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God, I want to thank you for listening to my prayer. Next week the job I've been asking you for is going to be posted. Thank you for this oportunity. I want to let every one know that God answers all of our prayers.
"I am a 14 year old gurl from upstate ny a couple of years ago a group called Ryi(radical youth invasion) came to our town and did a night ralleyt for teens. This is when I really saw God work. After this I joined a youth group and went to church. But it wasnt until this summer that I got the oppertunity to go to Nyc and do missions work this was such a good oppertunity to see god and how his people worked I loved every minute of it and i thank god every day for doin this in my life and I ask for prayer that I will keep my fire burning for jesus!!
Dear Heavenly Father, thank You for Your guidance and wisdom. Thank You for always being there at the perfect time and giving us blessings beyond our dreams. For health and prosperity and love. You are awesome!
Please Lord bring 'R' back into my life. Things are strange with him I know... Please help him to see the truth and convert back. Thankyou.
Thank you for hearing our prayers. Thank you for healing me and for the answered prayers. Praise the Lord.
God loves us as His children. Tell Him You love Him and call Him Father. He will give you heaven on earth and you will be with Him in heaven for eternity.
Pray the rosary Our Mother Mary will intercede for you.
You bet He does! Look at the little things that happen everyday. Sometimes you don't even remember th short little prayer you said, God let me find my keys or other little things. God answers just look for the answer in your life.
Dear Holy and Compassionate Father, Please help me to see, hear, feel, know and embrace all the good gifts You are sending my way. I pray in the name of God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit and in Jesus Christ our Blessed Saviour. Amen.
Dear Loving Father, Thank You for the job You have given me. It is more than any I have ever had. Please guide, protect and sustain me in this environment so that every endeavour will be a success and that I will be a blessing to all around me. I pray to You, Lord in Jesus Christ's name. Amen
Dear Holy, Loving, Merciful and Almighty Father, Thank You once again for the compassion and blessings You are continually showering on me and my family. Thank You for my family, employment and job which You granted and gave me. Thank You for the sustenance and Your presence with me both at home, at work and everywhere. Thank You for the 100% medical help. I place all my other cares and concerns (which I trust and believe You know already) into Your blessed holy hands to deal with them according to Your will. Thank You for forgiving me, for lifting my burden, for giving me hope, renewed strength and a new perspective on life. I pray for Your presence with me and family and we hold on to You Lord in JESUS CHRIST'S NAME. Amen.
Dear St. Jude I'm still waiting for you to answer my intentions. Please let it be today.
Thank you St. Jude for answering my prayers. You truly do hear our prayers.
Why do people believe in God? Because once you get tired of spitting out the dust and ashes of this world's lies, God's love is like a big glass of ice cold water. He's the only thing that will satisfy your thirst, and you won't accept any more substitutes.
God promised in His message to Mother Eugenia in 1932 that if we call Him Father and come to Him with our love and our needs and if we talk to Him like we would to a Father then he will give us heaven on earth and we will be with Him in heaven for eternity. Call God, call Him Father, tel Him you love Him. He loves you as His child.
My response to the question as to Why do people believe in God? I speak only for myself. It is because He exists. He is real - He is the only thing that makes sense in this life and because when you come to those times in life when things weigh you down and you see no way out, He gently guides you. Jesus came to me at a point in my life when I was in the turmoils of an affair that could have destroyed my whole marriage, my whole life. He did not judge me, make me feel guilty or ashamed. He just said, there now, it's done, it's over now follow Me. We can spend our entire lives denying He exists, but you cannot deny him on your death. Wishing you the best on your journey.
Why do people believe in god?
Sometimes you need to open your eyes and your heart totally if you have already done this then be patient. God hears you it's just sometimes we have to wait for a reply and sometimes we still have to wait a perfect example I will give you. I had a problem that I needed a "quick fix" well I did not get my answer to my prayer until almost a year and a half later !!!! I will pray for you.
How come you wont answer my pleas?
