Yenra : Answered Prayers : God Gives Much


Lord, My Father, I thank You for all of the blessings our family has received. I especially thank the two wonderful women who are the "birth mother" to my daughter and son. May You bless always for their unselfish act of adoption. Amen...njm
Thank you God for keeping my mind clear and helping me in this time of need. Thank you for helping my mother to help me. Please watch over the child I now carry and keep him/her safe. Although I do not feel that I am ready for this child becuase I am only 15, I know that I have created this child and will not abandon my child. I know that you have your reasons for this and I will give my life to protect this baby. All I ask is that you help me protect my child when I cannot be there to protect him/her.
Thank you Lord for all you have given me and my family. Thank you for blessing my aunt and uncle with two beautiful healthy children and please continue looking out for my family and friends. Christa
Thank You God especially for my friends that You have given me to help see me through the very difficult times in my life. Love, Carol in SF
Heavenly Father, Blessed Mother, St. Theres, St. Jude, Thank you for my daughters job and for her doing so well at her job.
Thank You St. Expedite,Godfor answering my prayers
Thank you Holy Spirit ,my God .You have solved all my problems .You have lighted all roads to help me achieve my goal. You are with me at all instances of life .You gave me the Divine gift to forget and forgive all evil against me.Thank you for everything. I confirm I never want to be sperated from you . I want to be with you in eternal joy .
Father, thank you for healing my mother and myself. Thanks to all of the people who have helped us, and without you none of these blessings would have happened. I love you. Amen.
Thank you for helping my son to make a safe trip to Chicago and back. Thank you for protecting him among strangers while he was in Chicago. He drove so many miles by himself and was very tired. Thank you for driving for him and guiding him safely through the night back to his home. Amen.
Thank you for sending someone to watch over my daughter on Thursday night when her good friend abandoned her in her time of need. Amen.
Thank you Lord for helping me get through my lessons today. My students were attentive and engaged. I appreciate your guidance when I'm leading conversations about difficult topics. With love--A
Thank you Lord for my answered prayers and blessings. You are truly an amazing and loving Almighty Father. Denise
Thank you Holy Spirit, Sacred Heart of Jesus, St. Jude Virgin Mary and St. Anne for my prayers were answered yesterday. What a miracle!! Most of all Thank you Father God!! C.O.
Dear Jesus Please cure this cold that I have. Thank you Lord.fd
My husband has found the Lord. Praise God for not giving up on him. Thank you Lord for Your strength, and the blessings in my life. You have answered my prayers. It is only through you that I can go on every day and face the trials in my life. You are my Saviour. I love you with all my heart mind and soul. Amen
Again Blessed Virgin I continue to feel your presence about me. Thank you for placing your hand upon my shoulder. And I pray to you that you continue to be with me. Amen sdmc
Thank you, thank you St. Therese for all my answered prayers and the ones to be answered very soon. Thank you for the beautiful roses that I saw and received this week as well.
dear lord ; i thank you for being with me and for delivering me from survical spine fracture,and for giving me sucess in my examinations and for giving me a job and for giving me a lovely parents , i once again thank you -young man
Dear Lord, Thank you for the many gifts you have given me. Thank you for the strength and brains so I am able to pray and type! Thank you for my beautiful daughter and all those little things in my life! Food, clothing, housing, rain, sunshine and leaves and flowers! AB
Dear God, thank You for this morning's good news.
Lord, God, thank you for the grace of your Holy Spirit to love into others. Thank you that i meet Joel as part of my life and heart, i thank you for being in love into others. Bless all i love and all the people of the world to love. Lyn
Thank you God for second chances. You know everybody deserves a second chance.
Thank you Jesus, Blessed Mary Ever Virgin, St. Joseph, St. Therese, St. Anthony, St. Jude , Guardian Angels, All the Saints for answering my prayers. Thank you prayer partners for praying for my requests.
Father, thank you for healing my mother and myself. Thanks to all the nurses and doctors who have helped us. They are truly blessings. Thank you for giving me another chance to change my life, to and make things right. I pray that I am worthy to accept your blessings, and miracles. I love you. Amen.
