Yenra : Answered Prayers : Divine Assistance


Thank you God for guiding the surgeons hands and assisting him with the sucessful surgery. Thank you for no complications and for the blessings that came in disguise. Thank you for the helpful and intelligent nurse who was quite helpful. Thank you for prayers answered!
Thanks for prayer answered. : St Joseph (St of the workers) My Most Holy Mother Mary (Queen of the Rosary),St Jude (St of the impossible) St Rita (St of the hopeless) St Anthony, St Therese Little Flower,St Pio, My Guardian Angel and all the Saints who have interceeded for me before the Lord Thank you. My testamonial: I've been praying for suitable employment and I must report that the phone has been ringing, I have interviews scheduled and I have HOPE that something positive is forthcoming, I thank you and praise you for showing me your Love, my Lord...
Thank you St. Jude, St.Anthony, Padre Pio, Our Lord and Our Lady for answering my prayers. I will pray to you always Alison
Thank You, God, for prayers answered. I Love You, Carie
Infant Jesus of Prague, thank you for the answered prayers you have been giving me and for the persons on my intention list. I have faith that you will show me exactly what direction to take in my life. Again, I thank you with all my heart.
Thank you St. Jude for prayers answered.
Dear Jesus, Mary, my Mother, St. Jude, St. Michael, St. Anthony, and St. Joseph; thank you for hearing my prayers and granting my request, please continue to hear my prayers, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. There are such things as miracles, just ask. Jesus says, "If you ask anything in My Father's Name, I will give it to you," just ask and keep having faith. Amen. D
Thank you Lord and Saint Anthony of Padua for answering all my prayers. You never let me down. Without you, I'm nothing. Thank you for your love and peace, for my beautiful son, family and friends. For a great job and everything you give me. Saint Anthony, I have you working overtime with all my prayers. Thank you for answering all those prayers. Only you can deliever such miracles. I can't thank you enough.
Lord I thank you I am with you now and forever, bj
Jesus, thank you for all the blessings You have bestowed upon me. Thank You for coming to me in my hour of need and showing me Your way. Change me Jesus. Praise Jesus. Bruce
Thank you Jesus because I prayed that my medications would get to me in the mail on time before I ran out. On the exact day that I was completely out of medication for my thyroid, I arrived home and found them in my mail box. I immediately took my medication for the day. Thank you Jesus, for hearing our prayers.
Thank you St Theresa.
Thank you God for the blessings you send everyday. BB
thank you Lord for making my mother well and recovering from his kidney ailment although it's not completely healed i still thank God couse i know he will make mother well until it completely healed.
Thank you Jesus for answering my prayers for my daughter's self-confidence through basketball. Praise you for all of the blessings you have given to me and my family.
Thank you, Sweet Infant Jesus! You have always come to my rescue and granted my petitions, as undeserving as I am. I will never stop praising and glorifing your Holy Name! Thank you for J & T, my Lord - it is such a blessing!
I want to thank Saint Joseph, St. Mary and the divine baby jesus for interceding in my prayers, and for helping me in my most toughest times...thank u very much for ur help I will be forever grateful. You have restored my faith in such a beautiful way and I know this has to do with god's doing and blessing. J.U., n.y.
god is so awesome he has restored my faith even in the toughest of time he has brought my husband to the brink of destrution to show him that his drug and alchol abuse has nowhere in his life and only god our savior can bring him to to the peace that he has only been looking for all his life we are both just praising his holy name and knowing that our lord can bring even the darkness into the light thank you jesus
is anyone here
ThankYou God for restoring my daughter to happiness, my making such a good grade on my test, my peace of mind and my new friends. Lisa
Thank You Lord for what I think was a blessing received last night in the form of a beautiful perfume smell in my house that could not be explained because it was different from any scents we have in the house. Thank You, my Father, thank You for this blessing. Amen
Thank you St. Clare for your intercession the problem with ASSAB is already solved and paid. Thank you Lord Jesus for this and we request that after months of trouble, please restore our name which is not our fault which you know. Thank you forever and for answered prayers to come.Amen.