My two teenage girls were invited to attend a church youth forum interstate. Both the girls and I were very excited about the idea. They because of the trip away from the parents and me because I thought it was a wonderful opportunity for them to meet other kids with faith and listen to others relating and talking about God instead of just me, but my husband was not so keen. One morning before work I went to church and prayed to Mary to let me know what I should do: talk my husband into it (which I'm good at) or not let them go. As I prayed, all the excitement I had carried with me over the last few days just left me, it just wasn't there anymore. After work that day I told them what had happened and that I was not allowing them to go. This brought the youngest one to tears. I myself couldn't understand why, because I felt my reasons for wanting them to go were good reasons, reasons God would approve of. That night I had to confirm with the organisers that they were not going. Two days later I caught up with a nun from our church who was eager to talk to me to warn me not to allow the girls to go as the nuns themselves were unable to attend this year and they had heard on previous years that there was minimal supervision provided and drugs and alcohol were used by the groups. Thank you Mother Mary and help me to never doubt the wisdom of answers received from Heaven.
Call God Father and tell Him you love Him He loves us all and wants to give to us as a loving merciful Father.
Dear Lord: Thank you and praise you for the sign I received recently to my prayer request.I am confident that you know the depth of my request and already the miracle has started. Please keep me near you and away from sin.PLEASE HELP ME DO TO DO YOUR WILL AND WORK FOR YOU. AMEN
Dear Lord...Thank you for answering my prayer regarding my parents working out their problems. They were on the verge of divorce, and I turned to you for help. You answered my prayer and gave my parents the strength and faith they needed to work out their issues. They are back together like it should be and I am very grateful to you. Thank you so so so much! Amen & love to you.
relieved from the tourmets of probable prostrate cancer, ever devoted to God and his goodness, taking steps profoundly devoted to doing HIS will, amen.
God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit, Mother Mary, Joseph, Padre Pio, departed friends and family. I thank you for helping me with easing my pain of DSL. I also thank you for JMZ coming home safely from the hospital. I have not been too spiritual lately. I am going through the motions ands want to feel the Grace of God and Love in my heart!! I love you GOD and I need to Love myself and Love others, Help me to move ahead, guide me Mother Mary...Heal my pain Jesus, I love you God.
I am in love with the father of my child, we have been going through some tough times. We recently broke up and I realized how much I truly love him. Unfortunately, he says he doesn't feel the same. I have prayed to St. Jude,The Sacred Heart, the Divine Mercy, St. therese Jesus himself and the Lord our God. Am I being too impatient??? I know the Lord works in mysterious ways, but what about true love, what about trying to make relationships work and being a family? As of yet, I haven't received an answer, we still argue about silly things, but it doens't change my feelings. I am emotionally hurt, it is difficult to love someone and it is not reciprocated. Please Lord,Jesus Christ, I am unworthy of your mercy, but please listen to my prayers and my petitions. I want my child to grow up with both parents to be loved by both of us, to raise our child in unity, for our relationship to work out, to be happy together. Make us a family again. St therese send me the flowers from heaven with a message of love, and an answer an answer to my prayers and favors.
thank you st. therese for prayers answered,. while you were showing me roses, i did not understans the meaning of your signs since i was getting the opposite of my favor. with the guidance and help of sts. jude, claire, sacred heart, blessed mary, the archangels, st. francis, holy spirit, i now fully understand your purpose. Thank you for your loving care. bless all my friends in this site, all my groupmates, mi, sublings, the reovery of sony, banj who is now in heaven. St, Michael , thanks for protecting me everyday. May all those in heaven continue to empower me with happiness, acceptance of God's will, self fulfillment as i go through transition in life. thanks, lord for giving graces to b and c, recovery of sonny, intrcession fo bng, all my frinds in this site, mon and at group, banj, mi, counselors fr al, myr salcy,medig,rose,my siblings and all loved ones.
I have been praying to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and some miraculous things have been happening!!! My friend was a very bitter and angry person and I started to pray to the Sacred Heart and she is getting much better !!!! When you maybe feeling that God doesn't hear oh he does !!!!!!
I prayed to the Immaculate Mother for help and began a 3 day prayer to her. It has been 2 days and already she has granted my request. I am so grateful. God is so Good. I am so blessed. Thank you Beautiful flower of Mount Carmel. In the Name of Jesus. Amen.
My Lord, my savior, I pray for the reconciliation of my exhusband and myself and our 2 grown children. I rebuke Satan and his past influences in our marriage and in the eventual breakup of the marriage. Lord, you say that if two shall agree on one thing and it is prayed for vigilantly, it will be granted. Lord, we pray for a remarriage, and we pray to the Blessed St. Dymphna for the healing of the mental illness my son and I suffer from. Lord hear the intercessing prayers of St. Dymphna for us, and help guide us in the direction you would require of both myself and my partner. Lord, there IS love between us, and we truly believe that only You, our Savior, Prince of Peace, Lord of Mercy and Compassion, understands our situation and that through Your touch and blessings, our lives, our family and our remarriage will be truly Blessed and we will be reunited and happy to serve you, Lord. Lord hear our prayers! SM, ARC, SCC and RLC. PRAISE BE TO YOU OH LORD!
