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Thank you St.Jude for answering my prayer to find a job. I was out of a job for several months. I have a conviction on my record because in 1996 my husband now ex-husband was arrested on drug charges and because I was married to him at that time, I was also arrested for not turning him in. It is very difficult to find a job with a mark like that on your record, there are alot of closed minded people in this world. I have since then divorced and tried to make a good life for me and my son. Thank you all who prayed for me.
Actually I wrote on the search, "God give me a job thank you." I now have peace. I'm not even worried. As a result of reading these good reports I thank God I am not alone, other believers used their faith and God showed himself great to them. Your words have given me hope. Thank God!
The words I wrote on the computer search were ...God hear me please... This web site came up and I clicked on and your testimonies are blessing me deeply. God used your faith and your personal experiences to answer my prayer. I feel happy now. Pray for me and my four children to open our hearts to Jesus fully and follow Jesus and be happy and find the work God has for each of us.
God do answer every prayers. He's always been there for me whenever I am in a very difficult situation. Thank you Lord for everything that you have given me. I still have one more thing that Im asking from you. This will change my life tremendously. I have faith in you Lord. Please help me! I do love BLS so much. Please Lord answer my prayer! Thank you!
I posted a request that people pray for my grandfather, who HAD cancer--he just went to the oncologist, and is now cancer-free! He's 86 years old. Thank you, Jesus, and all who prayed!
i have recently become catholic, before i used to shun God, i now know what i've been missing. my prayers seem to have been answered!
I have always been faithful to God for giving me all the good things a peacful and happy life. He has answered all my prayers. I am going through a very difficult phase emotionally. I request all of you to pray to God to change the life of my sister-in-law who has gone astray and is shows signs of cheating on my brother. My brother is such a good soul and loves her unconditionally and she is taking advantage of it. I love my brother very much and can't bear to see him living his life like this even though he does'nt show it. I beg the Lord to grant me this prayer to change her life and show her the right way and help her realise what really true Love is. Blessed Virgin Mary pray for her and guide her. St. Jude Helper of the Hopeless cases pray for me. I am so helpless. God Please help me.
Thank you Divine Infant of Prague, Our Lady of Hope, Blessed Mother, St. Jude and St. Rita from the bottom of my heart for answering my prayers
My Jesus, Thank you Lord, You helped me for everything. You gave me everything I asked. I pray with mother mary and St.Jude, thank you for coming in to my life and save my life.
Thank you Jesus and everyone who prayed for my sisters. God's work is slow but sure. I will forever praise his blessed name. Whenever I feel down I sing this song: It is no secret what god can do, what he's done for others, he will do for you, with arms wide open, he pardon you. It is no secret what god can do!! Thank you Jesus, glory be to god!!
Thank you God, Jesus, Our Lady, ST. Joseph, ST. Claire, St. Theresa, St. Jude, Infact Jesus of Prague, Our Lady of Mount Carmel, All the Holy Souls in Purgotory, ALl the Saints and Angels, and my Guardian Angel...I want to thank you in advance for helping me. I prayed so much and I believed and had soo much of faith that you will grant my petition. With what I get I promise to help all the helpless people around me, as much students as I can, most impoprtantly my family and myself. I ned to get out of debt so my family will be relived, I am putting too much pressure and making myself a burden. I promise to remeber all of you, make pilgrimages, and always pray and go to church. I also promise to also put you first and make people believe in the power and faith in miracles. My case is truly impossible and hard. But I have soo much faith that It will be granted. Please do hear my prayers, Thank you again in advance and I luv you guys.
Thank u jesus,St. Rita, St. Jude,Jose maria St. Francis and mother Mary for answering my prayer. Business is indeed looking up out of the blue. Don't know how but its happening. Thank u God Thank u Jesus thank u Holy Spirit.U are the living God!
Mama Mary, Lord God, St. Claire, Thank you very much for answering my prayer. I promise to do what I have promised. Thank you so much again and I love you.