Precious Lord, I am offering thanks for the request I am about to post. You know how hard I have been working on my life this year to make things better, and create more time for myself. Lord, I need the man You have chosen for me to come into my life and help me create a new partnership. Lord, I have lived as a divorced person for over twenty years and raised my child alone. Please, bless me with a new man to share my life with me. I know that You have already chosen him, Lord, please show me who he is. I thank You so much Lord. Amen c
Heavenly Father, thank you for this peaceful day, I had a great time just walking through the park and talking with my husband. SJ
St. Anne, Thank you so very much for your constent intercession to Jesus for my requests they have been heard and answered. Thank You again I shall spread this prayer to everyone I know. Amen M in Ny
Blessed Virgin, We thank you for your assistance over the past week. The power of prayer will always astonish me. We feel your presence, thank you for placing your hand upon my shoulder. Please continue to let me know you are there. Amen SDMC
thank you st jude for our lunches together..i feel he is falling back in love with me...thank you for hearing my prayer...sue
Thank you Lord for everything this year
saint jude, i didn't thank you enough before when you helped me for the first time....i'm sorry please intercede again. please i'm desperate and hopeless at this time...please hear my pleas. i thank you for helping me that i found you again i promise to serve you and i promise to give my respect and recognition for the rest of my life to you....amen..nj
I want to thank Saint Faustina, Sister Josefa Menendez, Venerable Matt Talbot, St. Jude, Blessed Virgin Mary, and St. Therese for all my answered prayers and for the ones that I know will very soon be answered. Thank you for interceding on my behalf to our Dear Lord Jesus Christ. You are truly amazing saints and saints-to-be that intercede for all our prayer requests. Thank you.
St. Therese, thank you for the roses you sent me, I know you hear my prayers. I eagerly await for my prayers to be answered.
Dear heavenly Father Blessed virgin Mary, all the angels and saints, I am so thankful and grateful for the health and good news about my mom. Thank you! Thank youThank you! God is an awesome God. And I truly believe in miracles. Thank you for always answering my prayers. Let us all have faith hope and love always. Amen
God thank you for my aunt and her prayers. thank you for my extended family
thank you for allowing my grandparents to be able to come and see my 3 kids recientlly
Thank you for allowing me access to this web site
God thank you so much for giving my husband the bonus.and thank you for his plessings at work
Thank you God, for all the blessings received and for the answers to my prayers. Thank you all the saints and Mother Mary for being with us in our difficult times. do continue to be with us. Thank you Lord Jesus for pouring your precious blood on us and protecting us from the evil one. Thank you O holy Spirit for your being with us. Thank you Dear Guardian Angel for protecting us at all times.
Thank you God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, Blessed Mary, St. Jude, St. Anthony, my Guardian Angels for everything, as I don't have a reason not to be grateful. Please continue to answer my prayers and help me to be a better person. Please help my faith to grow stronger.
Thank you Lord for all the blessings and guidance every day. I'm walking without anything except my faith on you that someday all my dreams will come true in accordance to your plans. Please take good care of my family, friends and loved ones. Avoid us from any harm and sickness. I leave everything to you, just tell me what you want I will do it for you without any hesitation.
Thank you Lord yesterday my someone special texted me. I'm happy every time he remembers me.
Dear Lord, thank you for the blessing of three years of marriage. My heart is filled with joy that I am worthy of the love and respect I receive from my wife and the love, compassion and endless patience you have for my failings. I am blessed beyond measure. PT
THE POWER OF PRAYER!!!! Thank you Jesus, for hearing me yesterday! I am truly blessed and feel your spirit! I thank you for allowing me to have the opportunity to try again!!Each day is a new day, and I will strive to become a better person and live your word!! Also, to let everyone else know out there, taht I read and pray for you all as well. May God Bless each and every one of you...Amen vk in TX :)
Thank you, Lord, for all of our continued blessings. A
Creator of All, the Measurer of Life and of Verses, thank You for all the beauty in the world. I can never make anything as beautiful as Your world, but I thank you for my ability to create beautiful things with my hands and my mind and my words, and for my love of the beautiful. Thank You for the beautiful gifts that reside in my house: the artwork of my friends, made not only with skill and beauty, but with love, and the gifts of friends. Amen
Father, thank you for healing my mother and myself. Thanks to all the nurses and doctors who have been so kind. Thanks to my family for their support. Most importantly-thanks to you. Thanks for another chance to change my life. Thanks for healing and blessing me- a sinner. May I always be grateful for your blessings, and I pray that I can lead a good christian life. Thank you. Amen.
