Yenra : Answered Prayers : Heavenly Intervention


Yes he does! Thank you St. Therese for your intercession. I haven't recieved my prayer request yet, but thank you for all of the signs, all of the roses, which show me that thing are changing. One the feast day of St. Therese you gave me a rose chaplet. This was the last day of my 5 day novena and I was expecting a rose and I got it late that night at the last minute and it was made out of real rose petals. Second, last monday I prayed using my chaplet and I asked for a rose just because and I found a little pink silk rose inside one of the pouches of a shoe holder that is sapposed to hang over your door. It doesn't belong at all to any pair of shoes. Third today at the thrift store, I saw a book that reminded me of my current bad situation in life, then another, and I kept trying to look at those books, and I got all worried and stressed. I began to run my fingers across a shelf that was eyelevel with me, without reading the titles on the spine. I was going to randomly pull one out, since they are in no particular order at the thrift store. So at that moment that I was riled up, I exlaimed, "God please help me now, just work for me more than usual this time" and at the same time I said that I had grabbed onto a book and slightly pulled it out. I couldn't see the cover. I took a breath and never took my hand off of it. Then I pulled it out. It had a rose on the cover, just a rose. I started to put it back thinking, "that is a boring book on gardening" then I thought, "wait a minute, St. Therese! I did ask for a rose this morning!" So I pulled it out and opened it. It was a 1983 unused calendar book of Roses of all sorts. They were beutiful painted flowers by a famous french victorian painter. They all look real and are amazing. He is saposedly known for his flowers and is called, "the painter of flowers". OK I JUST REALIZED SOMETHING AS I WAS TYPING THIS. THE PAINTER OF THE FLOWERS IS FRENCH AND SO IS ST. THERESE! GOD IS PRETTY AMAZING! MAY GOD BLESS ALL WHO READ THIS, IN JESUS NAME. AMEN AND AMEN.
Dear God, In my humble ways I pray to you. I openly admit I have forgotten many of the ways. But Lord in all honesty I am learning and asking of others how to properly pray the rosary, the prays with sincere intention. I ask for a sign I am on the right track. I have never left you Lord. Always believed in you. I prayed the Rosary, prayed to St. Rita, Patroness of Impossible Cases, Prayer to St. Jude , Patron of Desperate Causes. Prayed to St. Michael the Archangel to protect me against the wickedness which I am under with my EX. Prayed to my Guardian Angel.I prayed to Christs Mercy and the Acceptance of Gods Holy Will and the fortitude to continue on. I am alone in physical sense, no family and few friends. However, I continue to pray and sense that you Heavenly Father will always be with me. For you alone can see the sincerity of my need and near childlike of my ways. I do not know the lesson I am to learn from this trial and tribulation I am going thru. Father you know how much I did love my husband and was totally committed to him. Therefore you alone know how I went into a marriage with total honesty on my part to love and be with that man forever. Divorce is still a hard thing for me to accept however, I must accept it is over and he did not love me. Help me Father see the reason for the hard lesson I had to learn. But most important anyone can help me to explain to me any other better way to pray and ask of God to help me. I accept all advice. In Jesus name I pray. I plead the blood of Jesus wash over me. Amen Cyndi
Thank You Heavenly Father, Blessed Virgin, Lord Jesus, St. Therese, St. Jude, St. Anthony, St. Joseph, and all the heavenly elect and communion of saints for prayers answered on my behalf. I know that what I was asking for was very important to me at the time I was most hurt and suffering. But in keeping with His desire to prosper me and not harm me, the Good Lord sent me a soulmate - a loving, intelligent, and wonderful woman who has brought me from sorrow to joy. I pray that I will always be worthy of her love, and that I honor the Lord with our loving relationship. In Jesus' name I pray. Amen.
Yes God does answer. Thank you Lord for the job. It was something I couldn't even see because of my fears.Please help me Lord to go as far as I can. The opportunities seem endless. Far cry from the desperation I was in three weeks ago. My faith is even stronger. Thy will not mne be done. I have 12 hour days ahead of me. Please give me the endurance to hold up. An opportunity to get out of debt and pay back the wonderful people you ave put in my path to help me when I was about to give up. I Pray for motivation and strength. God is listening if you truly believe. Amen
Thank you for my special intention. My request was answered!
Thank You Mary and St. Therese for listening to my prayers about my lost love and for the protection of the US & Israel & the capture of all terrorists. St. Therese, I really hope that the roses you sent were telling me that me and my love will be reunited, because I know thatyou always listen.
Thank you Lord for hearing my prayers each and everyday also thank you St. Jude for hearing my plea for assistance. With the Lord and St. Jude at my side I have a sense of peace. I ask everyone to include St. Jude in their prayers. (SR))
please pray for my daughter she is a single parent,she has been told she has the dr called and she has to tests, to see if she has cancer.