I, standing before jesus christ do give testimony of his work. God leading me in my everyday life looking for the truth of god upon the earth, and i have looked and i do see much of the word of god in many places. God he did lead and teach me, but im only a man and dont know the wisdom of god. And this makes what he says to me, and what he shows me difficult for me to understand, as there are many things that come from him at the same time. My curent place is determining apostacey, and if it is real or not, but god liveing in all things because he created all things shows me something in each church. The first being that they think when god speaks to you and you see a real merical in the church standing before all that you have the gift of prophesy. The second church with prophets, even though mine had matched all the signs they told of a prophet, but they tell me im not one, and its just personal revolations. Last church i was looking at have saints, and the one definition of a saint was by the involvment of that individual in what god wanted them to do to cause a merical changeing the lives of others. Then im told that has to be proved. One thing i do know is god is in us, and i couldnt get it untill now. God had told me that he wanted me to find something to do with steaks, and to help him with silver, but me being a man needed to learn more and pray more to figure that out. I did find the steak confrace building, and i did go, and saw there what god was telling me about, which was the truth of his words to me. I did what i read about there at that time and saw gods work done. but the problem with silver still botherd me and the prophet thing also. In prayer i became upset, and i told god that everyone says that im lieing, so they must be right, its the majority rule and im only one man. I told god that it must have been the devel as everyone says showing me my hole life to lie to everyone. I was very sad, and asked god why? and to tell me, because i couldnt go on anymore unless he gave me something. The next day on the news, the steak confrance center burned down to the ground..... I knew god done it, as part of cause and effect. But this made me sad because if god didnt tell me those things the building wouldnt have burned down.... Seems that this has always been the after wake of god in life, and part of his gospel truth. Eventhough the gift, prophet, and saint things bother me, i know its really god im seeing, and not anything of myself, but my search for god and truth have a effect on god. God he had showed me in the mirror prophesy, the field of grass the path, the white house and red barn, the mountain and valley, and in the valley the trees. God said he was king and lord and for you sins the branches will fall. And if have been reading my writtings along, then today you are blessed. God he shows me nebucaniziar, and another prophet in the forest, and why do we look for god in the forest? The forest is what we see that makes us act in earthly attidude. For we cant take the twig out of our brothers eye with the log is in our own. The field is the earth, and the house and barn are the farm, for which things are used for there intended purpose. The lighning that struck the dead branch from the tree is Jesus, because he is the sign of light and lightning, and fire, and water. The lightning is two spirits, one of the truth of light, and the other of the sound of judgment. But i couldnt figure out why god kept teaching me the father, son and holy ghost, in his teachings. Like they were the mind body , and spirt , and thoughts changeing the bodys actions, so god could change the spirit. But its not that they are seperate, they stand for the same thing, and the same is what god wishs for us. When we want to know the truth, and give up decietfull ways, the viel is removed. When we want to know the truth standing on knocking on the door, god tells us a truth. When we with to become like christ, and do the truth, he changes our lives. When we understand the silver, we understand our actions an reactions to each other, and to the things around us, and change them to encourage others to think better of us, and themselfs, with no conflict. Once the twig is removed, and the actions changed, allowes god to show you a reward for your actions. This is often told as the born again experiance, except they dont go any futher in what they were shown to do. The mind body and soul, god gives us example, we treat them as one self, just as jesus said the kindom of god is within you..... Peace be with you in jesus name.
Thank you Lord, along with the Blessed Mother, Sts.Joseph, Anthony,Jude, Rita,Terese,Lucy, Odilia, Peregrine,Michael,Raphael, and Padre Pio, and for the prayers of the people on this website. My mother had good results from both her tests. Thanks to you all for prayering and interceding on our behalf. JS
Thank you dear Lord, St Jude, St Theresa and St Anthony and all the Angels for answered prayers.
I was married for 7 years without conceiving a child. I prayed to St. Jude for a child. Our daughter is now almost 13 years old. Thank you St. Jude.
The Lord answered my prayers. Saint Claire thank you for your intercession. God is Good! Amen.
The Lord answered my prayers. Saint Claire thank you for your intercession. God is Good! Amen.
Last night I posted a prayer, for my mother's lung scan to come back ok.. Today my prayer was answered, we received the good news this morning. Praise God, Thank you Jesus, Mary and all the Saints too. I am so thankful.
Thank you for today, Lord.
