mother, Thank you Saint Theresa, for all the answered prayers. I prayed to Saint Theresa for 5 days, and I recieved my rose on the 4th day. God is Wonderful. Amen.
I was mad when my husband lost his job at her, but soon remembered how easily he got clients and offered apology. The next day , he got the best client for him to launch a free-lance business. I love that Lady Rita of Cascia who several times got me from trouble. I passed two Aids tests with her nearby. And, I was elated when first encountering her lighting candles, I got out of a prison term(trumped-up one at that).
I was mad when my husband lost his job at her, but soon remembered how easily he got clients and offered apology. The next day , he got the best client for him to launch a free-lance business. I love that Lady Rita of Cascia.
I was mad when my husband lost his job at her, but soon remembered how easily he got clients and offered apology. The next day , he got the best client for him to launch a free-lance business. I love thatn Lady.
Thank you for answering my prayer about K.
BB-Thanks for praying for my recovery. RR
On 11 April 1945 we (Infantrymen of Co F of the 2nd Battalion, 18th Inf Reg, 1st Div) were riding on tanks singing "on to Berlin". All of a sudden a jerry tank sitting in a gully picked off three of our tanks and a couple of Tank Destroyers. I went up through the white clouds passed through a gate and faced Saint Peter. He opened a large book and my life flashed before me. I judged myself and was going down. Then I felt a tug at my collar. I looked up and asked, "what happened". Tex responded you were hit and I asked where? He said in the neck and I asked is it a big hole and he said no. Then lieutenant Novotny hollered "All the walking wounded look out for themselves". A jeep was passing by with a soldier stretched across the hood. The driver yelled "Any action here?" I said "We just got wiped out" He said get in. I did and he took me back to an evacuation camp. Why this report? Just to tell you about St Peter at the gate and the book of life.
Thank you Thank you Lord for hearing my prayers, my boyfriend was on bell yesterday and I met this other person I would like to do my future career. Bless my family. Thank you for my baby who started walking. AMEN.
I want to thank whoever prayed for my son last week, when my husband and I decided to take him out of university. He seems to be more focused and I could feel God working in our family. It's nice to know strangers somewhere care. Thanks - E.
Dear St. Therese: Thank you not only for one single rose but for the second one you sent to me the very next day. I guess sometimes I am a little hard to reach, but I know you heard me and are working hard for me. thank you for listening to me in a time when I desperately needed you to.
Thank you Father for all the blessings in my life. My Job,wife, children, family, friends, strength through trials, vehicles, food and a beautiful home. Thank you for the Holy Catholic church and all those who serve in all ministries. Most of all, thank you for sending Jesus our Lord and all of our salvation.
Thank you, Father Justin Figas (founder of the radio program, "Rosary Hour") for your intercession. I will fulfill my promise to make this favor known so that you may one day be numbered among the cannonized saints of the Church.
Thank You St. Therese for the single red rose that I saw blooming next to someones mailbox. It is cold here and the grass is dead. It was strange to me to the flower all alone. Thank You.
Dear Lord, thank you for bringing Sara and Mary into our lives. Please guide us to stay friends with these wonderful women who have great faith in you. N
St Francis, thank you for your intercession with our Lord, Jesus Christ, in the healing of my dog Otis.
Jesus, thank You for booklet on "The Mysteries of Light".
Thank you God for being there to help me during my times of despair and anxiety. Thank you for guiding my life. Help me to always listen to you, and follow your path for me. Amen
St. Joseph, I thank you for your intercession and for anwering my novena to you. I prayed for help, you answered, I will continue to pray and have faith. Someone always told me that all I have to do is ask, and I will recieve. d
Thank You Jesus and St Michael for hearing our prayers and releasing us from bondage. Thank You Blessed Mother Mary for hearing our many prayers for this traumatic situation. Please place our enemies within your care and bless them. We pray especially for those who would repay good with evil. We pray for the conversion of all sinners. Dear Jesus please lead us to heaven. In Your Holy Name, Jesus Christ we Pray! Amen.
Thank You Lord for clarity and for granting us the ability to see where we are under Your guidance and protection. Please forgive us our sins and lead us from the occaision of sin. Please continue to lead us on the road of salvation. Please hear the petitions here of Your faithful. Thank You for our family and loved ones and Your promises awaiting us this new year. In the Name of Jesus Christ we pray!! Amen.
Thank you Lord and all of the saints for answering my prayers. Thank you for our blessingsl. Help me to be a better person.
This is a little late but I wanted to thank everyone who prayed for my sister to come home. We had a wonderful thanksgiving and xmas because she came home on thanksgiving day. Pleae pray that my personal legal issue is resolved in my favor. J's personal legal matters end in his favor, and we get married asap......pray that j makes k #1 in his life
Thank You Father, for all the blessings regarding health, family, work, home, guidance, protection and Your mere presence with us. In Jesus' name we give glory and praise, Amen.