On May 15,2002 at 9:40 a.m. eastern time, my 20 yr.old son was killed in a car accident. I was before the Blessed Sacrament at that exact time praying for God to protect him with his angels and saints as he traveled home. God answered my was just a different home. Please pray for my family and my son.
Maybe you are not meant to conceive a child of your own. There are millions of children who have no one to love them or care for them. Could you not adopt a child.
Dear GOD, Please GOD allow me to conceive a healthy normal child. Manny & I wants to have a baby so much. Thru the intercession of St. Therese, St Clare, St Jude and St. Philomena and for others who are reading this site please pray for me. Thanks
that everything will go alright
Dear Lord: I pray along with N.D. that her prayers be heard by you. I feel she is going through so much and feels alone. Send the angels to her side, let her feel their presence and let her heart feel the peace they bring. I ask also Father, that you continue to show N.D. your love, and let her feel it each day stronger and stronger. I ask your will be done and her prayers be heard and answered. In the Name of Jesus. Amen.
This Prayer is for all marrieges in need... MISUNDERSTANDING BETWEEN HUSBAND AND WIFE Can two walk together, unless they are agreed? Amos 3:3 Loving Lord! You know the path of agony I am undergoing because of disharmony in my married life. You, Yourself instituted marriage since You found that it is not good for man to be alone. I believe that You have given me this partner. Lord! The Scripture says that a threefold cord is not quickly broken. Come and be in our midst Lord for You alone can make two hearts understand each other. You are the Prince of peace and You are able to change any bitter situation in my life. Father! It is Your will that we should lead a happy and prosperous life. So hear my cry O God Fill both of us with more love and understanding for each other and bring unity and harmony between us. Forgive me for the hurts I carry against my spouse. Help me to be more understanding to my partner's needs and feelings. Grant me wisdom to deal with this situation so that I can build up my house for Your glory. Thank You for Your peace O Lord. In Jesus' name I pray.
I pray for everyone in this website. I want to thank God, first of all for giving me the sign I asked him for. I have been prating nearly for 7 months. I've been temping for a company that promised me to create a position for me.And finaly is coming true. And I want to thank God for providing us with the work we need to fulfill all of our needs.
Please pray for my husband. I have been praying and I have not seen God's woderful works yet. He is a hard worker but has addiction to Porno movies and bad language. I pray for the evil of the addiction to leave him, but God has not answered. When I tell my husband of God's love, he becomes angry with me. Please help God
praying to Jesus is the most beautiful thing anyone can do, and not just when we need an urgent miracle, we should also when we are happy and content. Our Father is our source of happiness and every positive influence in our life. Satan is the source of doubt and every negative vibes in our life. Novenas work, we come to the last day and we say well where is my promised Never fail prayers, it is still not answered?. By us turning to our Father and releasing our worries to him and not dictating the steps and measures and the timing for our problems to be resolved, we can be sure that they will in HIS Time and in His Will. My life has not been a happy one. It has been filled with tears, disappointments, hurt, pain, and I have only tasted few moments of happiness and joy. And yet, when I start doubting my Faith, I quickly snap out of it and ask God for forgiveness and just pray. The one thing prayers and faith have given me is a conscious to always do the right thing and to me this is a great bonus, because I will be able to install morals in my little boy's life and have succeeded in distributing novenas to Jesus, Mary and St. Rita to some of my friends in need, and they have seen an immediate change in their situations. God is Love and we are his children and we should love him unconditionally, no matter what he is our priority.