I'd like to share a miracle--a few weeks ago I was on this site and asked for prayers for "P" who had an inoperable brain tumor with 3 to 8 months to live. Last week she went back to the doctor for another brain scan, and the tumor is 100 percent gone!!! Thank you Lord for this miracle and thank you to everyone on this site for your prayers.
The Lord does answer prayers... Last evening, I posted a request on this website to have a valuable item found and returned to me. In only a few short hours, we received a phone call and the item had been located and will be returned to us shortly. Thank you to all who prayed for us. *b*
Thank you St. Jude for helping me to have the ability to make the phone call that will result in a significant reduction in my monthly medicine needs. I never could have done it without you. Thank you so much.
Dear Heavenly Father, Blessed Mother, St. Jude, St. Rita, Guardian Angels, All the Saints and Angels and All my Brothers and Sisters, Thank you for all the prayers on behalf of myself and family. Dear Lord, thank you for all the blessings you have bestowed on my family. Please help me to not focus on the little problems and set-backs but to raise them up to you as my sacrifices. I know that you are watching over me and my family and that you always carry me through tough times. Thank you for my deep Catholic faith and for the tapes and books that have been nourishing my soul these days. I praise you and glorify you with all my heart and soul. Please forgive me for all that I have done and for all that I have failed to do. In the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Amen
Thank you Almighty Father for giving us your son Jesus Christ and thank you Jesus for giving us the Catholic Church to proclaim the good news and the Kingdom of God. We are blessed and save through your blood.
Thank you Almighty Father, St Jude, St Anthony, St Theresa and all the Angels for answered prayers.
Thank you Lord Jesus, Mother Mary, Saint Jude, Saint Therese, Saint Anthony, Saint Francis Xavier, Saint Clare, Saint Martha and Our Lady of Good Remedy for the favors granted.
Thank you Lord Jesus, Mother Mary, Saint Jude, Saint Therese, Saint Anthony, Saint Francis Xavier, Saint Clare, Saint Martha and Our Lady of Good Remedy for the favors granted.
Thank you Lord Jesus, Mother Mary, Saint Jude, Saint Therese, Saint Anthony,Saint Francis Xavier, Saint Clare, Saint Martha and Our Lady of Good Remedy for the favors granted.
i need a prayer for the day, a prayer that will help me stay confident and to help me trhough out the day.
I will let you know if God answers prayer or not. I have re-dedicated my life to Him after years of sinning. I have had a very special prayer request, it is something that only the Lords intervention could make happen. If my prayers are answered the whole world will know it!
Yes God answers prayers, Thank Dear God, have faith in our Lord. Thank you Sacred Heart of Jesus, St. Jude, Blessed Mother, I do not feel helpless or lonley with you in my heart. Please forgive me for my sins and guide me day by day.
Thank you Lord Jesus for answering my prayers. You have always been there for me, brought me life when I was supposed to die, brought my family together, our careers, and now our home. You answered my prayers when hope was nearly gone and opened the doors that were once closed to us. I will continue to praise you with every fiber of my being. Amen
Dear Lord, Blessed Mother, St. Rita, St. Jude, All the Angels and Saints, Thanks for all the prayers answered and for all the blessings bestowed upon my family. Heavenly Lord, I praise and glorify you will all my heart and soul. Amen
Thank you almighty Father, Lord Jesus and most precious Mother Mary for your help. Thank you for your patience with me and your guidance in this difficult situation. I promise that my faith in you will not falter and I promise devotion to you forever. GS
Yes, Yes. The Lord indeed answers prayers. Thank you almighty Father, thank you St. Anthony, St Jude and all the Angels for all answered prayers. I promise devotion to you for the rest of my life. I thank you.
Heavenly Father, we thank You and praise You for all these wonderful answers to prayer! We bless Your Holy Name, now and forever. In the Name of Jesus, we pray. Amen.