Thank you glorious God and St Jude for answering my prayer.. PM
thank you st.therese for always listening and answering my prayers
Thank you my Lord and St. Jude in helping to resolve the issue, my love is great you Lord and St. Jude. SR
Thank you St Dymphna for prayers answered and for always being by my side. Helping me when I am panic and the anxiety takes over. Thank you. Pat
I want to thank the Lord Jesus Christ Almighty, I know he guides and protects me in all my endeavors. It has been a somewhat difficult year emotionally for me. I always knew that I am very blessed, I have so much to be thankful for.But sometimes I forget and behave in ways that do not reflect that. By reading the thoughts and prayers posted on this site, I am comforted to know I am not alone. I also come to realize how small my problems are compared to the problems of others. I will keep you all my prayers and hope you will all do the same for me. JZ
Yes! God does answer prayers. He has sent to me St. Claire, and I have been receiving so many blessings. Always, remember God has a plan for everyone.
Yes! God does answer prayers. He has sent to me St. Claire, and I have been receiving so many blessings. Always, remember God has a plan for everyone.
My dear St. Dymphna, I asked you for help and you listened. I feel so humbled and grateful. Please continue to pray for me as I struggle with these mood and anxiety disorders. I also wnat to thank God for my psychiatrist Dr. A. who has been wonderful to me. Dear St. Dymphna, thank you for hearing my prayer and praying for me as you know what I'm going through. Please continue to pray for me. Thank you!
Dear God, thank you for all the wonderful people in my life. Please bless them. Thank you for bringing me to Chuck and Dave. I love you, carie
Thank you dear Lord for making me and my family feel better! Thank you also for blessing me with 3 beautiful daughers and a wonderful wife.
St. Jude, Thank you for your prayers and blessings. Thank you St. Jude for blessing my Mother as she underwent her procedures yesterday. The doctor said it went better than expected. Thank you, St. Jude for your many blessings.
Thank you Lord for answering my prayers and for your love and guidance throughout my days. I feel your presence in and around me and will continue to spread the word!
Thank you Lord for answering all my prayers, and guiding me through life. I feel so blessed!
Thank God for help with peace for family. Thanks to St Jude, St Christopher, St Padre Pio, St. Anthony thank you for your prayers.Thanks to the Angels sent by the Holy Spirit to intervene.
I want to thank God and all the angels and Saints for all the blessings in my life. For family, friends and most of all for being in my life and guiding me. I love you.
I want to thanks God and Jesus Christ for an answer to my prayers and for leading me to the guidance of my angels. They are truly God's messengers and are loving support for us. They have helped me find God's will for my life and I will always love them. Praise God and Jesus Christ!
Lord please hear all the prayers of those in need of your help on the site and beyond. God bless everyone lm
Thaky you almighty for prayers answered. Your love is never ending and I hold that in heart and mind that there is no one more faithful than the you almighty GOD! Lord please continue to hear my prayers for my family for I love them so. I never want to be apart from them. Praise you . AMEN
A very reassuring event happened this morning. After reading my daily devotional, I turned to my Bible for the corresponding reading for the day. Of all the pages of the Bible, my finger touched and opened to the exact page, much to my amazement. Almighty Father, once again thank You for Your presence with me and family, which was literarily manifested in the occurrence of this morning. Please let me remember that Your hand is touching mine, providing guidance, protection and sustenance in all aspects of my life, in Jesus' name I pray, Amen.
Dear God, I asked that you take away the person that I love if he's not the right one for me, and you did. I knew deep in my heart he wasn't but I wasn't ready to let go. So he broke up the relationhip the next day after I said my prayer. I am hurt but I know it's for the best. Maraming salamat po.
I started my petitions to Saint Jude in September for a personal intention. I prayed and cried many times asking for Saint Jude to hear my prayer. My heart hurt so bad and my need overwhelmed me at times. It always made me feel good when I saw people on the site publishing the novena to Saint Jude. In late Dec. my prayer request was granted! A huge burden was lifted from my shoulders. The neat thing is that my prayer was granted in a way I would have never been able to dream up in my carnal mind. I love you, Saint Jude. Amen.
Thank you Jesus and St. Teresa you always come to my rescue and I Love both of you so much Thank You for all the blessing continue to be by my side and continue to help us at this time with everyday stress financially and spiritually.Please bless my family and me Again Thank You my Lord I truely have alot of FAITH in you.
Heaven exists even now. The Lord told us to pray the Lord's prayer. In it we say Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy name. Thy Kingdom come,Thy will be done as it is in heaven. The prayer tells us that God's will is being done in heaven. By whom? I don't know. It could be by angels, by saints or by ordinary folks like us who have already predeceased us.