DEAR LORD:Thank you for all your belssings You have generously showered on me and my family... I know that my prayer intentions were received and answered ...and I am most grateful to Blessed Mother and St.Jude for their intercession... Also, I want to thank You for granting me the privilege of witnessing others who also shared that their prayers have been answered...the joy is greater as it is shared!!!! Praise and Glory....AmenC
Thank You LOrd for answering my prayers and to all the angel ans saints from heaven above, blessed Mother Mary and my guardian angel for all You've done for me. I know you are when I sleep at night and when my loneliest moments are dark. You were there. I know you hear all my prayers and answer them in Your time. Please, grant me patience and peace, love , and harmony in this life among the chaos of this world. Please, be with me as I journey through this difficult course in Nursing School. I thank you for my life and for setting me upon this path. With You by my side all things are possible and I truly believe that with all my heart. Send me my earth angel when the time is right and I promise to love him as You have loved me with all my heart, unconditionally. I love you! Amen LN
Thank You God for granting my mother's and my prayers for my father, and thank You for letting us live in an era which understands his sickness enough to treat it. Love, W.
Dear Lord, thank you that my vacation w/my daughters was wonderful. We all got along fine and the weather was beautiful and we were able to make some memorable memories together. Thank for prayers answered. Amen
Lord, Thank you for watching over and protecting my husband Sanford. His blood sugars have been stable now for 2 days and we have you to thank for this. The doctors are amazed that his uncontrolled diabetes has not damaged his vital organs. They have told us numerous times that there is no medical explanation why his heart, kidneys and liver are normal. Lord, We know that YOU are the reason that Sanford's vital organs are healthy. Thank you for the mighty miracles you have been performing for us. I Love You Lord. Terri
Thank you Lord yesterday, I had a happy day you know what I mean. Lord I'm hopig he will like me too. Lord I always come to you because you are the source of my strength despite of all the trials and pains. I know you're testing my patience and my faith to you. Lord I won't avoid you no matter what happens coz I always believe in you. I'm sorry for the times I asked you why. Lord I'm hoping that someday you have a better plans for me and I believe everything will fall in its proper place. Please take good care of my family, friends and my someone special. Guide me in every step I do and make me strong in every trial or challenge that comes my way.
Merciful Lord, Thankyou for all your help. Today my son did a good job in his interview, thanks for everything. Praise the Lord.
Thank for good health and a kind heart
Dear Lord, and all my wonderful prayer partners! Thank you so much. I have good news to report. The new bank saw my potential, took a leap of faith in me, and gave me a new mortgage that is going to include all my debt, other than my car loan, which is on a different loan so I can access it easier in the event I need to trade cars for some reason, and I can breathe so much easier. I know it is God's help that got me through this trying time. Thank you to all who are praying for me. My new mortgage will be signed in about two weeks, and I can start again. Thank you so much for being here for me. Amen
Thank you lord, You gave me everything I need. All of my praters are answered. Our faith is real. My Lord is giving me even if I am not asking. God is working every second in our life, especially with the intercession of saints and angels. Mama Mary the aqueduct of graces. The True miracoulous Companion.
Thank you to St. Jude and our Our Lord for answering my prayers. The power of prayer truly does work!!!
Thank you to the prayer group for praying yesterday about my little girl. She came home in much better spirits and we enjoyed the evening together. Thanks so praying!
I want to openly thank and praise Our Lord, Jesus, adn precious Saints Jude adn Therese, my special saints! I asked on Wednesday for a special miracle. One that is small in deed, but meant the world to me. By 5:30 that evening, my prayer was answered. In even better fashion that I had ever expected. I thank you for the gift of faith. I praise you for your miracle-working powers. And I love you for finding lowly me worthy of anything, notheless your gracious mercy. You are so good adn ever loving. Please help me to continue on this path. Please hear the intentions of my heart adn do not let the momentum now die. Please help me to move forward in this situation! Thank you for all you do and for being my love adn friend in my otherwise empty life. Amen!
Thank You Lord,Blessed Mother,St Joseph,St Jude for the blessings shower upon us.Please continuing to pray for us our Blessed Mother,St Joseph,St Jude and all the Saints.Bless You All
Thank you Jesus, for prayers answered. You are the Devine Power. I love you. -K
Dear God, St Jude and St Theresa, thank You all for continuing to intercede on behalf of Alain and I. Love, Carol in SF
St. Clare, Thank you for answering my prayers. Thank you Blessed heart of jesus for hearing and answering us amen. Thank you. Carol
Thank You, Lord, for bringing me this opportunity today to see another bank about refinancing my debtload. If it is Your Will, Lord, let this bank find a way to help me out and get back on my feet. Thank You, Lord Jesus, thank You. Amen
Thank you Lord for my annual check up results is good and also thank Our Blessed Mother for her help.