I want to offer my thanks to God and to all here who offered up a prayer for my daughter (L) and her 3 children. She was trying to buy the home she has been living in for 4 yrs, but the owners raised the asking price on her from 68 thousand dollars to 97thousand dollars and she could not afford it. She was heartbroken and depressed, She had to look for a place to move to, and out hearts were broken for her and the children. I asked for prayers on this board and I prayed every night for them. God answered prayers and yesterday she moved into a house next door to the one she was living in! The children will not have to live in an apt. and they will not have to move out of their safe neighborhood, and they will not have to change schools. I thank God for answered prayers. And I thank all of you who took the time to pray for them. My prayers is that she will eventually be able to own her own home and have security for herself and the children, I know God hears this prayer also. God please bless everyone who cries out to you in prayer, please meet their needs and surround them with your love, in Jesus name Amen.
Dear Heavenly Father, Thank you for all the blessings you have bestowed upon my family and for the very peaceful weekend we had and for the wonderful news today. Amen
Dear Jesus and Blessed Mother, Thank you for all the wonderful Catholic books/tapes that have been put in front of me lately. My life is changing and I only want to get closer and deeper into my beautiful faith. Amen
Dear Heavenly Father, Blessed Mother and Guardian Angels, thank you for watching over our son and for always protecting him. We are so grateful that he has been asked to be on a baseball team by one of his favorite coaches after a terrible experience this past Spring season. His confidence has been restored. Amen
my husband has been out of work for 10 months. although he has sought work, there were nver any estimator jobs in our city. I prayed to st jude and a few days later there were 4 estimating jobs and he did get the job tank you st jude i love you
Thank you so must Jesus Mary, God and St Jude for making me see that I am not supposed to be with J, but somelse I don't want to falsly believe that it is R, but I have never felt this way with anyone and I hope you allow this to be the one that finally works out. Thanks so much! I love you Amen!
is everthing in life written for us
I prayed to St. Martha and St. Jude for help with my fianacial woes. I have received my blessing. I no longer lay awake at night and worry. Life has gotten much easier. I am no longer overwhelmed. Prayers are answered. LL
Yes He does.. Three weeks ago I tore my house apart looking for an important document. I couldn't find it and was worried about not having it. I sat down and prayed to God that He would help me find it. I never found it that day. A couple of days ago I was looking for some other papers and as I picked up a stack to look through it the first thing I put my hand on was the document I had prayed to God to help me find. What a happy suprise. God answered my prayer when I wasn't expecting it. If only I can keep that in mind as I pray for my wife to return to our marriage.
Thank you Almighty Father for giving us your son Jesus Christ to save the world and thank you Jesus for establishing the Catholic Church.
Lord once I was a lost young man, but Jesus put a women in my life that changed it completely. Her name is Soraya M. Cuevas. I have learned so much from this women. But I have committed the human sin of the weak. She has not forgiven me but in return she has made her mistakes. None of this is right, but every day I pray the Devine Marcy asking Jesus for my hearts desire: That is to rejoice with my wife and chidren as a family in the same house. I promised Jesus that My days oare for him, my life will be to serve him and if I could in all my humanly powers I will bring my children closer to him. If there is any maricle that I have been seeking is the return of my Wife. I love you Jesus, hear me please bring my family together. I love you Soraya Marrero Cuevas and through Jesus I have faith in him that he will bring back that magic in our hearts.
Dear Lord Jesus Christ, my wife has filed for a divorce with the influence of her mother and other outside powers. These people have not seen the hurt that our three boys are going through on a daily basis. For I can forgive because Jesus tells us that no Human is perfect and we have choice, we will make mistakes. But in our doing when we make mistakes we must look at our vested time with our children and the sacracy of family. Hold on to that and know that there is no one nothing more important than your family. We must sacrafice all for Jesus and our Families to live a life that will help us move closer to our savior. In the man of Jesus Christ please prayer for my family, I do not want this divorce and custody that we are in. I want jesus through prayer to send us an Angel and help my wife see more clear for the sake of enternal love and family. This asking prayer is in dedicated to Soraya Marrerro Cuevas Born October 26, 1968 Lives in Waterbury, CT 06708 22 Whitewood Rd. If you can send her a card of hope to help her see that I am not such a bad man but a loving father and husband. We have both made our mistakes but through our lord we can save if we give ourselfs to him completely.