Thank you Jesus for the many prayers answered over the past few years, but, especially for the prayer answered last night. My wife's blood tests came back negative. We owe our lives to you Jesus Christ, may we praise your name forever. "Not my will be done but yours." AW
I want to briefly testify how God helped me give up smoking. I am a 33 year old female and started smoking at the age of 18, of course due to peer pressure. I used to smoke 1 packet of cigarettes a day, until I turned 29, I kneeled down in my room and sincerely prayed for God to help me stop smoking and not to even want to light up again. I went to sleep and had a dream that I was free of that disgusting habit. The very next day, I came to smoke, I started vomiting and black phlem came out of my mouth, I was so scared and since then I never touched a cigarette in my life, I can't even stand the smell of it. I believe in my heart that my Faith in Jesus helped me so much kick that dangerous habit. I hope my story can be an inspiration to every addicted person on any evil bad habit. Ask the Lord for anything and he will be glad to help you in His Time and His Way. in Jesus Name I believe, Amen
Dear Merciful and Gracious Father, thank You very much for all the blessings and for Your compassion. Thank You for delivering and reviving me from a severe financial and emotional decline. I thank You for guidance, protection, sustenance and moreso Your presence with me and family both at home and at work, in Jesus' name, Amen.
well, a while back a friend told me about these prayer websites and i thought i would give it a shot i was going through a lot at the time i don't know if it was praying or simply time and hard work but i do thank god for all that i have and am today thank you to all that prayed with me/for me!!!!! delia :)
Thank You Mother Mary and Blessed Mother Teresa for saving me from a ticket yesterday. BB
Thank you God for a friend, JL. I hope I don't lose this friendship. I need friends that care about me. Thanks Amen
Thank you Lord for helping to open my child's nose in the night and help him breath through his nose. I prayed for it and you heard me Lord. Thank you Jesus. Please heal him completely.
I have left a prayer request as a special intention. I am an alcoholic and when I have one drink I cannot stop until I pass out. I have not been getting as many urges as I am used to and I know it is because of prayers by all. I will continue to pray for all and try my best to help someone by my prayers. Thank you and Thank God.
thank you l, Lord for anwering all my prayers. i'll praise and glorify your name.
Thank you God, for keeping the information coming, perhaps a breakthrough is coming soon. Shannon
Thank you, Jesus, for being with me today. I felt your presence and guidance. Thank you for the prayers said for me today. They have brought me so much comfort. Please hear their prayers as well. AMEN MM929
Thank you Lord for hearing my prayer and seeing me through this day. I had a good day at work. Continue to lift me up and not let the devil take a hold of me or my manager. Open his heart and give him patience on teaching me what he wants me to do with my job. In Jesus name I pray. AMEN Thank all of you for your prayers and continue to keep me in your prayers with my job and my manager who continued to put me down, and today I honestly had a wonderful day at work. I will keep you in my prayers. Becky
It has been a grueling 15 months. I pray and started going to chuch on weekends.I landed a decent job, I need to lose weight for my health now. Thank you Jesus for the job opportunity. Thank you. Now the will to lose 40 lbs. I love you. St. Clair Shores, Michigan.
Thank you, Jesus for helping me through this day.
Thank you St. Jude for listening to our prayers for my mom. Through you and our heavenly father, my mom may receive a miracle of health and healing. Please always keep her in your care. Thank you, HMP,RDP,TMP,BPW
Dear Almighty and Holy Father, thank You for all the blessings on me and family. Thank You for Your guidance, protection and presence with me at home and at work. May every burden and yoke be lifted. May every pain and heartache be wiped away. May every obstacle and vice be removed from our paths. May Your loving arms and doors be opened to us in good health, love, marriage, children, family, continuity, longevity and prosperity in Jesus Christ's name, we pray, Amen. AO.
Thank you Sacred Heart of Jesus and thank you Mary, Virgin Mother of God for the favors received. Thank you for mending our hearts and rekindling our relationship.
Thank you Holy Spirit for guiding me and answering my prayers. Thank you for mending our hearts and bringing us together again.
Thank you to St Jude and to the Blessed Virgen de Guadalupe for all your prayers and help. Please continue to pray for me.
My sincere thanks to St Jude, St Claire and the Blessed Virgin Mary for all my prayers answered. Please continue your much needed help. JAC
Dear Jesus, Blessed Mary, St. Anthony, St. Jude, St. Joseph, St. Theresa, St. Michael, St. Claire, Padre Pio thank you for the many prayers answered. Thank you for being there for me to go to in times of trouble. Love you. Amen.
Thank You Father for blessing me today and always. Thank You Saint Claire for your intercession. I began a 3 day prayer to Saint Claire, and already some of my requests have been answered! God is Great! Thank You Father. Amen..AC
Thank you Jesus, Holy Spirit and Mother Mary for prayers answered--Dominic
Thank you Lord Jesus Chirst you have love me in good and in bad i pray that you will forgive me for my wrongs doings in my life. Pray to all the saints may the rest in peace