Thank You sweet Infant Jesus. You and my angels & saints are always with me when I need you. Thank You for blessing our children with nice friends. Please keep them safe. Amen Love, Nancy
Yes the Lord is working in my husband. Lord please, thank You please continue to help us both bond in Your Love for us.
Lord if he fell off the path, please put him back on. continue to nuge his heart and soul and waking him before You. Help him understand that marriage can be a wonderful world with You in it. Amen
Yes!! God sure does answer our prayers. I prayed to Our lady last night asking her to ask Jesus to give me several things. Today as I was waiting for mass to start someone came in the church and gave me the things asked for in one of my prayers. Just like always, it came when I wasn't even thinking about that. God also blessed me in other ways today showing me His love. Thank You Mary, Thank You God, and all the Saints I prayed to.
I just got a confirmation that I succeeded in getting the job I so earnestly wanted. I prayed my nine days Novena to St. Jude and was busy with the fourth day of my nine days Novena to St Theresa. I thank you dear saints for praying with me to God the Almighty. I knew that between the four of us, me, St Jude, St Theresa and Mother Mary something positive is gonna turn out. Thank you all the angels and saints and keep on interceding for me. I thank you lord.
Today was the last day of my nine day St. Jude novena. I thank you St Jude for praying along with me for my intentions. Thank You St. Philomena,St Jude, St Anthony, St Raphael, Mother Mary and Lord Jesus for hearing my prayers. I love you. TS
Thank you Sweet Jesus. You always seem to hear me! Please let me smell the roses of St.Therese. I remember my mother buying me a small golden book in the back of our church. It was the story of St.Therese. Who would have thought that at 51yrs old I would pray to her.!
Dear Lord Thank you for being with my brother M in theatre when he was being operated. I called him this morning and he said he was fine only that they put him wires on his jaws. Thank you Lord Thank you AMEN.
St. theresa helped me find a job on the fifth day of the novena. I even smelled the roses! Thank you, St. Theresa!
It's truly a Blessing! I am in the second day of my Saint Therese Novena, and already I have been blessed! I wll continue the novena, but wanted to share my good fortune with you all. God is truly Wonderful! This Novena does work! Thank you Heavenly Father, thank you Saint Therese, and thank you Sacred Heart of Jesus! Amen.
God is wonderful, I love Him, trust Him, and would not exist if not for Him.
For the person who posted at 13:56, may you find peace and healing for the anger and bitterness that you're carrying around inside your heart. Those emotions will eventually eat away at you like a cancer unless you let go of whatever has made you angry at God. I pray that He will send someone to you who can help you.
I had been praying for someone special to be brought into my life. Well, when I least expected it, I met that special person. I just wanted to thank you for answering all my prayers.
Good morning St. Anthony, please be with me all day. I love you. AMEN
Thank you Blessed Mother, who never fails me! I am fortunate to have received many answered prayers lately! Thank you Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, Blessed Mother Mary, Saint Michael, Saint Theresa, Saint Padre Pio, Saint Jude, and Saint Anthony! K-----
Thank YOU Both St. Therese and St. Jude for your help and your signs to me. Today is my 9th day of my St. Jude Novena and I am in the middle of my 24 day Glory Be prayers to St. Therese. I do think that you both are Awesome and will and are helping in all of these similar love petitions. S
Michael: Well then is a "Special Grace" the same as Special Help in a Special situation? Is grace assistance?
Lord, thank you for forgiving the unfaithful, the doubtful, the disrespectful and for giving them a chance to receive your love and saving grace. Thank you for the gospel, which is your instruction book for us to live, love, learn and practice from. Thank you for your generosity.
Thank you God, Jesus and St. Jude for prayers answered in a positive way! Forever I will be grateful and will thank you personally when I see you in Heaven...again many thanks! Elizabeth W. 10/16/2002
I hope that you all will join me in prayer and fasting and pray for peace and freedom from terrorism in the United States and Israel, as well as the rest of the world, especially the countries that really do not have the means to defend themselves. In Jesus name,Amen I am hoping to start mine on saturday.
God will answer our prayers. He has promised us through His Son Jesus that He will. Call Him Father, Daddy, talk to Him like you would talk to your father. He promised Mother Eugenia that if we call Him Father and tell Him we lov3e Him He will give us what we ask Him for. Father, I love You.
I am positively sure that through the intevention of Padre Pio my intention will materialise.
Today was the last day of my nine day St. Jude novena. I thank you St Jude for praying along with me for my intentions. This is the second day for my St. Theresa Novena and asked St Theresa to be with me throughout this nine days.
Thank you God and St Jude for answers to my prayers that FAR exceeded what I deserve and imagined.
God, I know that somehow my prayer was answered. Please show me!