I petition you heavenly father in the name of our savior jesus christ. I pray, i ask, i beg of your knowlege for those who need it. I want to know you, i know you, I read your words, and I want to be like you, i like you , i am like you. What do you mean, what is it, how does it work, and what should i do, where should i go, where are they? As is walk the fifteen steps to the temple door. I carry my staff a envoked branch from a tree to the door, A sign of hearing gods words. No one may enter the door except by invite from god, and the handle is jesus hand put forth. And as i take jesus hand i step through the doorway and take the sixteenth step which is the number of finding truth, and fifteen the number of the steps to god. Inside the temple is a fountain, and its waters are still. Calm is the room of the fountain, and its waters, and if anyone should lie within this room the waters should shake. Anyone who passes the fifteen steps and enters the room is given to the covenent of god, and made holy in his sight. In this temple prayers go out to god for mans salvation. We are also the temples of god, and finding him brings peace from the waters of god. The same as the forest that the river flows from. What is done in the closet of prayer, must be brought of in a act of faith, and so the prayer goes on. Our father in heaven give us the truth, and teach us the way which we should walk, and teach us how to change what we do so you can help us. Thank you our father for the help you have given us in our bad times, as we have not forgotten you in ours. we pray this in Jesus name, Amen. chris.
Thank you Heavenly Father, Saint Jude and all the Saints and Our Guardian Angels for all they have done for me & my Son.I am getting answers to my prayers alittle at a time but I know you are all doing what is best for me & my Son. Thank you for the signs I have received.
Yes, God does answer our prayers. They may not be answered exactly how we want them to be answered, but they are answered in God's will and in His time. He knows what is in our best interest. It is so important for us to place our requests in His ever-loving hands, and then to have Faith and "Let Go, Let God." I have many testimonies, but the following is my favorite: Years ago I married a man in the military, having to move to a new state and away from my family. I prayed all of the time that God would allow us to be stationed by my parents. I prayed this prayer for seven years! One day my husband came home and told me that he had received orders (after volunteering)to move to my homestate, where my parents lived 25 miles from the base. I knew God had answered my prayer. BUT, there is a twist. Two months before we were to move, my husband told me that his orders were cancelled because another base was closing, and the military members there were getting sent to the base at my homestate. He had orders to move to a different state. I was sooo bummed. I was upset at God. Well, we moved to our next base, which was a 7 hour drive my my hometown. At least I could make quick trips home on long weekends! The next twist happens!!! Two years pass, and my husband tells me that all of the guys that were sent to the base in my homestate were getting sent to another base. That base was approximately a 4 or 5 day drive from my homestate. So, it took me two years to figure out that God had my best interest in His heart when we lost the orders to my homestate. You see, if we would have gotten orders to my homestate, two years later I would have had to move to a base so far away, that I would probably only get to go visit my parents once a year or every other year. With our living only a 7 hour drive from my parents, I get to go home every few months for short visits or for Holidays, or special events. So, you see, God answers prayers in His time, not ours, and for the purpose of His will, not ours. Trust in the Lord with all your heart, He will never let you down.
My lord, thank you for the phone call I received today for me to go to the job interview. Yesterday night when I was praying and reading my bible, lord told me not to cry anymore about my job search. He told me he will take care of everything, I only need to relax after a long year and a half waiting. So in the morning before I wake up, a lady call me to offer me an interview next week. Then after talking to her, she send me an email telling me that she was happy talking to a person like me. I was very happy because it has been a long time since someone call me for the job interview, and the few I went were very bad. God let this interview go well, but only if you want me to work there. I would recommend people to read this book: (God's Promises for Every Day) A new Century Version.
Dear God, you truly answer prayers. My son Jim got a job this afternoon. Praise to You Oh Lord and thank you also Blessed Virgin Mary.
o lord thank you for answering my prayers for my little one ..she is much happier now . mj
Prayer to St. Raphael, Angel of Happy Meetings... O Raphael, lead us towards those we are waiting for, those who are waiting for us! Raphael, Angel of Happy Meetings, lead us by the hand towards those we are looking for! May all our movements, all their movements, be guided by your Light and transfigured by your Joy. Angel Guide of Tobias, lay the request we now address to you at the feet of Him on whose unveiled Face you are privileged to gaze. Lonely and tired, crushed by the separations and sorrows of earth, we feel the need of calling to you and of pleading for the protection of your wings, so that we may not be as strangers in the Province of Joy, all ignorant of the concerns of our country. Remember the weak, you who are strong--you whose home lies beyond the region of thunder, in a land that is always peaceful, always serene, and bright with the resplendent glory of God. Amen. Thank You For Saint Raphael For Your Prayers!
Thank you heavenly Father for hearing my prayers. They are being answered I see the signs every day.
Thank you Saint Jude again you are answering my prayers. You are my beloved Patron Saint. I pray better now since I found the website. Thank you God for that also. Saint Jude My Son is doing better. I am sure you are helping him to see that he isnt lettingLW use him anymore. She knew he was in the hospital but she couldn't call him and let her child talk to him but now she wants to call him. Please don't let him get involved now so he isn't used anymore. Kep the users out of his life. Thank you for watching over him. Protect him. You always answer my prayers in time.Thank you.