Father, thank you for answering my prayers. Thank you for healing my mother and myself. Thank you for sending us doctors and nurses who have shown us unconditional kindness, and who deserve many blessings. Thanks for giving me another chance to change my life. May I be worthy of your miracles and blessings. Thank you for everything. I love you. Amen.
thank you for giving me a reinstatement on my b c licences and a promise of a job. thank you for giving me hope in that direction. thank you that i am letting go a little each day. and that there will be peace in the end of all this.
Dear God and Mama Mary, thanks for giving my mom a new business. it will surely help us in our financial needs. please do continue to bless our family, most especially my brother and sister. please help me to save up for the future. i pray also that i will do my best and everything i can to help my family in whatever way i can. I love YOU Lord. thank u, thank u. amen.
thank you so much dear blessed mother and dear jesus for giving my dad a good report on his blood sugar levels. please heal his heart and his diabetic condition. please let him walk into his future years a healthy and stress free man. please do not abandon us now dear blessed mother. please help us too dear almighty god.
Dearest GOD, Mother Mary, St. Jude, St. Anthony and Holy Spirit thank you for the immediate fulfillment of my desires that my son MMR and nephew STE both will do very well in this exam, outgrow the rare spinal disease, grow taller everyday proportionately because of all your divine love, I receive them especially in the name of Jesus Christ
Dear God, thank YOU for EVERYTHING. Love, Carol in SF
Thank you God for my new job. Through your grace, I was only jobless for 2 weeks. Thank you for guiding me through my interviews and showing what I was truly about.
thanks to St. Clare for listening to my petitions. lms
Bless you Heavenly Father, Thank you so much for guiding A to find the mistake in their billing, and crediting back the over charge.
Dear Lord, I've had to deal with some jobless times, mentally it was harder than physically, as You had me provided for - I was jobless by some choices I made, some of them resulting in me spending time with family and friends instead of taking a job away - I got two pictures one of me and my older cousin, and one of me and the man I love and those two pictures mean more to me than two years of salary - thank you for them both.
Thank you God, for a restful night, and a lovely day today. God thank you for the time I get to spend praying to you. Thank you for the little splashes of color is see on the trees, getting ready to turn full out into red, and orange
St. Jude thank you for answering my prayers, thank you for providing me the strength and courageous to do what I needed to do for myself that resulted in what I was hoping and praying for. Thank you for strengthing my faith and know that I continue to always believe and spread the word. I still have one serious area that I am still praying for, but I know that you will send me what I need when I need it. Thank you, St. Jude. JC
Dear Heavenly Father, I thank from the bottom of my heart and soul. Lord, you never left me, I passed my two exams that we took yesterday. I felt so much anxiety and presure, but i knew you were there for me and wouldn't leave me. Lord don't stop giving me that confidence, faith,hope,and wisdom to do the right things in my life. To be what is your will and live in Love and Unity with my family and friends. To all the Angels and Sanits, thank you for interceding for me to our Holy Mother and Father. To all my prayer partners, I also thank you for your prayers. My God Bless you all.LLG.
Dear Heavenly Father, I thank you with all my heart for answering my prayers yesterday. I had so much anxiety and i felt so much presure. But Father, thank you for not leaving me. I pass the two exams Lord, and all the Anges and Sanits for interceding for me. To all my prayer partners, thanks! My God Bless you all. LLG.
Thanks to St. Jude for prayers answered and favors received. Amen.E
Dear Lord as I read the requests today I felt so sad. I came to this page to read Thanks and am so happy I did. I just want to thank You for prayers answered. There are so many people asking for favors and I know You will answer ALL in Your time. Thank You, Lord. I love You. Amen. Granny
Dearest Father, Thank You for granting my son's prayers for the teaching position he has been seeking. He received a phone call yesterday, St. Therese's feast day! Thanks to dear St. Therese, too. Also, thanks to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Our Lady, St. Joseph, St. Anthony, St. Jude, St. Ann, St. Gerard, St. Eugene de Mazenod, and St. Walberga. (c)
Dearest Father, Thank You for the great results for John's tests. Especially thank You for letting him not need aorta surgery as a result of the scans done on his heart. Please grant the requests of all who have requested Your blessings. (c)
Dear LORD, thank you for the answer to the prayer for justice in our court case today. Thank you for finally having closure to this situation that had gone on for so long. Please bring peace, love and understanding into D`S heart and that he will realize the heartache he has caused in his actions toward A and make amends to her. Thank you Dear Lord for all of your love and blessings bestowed on me and my family. I pray for all who have posted.