Lord, Thank you for sending us such a healthy & beautiful granddaughter. We asked for a miracle and you answered. We will always be thankful and continue our prayers to you and our Blessed Mother and all the saints and angels. Please continue to lead us in your right path and keep us away of evil doers. Praise be your Glory
God, I really want to believe in the power of prayer but i've been praying for this particular wish to be granted for over 2 years, and yet nothing. Please show me how miraculous you are and give me my miracle. I really want to believe in you, but first you have to show me how miraculous and merciful you truly are, because it's hard to keep faith going when you're living spiritual misery.
Dear God and Jesus, Thank you so much for my 2 beautiful children and loving husband. I also thank you for my entire family. Please continue to keep us all safe and healthy. Amen
Dear Lord, Blessed Mother and Guardian Angels, Thank you for protecting my son at baseball camp this past week and for the positive impact it has had on him. Amen
Dear Heavenly Father, Thank you for all the blessings bestowed on my family, especially for my faith and for my healthy and precious children. Thank you Blessed Mother, St. Rita, St. Jude and all the Saints and Angels for interceding on my behalf. Dear Lord, I praise you and glorify you with all my heart and soul. Amen
Thank you St. Jude for answering my prayer.
I want to thank God, Jesus lord Christ, Mother Mary, All Saints and guardian Angels for answering my prayers once again. I not only will publish but spread the word. I love you all. R.F
Dear Lord, Blessed Mother and Guardian Angels, Thank you for protecting my son at baseball camp yesterday and for having a good day. Thank you for watching over my precious daughter, keeping her safe, healthy and happy. Amen
Dear Heavenly Father, Blessed Mother, St. Rita, All the Angels and Saints, Thank you for my blessings and interceding on my family's behalf. Amen
Thank you Lord Jesus for the graces and faith You have giving to Catholic Church. Thank you for giving us the Nuns and Priests who also help us increase our spiritual growth and more closer to You.. . . ./45
Thanks to Lord Jesus, Mother Mary, Saint Jude, Saint Therese, Saint Clare, Saint Anthony and Saint Francis Xavier for favors granted.
Thanks to Lord Jesus, Mother Mary, Saint Jude, Saint Therese, Saint Clare, Saint Anthony and Saint Francis Xavier for favors granted.
Thanks to Lord Jesus, Mother Mary, Saint Jude, Saint Therese, Saint Clare, Saint Anthony and Saint Francis Xavier for favors granted.
Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes - I gave him (Humbly) my horrible crisis I was in - I prayed for his guidance and a miracle - I knew there was no humanly way to achieve something I really needed - I only saw three possible things that could help me, two would need God's hands to make happen, the third I just thought was impossible - The third happened today and only God's intervention could have done it - I prayed to Jesus, I prayed to Mary, St. Jude and Joseph - Thank You and please give me strength to speak openly about your powers and Love.
Dear Lord, Thank you for giving my son a safe and rewarding experience yesterday at his baseball camp. Amen
Dear Lord, Thank you for all the blessings you have bestowed upon my family. Blessed Mother, St. Rita and Guardian Angels, thank you for interceding on behalf of my marriage and protecting my precious children. Dear Lord, I praise you and glorify you will all my heart and soul. Amen
Dear Lord, thank you for answering prayers for E.L. in his battle with cancer. His 9 week check up showed that all the cancer from the colon, belly and lymph nodes were gone and 50% gone out of the right lung and 30% gone out of the left lung plus no new cancer was a miracle. They were so excited about the results. I praise you and glorify you with all my heart and soul. Amen
Thank you Sacred Heart of Jesus, Blessed Mother, Saint Jude and Saint Rita, Thank you for answering my prayers and helping me once again. From the bottom of my heart thank you. De
St. Anthony - Thank you for all the favors and intercession that you have give me when I so desperaterly need them. Our problems are not over yet, I don't think these problems will ever be over, so I want and need your friendship always. The gratitude of my heart is always yours through the good times and the bad.
YES HE DOES!! and so does JESUS and so does ST. PEREGRINE. My family and I have been praying alot these days. Earlier this week, I found out that the melanoma from my arm is out and my margins are clear. I hope and I still pray that it stays that way. So believe, He is truly wonderful. When it doesn't seem like he's listening, He really is... One thing I always say is... God does answer prayers. Some times he says "not right now" to my requests because somebody needs him more than I do at that moment but the last little while, he did answer my prayers!!! Thank you God, thank you Jesus, thank you St. Peregrine. Thank you Mother Mary for recognizing the fact that my 3 children need me as their mother and my husband still needs me as his wife. God Bless you!!!!!!!!
