Yenra : Answered Prayers : Thanks to St. Jude


Thank you God for my son, he is a true blessing.
thank you God for the miracle in me. boc
thank you lord for the blessing that you have given to my family and friends. please send your angels to help us re
Thank YOu, Lord, for bringing that handsome dark haired man with the most beautiful eye close to me everyday at work during my breaks. I don't knnow who he is, but I have come to notice that he looks at me. Do You have a plan for him in my life because he is someone I would like to get to know, but I can't bring myself to begin a conversation. Thank You, anyway Dear Lord, for bringing him to my workplace, and if You could get me an introduction, I would be so thankful. Amen
Lord thanks for bringing my family so much love
Thank You Jesus for this prayer; I pray that You will allow my ex the feeling of my hand holding his very tightly, full of forgiveness, and showing him that it is time to come home. I love You, my Jesus. Amen C
Although my original prayer to St Peregrine for a cure for my father's cancer was not answered in way of a cure I know that since his death a week ago today St. Peregrine indeed brought my father to a place of peace. So in this way I feel as though my prayer was answered. Thank You St. Peregrine and to the good Lord for his comfort during this difficult time.
Thanks for listening to me when I have so many issues
St. Gertrude, thank you for hearing my prayers and the safe return of my little kitten "Abbey". Amen
thank you lord for helping my brother in getting a him in his life
Prayer partners and God thank you - this season is a one year anniversary of a painful loss for me, and I have been dreading it - yet today I feel like I have pillows of prayers supporting me carried by an army of angels - thank you all and may you too receive this peace
Dear Lord, Thank you for all the blessings in my life.
Thank God our Lord for hearing our prayers that the ecomonic is recovering soon.I also thank Blessed Mother,St Joseph,St Jude,St Anthony,Our Lady of Fatima,St Theresa and all the Saints for the prayer and petitions.Thank God in Jesus Name.Amen.-George
Thank you lord for the gift of that meeting last night i felt amazing afterwards and still feel great today. Positivity is what i am seeking and the past few days i have found it. Please continue to direct me in the same way. I know i will not get off track you are with me in me and me love always Amen
Thank You LOrd, for all that You do....
Thank you for your continued love and support.
Thank YOU GOD for the many BLESSINGS for my family.Thank Blessed Mother,St Joseph,St Jude,St Theresa,Our Lady of Fatima,St Anthony for your prayers help.George
Thank You, thank You, thank You, Dear Lord, for sending me Your Guardian Angels when I wrote my test a while ago. I passed with flying colours and may possibly have a new and better job soon. Amen -
Father, thank you for healing me. To all of the people who have been so kind, and giving, I want to thank you for placing them in my life. May they all have many blessings, and good fortune for their kindness. Thanks for my mother, and my family. Without them, I would have nothing. Amen.
Dear Lord Jesus, I would like to say thank you for all the wondeful things in life that you have given to me and also for all the prayers that you have answered.
Thank God,Jesus,the Holy Spirit,Our Blessed Mother,St Joseph,St Jude,St Anthony,St Theresa,Our Lady of Fatima,and all the Angels and Saints for the blessings from our Holy Father.Thank YOU Lord for your mercy.-george
Saint Anthony, you did it again!!! Thank you for leading me to my lost item. You are awesome. JN
Thank You Saint Jude for favours granted! Thanks continuing to help me in prayer request ... even to this day!after my greatest request was realised. Thank you St.Jude,Thanks Sacred Heart of Jesus. Amen *ABW*
Thank You, thank You, thank You, Dear Lord, for sending me Your Guardian Angels when I wrote my test a while ago. I passed with flying colours and may possibly have a new and better job soon. Amen
Thanks for sending me a new contact to my business. Please pray that I can give them pure success. Thank you Lord, St Jude and Mary!!
Thank you Lord Jesus, and all the Saints for comforting me! Amen
Holy Father, Thank You for everything you have given me. It hasn't been easy these last few weeks. I have been to the edge of the spiritual abyss and there I found You. I love You and please never let me be parted from You.
I beg help heal my father! Please.