Thank you Father for sending my Mother sweet encouragement before her surgery. My Mother loves the ice skating champion Scott Hamilton. Back in October I sent an e-mail to a "stars on Ice" type of site asking them to relay a message to him that my Mother had prayed for him during his fight with cancer. I gave her name and address and told him that she was now in the same battle. We never heard from him. Tomorrow morning my Mother goes in for a very risky surgery to remove her kidney to try to relieve her uncontrolled cancer pain. She has been very ill, lost 40 pounds and has had infections for over a month. Today, in the mail, came a beautiful card for her from Scott Hamilton....telling her he is praying for her...and for her to fight, fight, fight. I can only believe this is God's timing and love. She is elated, and will step into her future with a smile. Thank you Father. Your love for us is abundant, and right there before us if only we open our eyes. Amen *LeeAnn
Heavenly Father, Sweet Lord Jesus, I thank you for prayers answered. All fears regarding my job were unfounded. I was told that my job was not in jeapardy, and where to go to get the paperwork necessary. I always place my trust in you, but my human being puts fear in my heart. I am glad that my trust in you overpowered the fear, and that once again I know that you are my help and will not let me down. You are my shield. Thank you, Father, Son, and Sweet Holy Sprit.
Thank you God for answering my prayers. Thank you St. Jude and St. Therese for interceding on my behalf.
Thank you LORD for making my visit to the probation services division become a speedy one as I am needed to report to the Catholic Social Service in the afternoon. I will continue praying
Thank you Jesus for making it Your will, and thank you Our Mother of Perpetual Help for interceding for me to your Son for financial help. Blessings be to God and Our Lady. Amen.
Thank you Our Mother of Perpetual Help for financial help in time of need. Blessing to Our Lady. Amen.
Thank you St.Jude for protecting my son from harm/injury and keep him safe. Please St.Jude guide my son in his studies as he is finding everything so hard right now. Help him understand the concepts in his courses this term and let it be clear to him so he will get an average mark. thank you St.Jude. I believe in you. E.
Thank you St-Therese and the Virgin Mary for the miracle I received today. *b*
Thank you Jesus and Mary and all the Saints in advance for answering my prayers. I don't know how it will be done but I have a sense of peace tonight about it all. Thank you. Keep watching over me and my family and keep us all safe tomorrow. God will answer our prayers! jen5
Thank you Father, for hearing my prayers and those who prayed for me, my depression is lifting and I am able to get things done around the house.
Father, I pray for all that are on this site and bless them and their families. Amen.
Thank you Father for my financial harvest. Amen.
Thank you for answered prayers.
Thank you for taking care of me. Valerie
So many blessing come my way, big and small. We often forget to show how much we appreciate them. Dear Lord, Abba, thank you for so much happiness that has come my way. For friends and people that you have put in my life and the lives of my children. Even for obstacles, Lord, I thank you. Every one of them has been a lesson - some lessons I don't yet understand, but I trust you, Father. These difficult times are here for a reason. I believe you only want the best for me and my family, and I will continue to pray for the things that are important to me and my children, and continue to believe that you will grant me my petitions. I love you,
Thank you JESUS for giving me this extra time from my death bed to be with my family and to settle my affairs. I love you with all my heart, mind, body and soul. Help me always to be the person you want me to be. Your humble servant me.
dear mamay mary, thank you for guiding us/ for my prayers answered and to dear saint jude, thank you..tnak you for the m prayers answered pls guide us again our family my own family....lm
dear god, thank you for everything i asked in your name, my husband pssed his board exam last year and we got married last january, thank you..thank you for all our prayers answered.....pls. lord guide us always bless us again for our unswered prayers.....lm
Thanks for letting me spend the afternoon with J. and the small financial reward I received yesterday and today. Dee
Open your heart to Jesus, he does hear us, never doubt him. Thank you Jesus, Mothe Mary, St. Joseph, St. Jude and St. Rita for anwering my prayer in my troubled marriage, continue, please to watch over us and bless us, I will never quit praying. IT WORKS.
Father, I cant thank you enough for helping me during the week with what could have been the worst time of my life. I can't thank you enough. God Bless. Angela.
Thank you God for another good day with the family. I find that I have more patience for them, thank you for answering my prayers. Thank you for keeping me and my family in the right path. Be with us always
Oh Mary Mother Of God i have said my three day prayer and i truly and belive and have all my faith that you will hear my prayer. you have answered one of my prayer's and i am so thankful to you for answering .so i am giving my thanks to you and to ask you to please answer my prayer once again thank you from the bottom of my hart Alex Lanzante
St. Joseph thank you for your help. Two people have call me for the job interview next week. I want you to pick the right job for me. I have been waiting for two year (since college graduation) to get an office job. Please St. Joseph be with me next week.
Thank you, God, for helping all of these people.
Thank you virgen of Guadalupe St jude St Mary for listening to my prayer for my son who has been doing good his seizures have stop there is no other way to thank you for all the good has been done for my son may all the kids with seizures be bless by you and you son Jesus Christ AMEN
Dear God; St. Jude; Agia Irini; Panagitsa mou; Hristouli mou, Thank you for allowing my family to make it through my mother's illness with our faith as strong as ever. Thank you for all the blessings you have given us in our life and the blessings we will continue to experience.