Thank you Father, for giving us Mother Mary as our morther, and thank you for giving us all the Saints for they are a model of holiness.
My parent's have never been very happy in their marriage mostly because of my "grandmother" who is baptist and told me I wasn't doing God's will praying the rosary and partaking in Catholic rituals because im Methodist. Well this controll seeking woman brainwashed me at a young age and I have realised the actual beauty everyone has. We all live under the same sky and we see the same stars no more or no less. God has given all of us the same amount of grace like a true and perfect father would give. I have let go of all of my hate and confessed it to Jesus. Satan is really tempting me with alot and I find myself commiting sin I thougth I would never do! Doing this made me feel very low just as if God told me not to do this in person and I did it. I think that if we sin on purpose we arn't acknologing God seriously. I know we can not acheive perfection in the true nature but we can acheive a purity of heart that no matter what sin we do we always will try to not do it. I think that this is true repentance that sould start before you walk into that chapel to confess and recive penance. I want to tell you about a story one morning at about 3:00a.m. I was about to go to bed and I kneeled down in serious exausness and anxiety about my parents seperation. I got so mad at God and I told him I was mad at him for letting this happen but I also told him I know that he knows whats best and will direct his will on my trials. I heard the song Ave Maria being sung out of no where and suddenly I felt this over powering fullness that I had been hoping to feel. I heard from my heart that the presance of St. Micheal the Arch angel, St.Luke and St.John were there to strengthen me. This made me feel like I was his child.God cared about me so much about me that he would send 3 saints into my bedroom to make me know God still listens to me. If that brings 3 saints I wonder what another war would bring. So does God answer Prayer? Without a doubt yes
My husband has been ill for the past six years. Doctors were unable to identify a cause. Some even started to suggest psychiatric problems. We knew he was ill. He was unable to work and we had no income coming into our home. I prayed to St. Jude and within two months, we had a diagnosis. My husband is now undergoing treatment and is on his way to being healed. I know it was only through the intervention of St. Jude that a diagnosis was made.
I don't know - I'm still waiting - but I am hopeful and faithful. St. Therese, St. Jude, St. Joseph, St. Anthony - all of you have received numerous prayers and novenas from me in the last few weeks - all about the same situation. I'm a good man, my request is honorable and not impossible. How can I show you my faith and belief. Don't confuse my attitude for lack of belief - I'm saddened and fearful right now. Just show me a little bit of encouragement that my relationship situation is not lost and you will have one of the most loyal believers at your beck and call. Please answer my prayers...I deserve to be happy too! Amen
God does answer prayers. I thank you Lord for giving me peace in my mind and heart, and for lifting my depression. Please help me to remain strong and that my faith remains strong. God does listen....He answers in His own way, in His own patient.
Dear Lord, Thank you for giving my son a safe and rewarding experience yesterday at his baseball camp. Amen
Dear Heavenly Father, Thank you for all the blessings you have bestowed upon me, especially my faith. I am also very blessed to have many people praying for me and I for them. Blessed Mother, St. Rita and Guardian Angels, thank you for interceding for me in my prayer requests to our Lord. Dear Lord, I praise you and glorify you with all my heart and soul. Amen
God does answer. God is our loving Father. He wants us to come to Him calling Him Father. He wants us to know He loves all His children and that He is not a forboding and vengeful Father but He is our kind and loving Father. Call Him now by the name Father and you will feel His love .
Almighty Father, in the name of Jesus of the Divine Mercy I thank you forgiving us the Franciscan Missionaries all over the world for helping the poor, homeless and spreading the Good News.
Dear Father: Thank you for the blessings recieved. I prayed and you answered. I honour , adore, and bless you my Lord. I ask you forgive me of my sins, and grant me mercy and salvation, and your protection. Please continue to sustain me, and let me gain strength through my trying times. Bless my home, and bless me financially. Thank you. i ask this is the Name of Jesus. Amen.
