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Lord God, thank you so much for answering my prayers... I passed the nclex-rn exam... thank you for giving me a chance to fulfill my dreams o LORD! please stay with me always, coz i dont want to go somewhere if i know that youre not there ... pls do take care of my family always... good health always and Pope John Paul II good health too, and for the por souls of purgatory let them be with in paradise... BLESSED BE GOD FOREVER... AMEN.
Thank you dear God for all your blessing and graces you have bestowed on my two sons and their family. Thank you. Please let it be your will that my husband will convert to the Catholic religion.
Thanks Lord!! I love you!! Please protect me and keep us safe. Amen
thank for healping me find my cross and virgin mary charm from my braclet. i felt incomplete without it. thank you.jeannine
Thank you for giving my mom good days without pain.
Dear Lord: I want to thank you for these Blessed prayer request sites and bless all the prayer teams too!
Thank You Saint Jude for having answered my prayer. Linda
Thank You Lord,Mother Mary,all the Saint and all the Angels for being with us while we were traveling. Thank You for taking care us.Amen.
St. Therese, thank you for my answered prayers and the ones to be answered very soon. You are truly a miraculous intercessor to our Lord Jesus Christ on our behalf. Thank You.
Thank you Jesus that I managed to get a healthy dinner of salmon without sauce and to buy fried rice with crab and eggs without any salt and MSG. Little things like that really lifted my spirits. Thank you too that all afternoon S sms me. Thank you.
Thank you God for the good news we received last night. And thank you to St. Jude, St. Anthony and St. Rita for listening to me and answering my prayers, and to Mary for her protection. Blessed be God and all his saints.
Thank you Father for all the miracles you've performed in my life.Thank you for providing me with my job....i almost lost it save for your timely intervention.I'm deeply deeply grateful for your wonderful deeds.Were it not for you lord all my life would have crumbled.Blessed be thy name forever...AMEN
Dear Lord and guardian angels, thank you for protecting us in yesterday's storm. Also thanks for hearing my cry to lift my spirits. I feel tremendously blessed and loved although I'm not worth. Thank you God. Amen
Also, thank you God for the call I got from B. It also pierced my gloom. Amen
Despite a really awful day, I thank you God that I got a call from the EP shop saying that 3 sets left in the display. Thank you also for sale of 2 sets plus the sub at the nite bazar. It really lifted my gloom for awhile. Thank you that my printer inks are replaced. Please help me still. Thank you for S sms me alot today. But generally I feel really terrible about everything. My job situation, my health, my chest discomforts... I am so worried. But I still thank you anyway. Thank you.
God, St Jude, thank you for the everpresent guidance and the occasional dropping of a "bowling ball" in order for me to grasp a point.....needing your blessings always
Father, thank you for all of the blessings that you are bestowing upon me. I know that I am not worthy of all of this kindness, and I am trying to change my life around. May all those helping me have your blessings, and thank you for sending me your servents. Without you none of this would be happening. Thank you. Amen.
St. Anthony-thank you for helping me find the missing papers. Please help my brother find the missing tape drive.
Oh Holy Mary thank you with all my Heart for taking care of my dear friend in her time of need. All of our prayers have been answered. We will never loose faith in you. MMC
Thank you St. Anthony for hearing my prayer. Aen
Thank you St. Jude for the intersession for my son N., who not only passed his physical test, but exceeded it. I promise thee Oh Blessed St Jude to be ever mindful of this great favour and to never cease to honour you as my faithful & powerful Patron and to encourage devotion to you. Amen
Thank you Father for hearing my prayers for my son Azel. Thank you Jesus, Mother Mary,St. Jude, St. Theresa and all The Saint. Thanks I will pray more for now on. Amen. -Tuesday, July 22 at 4.15pm (Eve)
Thank you Lord for all the blessing you always give us.Thank you for being with us and guide us all the time. Thank you for all the graces and love you give us.Thank you for hearing our prayers.We love you and we always thanks to you Lord. Amen.