Dear Lord, thank you for the answer to the prayer for justice in our court case today. Thank you for finally having closure to this situation that has gone on for so long. Please bring peace, love and understanding into
St Francis & St. Clare, I want to Thank You both for "speaking" to me through the books I am reading.It is as if the both of You were talking directly to me. Please continue to be with me and please pray and Intercede to Our Lord & Our Lady on my behalf that this convent is where I am suppose to be to fullfill God's Will for my Life. With much love M in NY
Lord, Thank You,Thank You,Thank You for answering and granting me my request!!!! I am eternally grateful not only for this but for all of the gifts I have received from your Most Sacred Heart. Including my suffering in life I thank you for that, that is the most precious gift I could have received from you. I know by suffering I come ever so close to You and to your ultimate Divine Will for my life. I love you oh my Lord, I love you Blessed Mother. amen Shelly
Dear Guardian Angel, Thank You for always watching over me and protecting my thoughts. I am sorry for not thanking you all along I sometimes forget(frown). If I could give you a big HUG I would I do in my thoughts. Amen Shelly
Thank you Lord for all the blessings and guidance. Grant me the courage to face all your trials and challenges and help me to accept your will. Lord I know it's not forever, that someday you have something better for me. Please take good care of myself, my family and friends. Avoid us from any harm and sickness. My someone special, I hope he will like me too.
thank god, jesus,maryand st jude for the favors that we as people feel that are imopant to us. even throu to you they are just petty little things. please let my guardain angel speak to me with an anwser i need. also a sign from my mom .
Dear Lord, While praying sometimes I forget to thank you for all the blessings you have given me. Thank you for my gifts of my faith,daughter, my beauty, my good employment, my home, my groceries and my dog! In the past you have given me such graces that I prayed but didn't ask for anything for myself. You have helped me understand when I prayed for my Mother, Sister, Grandmother and Aunt's Deaths. Today and in the future - I ask you to look favorably upon my intentions and guide me on your path. Give me strength to understnad my path and your plan. Please look favorably upon my realtionship intention. I know you put me in front of him and I thank you for the most beautiful time of my life - but please guide us back together. AB
Thank you God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit and also Mother Mary and ST. Jude for making our meeting today a sucess! How can people survive without prayer? Praying is the only way we really get to know Jesus and more importantly, Jesus to get to know us so he can greet us by name when we get to heaven. A BIG thanks for all your help!
Thank you Lord for all the blsseings we receive each day. Thank you for all the love. Thank you for all the knowledge I gain everday. Thank you for always being with me in times of happines, and in times of trouble. Thank you Lord for always guiding me and my love ones. Thank you Lord for all the happiness. Thank you for giving me a job. Thank you so much for all the people around me, for my friends, family, relatives and everyone around me. Thank you so much for everything. I trust in You and I believe in You. Please guide me everyday in whatever I do, think and say. Thank You and I love You.
Thank you Lord Dear God and Holy Saint Jude for answering my prayers today. My faith is with you always. M
Thank you Lord for answering my prayer today. My husband found a job today and we are at peace now. Thank you everyone who prayed for me..God bless your hearts...I love you Lord. I.F
Holy Spirit of Jesus, Blessed Virgin Mary and St. Jude thank you for answering my prayer for my daughter who will begin radiation treatments tomorrow. I will continue to pray for her recovery and pray that you hear these prayers as well. BD
Thank you God for healing our cat who was in the hospital with a respiratory infection and was not eating or drinking for more than a week. He is all better from the infection and came home Friday-he started eating on his own Saturday and hasn't stopped! Thank you as he is a big part of our family and the children were missing him so much.
Lord, thank you for letting me feel somewhat better. Thank you for letting me be able to forgive David. Thank you for my both of sons health. Thank you that I still have my dad and he is able to take care of himself. dy
Thank you Jesus,Mary,Joseph and all my beloved saints.,angels
I would like thank you for protecting my cousin from bad spirits.I would like to thank you god for you giving me all the those things! I dont know i how i am bless ! Thank you Lord ! I love you !
