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Dear St. Therese, thank you for the roses I have been seeing. I believe that in time my petition will be answered. Thank you St. Jude for being by my side that I have been able to take control of the situation, which I could not have done a week ago. Thank you St. Anthony and thank you St. Claire. I believe that through your intercession, my prayer request will be granted and that what I seek will be for the greater glory of God. Guardian Angel, please do not forsake me. Thank you all for finding me in my time of distress.
Thank your Lord for everything you do for me and my son. I cannot be ever grateful that you changed my life by granting me the freedom, the grace of having a home of my own and no longer to be under abuse by my ex husband. Love from despaired mum. Amen.
Thank you lord for everything.
Thank you Lord for everything you do and for answering my prayers..I love you with all my heart.
Thank you, St. Jude, for answering my prayers. I am so grateful and will continue to make your name be known.
Lord - thank you for the beautiful day today. Thank you for my friends and family all loved ones. Thank you for loving us and blessing us.
Thank you sweet Jesus, St Jude and all the saints. The Lord is powerful and true. Thank you for touching the life of my son. By YOU all things are possible. Continue to intercede. A Thankful Mother.
Thank you St. Therese because I know that you are interceding to our Lord Jesus Christ for all my prayer requests. Thank you for the beautiful roses I saw yesterday and the rose I received today in an email that I opened up from a friend, it really brought tears to my eyes. I promise to spread your miraculous intercession to God for all our requests. All we have to do is ask and believe and trust that you will help us out. Thank you once again. With lots of love,
Thanks for answering our prayer's for Irene's on Kerry. Answer all our prayers. Thank you Heavenly Father.
I want to put my reponse here soon please answer my much needed prayers I will be eternally greatful...
Dear Jesus Please be with me when I'm in an argumentative situation like I was in this morning. I should have prayed for you to step in but I didn't, consequently, I was probably unnecessarily aggravated. I pray you will be with me always Lord. Thank you. FD
Thanks Lord for answering my prayers today. It was a breeze.Love you
Lord - sometimes the signs are funny and ironic and I do believe that this one is one of those. I get it....thank you. c
Lord - I want to take this as a sign. I really believe I must let go of him and walk away. Not be bothered with him at all. I sometimes feel that having him in my life is not a good thing. If this is the sign please make sure he leaves me alone - no calling or dropping over. Thank you GOD - I have the faith to know you will take care of me. c
Thanks to Saint Jude for prayers answered and favors received. EEH
Lord, thank you that by your Grace, I have seen improvement in my situtaion. Thank you for your Love and for Faith. St Jude, Thank you for your Intercession and for prayers answered.
Blessed Mother answers my prayers. Thankyou for your blessings. Never let me be seperated from you. I know that you are always hearing my prayers. Amen
Thank your ST.ANthony for the letter I RECIEVED TODAY please let THEM pick US AS THE FAMILY WHO GETS TO LIVE THERE NOW ............amen ef
please send lots of custom carpentry. and cabinet wk , and bless our economy in the usa. thank you , k p.
Thank you for helping me to overcome my anxiety, Thanking for helping me find someone who would listen to me.
Lord you are Almighty. Thank you for your Grace and Answered prayers. With you all things are possible. St.Jude, that you for your intercession. Thank you for small signs. let us not loose patience in the sight. Forgive me my sins.
Lord thank you for listening to my prayers. St. Jude thank you for listing my prayers. SR
Lord - thank you for the wonderful people I have in my life. Please bless DP, PW, GA, MG, CO, GK and everyone else. Please also bless all those here also. GOD is incredible. I love you LORD!!
Thank you Lord!! Please keep blessing him. Amen.
Dear Jesus - thank you for a great day so far. Please continue to bring in the necessary signs so I know what I should be doing. Thank you for your love and guidance!
Dear Lord Jesus thank you for prayers answered with regards to my brothers eye surgery and the situation with his past employer - Love Christine.
To Our Lord Jesus and blessed St. Jude thank you for prayers answer - Love Evelyn
thank you heavenly Father for freeing us from the spiritual warfare that has attacked my family. Praise you Lord for the love give to us all S
Thank You so much to God, the Infant, St Jude, St Therese, Mary, and all who have heard and answered my prayer request regarding my cert. test. God is great! MM
Thank You St.Therese,Jesus and God for listening and answering my prayers. My mom's prognosis is much better and she is done chemotherapy,also thank you for guiding my son on to the right path. Thank You- CJ
Thank you St. Anthony, St. Therese, Virgin Mary, Jesus, God, and the Holy Spirit for answering my prayers. I love you all. I was so desperate last night, and this morning you have answered my prayers. Thank you--TJ
Thanks for prayers answered yesterday. The money was paid back to me.
St. Therese, I want to thank you with all my heart for the answered prayers I have received and the ones that will be answered very soon. I have been pleading and pleading that you intercede to our Lord Jesus Christ for all my prayer petitions and for some unknown reason, on Saturday, a friend of mine sent me a small bouquet of roses. A peach rose and a red rose with some baby breath around it. I have faith and I truly believe that you are a miraculous saint that intercedes for us. Thank you with all my heart.
Thank you Lord for answering my prayers for inner peace and understanding. I am truly blessed by your love. Please continue to guide me so I may become stronger with your love. Thank you for opening my eyes to what really matters and returning to love. Thank you heavenly father for taking care of your child. cmg
Lord take my life in your hands and constantly pray for not only my well being but my families they need you now more than ever
Jesus I love you and thankyou for everything. To the Holy Spirit thankyou. To the Blessed mother St Jude St Theresa St Anthony St Rita St Claire St Michael and my Guardian Angel thankyou for intercession to jesus for me everyday please continue to interceed for me please I thankyou with all my heart it means so much to me. I love you all.
Thank you a million times Little Flower,
I specially thank ST Jude for answering my prayers for payment of money owed my hubby.the first instalment has come and i know the balance will come soon.I did the novena to ST Jude and the prayer was answered on the fifth day.I thank the Holy Trinity,our Blessed Mother and ST Jude for answered prayer and God's goodness to my family Amen. GN
St Dymphna thank you for prayers answered. Thank you for helping me to arrive safely and back to Minnesota. Thank you for helping me to keep my anxiety and panic under control. Pat
Divine Mercy of Jesus, Sister Faustina, Thank you for the wonderful award I recently received at work. I love you.
Thank You Father Son and Holy Spirit for all the love You give me, for all the healing You have given me, for all the trials that make me stronger, for the house, home job, friends, family, and the Sisters and the graces and gifts I receive everyday. I give You praise and thanks. BB
Thank you St. Therese, Saint Rita, Saint Jude, Saint Anthony, St. Padre Pio, Sister Josefa Menendez, Blessed Virgen-Our Lady of Mount Carmel, for interceding to God for all my prayer requests. Thank you for answering the prayer that my son find a job, praise God, he has been offered a job. I also thank all of you and ask that you keep interceding to God for the rest of my prayer requests. I thank you for all the prayers that will very soon be answered. Thank you for everything.
Jesus I love you with all my heart,you are my world thankyou for
Thank You Jesus, for favors granted.TS
Thank you Heavenly Father for all your blessings on me and my family, in the name of Your Son Jesus, and thru the intercession of his Immaculate Mother and all the saints to whom I have petitioned, Amen.
Thank You Lord for keeping everyone's faith strong during this time of terror and destruction not only of lives but of souls. I am forever thankful to you for the many blessings you have showered me with. You continually show your presence to me and i am done my search my love is for you with you and always you. I love you with all my heart and pray that my petition be your will.