Thank You Jesus for hearing my prayers, and Thank You Blesssed Mother Mary and St. Jude for interceeding for me with Your Beloved Son and Friend to help improve my health and bringing me back to You and my life back to where I can enjoy my life and family again. JJY
thank you for constantly keeping me under your stearn hand your are my savior and i need you now more than ever to follow you in every way God bless me and God bless you all
Thank you, Saint Anthony, for your constant guidance in my life since I was ten years old. Most recently, I thank you most sincerely for giving me the sense and persistence to insist on the MRI which found the very tiny cancer that the mammogram, ultrasound, and physical exams all missed. Thank you, too, for guiding me ultimately to the "best of the best" surgeons to have this eradicated from me, and for the pathology report that shows it did not spread. I pray that the opportunity I've been given to continue my life will give me the added time I need to become more like you.
Thank you Mother Teresa for interceeding with my prayers for my mother to be fighting her cancer better. Thank you, Lord, for hearing my prayers.
Dear Lord Thank you for healing Maryann. FD
Dear Lord, thank you for showing me how bad I was backsliding. Please forgive me and continue to bless me. Amen.
Thank you for answering my prayers. Please continue to watch over us.
thank you jesus for a good day please let tommorrow be good also and please let my health continue to improve i love you jesus amen
Lord thank for showing me a sign and hearing my prayers. Thank you St. Jude for hearing my prayers your stength and guideness throught this difficult time. Pray for me St. Jude and those who read this message please include a thank you to St. Jude and our Lord. SR
Thank you St. Jude for answering my prayers for a successful surgery. I did not lose my spleen nor the splenic artery. Thank you for the doctors that operated on me and took care of my aneurysms.
Lord, I thank you for all the sign I was asking from you. Please continue to look after my parents especially now that I'm far from them. St. Jude, pray for us St. Claire, pray for us St. Josemaria, pray for us AMEN
Thank you St. Anthony for answering my prayers!
Holy St. Jude thank you for eveything you have done for me and for answering my prayers
Thank you jesus for healing my back and for helping me and carrying me when I could not go on anymore. Thank you for the Doctors and Judge that have helped me.
Thank you Jesus for answering my prayers for my brother! Thank you for guiding his children back to him.
Jesus, Thank you for answering my prayers and getting the other guy out of my wife's work. Bruce
Not only did changing my schedule at work allow me to avoid dangerous driving in a snow storm, and to avoid being on the road when the helicopter hit nearby that night, but I made three times what I would normally make on my usual work day. Praise God!!!!!!! Amen.
Thank You Jesus for coming into my heart and for putting on my heart to pray to Our Lady to open my wife's heart. Thank You for everything else you spoke to my heart. Thank You for all the things You do everyday in answer to my prayers. BB
Thank You Holy Father for helping our family in time of need! We Praise You, we Adore You, and give You Thanks for Your Great Glory, for ever & ever, Amen. ***SHF***
Thank God my husband got a job. We honestly prayed for the job so that he may add support to the family income. Being out of employmant was putting alot of pressure on him and the whole family. Now the guy has got the job, he says he will not be able to spend his money on us. He wants to save it and get his other needs satisfied first. I am deep in debts and I thought he would help out in clearing some. However, I bring it all to God in prayer. Prayer warriors, here is a date!! Please join me. Lena
Thank you in advance Lord for answering my prayers. Amen.
Thank you for prayers answered!kag
Thank you St Jude, for prayers answered. wjm
Thank you St Jude, for prayers answered.lde
Please pray for me. I need a miracle from God really fast. Quite a few miracles, actually. I've been praying for these intentions for quite a long time. Please pray that I may comeback here soon as testify to a miracle. I need a big blessing. Kalu. Amen.
Thank You St. Pio for prayers answered. Thank you for comforting my family, and especially my Mother. Thank you for all those who prayed for us, and the constant reminders that you care. I will try to learn by your example and be closer to God. Thank you, LeeAnn
Thank you St. Therese for the rose just when I needed it most! I still have such overwhelming feelings about my day. Thank you for sending me love. LeeAnn
Thank You Father for blessing us with a joyful and successful trip yesterday. I felt your love all around us, and then there was hope, and good news for John. Please forgive me for lack of faith and help me to grow closer to you. Above all, I want you in my life. Amen *LeeAnn
Jesus thankyou for everything and I love the Blessed mother for always interceeding to jesus on my behalf and helping my prayers be answered you are always there to help and interceed thankyou I love St jude you were the 1st saint Ive ever asked to interceed for me thankyou for always interceeding for St theresa my nana told me about you and I'm so glad you are a great saint and I thankyou for interceeding for me and all the roses i've seen,heard and St anthony thankyou for interceeding for me and helping st rita I come to know you through this web site-thankyou-to st michael and my guardian angel thankyou and to st the blessed mother all the saints and angels who interceed for me and everyone thankyou it means alot.thankyou jesus you are the world to me and i love you more than any thing thankyou.thankyou and i love you.I wait for the day my prayers become a reality.thankyou and i love you
Praise the Lord, when making my work schedule, I prayed silently while telling my boss he could choose whether I worked Tuesday or Wednesday. Normally I work Tuesday. He put me down for Wednesday. Thank God, because on Tuesday we were buried in snow and ice, making the roads very dangerous to drive on, and a helicopter crashed about a block from my work, not long before I would be getting off of work that night. More and more I trust that things happen for a reason. Thank you God for your protection!