Saint Joseph, foster father of Jesus, keep praying and help me towards the healing and curing of my husband's incurable cancer. I love you St. Joseph and thank you.
Gentle St. Anthony thank you for your intercession, please keep praying on my behalf for my husband. I know and believe that he will be healed and cure. Thank you and I love you
Dear St. Michael and St. Peregrine please, please keep the cancer away from my husband. Thank you and I love you
Dear Mother Teressa, thank you for guiding me and helping me to pray and love and serve Jesus and Mary as you did. I shall continue to say my rosary every single day. Keep interceding for me and helping me. I love you and thank you.
Jesus, Son of God, I love you with all my heart, with all my soul and with all my mind. I love you with a love that passeth all understanding, I adore and worship you. Thank you for all the miracles and signs and answered prayers that I have received in your name. I shall never stop loving, prasing, worshipping and adoring you.
St. Jude Thaddeus, my most powerful patron saint, I thank you for all your intercessions and all the prayers that have been granted through your intercession. I shall always be faithful to you and keep my promises to you. Thank you St. Jude and I love you.
Mary, Mother of Jesus, I love you, adore you and will always be devoted to you. Last Monday what I saw and what I have been experiencing the last week is unforgetable. If all goes well on October 16 I will let the world know what I have promised you. Keep my home, husband and myself safe from all danger and evil. Thank you my Blessed Virgin Mary. I shall see you at mass on Wednesday. I love praying and talking to you.
Father, through Mary and in Jesus you have given me so many graces, miracles and beautiful and unforgetable signs which I do not think I will ever receive again in my lifetime. I thank you abundantly and much more. I know 100% that you will answer my prayer and I will keep my promise to you and publish all that has taken place to show your power and love which is given to us. Thank you for being our God.
Scared Heart of Jesus & Immaculate Heart of Mary thank you for keeping my home safe and filling it with love, peace, happiness, tranquility, laughter and food. I love you and will always honour, love and adore you.
Thank you dear Lord for the wonderful blessings, and prayers answered and that will be answererd. Amen Denise
Thank you God for letting him have some remorse after he hurt my feelings. At least he is beginning to have a conscience at times where before he wouldn't even acknowledge it until much later. That's progress. Amen KLB
Heavenly Father, all Glory and Honor are Yours, thank you for everything. In the Name of your Son, Jesus - Amen.
Lord, Thank you for the signs that Mario is coming around and seeing how some things he says and does hurts me. We still have a lot to work on, but it has improved a little. Thank you. Amen KLB
Thank you Jesus for prayers answered. Thank you St theresa, St jude, St thomas, St joseph for your intercessions. Mother Mary thank you for your intercession.amk
Father, thank you for healing my mother and myself. We are ever so grateful. Thanks to all the kind people who have helped us. May they be blessed for their christian acts. May we always remember the miracles and blessings that you bestowe upon us. Thank you for everything. Amen.
Thank you St. Therese for prayers answered tonight. Thank you for letting JB call.
oh jesus the almighty i need your prayers as my son paul d is as been doing drugs and has 5 children who he don't even care about ,he was never like this until he started taking , so PLEASE HELP ME WITH HIM AS I BEEN PRAYING SO HARD ,and his sons need him and so does his family ,i pray every day and night and i sure hope anyone reading this will help me with prayers as i pray for every one ,amen judie
thank you to hear me today for prayer soon come my e-mail here night,heremustangblue296932002
thanks in advance to God and Everyone for answering our prayers. Me and my husband have stopped smoking for 8 days so far, that you for the courage and strong will. Please help us sell our house. Thank you, LOVE Jeannine
Thank you St.Jude for prayers answered...I know I can't get everything I request from you but Thank You with so much gratitude for the prayers you have answered. I know that with time things will get better for my son and his sports. I know St.Jude that you will find a way to guide him to his goal. Please continue to watch over him and keep him healthy and safe from harm/danger and injury. I believe in you and your intercession with Our Lord. Amen....AE
Thank you Father for all the blessings in my life. Thank you for my children, family, friends, but most of all, thank you for the gift of your Son, Jesus Christ. Amen Denise
Thank you Lord for leading me to this site. I cannot thank you enough for the abundant blessings you bestow on my family. I prayed for a certain gift and we have reveived it. Thank you Dear Lord, Holy Mother, St. Clare, St. Jude, St. Joseph & St. Therese. I rveived the roses I today. I fervently pray that all prayers on this site are answered. Thank God and sing his praises. R
Lord, thankyou for the healing which has taken place. Thankyou for those who have been praying for my intentions. Thankyou for opening the path of communication with a lost friend today and everyday. Thankyou for this friendship which is a blessing, because every friendship is a blessing. Thankyou in the name of Jesus. Amen.