Call God Father. He wants us to know Him as a kind and loving Father and not as someone who wants to punish us. He loves us. He promised Mother Eugenia tht if we call Him Father and tell Him we love Him then He will give us what we ask for.
I would like to praise the Lord, Saint Anthony and Saint Jude whom I prayed to in a difficult time. My prayers werer answers and I am so grateful for the intercession. Thnak you.
St Jude, pls help me to reconcile with the man I love deeply. I am waiting and hoping that he will call me to say that he wants me to be his wife. This long wait is very torturing, but I believe there will be a miracle. and this miracle will only happen through u St Jude. Pls Pls help me, i really need your help.Amen
St Jude, pls help me to reconcile with the man I love deeply. I am waiting and hoping that he will call me to say that he wants me to be his wife. This long wait is very torturing, but I believe there will be a miracle. and this miracle will only happen through u St Jude. Pls Pls help me, i really need your help.Amen
For the person who starts their testimony with I AM IN A DIFFICULT SITUATION>>>God loves you so much and hears your words. Keep praying and do not give up. The voices are Satan and his tricks..just depend on God and he will help you. Use the Catholic Forum to find someone to talk with online. Try posting your need for others to pray for you, and maybe it will result in someone being able to talk to you by phone, in person, or via IM and emails. I will pray for you, and I know God will help you and guide you. Just ask HIM!
I prayed to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and saint jude for his intercession. On the first few days of this Novena and on the 7th day of this Novena, my prayers were answered. Friday will be the 9th day of the Novena and I feel so blessed and elated that my Novena worked and that God answered me and that Saint Jude's intercession was powerful! Yes Yes YES !! Prayers are answered, if it be God's Will. Thank you Father. Amen
For over a week I have been praying for God to help me reconcil my marriage. I know he is listening. A book I wanted to purchase on stopping Divorce even if you have to fix it yourself...was more money than I could afford. I took a chance to email the author. This morning she emailed me with the complete book in an attachment...with notes on where to begin and a message that she would also pray for me. I thank God for this first step in helping me help myself.
I am still praying for God to please! answer my prayers to show me the way as to what direction my profesional life should go. Please all of you people that read this request Please pray with me and for me. A child of God
Thank you Lord for continuing to bless L in the workplace and for showing his collegues and his associates how valuable he is. I have prayed and asked You, Lord, to bless him and promote him and that is exactly what you have done, Lord. I can't thank you enough for answering my prayers for L and for blessings on his job. I know that it was by your power and goodness that this has become possible. Thank you for answering my prayers...Lia
Thank you Holy Spirit,Blessed Mother,and The Sacred Heart of Jesus. I have been praying along time in what direction my life should be going and I received the answer today!!!!I love all you with my whole heart!! Michelle
thank you Lord for opening up your world to me. i long for your word and look forward to our time together in prayer. i have never felt this before. thank you for giving me peace and patience..ive so longed me in the right direction me heal my daughter and bring her with me on this wonderful journey!!!mj
Thank you jesus for this day. I pray for all people who are struggling financialy like me. Please I have been waiting for a dream job for a year and a half now. I have no money, soon I will have no place to live. Please jesus come to my rescue.
to the man who ask for his wife to come back. I will include you in my prayers tonight.
My prayers were answered*** I have been asking our Lord that my husband be offered a job in his field. He was, yesterday- its not the job he wants, but a start. I did not pray yesterday, or post on this site. I woke up and told God that it was in his hands, and relinquished all worry to him. I think maybe He was happy that I finally in my heart saw that it is His job, not mine to control things, only HE can do it. I continue to believe in the power of prayer, but have learned that only God can control the outcome, so why put myself through sleepless nights and chronic worry? God does indeed answer prayer! thanks ser
St.Jude answered my prayers long ago. I was happy and I forgot to thank him. Now I am seeking his help again, and I am sure he will answer my prayers that I will be able to marry my soulmate in spite of all our differences in culture, religion and background. Thank you st.Jude
My wife left me and my boys Lord does she com back?
My wife left me and my boys Lord does she com back?
Thank You Sacred Heart of Jesus, Thank you Saint Jude, Thank You Mary for blessings recieved. Prayer works, and patience pays off in the end. Amen!