SThank you St. Jude for answering my morning prayer. Tahnak you St. Theresa for helping me today. Thnk you Holy Mary for being with me today. Tahnk you my Lord for helpin me. I passed very difficult exam today.Praise be to God and all his Glory. I stiil pray for healing my father and after today's exam I belive in Lord's Love for us and in St. Jude , St. Theresa, Holy Mary love for us even more! I was so scared today. Thank you for helping me and I bed help my father to be healthy again, make the cancer go away from his body, heal my father please.
I haven't seen a posting from you for a while. I pray to the Lord that you are ok. You're postings, I know, must have been revealed from to you by God. They were always wise and appropriate. God bless you. fd
Thank you sweet Jesus for answering my grandaughter Kaitlin and my prayers. My daughter got the job that we prayed for and I can't tell you how happy I am. I made a promise to you and I will fulfill it. Please know that I love you with all my heart and I will always be your faithful servant. Listen everyone prayers do get answered, just have faith.
Praise be to God and all his Glory. I give thanks for each breath and each moment that I am alive. I give thanks for all that you have bestowed upon me... The peace of Christ be with us all... T.J.E.
Dear Lord, Thnak you for all my blessings!!! Amen
Thank you St. Jude for answering my novena. My daughter's mental state has improved and her relationship with the man who has been there for her is growing stronger. Please let her continue to improve and live without the depression and anxiety that she has known since a teenager. Thank you from a Mother who has shared her anquish and torments from mental illness.
Thank you Lord for giving my mother and my family faith and strength. She had her last rites on Friday and with your blessings has improved. I am thankful for each small improvement in her health and know your love and blessings will guide us through this difficult time. Thank you
Thank you lord for the wonderful weekend with my husband. Things between us are getting better. Amen
Father, thank you for healing me, and for giving me another chance to change my life. Thanks to the hospital and staff for their wonderful treatment, and financial help. Thanks for the blessings, and I pray that I will treat others as kindly as I have been treated. Amen.
Thank You Lord and all the angels and saints who've answered my prayers and got where I am today. Thank you for my love and for my family and friends. They are all miracles to me. Please, take care of them and keep them safe always. I love you and I could never make it in this crazy world without You. Please take care of Your children Lord. May their prayers be answered as You have answered mine. Amen LN
Thanks to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Saint Jude for prayers answered. Amen
i prayed for my husband's recovery from psycosis. He is doing better than i could have hoped for.
Lord, I thank you in advance for my prayers answered. St. Joseph, St. Claire, St. Rita and St. Jude, thank you for interceding on my behalf. I continue to pray. Amen
thank YOU DEAR GOD IN HEAVEN for healing mark's alcohol addiction after 18 years of abuse. thank YOU for making him stop hurting me.
St Jude...thank you for answering my petitions. Alise
Thank you Lord and all the saints for this day off and for helping me with my career. Alise
Dear Lord I thank you for all the wornderful people you sent to me in this life. I also thank you for keeping me healthy all the time while things didnt seem to be going so well for me. I thank you for my wonderful family who I miss being with at the moment.
In the name of our Lord Jesus, I thank you dear God! Love you forever
Thank you, Lord! For all your infinite kindness to me and all people.Please bless all those that have been kind to me and any of mine,but also bless all those who have been unkind...-
Thank you God,Jesus and Virgin Mary, and your saints for all the favors granted for all those for whom I prayed and for me too. Most grateful, i love you!-H.L.
Thank you, Mother and thanks to the Guardian Angels and Saints, and dear Jesus, dear God so merciful! I love you. You protected my grandchildren and all of them suffered no harm when that truck hit their vehicle. I have almost no words, only i can say how thankful I am.- helen
proctect me from any danger
Thank you Lord for the good report that my husband got. The tests didn't find any spread of the cancer, and we are so grateful.
Father, thank you for healing me. I am grateful for your continual blessings, and I pray that I can help anyone in need-just as everyone has helped me. Thanks to the hospital, and all of the staff. Thanks to my family, and most of all to you. You make everything possible. I am forever grateful. Amen.
Thank you lord for a successful meeting with my doctor today and with the bank everything is working out slowly but surely thank you thank you thank you i love you thank you
Thank you Lord for the gift of compassion you have given to me. Please guide me in using it more in helping other people who need it.