Father, thank you for always being there for me. I have gone back on my promises to you, and sinned many times. And no matter what, I know that you have never forgotten about me. I pray that I can hold my head up high and be proud of who I am becoming. May I be your servent, and help anyone in need. Thank you for another chance to make things right. Thank you for the continued blessings. Thank you for healing me-physically and mentally. Thank you for peace of mind. Thank you for never turning your back on me-just as I had done to you so many times. Thank you for your unconditional love. Amen.
Thank you God for leading me to this site when I was too depressed and distraught to pray or to know what to pray for. For the first time in my life i think I know what might be meant by the "communion of saints". Just knowing that there are so many others who are praying to you in the middle of the night gives me comfort even though my prayers have not yet been answered. I my despair I cried unto you and I am comforted. please bless and help all those who have cired out to you tonight.
Thank you lord for all my blessings - and all you have helped me through - keep my loved ones safe ,happy , healthy - thank you = amen
Father, thank you for all of the blessings that you are sending to me. I am grateful for all of the kindness from all those who have helped me. All of this is because of you, Lord. Without you nothing is possible. Thank you. Amen.
Thank you Jesus, for being my friend. I love you Jesus.
Thank you St Dymphna; thank you St Jude, thank you St Rita, thank you Jesus and Mary... thank you for my heart is so much better and lighter now. Thank you. I am very grateful. Amen
Once again. I know it is you that made him sms me tonight. It is none other than you oh Lord that answered my prayer. Thank you so much. I will pray more for now on. Amen
Thank you so much Jesus once again. My faith is so much strengthened. It is just so amazing. Tonight S and I sms alot and even talked about you. I quoted a nice little verse from scripture and he said AMEN. It is amazing. Please continue to guide his soul along the holy path; call Him Lord so that he too may understand more of you the way I have. In this way, we can be drawn closer together. Please help him quit smoking, eat more vegetables and humble himself before you to seek you in the Bible and prayer. Please use him mightily for your kingdom. Amen
I need help! Someone else's is life is falling apart right before my eyes and there seems to be nothing at all that I can do they swear they are totaaly in love with me and will not give up on me however at the same time their happiness is being slowly drained because they have a family and i feel like i am partly responsible for this situation what do i do walk away or stay
Dear Jesus, I want to thank you for all the blessings you have given me and my family. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being with us and keeping us from harm and danger. Thank you.
Thank you Jesus Christ for healing my left heel, healing the right side of my gums, healing my left side and healing my cold. All these heaalings came in answer to my prayers. fd.
Thank you Lord for leading me to this site. I cannot mention all the prayers I said but all I know I got answers to my prayers. To mention a few, I had lots of debts that I personally had no idea how I would ever live debt free. But today as I write this I am almost through. This is nothing but by God's grace. I sought the intercession of Mother Mary, St Anthony, St Jude, St Clare, St Rita, St Josemaria, St Theresa, Padre Pio, and any other interceding prayer that I found on this site. The testimonies that I found here also did great wonders to my faith. Great thanks my God. I will live to trust in you. With you nothing is impossible. Amen. BLK
Thank you St. Jude for all answered prayers Joyce Minowitz
Father, thank you for healing my body-and my spirit, too. I am grateful to all the people who helped me through the tough time. May all those who were there for me receive many blessings for their selfless acts. Thank you for sending me all of these kind people. Most of all, thank you for giving me another chance to make things right. Amen.
Dear Saint Jude thank you very much for the favors granted. Thanks for the prayers. Help us always Burjis.
Thank you Lord for sparing my husband from being imprisoned. Thank you also that we were able to patch up things. Hope this will be the start for a better relationship. - Virgie
Thank you Lord for all the blessings you have bestowed on me and my family. You have always given me more than I need. I praise and thank you always. Never let me be separated from you and let me always see all of the positive things in my life. I put all of my faith and trust in You Only. Thank you for giving us your Son, Jesus, and letting Him die on the cross to save us all. Thank you for giving us our Blessed Mother as she prays and pleads for us all. Thank you for giving us our own personal Guardian Angels to watch over and protect us. Thank you for all the Saints and Angels that pray for us. Please continue to guide me through this most difficult time in my marriage. I trust in You... Amen
St. Theresa, St. Jude, St. Clare, St. Barbara thank you for hearing my prayers and feeling the pain in my heart and giving me positive signs. I Love and trust all of you. LoveDavid
Thank you Lord Jesus for all tghe blessing you have given to me my entire life. Thank you for the way you are molding me into a good Catholic man. Lord Jesus i love you and trust in you. Love David
Dear God, thank you for answering my prayers, please continue guiding me through this difficult time.