I am waiting for a soulmate to. This waiting stuff gets tiresome. almost feeling resentful because of it. Pray more? How can one smile when one is so lonely...
Thank you St. Joseph, St. Catherin, St. Jude, St. Therese and my wonderful Mother. Please continue to pray for me. And for all of you who read this. Prayer does really work. Call on our Saints and our Loving Mother in anytime of need. They are there waiting.
Thank You God for showing me what I should be praying for.
Thank you God for answering my prayer for a soulmate.
St. Therese, thank you for helping me in my interviews. I aPPRECIATE ALL OF YOUR HELP. i'M SORRY THAT I had asked for so much of your help and then ended up turning the job down. I just wanted to ensure my safety and didn't feel comfortable driving so far. Please know that I am very grateful for all your help. I love you so much and thank you again!!
Thank you Sacred Heart of Jesus, St. Clare, St. Jude and Blessed Josemaria Escriva for the blessings.
Lord, Thank you for answering my prayer. I know, I've failed you so many times but YOU always pick me up very time i stumble and fail. Lord, give me the strength to be strong to overcome whatever trials that will pass my way and remove all the bitterness. Thank you My Lord, My God!!!
Dear God, Thank you for all the things you Have done for me and given me. Please don't think I am ungrateful because I sometimes forget to praise and thank you. Blessed be God!!!
Thank you Jesus for bringing M back to his faith. Please continue to help him turn his life around.
Thank you Lord for helping B find a new job.
I standing before our heavenly father, and our lord jesus christ do bear wittnes of his works on the earth. There was a young lady i was very fond of, and she did mean alot to me at the time i knew her. She wasnt as old as i was, and i would have waited if i had thought she liked me. I being a very religous man would have to prove that god exists for her, and this was the test i put to her. I told her to think of something and our heavenly father would tell me what it was, and so she thought of something. I thought and thought and guessed a few times, but i couldnt get it, and then as i strugled for gods answere in despiration, and even as a last act, a single thought even as my own enterd my mind. The words were " you like me" and i thought that she liked me of course. And with a funny look on my face i told her,, is it that you like me? And she said no thats not it, and i asked her what is it then? She said that you like god. I was counfounded by her answere, and went and sat down to think about this. My thought was that if god was standing next to me, and said to me that you like me, or in other words that i like god. The scripture that is like this is when we are like a child, we think and act like a child.... and so on. You see god loves us with a passion, even as i liked that person with a passion, he loved me equal or more. At that time i didnt understand what he meant by that, and now i understand. He meant that you can care for someone with a passion, and its not the same after you get to know them, and things become different. God was refering to himself, and leading me to understand him more. Imagine a person that has had this kind of thing happen all his life, and imagine that these event culmanate into a single event bringing the things tought by the spirit and in this world into one place, and event. A spiritual thought is very rare, and is normally followed by a merical of some sort. This kind of thing is very personal, as god is very choosey as to who he shares with. something about his will and design of things, and for some reason he designed me to know truth, even with the same gift as st. paul. I know it was paul who looked into the mirror, and it takes one to know one. If god loves us so much then there must be more to it than people think. This is what god has tought me about death. It depends on our faith to where we are placed, and man creating different sorts of religion has mad a change in what god intended. Its like this obey the laws of man, therefore god tends to work with us instead of around us giveing us some room for errors. There is a parallel between this world and heaven or else god would not have shown me how they come together. Like the comming of christ our father in heaven made it known that he was to come, and our all knowing father also knew about the changeing of the chruchs. There may be a original church, and there may be spinoffs of that church but god in his wisdom knew this before the world started. And he had planed for this also. Even those who you do not think will enter heaven might enter. There was a reason apostle paul was shown things that were unspeakable, and his desire to help god in salvation. He was shown why, and gods desire to save mankind. What if there was so much more to it that gods desire included most all of mankind? If then it depends on our faith, then there are those who know the truth. God he put us here to be happy and live life, and try to make it to heaven, he also has made different people for different reasons even for salvation reasons. If this were not true, there would not have been moses, or elijah. If you have lost a loved one then depending on there faith, will depend on their placement in heaven, and even the amount of contact with them. The apostacy acoured when a man dictated the construction of a bible. Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of god, and this is leteral. thats why god gives the holy spirit to lead him to salvation and truth. Use it. peace be with you in jesus name, chris.