I want to thank you Lord again for an overnight healing of a problem in my foot that last time took two weeks and heavy medication to fix. I went to bed the other night with the exact same symptoms and knew I could not afford more doctor visits, more medication and more time off work! I prayed for you to fix it by morning and believed you would. I experienced INTENSE pain for a few minutes, then it subsided. I had a dream that night of how it would resolve and it followed that course EXACTLY. I was almost completely healed by the next morning! Please, Lord, help me to have this same faith in my relationships, in my career and in my life. Please allow me to believe. You never fail me. Praise God and Amen. "Faith"
My sadness has been very great in the past recent weeks and I feel as if I have no energy to fight towards my happiness. I know that it will go away unfortunately in the maentime it is tearing me up inside and it sometimes feels almost unbearable.I have always had the struggle as did many others however I doubt mayself and I feel alone. I know that the Lord is with me and his strength alone will heal me but my depression makes me feel different. I sometimes wish I was someone else my life may have been filled with so much more joy than sorrow. God please put my mind in the right frame of mind and keep my faith strong in you because as I look back in my life I realize that you never failed me and only brought me a much greater gift than the one I desired for. God Bless and keep me in your prayers.
Heavenly Father, I thank You for keeping me from hurting myself last night when I got so anxious. Also, Blessed Virgin, thank you for wrapping me in your loving arms so I could finally get some sleep.
O Lord my Almighty God, accept my praiseful thanks for having assisted my mother during her hour of death. She died peacefully and surrounding by us and the nuns of The Franciscan Order of the Sacred Heart Of Jesus who took so much care of her in the past 3 years of her inability. GLORY BE TO THE FATHER THE SON AND THE HOLY GHOST, now and at the hour of our death. AMEN. Lord please grant her eternal rest. =
Thank you St Claire for giving me running water and unfreezing my pipes without the expense of a plumber. Dee
Thank You Lord for the dream that I had last night. The Angel of the Lord introduced himself and said that he was Jesus's gaurdian angel when he was on earth as a man. I also ran a race and made it after my second try. And at the stopping point where the angel's sign told me to stop, I recieved a kiss from a man in a white robe with a hood and light blue eyes. He loved me. I wasn't sure if it was Jesus or my Gaurdian Angel. But the dream was from God. Thank you Lord and please help me to understand it. Sb
Thank St. Jude for coming to my aid. After a year of struggle, I passed a very difficult course in college. I was doing very badly up to the final. But when I received that final grade, i knew it was a miracle from St. Jude. I got an A. And I was ready to fail. Thanks St. Jude and God.
Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for blessing me everyday with your love, compassion and generosity and for hearing my prayers and answering them according to Your Will and Highest purpose for my life. I trust in Your Plan for my life as it enfolds before me. Thank you for the new friend you have blessed me with who is so full of compassion, understanding, and love. Father, God, my life is taking on a new direction and I am following Your lead. I trust that You have sent this man into my life for a reason, please let me understand what it is that You want me to do. Thank you for blessing me with him, I felt Your love shining through him as he and I prayed together last night. There are doors that need to be closed before new ones open and I believe that You have opened this door for me and sent him into my life for a reason. Please lead me to do the right thing as I embrace this friendship that has been presented to me. I pray that you will continue to guard my heart, mind, thoughts, actions, deeds and motives. Please let us both approach this with Your divine guidance. Thank you for navigating me through the last month which has been truly soul revealing. May you continue to enlighten me and fill me with Your wisdom so that I may discern the signs you are sending me. Thank you for the financial blessings and material necessities that I promise I will never take for granted. Thank you for having the most generous earthly father who watches over me, as You do. Thank you for continuing to heal my mother, please bless her health, and for watching over my sister through her soulmate and job search. Father, God, thank you for the many blessings. I praise and worship you, through Jesus Christ I pray, Lia