Dear Lord, thank you from the bottom of my heart for answering my prayers and turning my life around. My marriage is stronger now, more than ever, and I have only you to thank. Thank you, Blessed Mother for your intercession on my behalf. I will be forever grateful to you. I love you, God, above all else and you, as well, Mary....mary
Father, Thank You for all of the blessings you have given me especially those that I failed to recognize. Thank You for loving me unconditionally. Thank You for always providing for us. Thank You for all my friends epecially these awesome prayer partners.Thank You for all the work You have been doing on James and Thank You even more for the work you have been doing in my life. Thank You for all of the lessons I have learned and those that You still need to teach me. Thank You for Your endless Mercy. Please forgive me my sins and weaknesses. I am truly sorry and I intend with Your help and guidance to do better and be stronger everyday. I love you. Amen...
St. Jude thanks for all your help. E
Thank You for giving me this day full of peace and quiet sometimes it is nice to ecscape from daily pressures to enjoy every second. Please provide me with all that is right and pure. I have found love and it is amazing my heart is overwhelmed unfortunately it is also full of pain because we can not be together i know we will be please keep me patient i know it will work ou keep my faith i love you
Our lady through my Memorare once again granted my request for help in a difficult if not impossible situation
Thank you also God and Mary, that S sms me last nite. He sms me some fixed line sms and also some phone sms. I was happy for awhile, but after that I dunno what to do with it all or where it was heading too. I slept with a tense head and full of agony. Please help me. but that you anyway that he sms me. But now I wonder if it is for the better that S and I stop sms each other at all. It seems pointless. Both ways are painful paths... so I just I ask you to help me and make things better. But nevertheless, I thank you anyway. Amen
Thank you God, Mother Mary, and all the saints for answering my prayer. Mum agreed to take the wallet on my behalf and I am so happy that it has been retrieved successfully. Also, eary today, got a call telling me that there will be a street stall in some nite market for 4 days. And SM will be sold there. Amen
Thank you St jude for prayers answered.Blessed be your name. Debra
Thank you God for everything you have given to me. At times I may not seem too grateful but I assure you I am. If I did not have You at my side I do not think I could survive. You are the Light in my life, and through YOU I know all things are possible. Thank you for sharing Your love and guidance with me and the world.
Thank you to The Holy Spirit. God Bless all!
My deepest love and thanks to you, my Heavenly Father. Thank you for all our beloved saints on whose constant intercession we rely. Father in the name of your Son, Jesus, all glory and honor are yours.
Saint Anthony, gave me a helping hand and he came through miraculously,and I was able to find the lost envelopes I was looking for. My hearfelt gratitude to my ever miraculous and helpful saint Anthony. Thanks Be to God!
Thank you Jesus for all the help you have given me in the past. I will continue to pray and spread your good name where ever I go.
Blessed Holy Mother,St Martha and St. therese.Thank you for anwsering my prayers. You are ever merciful.
St. Joseph, Thank you for for answering my prayers and please continue your blessing to Sof and Andrew,Amen
Dear little St. Therese, thank you for all of the signs of roses you send my way. Please I pray to you, let this be a sign that my prayers are being answered. I need faith.
I have been praying and asking for prayers for my partner Peter who behaved strangely at times and verbally abused me. Nobody knew what was wrong with him. After asking St Jude to intercede for him, it was revealed to me that Peter has a chemical brain balance. Peter is of the stubborn kind and does not believe that. He blames me for everything and is paranoid. I have separated myself from him because I cannot suffer his persecutions anymore. A few months ago, in total despair, I cried to the Lord to tell Peter that he was persecuting me and to stop. Monday, he told me that he saw the face of Jesus with the wounds made by the thorns when he was crucified and He said to Peter :"Why are you persecuting me". Thank you Jesus.