Yes, God Answers Prayers! No coincidences, but reality. I prayed for a specific request. God answered it. I prayed for my mother's test results to come back in her favor, time and time again, they do. I pray for my father's health to be healed, it was miraculous. I prayed for my friend's drinking problem. He miraculous stopped drinking. I prayed for my financial burden to be lifted, yes God did it again. I pray, he listens, he answers.
The Rosary is one of the most powerful prayers. But God listens to all kind of prayers. We just need faith.
God answered my prayer a long time ago. Something that seemed impossible;he made it happened.I praise his name and thank him everyday. I hope to give another testimony soon. I am waiting for Jesus to answer my prayer.
Thank you Dear Lord for granting my prayer for my nephew who had major surgery recently.Thank you for placing him in the hands of great and dedicated doctors/surgeons and nurses. Now he is recovering and praising God.
I prayed for my father's health to improve, for his blood disorder to be healed and God answered my prayers. He led us to a doctor who put my father on the right medication and now he is completely healed, praise God!!!
St. Jude has answered my prayers a long time ago. I never published my thanks, but want to avail of this page for publishing my thanks now. St. Jude has been my source of comfort when things look grim. I always encourage prayers to him when anyone seems to be looking for answers.
I believe in some cases prayers are answered. I prayed that my daughter get a call from one of the places she applied for a job. She did get a call two weeks to the day and got hired on the spot. St. Theresa did answer me.
Thank You, Lord, for linking me to this site. Amen.
Dear Holy and Almighty Father, Thank You very much for all the blessings both seen and unseen that You have continually showered on me and my family. Thank You for Your presence and the sense of peace and calmness that I experienced at the check-up today. Dear Father, I commit my body and situation in Your Holy hands for Thy will be done. Thank You for the medical help which You provided immediately to ease on any anxiety. Thank You for carrying my burden. Please continue to let me hope in You, to learn to lean on You and to lift up our eyes to You in yielding to Your bountiful and endless mercies. Thank You for family, work, employment, acquaintances and colleagues who surround us. Thank You for the life You have given us all, and we pray that we may use Your precious gifts to the benefit of all around us to the Glory of Your Holy name. We place our various situations: marriage, children, health and aspirations into Your Blessed Holy hands. Father and Lord, please hear us in the name of JESUS CHRIST. Alleluia, Praise the Lord and Amen.
The Lord answered a 30 year old prayer today and gave me back something very precious from my childhood. I never thought I would ever see this momento again, but today, it was returned to me in a way that I could never have foreseen. I thought it was gone forever and that there was no point in praying -- after all, 30 years is a long time. But if God answered even such a small, silly prayer, He can do anything. Keep praying and believing, no matter how long things take. He will hear and answer.
Thank you Father, Jesus, Saint Jude,Saint Anne, Guarding angels for all your help and the answers I received. I Love you all with all my heart.
Thank you Father, Jesus, Saint Jude,Saint Anne, Guarding angels for all your help and the answers I received. I Love you all with all my heart.
praise the lord i have sent my children to catholic school and recently because of the bad economy my husbands business took a turn for the worse, i was afraid the children would not be able to i prayed the school would help us a little bit and today i recieved the call the would help us us with some finacial aid. praise the lord.
YES !!!! I had put a prayer request into the St. Anthony site. I asked to be prayed for because I received a speeding ticket not too long ago and the problem was I am currently unemployed so I didn't have the money to pay for it. Well I put the prayer request in plus I prayed and I received the money to pay the ticket. If I did not receieve the money in time my drivers license would have been suspended!!!
I came to the site today and i think i will be visiting more often.For those who are not believing that God answers prayer i know He does.It is just that sometimes we are looking for a particular answer and we don't get it.I have paryed for all of you today and will remember you in my prayers always.Let us continue to love and remember each other in prayers.i know God works miracles.i was so alone and lost when i first came here i was an immigrant.God has now sent me a sister and i got a boyfriend too.I am waiting on Him to bring me the rest of my family here, it might take time but i know it will be in God's own time.I live in Boston and i also want to say thanks to St.Jude who has helped me so much along the way.May Devotion to him only grow.God answers prayers.Pray and believe and you will surely receive.
Thank you St. Anthony, although this was minor thing it was important for my little A. You help us a lot. Thank you, Amen
Thank you God for prayers answered!
Dear Lord, St Jude, Blessed Mary thank you for helping my daughters find the financial aid to go to school.
Yes! Of course because when I pray he ansers it!