Dear Heavenly Father, Thank you for all the blessings you have bestowed on my family. Thank you for my faith in You which has sustained me through difficult times. You are my Lord and Savior. I praise you and glorify you with all my heart and soul. Amen
Dear Lord, Thank you for giving my son a safe and rewarding experience yesterday at his baseball camp. Amen
Happy Birthday, Bl.Josemaria. Thank you for all the favors you've done to me and my family. -M
Thank you so very much Saint Martin de Porres for the favor you granted me last evening with Scout. She is the best dog in the world. Thank you.
Thank you for prayers answered regarding my son that is in the military.
Thank Holy Spirit for the gift of peace, and thank you Holy Spirit for manifesting us that the Catholic is the true Church of Christ.
YES!! God does answer our prayer's I have recently returned to prayer, after many years of living without, giving God or prayer any thought. During a horrific bout with depression something compelled me to pray which led me to re-introduce myself to the rosary. I have recieved signal grace that my prayers have been heard I am still waiting for my requests. What is trully important is that the despair I once had I no longer feel, and on several occasions when despression has seemed to be creeping in on me again I first see my signal grace followed by this incredible peace. My requests are miracles and all require waiting, patience was never a strong point of my personality. My daily prayers bring me an indescrible comfort at this time obviously I do not know that my miracles will be granted me but I have peace of mind and my soul is no longer aching. Please go to God and ask for his help you will get it. Right now I have something I did not ask for SERENITY and this has been given to me by God. I have gone from an absolute prayerless life to having the need to to pray several times a day because of the sense of elation I have afterwards. PRAY you will be amazed at how your life will change.
Thank you for my answered prayer for my life long battle of alcoholism. On April 29th, 2002 GOD lifted the fog .. I honestly can tell you this is a miracle. Only 3 days before I asked for a prayer request and all I know is that a peace came over me and I have never felt better or more alive. Thank you!!
St. Jude, Thank you for prayers answered for our healthy son, Daniel. Thank you also for everything else you have given us. We are truly blessed.
Yes, God answers prayers. I didn't know where my next rent money was coming from. I had installment loans to pay. I had a huge phone bill. I had a family commitment, financially. I had done my last grocery shopping and I was running out of even basic necessities. I was basically down to zero. All interviews I had been to (for almost a year had proved futile. I had drained all my savings in order to survive the past year. All resources were gone. Thinking about the situation and the whole scenario was very frightening to me. I YIELDED to the Lord and said to myself that this load is not mine, but the Lord's and remembered the various promises of the Lord "to cast our burden over to Him". That night, I slept like a baby knowing that there is nothing personally that I can do to save myself nor this frightful situation. I drew on the Lord's power of intercession and restoration. Just then, things began to evolve. The Lord revealed Himself to me. I got a job offer from a same source that had previously refused me. My first check came just on time to pay for my next and pending rent as well as other pressing needs. I was shown this site. The Lord made manifest His promise to "destroy the temple and rebuild it ...." . He has given me His second chance and I am so awed at all that has transpired. Now, I know JESUS is in control of my life and I thank Him for everything. Please believe that JESUS LIVES!!!
Dear God, Saint Padre Pio, Saint Rita, Saint Martha, Jimmy, Blessed Charles of Mount Argus and especially Robert - Thank you so much for helping Mary and letting her results after her little operation be positive ones. She will return home tomorrow thankfully and I thank you so much for looking after her. Robert/Padre, I knew you wouldn't let me down - I vow to always take care of Mary and her family whenever they need me.
Dear Lord and Guardian Angels, please especially watch over our son this week at his baseball camp. I pray that he will have a high level of respect for all of the coaches and other boys and that it will be very rewarding to him and sharpen his skills. Please keep them all healthy and safe. In the Name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Amen
Dear Heavenly Father, Thank you for all the blessings you have bestowed upon my family. Blessed Mother, thank you for being the most wonderful role model and thank you for your intercessions on behalf of my family. St. Rita, thank you for interceding on behalf of my marriage. St. Jude, thank you for interceding on behalf of my battle with Hodgkin's 9 yrs. ago. Guardian Angels, thank you for watching over my children and keeping them safe. Amen
Dear Lord, thank you for a wonderful family reunion on Saturday celebrating our niece's graduation and thank you for my sister and her family's safe trip back home. Amen
I thank you Lord for your mercy. I thank you also for our Mother Mary and the angels and saints you have blessed us with. Esp. St.Anthony, St. Rita, St. Terese of the little flower, St. Jude, St. Anne, St. Rapheal/ St. Michael and for Padre Pio. Thank you for helpinf me. Please don't give up on me and intercede with all my intentions. Please Pray that I be at St. Alousius with Joey next year.