Lord Jesus thank you for this day thank you for all the blessing you have given to me all my life. Lord I love you and praise you.; Love David
Thank you Lord, Prayer Warriors and Partners for you prayers in time of need, my son EJB will start working Monday, my son BTB received a raise in pay and my son WJH is also working. I just pray God's continue blessings on each of you. IN JESUS NAME. AHB
Lord thank you for walking with me. E
Dear Lord, Blessed Mother, Saint Jude and Saint Rita, Saint Elizabeth Ann Seaton, I thank you for answering my prays, if this is true no one could have asked for anything better, the power of prayer is amazing. Thank you for all the job offers, hope the last one is the long term best one, now please give me the guidance to choose the right one. Hugh
I also thank you for blessing me my social life. Thank yo for DUCK and also for the nice conversation I had with B last nite. It really helped got my mind off things concerning S. It is a little miracle. I am so happy and grateful. Really really am. Thank you so much.
Thank you, St. Therese of the Child Jesus - The roses you sent me even if thru the email I got made me very happy. Please continue to intercede for me to have my biopsy negative for cancer. Pray for me, St Therese, AMen
Thank you Sr Josefa Menendez Our Lady of Prompt Succour St Philomena for answering my prayers Please look after my daughter and in her new job that she will do well in her work
Thank you Lord for my life. Thank You for my beautiful family & friends. I have alot to be thsankful for, I LOVE YOU !!!
Father, Thank You for all of the blessings you have given me especially those that I failed to recognize. Thank You for loving me unconditionally. Thank You for always providing for us. Thank You for all my friends epecially these awesome prayer partners.Thank You for all the work You have been doing on James and Thank You even more for the work you have been doing in my life. Thank You for all of the lessons I have learned and those that You still need to teach me. Thank You for Your endless Mercy. Please forgive me my sins and weaknesses. I am truly sorry and I intend with Your help and guidance to do better and be stronger everyday. I love you. Amen...
thank you LOrd for a good day can you please grant that work goes a bit smoother tomorrow ......amen ef
Thank you St. Therese for the roses I continue to see in response to a sign. I know you are letting me know that my prayer qill be answered.
Thank you Holy Infant of Prague for the favor granted. I know it took a little longer than I thought but in the big picture of things it was as quick as it could have been. Thank you a million times. I will continue to pray and invoke your name. Thank you again. Please please grant me that our marriage take place soon.
Thank you Dear Lord God for answering my prayers for love and happiness in my life. You have sent me the angel I have prayed for. Please keep us together for eternity. Thank you dear Lord God, in the name of Jesus Christ I pray.
Lord please pray for me today for not only am i exremely testy but i am disgusted with work and i need your guidance at this time before i regret what i a m about to say or day my patience has been tried and i am tired of being wrong God bless
Thank You God for bringing me through another night. Thank you St Jude and St Theresa for continuing to work behind the scenes for me and on Alain's behalf. In Jesus name. Amen. Love, Carol in SF
Thanks to St. Jude for prayers answered and favors received. E
Thank You Dear Lord, St Anne, St Anthony, St Expeditus and Holy Spirit for hearing my prayers and helping my child. Please continue to help her. Please continue to be with her and guide her to always know the right thing to do. Help her to handle situations that arise when people are being cruel and dishonest with her. Thank You. I love You.
Thank you so much St Dymphna and St Rita and Jesus and Mother Mary for all that you have done for me. You answered all my prayers. He been sms me quite alot. Also, last nite DUCK visited me and I was so happy. We actually had a good chat and relieved me of my depression over S. I actually am so grateful so so grateful. Thank you all of highest heaven. I will forever praise your name and spread the joys and blessings you have shown me. Please continue to help me and do not forsake me. Amen
Father, thank you for all of the blessings in my life. From my family, to the food you provide, to my house, to my clothes. Thank you for allowing me to awake to another beautiful day, and sleep through another peaceful night. Thank you for healing me. Both spirtually and mentally. Thank you for giving your life so all of your faithful children can spend eternity with you. In your loving name I pray. Amen.
Father, thank you for placing your healing hands upon me. The tests said no cancer! My life is in your hands, Lord. May I be your servent. I pray for all of the people who were so kind, and caring to me. May they be rewarded for their selfless acts of kindness. Thank you. Amen.
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Lord!!!