Lord, I thank You for bringing D&J together as a family. I know that You are creating this miracle as I type these words. I know that it will still take time, but Lord, I know deep in my heart that You are working Your miracle in these two hearts. Amen
Thank YOu, Lord, for a very good week, a tiring one but a good one, thank You for the wonderful family, especially my son, and the great friends You have brought into my life, and thank You too for the prayers that have yet to be answered. I know that You will bring me what I need. Amen
Thank you dear God for the email that Chris sent me. St. Therese sent me signs that you asked her two. I felt St. Jude pray with me. Thank you for being sooo LINDO. Divino Nino, thank you for your hugs and love. I am very happy. I think of you when I will make my decision.
Dear Lord, Thank you for helping me keep calm today after my email crashed. AB(OH)
Thanks for my life our Lord our God. You are wonderful and have never fogotten me even when I have forgotten you. Thanks again and help me to get a closer realtionship with you and not let you down.
Thanks god for health and strenght
Thank you Lord, for all the blessing that you bestowed upon my family and I during the timeframe of my unemloyment. While I have not yet obtained gainful employment I am thankful for the ability to provide for my famly during these difficult times. (TJE)
Thanks be to God , the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Saint Jude for Prayers answered.Anything is possible with faith in God.
Dear God I thankyou for hearing my humble prayers. I know you are always with me. thankyou thankyou thankyou.
I had prayed a nd request a certain person to come back into my life and they have !thank you! thank you! St Anthony and mY SWEET SWEET jESUS! I HAVE NEVER BEEN SO HAPPY!
Thank You, dear son returned safely home...he meant no harm, but there was potential for him to lose his child's custody ...I panicked with little reason, but thank You for sending him safely back home to alleviate my worry, Thank You fo rgiving me people to pray for us, and for the new lawyer.
Thank you, dear Lord and your Angels and Saints. I prayed last night on this site that my daughter's migraine headache would go away. She had a headache for several days. She woke up this morning and her headache was gone. It did not start hurting at all today. Thank you for helping her by relieving the pain. Thank you for helping her to go to the meetings today. Amen.
Lord help me to find happiness from within not from others but the real true light that lives within i am so young and feel so old i am so weak and feel down about myself please lord help me help me with myself stop me from running from myself keep my spirits up thank you for being with me throough all of this especially with this new job thank you lord amen
Lord I pray that you help me to understand and live in your light. Thanks you for sending Rosie to my home to keep my company. Help her to rejoin her family and enjoy the rest of her life. Help me not to feel lonely and to be organizing. Thanks for granting me with a lucky spirit and heal me to benefit from your gift. Thanks for this life you've given and the experience. Thanks Amen
Thankyou my God, you helped me through the darkness' of my life. You through your devine son Jesus Christ put the love and light back into my soul and life. My mere words of thanks don't seem enough for the love you have given me. May I see you in heaven and thankyou for all your creations. I love you with all my heart and soul. Please bless those who die today. Many thanks. Tanya
Thank you for the prayer I am about to post for my disabled child. Amen//Precious St. Angela Merici, parton of those who are afflicted; bodily ills, disabled people, handicapped people, illness, loss of parents, physically challenged people, sick people, sickness. Help my son, please to have his miracle (D).
Father, thank you for healing my mother and myself. Thank you for sending me the nurses and doctors who have been so kind. Thanks to the hospital for not charging me for the majority of my treatment. Thanks to you for blessing me with these miracles. I am not worthy of these gifts, but I pray that I can help anyone in need-just as I have been helped. Thank you. Amen.
St Jude of the impossible please help us our family problems.Help me in my career that I can't find a job.Pray that I can find a good believer employers
Lord thank You for the peace which You have granted to me and the patience that I am beginning to develop with Your help. I love You Heavenly Father. AMEN.
Lord, I know how stubborn and proud this man is, please send a brightly burning flame of love into his heart for me and our son. One that he can no longer ignore. Bring him to his feet and guide him to this house. Amen -
Lord, I thank You for the blessings of Your Wonderful Guardian Angels in my life. I thank You also for their presence in the lives of those I love. I thank You for the work You are doing on my former spouse to let my son have his miracle. I know that through You ALL things are possible. Amen.
thank you lord for today and for all of your blessings seen and unseen. please bless me lord and give me success & a good outcome in my projects. please bless and protect my beautiful family. grant miracles to all the faithful who pray to you today. bless all souls in purgatory, those most forgotten, and accept our prayers for their quick release. jmj. pray for all sinners. amen.