Thank you God, Mary and All the Saints. I realize I was asking for the wrong favors but you gave me what I really needed. There is a long road ahead of us but with your continued blessing on us I know we can make it. M
Thank you God,& thank you prayer partners for your prayers on behalf of my son.He can still continue with his education,bless you all.m
God is continuing to answer me everyday. Everyday I feel like I have more love for myself and I will never give up hope that God will allow me to love and trust again. I pray to God and the saints everyday. I have faith and I will never lose my faith in them. Please continue to intercede for me St.Jude,St.Claire,St.Terese and St.Expedite.
I am eternally grateful for all my prayer partners!! With your help, prayers for my daughter were answered. God Bless all of you!! I will continue to keep all of you in my daily prayers. Nancy
To thank you all who pray here. I will continue to pray. My court date is coming close, the 17th! My attorney just tells me some bad news. I may be banned from my own testifying at my trial. My ex is making wild accusations about me. Unbelievable stuff. How does this happen. I thank you God that I am not a pure nervous wreck. I pray that others continue to include me in their prayers for this event. THEY will try to weaken me and my strength lies in God's trust. His mother who dabbles with witchcraft will be there to try to intimidate me also. Oh please pray for me to continue to be strong. I will never leave you Lord, continue to believe in you and the truth. I promise you that. I have met some people recently that have helped me to calm down. My pets are calmer. I've tried to "cleanse" the house and they seem better now (not as agitated) I sleep better too. But Lord, please guide these good people here to pray for strength and the humility to stand up there the 17th and face my abuser. I will tell the truth, just please stand behind me so I don't fall. I plead the blood of Jesus. God is protecting me, no evil can hurt me or my pets, in Jesus name. Cyndi
OO dear Lord everything I request is coming to me step by step thank your Jesus Christ. I will always Love and Thank what you do to me. Amen Z.
Yes He does!! I prayed for my heart to be restored to it's normal rythm. I went to the chapel for Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament and prayed again within 15 minutes my heart went back to it's normal rythm. Thank You Mary, Mother Theresa, St Therese and Jesus.
Thank You Lord, Virgin Mary and all the Saints for a paycheck.
yes the lord answers prayers he helps bring peace among us
Dear Father Almighty, Thank You for the many blessings and mercies shown me and my family: my mother's recovery, suggestion for the m. tablets, my brothers' new environment, peace at home, Your grace and sustenance at work (against all odds), Dear Lord, I thank You. As You have always encouraged us to, I pray for Your continued protection and guidance in every aspect of our lives. I pray also for good health, open doors for love, marriage, children, fruitfulness, success and prosperity in our individual and collective lives. Dear Lord, You are the Power of all powers and the King of all kings and we pray that You will abide and dwell with us (by Your presence) all the days of our lives in Christ Jesus' name. Praise the Lord. Amen.
Thank you Sacred Heart of Jesus for prayers answered. Thank you Saint Jude for your intercession.
Thank You for the little plastic rose that I found in a strange not normal place. I asked you for a rose this morning and I got it by 1:00am. That was very sweet of you.
What is a signal grace? The Virgin Mary says that you will recieve them for praying the Rosary.
Please pray that Scott will be delivered from Alcohol and Drug abuse. Please pray that he thinks clearly and regains his memory and understanding about the truth.
Thank you dear God for answering our prayers for my mother Josephine. After doing tests last week, and after removing a cancerous cyst from under her arm, she is tumor free. Chris
Thank you, God, continued good health for my Mom.
Thank you, Father God and Brother Jesus, for the "angel" who is helping me today. Bless Carol and Nick real good!
Thank you Lord Jesus for yesterday. We had a wonderful day and were able to thank you for a complete year of marital happiness.
My thoughts were signalled on Thursday, 8th October, 2002 that Our Lord will one day listen to my constant prayers. My wife had to undergo an operation as indicated by the doctor. However,the professor disregarded the suggestions as the pains were originated from the strained muscles as a result of previous operations. The positive outcome has alleviated the fears and trauma that are normally associted with the operation. I do sometimes feel embarrased by my continuous prayers to Our Blessed Lord and Our Blessed Mary to intervene on the occasional family health problems and worries. But, I am convinced that my spiritual thoughts would help to cross the hurdles.
My thoughts were signalled on Thursday, 8th October, 2002 that Our Lord will one day listen to my constant prayers. My wife had to undergone an operation as indicated by the doctor. However,the professor the suggestions as the pains were originated from the strained muscles as a result of previous operations. The positive outcome has alleviated the fears and trauma that are normally associted with the operation. I do sometimes feel embarrased by my continuous prayers to Our Blessed Lord and Our Blessed Mary to intervene on the occasional family health problems and worries. But, I am convinced that my spiritual thoughts would help to cross the hurdles.