St.Theresa thank you for hte roses please keep them Cming i need your strength amen ef
Thank you LOrd for a good day please continue to keep me strong I love you LORd my life is in your hands amen ef
Thank You once again God for allowing me to smile and laugh. I know my prayers being answered is right around the corner. I feel it deep in my heart otherwise why the sudden change in my outlook out on life? Thank you for placing in my life all of the kind people who are helping me through this time of crisis. You are carrying me so I won't stumble. Lord Jesus thank you for giving me the oppotunity to grow as Christian man. Lord thank you lord Jesus for everything in my life. I love you Lord and trust you. Love Charles
Lord Jesus i would liek to life claudia upto you today and forever. Lord Jesus please send the holy spirit to her and guide her back to your light and love you have for all of us. Lord Jesus please i am on my knees praying to everyday for the salvation of our relationship. Recently you have givcen me sighns that we are on the right track of reconciliation. Lord I understand it is at your time, but please lord help me and Claudia to move forwoard with our realtionship and family. Lord I trust you and i love you. Love David
Lord Jesus thank you for the blessing you have given to me thankyou for giving me 7 great years withj Claudia, thank you for my 3 gifts from heaven. Lord Thank you for hearing my prayers and for giving me hope with Claudia. I love Lord Jesus David
Thank you for the gift you sent - please continue to build the relationship and bring us together.
dear st jude...i am praying so that john and i will get back together...we obstacles in front of us but i want to thank you for the signs you are sending me...they give me hope that my prayers will be answered even though he is in another relationship...thank you st theresa for the flower you sent me...i now know everything will be alright... thank you st anthny, st rita , st gregory and st philomena i will be forever thankful...sue
thank you lord for keping me in your heart everything always works out i am ever so thankful for your frienship lord Please make me clear about my situation i don't understand how i can love so much but filled with so much grief is this the way keep me open to hear your answer
Thank you dear Jesus. I asked you for a blessing and you sent me one today that I wasn't even expecting. Thank you for hearing me and granting my prayer. Amen.
Thank You God for getting me through another night. Thank You for allowing my daughter make me laugh. I hadnt laughed so hard in so long. She reminded me that I am taking things too seriously. Love, Carol
Thank you ST. Jude
Thank you Jesus!
Thank You Lord for all that You have given us all these wonderful years and we can never say "Thank You" enough.
Thanks to St. Jude for prayers answered and favors received. E
Dear Lord, Thank you for the many blessings that you have bestowed upon family, my wonderful husband, my unborn child growing within me, the beauty in this world, a sunny day, the flowers in my yard, my house, my job, my health. Thank you. SL
Father, thank you for giving me another chance. I am trying to be a better person. I am grateful for you always hearing me and helping me. May I be able to serve you. My life is in your hands. Amen.
Father, thank you for all of the kind people that you are placing in my life. May they be rewarded for their selfless acts. Bless them all! Amen.
Thank you Father, Son and Holy Spirit for protecting my daughter and bringing her home safely. Thank You Mother Mary, St. Anthony, St. Michael and all your angels for your powerful help and intercession. I give all glory honor and praise to the Triune God. bh
Thank you God, for answering my prayer. And thanks to Sister Edith for her prayers.
Prayer is the only answer to all our problems. Have faith and God and his heavenly saints will reward you.
Lord Jesus thank you for the blessing you have given to me. Lord Jesus thank you for hearing my prayers and feeling the pian in my heart. Lord Jesus thamh you I love you. David
Thank You God for continuing to be there for me even when I get angry and frustrated. Thank You for this website. Thank You for my friends who refuse to let me give up. Please continue to give me patience. Love, Carol in SF
Thank you Blessed Mother, Sacred Heart, St. Jude, St. Therese, St. Anthony and all the Saints to whom I prayed. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for once again answering my desparate prayers. Thank you, too, for all of you who joined in my prayers. May God Bless You All! P.M.
Blessed are You, loving Father, For all your gifts to us. Blessed are You for giving us family and friends To be with us in times of joy and sorrow, To help us in days of need, And to rejoice with us in moments of celebration.. Father, We praise You for Your Son Jesus, Who knew the happiness of family and friends, And in the love of Your Holy Spirit. Blessed are you for ever and ever. Amen...