Dear God our father, thankyou for all the love you have given me and thankyou for all the Saints, the priests, sisters and all of mankind. I love you more each day and I thankyou for all the blessings you have bestowed upon me and my family. All glory be to you God and your son and our Blessed mother Mary for you are the one to whom we all can depend on. Alleluia, Hosanna in the highest. Love Tanya
Dear God our father, thankyou for all the love you have given me and thankyou for all the Saints, the priests, sisters and all of mankind. I love you more each day and I thankyou for all the blessings you have bestowed upon me and my family. All glory be to you God and your son and our mother Marie for you are the one to whom we all can depend on. Alleluia, Hosanna in the highest. Love Tanya
Than you God Thank you Jesus for this opportunity you gave me. You did answer my prayers and I am enjoying the benefits of it . It is wonderful, it is great, it is magnificent .Oh Lord you did answer my prayers. I love you with all my heart.with you everything is possible. what a Joy ! what a Happiness!OH Oh Oh Alleluia Glory to the Lord .
Heavenly Father, Abba, thank you from the bottom of my heart for every blessing given to me and every prayer answered. Thank you, I love you,
Amen, Amen, Amen! Thank you Lord Jesus!!!
St Anthony please help me find a wife. FG
Thank you Sacred Heart of Jesusfor answering my prayer my son just got a job. Thank You Sacred Heart of Jesus
Thank you Lord Jesus that my prayers have been answerd. Last week our family car was stolen and with loving faith and prayers - our car has been found and returned to us.Thank you Lord Jesus.
Thank you for answering my prayers! Amen
Thank you for letting me hear from my friend.
Thank You St. Anthony for finding my keys. Amen
Dear god thank you for all the many blessing you bestow on me this weekend and thankyou for all the wonderful things you have done and givenme andf about to do for me thank you in your holy son jesus name
Thank you Lord for listening to my requests from the Blessed Mother, St. Joseph, St. Anthony, St. Therese and St. Jude and others. I would accept any decision you send me. Amen
Thank you Lord for being at my side and for giving me the day to work for my passion.
I love You Jesus. Thank You again and again and again,,,,,
Thank You Jesus for Your protection, heal me and my family from this tempory illness that does not want to go away. Praise Your Holy Name, Jesus. Forever and ever amen.
Thank you Lord Jesus for all my wonderful blessings! Amen
Thank you Lord! I love you!! Amen
Precious Father I do thank you for all that I have and most of all for your love and grace, without which I would be nothing. Ipraise you for the recent pain in my life and that of malcolms pain, and hope that he will come to know you Heavenly Father, Thankyou for my son, and daughter and my wonderful grandchildren who are all yours Lord let them know you as I do, you are a good God and I know that I wait for your will to be done not mine
Thank You Lord for Your Kindness and Your love for me. I appreciate my friend's apology and wholehearted effort shown today in extending her hand in forgiveness. I value this as a sign that she has faith in You and has done this out of having You first in her life. I am sorry for my mistakes and for causing her pain, and for complicating her efforts.I ask that You forgive me Lord also for I have had difficulty forgiving. However hurt we both are, please heal us. Please guide her and bless her in life and let her know that even though our lives have gone in different directions I will remember the good times we shared. That's a given. Bless her and her husband with love, happiness, and a future filled with peace and good times. In the name of Jesus I pray, Amen.
Father, thank you for healing my mother and myself. Thanks to the hospital, and the staff for everything they did. Thanks for guiding me there. You are blessing me with financial help, and medical help. I am forever grateful. May I be a better person, and help anyone in need, just as I have been helped. Thanks for the continual blessings. Amen.
Thank you Lord for the wonderful weekend. Last Sat. I bought a new set of jewelry and yesterday I was with my friends.
Lord thank you for caring about each and everyone of us so dearly and for pulling us closer to you.*at
Thank you God and St Jude for anwering my prayers. St Jude, I had sent out my problems for nine days in hopes that you might intercede on behalf of the one I prayed for...and you did. I thank you for always being there when I need you. For anyone who is not familiar with St. Jude...he is a powerful saint who has been forgotten for centuries because of his name being confussed with Judas. If there is ever a powerful novena and Sain to pray on my behalf, it has to be St. Jude. I can always count on him. Thank you St. Jude and thank you God for hearing him.