Thank you Jesus for healing us, and thank you for giving us the Catholic Church. I believed and without any doubt that the Holy Eucharist is Your Body.
God i pray everything will be alright.....Amen.
Thank You O blessed Saint Therese for sending and giving me my Rose and Thank You for the favours granted.
Thank You, O, Beloved Lord Jesus and O Beloved Mother Mary and O Beloved Saint Therese and Saint Jude and Saint Anthony and Saint Francis Xavier for favors granted.
Dear St Jude, thank you for my Husbands promotion, Please help him in his new position, give him the strength he needs. thank you again.
Thank You St. Jude, St. Anthony, St. Therese, Sacred Heart Of Jesus, and Blessed Mother for answering my prayer.
All glory to saint jude...My daughter was involved in what seemed to be an impossible to resolve situation without ruining her future. Through novenas to St Jude, the situation virtually dissapeared, a true miracle. I am now a true believer
yes I've always believed that god answered prayers. I'd like to share with you all an answered prayer ,I prayed several days ago over a financal situation and god answered my prayer on a truck I had repaired that cost about eleven hundred dollars to be repaired, I didn't have any amount of that amount so the manager told me that it would take four hundred for him to start on the truck and he would bill the rest at the end of the contract I had with him,so I prayed and asked god to speak thruogh me to him and I gave him the four hnndred dollars that I didn't have to give, and in answer to prayer he dropped the rest thank you lord for answering prayer I'm still standing in need of a financal break through, in order to catch-up ar get back on track with my bills but the bills are no longer my bills but the lord's please continue to remember me in prayer and I like wise for you.........J.
Thank you Virgin Mary for granting my request.B
Did it ever happen to you that while praying you are suddenly no longer alone but can almost be "There"?When the presence ,the majesty of God is tangible & you can "see"Him with your spirit?I can't explain what happened but i felt & somehow saw him.It put all of my problems,& they're both serious & numerous,in prespective.It is not even important to cry for solutions & relief.What is beyond is so beautiful & happy that all else is detail.I had been feeling shattered by the sudden lose of an exceptional,loving husband,the subsequent financial problems,& 2 teenagers who are slipping out of my hands & out of control.But I was made to feel that there is a plan for us even if we do not see it or maybe not like what we see but it's all leading the meaningful good of those who pray ,& those for whom we pray,& even death is but a new bearth,a rite of passage to something more wonderful.Just like in physical birth the mother goes through severe pain but not necessarily the baby,no matter under which circumstances we lost a loved one he was born again to a marevellous glorious life, we the "mother" feel the pain of separation & maybe selfpity,but should not feel sad for those who died.They're happy really,truly deeply HAPPY.The elation of feeling God's presence next to me made all my problems insignificant.What matters is that He's THERE for us ,HE cares, & He loves us.He has his plans for each one of us & if we dont like it they're the best for us.I'll always miss my husband but I will not mourn but he is simply better off,happy in a beautiful place.My children will be led & taught by God& great will be the peace of my children,maybe some lessons will seem to be harsh or frightening but i'm confident that it will be for their ultimate good.HE once told me when i was angry & bitter "I let you fall,but I also cushioned your fall".So this pulled the carpet from under my complaining feet.I will now truly just leave it all in his hand & try to hold on to that peace & the glimpse of Heaven .If so little is so wonderful what will the rest be?I felt that I love HIM & that he loves me back & nothing else matters,all else are trivia which He will take care of.The only important thing is that He loves poor undeserving me,& that i love him back.I finally think i understand what Jesus meant by the greatest of all commandments"you shall love the Lord your God".I pray that this seed i was given will thrive & not be strangled by weed,or shallow soil.I pray for all of you.Please remember me in you prayers