God is so good! Thank you all for your prayers for my 86 year old aunt who had surgery yesterday. The tumor removed seems to be benign and she is expected to make a complete recovery. It truly is a miracle. The power of prayer is real!
St Jude thank you for all that you have helped me with. E
I recently prayed that my spouse desperately needed work after being out of a job for a year and a half. Thank God and the Patron Saints for answering my prayer. My spouse was employed as a supervisor within 2 weeks. Brenda
I want to thank the Blessed Virgin Mary and all the wonderful and miraculous saints and saints-to-be for interceding to God for all my prayer needs. Thank you St. Jude, St. Therese, St. Faustina, Sister Josefa Menendez and Venerable Matt Talbot for all my answered prayers and the ones that will be answered very soon. I am so grateful for your continuous prayers on our behalf.
Thank Most Blessed Virgin Lady of Guadulupe!Thank you Saint Rapael the Archangel and Patron Saint of my company. Thank you Saint Theresea for all your flowers from heaven.
Lord thank you for this day and all the blessings and help that you have given me. Amen E
I would like to Thank St. Jude for favours granted and the faith restored. ND
Thank You Jesus for the request I am about to ask. You know how hard I try to be a good woman. I pray for and try and do good for everyone I meet each day, please let me ask this one for myself: A miracle Lord, please! Lord, I am holding out my hand to him (DP) in a gesture of forgiveness. Please help him grab it and hold on for dear life. Lord, drive away all the negative thoughts he might have against me, and fill his heart with the truth; that I am his one true, lifelong friend, and he can trust me with his life. Let him grab my hand, Lord. We both need this. Amen
Lord, thank you for your comfort. Inspite of my sins, and wrong doings, you are blessing me anyway. Your love truly has no conditions. Regardless of my past, you are safe guarding my future. I know that I must completely change my life, and make amendments for my sins. Thank you for having faith in me (how many times have I broken my promises to you?). I will change my ways, and hopefully help someone in need, just as I am being helped now. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to make things right. Amen.
Thank you LORd for lal the love you show me daily thank you for all that you giveme on a daily basis I hope I am worthy of all thelove you give me in Jeus naem I pray to you amen ef
Father, thank you for all of the beautiful blessings that I have been receiving. Your compassion is only exceeded by your love. Please bless all of those who are serving you, and who are placing others needs before their own. I pray that one day I will be worthy of all of the blessings bestowed upon me. May my life be one of servitude, and may I always be a faithful child to you. Thank you for everything. My life is in your hands, Lord. Amen.
Miracles happen, the passed Sunday made me feel whole. Lord thank You for answering my prayers. My family has been drifted apart for quite some time but on Sunday we all came together as one family. I was so happy and still very much happy about what happened. Lord i thank you for the Love and support you are blessing my family with. Always keep us strong and make us believe in you fully. Lord I Love You.
Thank you, Saint Expedite, for helping me get a good job that I really want and thank you for your continued protection and guidence. Whoever sees this message, please speak to Saint Expedite, he will answer your prayers, and he will answer them quickly! Sandy.
Thank you Saint Jude for hearing my prayers and for interceding on my behalf. Thank you and praise you for all of the miracles I have received through your prayers for me.
Dear Lord, thank You for the great people I work with. They all add to my life. Let me add to theirs. Amen HP
Dear Lord, thank You for the beautiful weekend in PA. Thank You for keeping my boys and their friends safe this weekend. Thank You for the love of Alan. Amen HP
Thank you LORd for keeping me busy all day I wasnt able to think to much about where Bobby is right now please LORd be with him no matter hwere he might be at this moment amen ef
Thank you St. Jude, St. Joseph, St. Theresa, Sr. Josepha Menedez, St. Expedite, and all of the other Saints and Angels who have been praying for me and answering my prayers. Especially Blessed Virgin Mother and our Lord our God. Thanks for everything. Please continue to bless myself as well as my family and friends and please continue to help me. Thanks again. Jan
Thank you St. Jude and St. Teresa for asking God to hear my prayers. I thank both of you and God for all the blessings He has bestowed upon me and my family.