Father, thank you for healing me. Thank you for all of the hospital staff who have treated me with respect and compassion. May they be blessed for their acts of kindness. Thank you for guiding me there. Without your intervention, I would have been turned away due to no insurance. Thanks for removing the cancer from my mother. Thanks for giving me another chance to change my life. Thanks for giving me more than I need. Amen.
Thank You Holy Father for the many blessings for my family, sister,brothers and I continue to seek your blessings.I pray that goodness and mercy will follow all the days of our lives.--george 16/11/03
Thank You Father, for all the time I had this week to read Your Holy Book. Continue to let me find the time to read Your Words. Amen HP
Thanks to Saint Jude for prayers answered. amen.
Father, I thank You for my church family ~ thanks for the fellowship, thanks for making me feel accepted A
Lord thank You for today and for all blessings for our family. Bless N and her husband N and grant them health and healing and answers to their prayers. Please help them Lord to be good to one another and to love one another. Please hear our prayers. In Christ I pray. Amen.
Thank you God, for being with me. Even though my prayer has not been answered. I believe in you and I know you love me. I love you with all my heart! Kiss my father in heaven for me!
Dear Lord Jesus. Thank you for always being here for me. I Love You. RL
I have prayed to St. Jude for his help and some of my prayers have been answered. Thank you. Prayer is so powerful.
I have Faith in You, Jesus. I have Hope in You, Jesus. And I have great Love for You, Jesus for ever and ever. Amen
Dear Jesus, Holy Mary, all the Angels and Saints for protecting me, guiding me and loving me though I do not deserve it. Help me to always have a heart of gratitude towards All of You no matters how big or small the situation I am in at any given time. Amen. Praise Jesus forever and ever. Amen
Dear Lord, Thank you for answered prayers. Thank you for giving me the gift of patience last night. Thank you for keeping my spirit alive. AB
Thank you St. Therese for all my answered prayers. You are truly an amazing and miraculous saint. Thank you for all the roses I have been seeing as well. Please keep interceding to the Lord Jesus Christ for all my prayers requests. Thank you for my answered prayers and the ones to be answered very soon. I am so grateful.
Thank you for all my blessings and answered prayers.
Thank you God for the phone call last night. AMEN. - D
Father, thank you for healing me. Thanks to all the nurses and doctors who helped me. Thanks to the hospital for accepting me, and without charge. Thank you for giving my mother a long and healthy life. Thanks for all of the blessings that you have sent to me. I am forever grateful. Amen.
My son had gotten notice that he had failed the bar exam. Two days later he found out that he was within 3 points of passing and his test could be reviewed. After 40 days of prayers to St. Jude he received notice today that he has passed the bar exam. thanks to st. jude joan
Dear God, Thank You for all the special blessings You give me in my life each and everyday. Thank You for my home, my friends, my loving boyfriend, my parents, my siblings, my job, my health, the chance to get to know You. Thank You for guiding me, thanks for listening to me, thanks for being patient with me. You are so good to me, please continue to send the Holy Spirit down on me, and continue to instill the faith in me. I may be a slow learner Lord, but I am trying. I love You and trust You. Kelly
Dear God, I thank you for protecting and providing for my me and my family. Through Your protection and blessing me and my brother were not hurt today in our car accident. I pray that You will continue to bless and protect us. I also pray that you will bless and protect my extended family, my beautiful friends, the man I love and all the people who come to you with their intentions and thanks. Thank You God.
St Jude, thank you for your care and help in my issues and thank you for continuing to lighten the load to their solution.