Thank You Lord for this new day and for my beautiful and loving family. We are blessed with each other and Your love for us and each other. Thank You ST Therese for the red roses and the promise of a bright and new begining!! Thank You Lord for leading me into the light and the life You have planned for me and mine! I love You God! Amen.
Thank Lord Jesus, for all of the wonderful people on this site. We come together in prayer to add strength and comfort to each other. Thank You and bless our webmaster. Amen
Thanks for allprayer sfor my friend. She is recovering niely from chemo. Many thanks!
Father, thank you for healing me and my mother. Thank you for taking away our pains and fears, and showing us your unconditional love. Thanks to all of the people who have helped us in our times of need. You are sending blessing after blessing, and no words can express my thanks to you. May everyone who has been so kind be blessed for their compassion, and may I be worthy to accept all of these gifts from you. Thank you for giving me another chance to change my life. I pray that I can serve you, and anyone who asks. I love you. Amen.
Lord, thank you for healing our cat from his infection and letting him come home from the hostpital yesterday, even though he still wasn't eating on his own. But he ate on his own tonight!!! The vet said she thought that when he got back home and comfortable, he would probably eat again. Thank you Lord, this way we don't have to take him back to the hospital on Monday. He is a big part of our family and the children missed him so much while he was away. St. Francis, protector of all animals, thank you for answering my prayers.
Thank you Dear Father Almighty for my children, friends and co workers that are more like family. For all the blessings and graces that you shower me with! Amen Denise
thank you lord for leading me into this site. this site has been giving me hope each day, and i want to keep hoping each day for my husband ben who is away from me....
Thank you Jesus! They took Gloria's feeding tube out and she is able to eat solid food without problems. Thank you so much Jesus. Please allow her to get off the respirator too Lord. I know prayers are being answered and I give you thanks for her. I give you thanks for our dear too Lord, please continue to answer her prayers. Thank you JesusB
Dear Lord, I know I am not out of the woods yet, but thank You from the bottom of my heart for giving me the grace of the bank being willing to sit down with me and try to help me avoid bankruptcy. I place this is Your Loving Hands, Dear Lord, to guide me through my meeting on Monday afternoon, so that a new arrangement can be made with the bank. Thank You, my Father, thank You. I Love You, my Lord. Amen
Praise be to GOD and thanks to everyone my sister Cindy operation was a success and no narcotics required.Cindys drug rehab. still a battle;but w/ prayers she is winning .My horse eye surgery appears successful and prayerfully may not loose his eye.Continued prayers for everyone on this site.j/b
Thank you so much for the prayers for my Dad John (Jack) who had a successful operation last Wednesday. He will need another some time later in the year but he is doing fine and should be home in about 10 days. He has asked me to thank you for your kind words and thoughts. God bless you all.
Thank you Lord Jesus for helping me to heal from the pain of my marriage. Please continue to heal all involved.
Thank you St. Claire for your intersession. Although my prayers are not answered yet, I shall continue to pray for a miracle cure of my health problem.
Thanks to St. Jude for prayers answered and favors received. Amen. E
Thanks St Anne, St Rita, St Clare, Sacred Heart, for prayers answered.
Thank you Lord for helping me with my job....thank you for being able to help people....thank you for allowing me to live in the USA......and for allowing me the priviledge of helping others as a nurse
Thank you Triune God for answering our prayers. The doctor finally called back and my daughter has an appointment Tuesday. eh
Lord, Thank You so very much for my eyes to be "opened" to so many things that I didn't previously see. amen M in NY
Thank you Mother Mary for answering my prayers. My son got a job today.
Thank you God for my job promotion to finally be final. Is dad happy too? thank you God. Love "A"
Lord, thank you for a nice lunch with Mario. If you pushed him a little to get him to talk to me, thank you for that too. Lord, You know what I have been praying desperately for. Please hear my prayers for Mario and help me to do the right thing. I Love him God and want to help him. amen KLB
thank you st. anthony .
thanks for prays answer.
Thank you Lord and all of you who sent up a prayer for me. A ring that my late mother gave to me has been found...thank you all so much. God bless.