Father, I thank all your Saints, Apostles and Angels of your Heavenly kingdom, who watch down on us, and pray, intercede, love and protect us. Thank you for all their love and prayers in helping me with my intentions. Love Kathleen
Dear St. Jude Thaddeus, thank you for your intercession and all the prayers that have been answered through you. I shall always invoke your name and have others to invoke you. I love you St. Jude. Love Kathleen
St. Joseph, thank you for your intercession and helping me in my intentions. I love you St. Joseph. Love Kathleen
Immaculate Heart of Mary, Our Mother, I love you and thank you for your presence in my home and your love. Thank you for your everpowerful prayers in Jesus' name and it has only been through your powerful intercession that I have acheived all that has happened until now. Tomorrow, my Holy Mother I shall let the world know about the wonders that have taken place and praise God. This has been my promise all along when the final test comes tomorrow. Please pray that all three promises are fulfilled tomorrow. The first was on the 26 September just after 3.00 a.m., the second was on the 26 October through Ria, and the third was on 3 November also through Ria. Thank you Blessed Virgin Mary, I love you with all my heart. Kathleen
Sacred Heart of Jesus, how can I thank you but with my love. All the mercies and miracles that have taken place has been only possible in your name through your most holy Mother Mary. Tomorrow, I shall publish all that has happened when I return from the hospital. Please be with my husband all the way through as you always have been. Thank you Jesus, I love you with a love that passeth all understanding. Kathleen
dear god thank you for tupper the member who came into my forum. it really brought tears to my eyes. as i was so lonely. please do send more old members back as it is real empty these past few days. i dunno y. but the free ads have been overwhelming. your blessings are missing my forum. please turn your blessings to my forum again god. amen. thank you.
Giver of Life and of All Things, I ask for much, but know that I have much to thank You for: my loving boyfriend, my wonderful parents, the opportunity to go to school, the opportunity to travel (at the school's expense, no less!), for my true and beloved friends, for this site to pray with others, for being able to help others, for general good health, for my abilities, for mystery books, for all books, for ideas and inspiration, for doctors and medical science and medicines, for food clothing and shelter, for chocolate (and people who give me chocolate), for the telephone, for electricity, for my job, for fun things like movies, for music, for my car . . . You have been very good to me, and I thank You. Amen. Love, Wendy
Thank you lord for a great day yesterday.
Thank you to the many people that prayed for my brother-in-law Matt(the Desert Storm Veteran). He was able to be stabilized enough to have the surgery this coming Monday. Your compassion and kindness towards a perfect stranger has deepened my faith. God bless each and everyone of you and your families. AMS
Heavenly Father I thank so very much for the miricle you have performed. For the healthy birth of my twin grandsons. Father they are so beautiful!!And I thank you for blessing the hands of all who were involoved with my daughters ceserean, and all who are working with them at the hospital. And I ask Lord, that you help Nikki and Rudy to come closer to you. And to help them raise their children in your word, Father. And help me and my husband to be good Grandparents. And to know our bounderies, but to love them and teach them about you, Lord. I thank you and praise you for all you have done, all you are doing, and all that you are going to do. With love and thanksgiving in Jesus Name. Amen (LR)
dearest jesus and mary, thank you for sending my forum a new member: nigel. please bless and help everyone who is a member on my forum to find this forum a useful place. please send new members to my forum and help my ad website too. please also i wanna thank u for my mum medical test to show nothing wrong. i praise you and thank you. i also thank u dearest jesus for letting me find a new friend in jo. thanks!
God, knowing you has made me a new better person. I thank you for showing me the light. I won't disappoint you. God bless me & my family. Thank you God.
Lord, Thank you for your understanding and thank for my loving family back home thank you for keeping them healthy.
thank you so much for giving me a new female friend i can really click with. thank you so much, thank you so much dear god for really giving me a new friend. i am very pleased with your selection. thank you so much, amen
Thank you Lord for answering my prayer about my tests. I feel blessed. - AB
Thank you Father! My son has been going out more and his friends have included him in after school activities. Thank you!!
Thank you Jesus! You have answered my finacial prayer!
Thank You Lord for all You have done for my family and myself. Thank You for the mild weather we are having and for the beautiful sky the other night. Thank You for the work that has been done on our home and the work being done now. Please give us the physical strength and the finances to finish what has to be done. Lord I am thankful for what I have and I hope to be able to share more with people.
Thank you Lord, for bringing me back to You again.
its strange o lord god but my forum was empty the whole day. and right now only it is filled up with 8 guests. well, thank you o lord god for sending these wonderful visitors. i pray for new registrants soon. amen
Father, thank you for healing me. Thanks to all the people who are helping me. Thank you for removing the cancer from my mother. Thank you for guiding my husband, and for all of the blessings that you are sending to me. Thank you for giving me another chance to make things right. I am forever grateful. Amen.
Thank You Lord for the ok day at work today and for making things work out yesterday.
Thank You, Jesus for all Your generosity, love and concern for me and others, with all my heart and love. amen*