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Someone said that sometimes that the enemy can answer your prayers and make you think that they were answered. How do I know the difference. I asked St. Jude to give me a sign and have someone ask me a specific unusual question before the end of the month if my prayer would be granted and it happened. I also prayed for a rose from St. Therese as a sign that my prayer would be granted and I recieved a chaplet made out of Rose petals on the last day of the 5 day Novena. Was this from my Saints or the enemy?
I just want to say thanks to all you. Last month I asked for a prayer at this site. I thank GOD with all my heart and all the Saints, and Brothers and Sisters at this site who interceded for my nephew Adrain. My nephew Adrian had been plagued all his life since the age of six with tumors in his head and cists this size of grapes growing in his brain. He has had surgery after surgery to remove these things; but they kept comming back. The doctors were running out of options because they couldn't control the problem. He is now 13 years old. He had surgery last month to remove 6 large cists. Without the surgery, doctors gave him 6 months to live. With the surgery they say could add 5 or 6 years or worst yet, become a "vegatable". Before the surgery he was 80% blind and his health was very deteriorated. Well, thank GOD and all of you for praying for him. The surgery went very well, in fact the doctors were amazed, and all that they expected to happen didn't. After the surgery he was coherent and responsive and gained most of his vision back. He is not completely out of the woods, but doctors say that he is on pace to live a long normal life. Thanks god for new technology, the cists and tumors are not expected to grow anymore (but we'll keep praying). Everyday that passes, my nephew looks alot more healthier. Thank GOD and you for your prayers. Mountains can be moved!
Heavenly Father I thank you for your love ,patience & abundant mercy.You have protected & provided for us in our time of hardship. I have not always been thankful or even aware of your presence. I was angry, frustrated,I stormed against you & allowed myself to blame you for my misery.It is so difficult to have true faith,more so to understand what it is. The only thing I can say is that even though I feel sad,desparate,alone;I love you ,you are & will always remain my "heart of my heart",my true & best friend,even when I am angry,in doubt,overwhelmed.I love you & I know you love me too.Please forgive my ingratitude.
I have been in the dream sites latley doing interpretations for the glory of God, and i just saw a meracle from God there. I try to be as humble as i can be but when i see God i point, God forgive me. I was trying to explain how the spirit worked through dreams and i had to ask god for help proveing it. God gave a man a dream of the picture i drew on my wall of the tree of life, and he gave a women a dream i new and she had put it on her wall. The dream sit was tehillah, prayer works praise god chris.
Thank you Sacred Heart of Jesus for answering my prayers. Thank you Saint Jude for your intercession! Today is the 7th day of my Novena and already I have an answer. Thank you Father. In Jesus' Name. Amen.
Thank You St. Joseph and Holy spirit for listening to my Novena's. Today is the 9th day. Thank You both for bringing me comfort.
Thank You Lord God for your powerful deliverance in my time of peril. Thank You Jesus for holding my hand and walking me through the minefield of traps, lies and deception. Thank You for Your Blessings of Saints, Angels and the faithful and loving servants you appoint here on earth. For without You Lord and Your fatherly guidance we are nothing!!!! I pray for the those who do not trust or believe in You that their hearts are convicted and their souls saved. Please Lord, grant Saint Michael and His Angels of spiritual warfare greater territory over our earthly existance. Blessed Virgin Mary please pray for us, help us to be ever more devoted to you for our salvations sake. So help us God, Jesus & Holy Spirit we pray. Please forgive us our sins, especially those of ingratitude. Amen.
dearest lord jesus, sweet mother mary, st. anthony and all the saints, thank you from the bottom of my heart for the prayers answered. Yes, at last fabian has got the job. thank you once again - i love you dear lord!
Remember your loved ones who have passsed on, even if you were too young to remember their lives. My mother has always held a special connection with her dream world as God will talk to her through her dreams. Her sister who passed on years ago appeared in her dream one night and told her that the family "needed prayers". Understanding somewhat, the nature of purgatory from catechism, souls in purgatory cannot receive the grace of their own prayer; yet they are permitted to pray for us. They may be praying for us at this very moment--so don't forget that they very much need our prayers to be released from purgatory. Thank You and God Bless!
Thank you Saint Jude for hearing my Prayers and all that prayed for Mac's brother-in-law.Also thank you for helping me.The money helped and my breathing is better too.
Thank you Saint Jude for hearing my Prayers and all that prayed for Mac's brother-in-law. Please heal him so he is well for his family. You know how much we all love you.
Hi. i just came across and read this page about prayers made thru. intercessions of St. Therese. i requested her to intercede for me and within 3 minutes i logoff and turned to TV programme, i saw the word 'ROSE'. thus always be receptive to god and remember whenever ur prayers involve more than 1 person, it takes time for the lord to transform him\her cos our lord respect every man's free will. take this opportunity to pray for ur own transformation as well. and always remember to give thanks and be patience.
Dear Lord...that sure was fast! Thank you for bringing a resolution so quickly. Thank you for helping me bear the cup even without Marty. Christina
St Anthony and St Jude have never failed to help me find what I thought to be impossibly lost.....whether it be keys or my child's faith. Thank you for being such great friends to me.......
Thank You St. Claire for hearing my prayers and Novena.
I don't understand the St. Therese Novena either. I know that they always hear the prayers, thats not the quiestion. I asked for a real rose if my prayer would be granted. I asked her to make sure that I would know that it was from her. And I recieved a St. Therese chaplet with all the beads made out of crushed rose petals. But I am slow. Is this yes?
If you have asked St Therese for a specific rose, and you have received it what does that mean? Does it mean she has heard you or does it mean it will be answered, I am so confused?
My son was in a terrible motorcyle accident this summer. He had a brain aneurysm that needed surgery, facial reconstruction and a broken neck (10 fractures). This happened out of town and all we could do was pray. We made many phone calls and had many prayer circles and parishes praying for him. From all the professionals we talked to there was no reason that he is not paralyzed or dead. Prayer does work.
Several weeks ago my son and I returned to our car after grocery shopping. I put the key into the ignition but it wouldn't start . The battery was fine, I tried several more times to start the car - nothing. Well, something in me just broke. After many years of difficulties, all the pain of my past heartaches and failures erupted into one agonizing plea. All the pain of my parent's deaths, my being laid off from my job, and trying to raise my son alone seemed more than I could bear. I cried out "AM I alone in this universe?" Great sobs just poured from deep within me, much to my son's horror. I've always been so strong and able and calm in meeting life's problems, relying on God to see me through. I finally calmed down and decided to try the ignition once more before I called a tow truck. It started right up. My son and I just looked at each other and drove home. Just a coincidence? About a week later my son and I found ourselves once again with a dead ignition - but this time I remained calm and silently prayed a "Hail Mary." Then I turned to my son and said, "Jesus promised that when two or more ar gathered in His name, there He will be." My son and I joined hands and asked Jesus to take care of this situation for us. We prayed that we would like our car to start, but only if that was His will, if not that was fine with us. I tried the ignition, and the car started. Now these two instances may seem trite and unimportant. But God knew that I was at the breaking point, feeling alone and no longer as strong as I once had been. He knew that I could sink no more money into car repairs, that I needed His practical answer to a practical problem - which He answered in a miraculous way. No, we are not alone in this universe. God is on His throne, and loves us so much, that He even answers banal prayers from a poor woman like me. Thank You, Lord Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today, and forever. I love You, Blessed Mother- pray for us.
Thank you St. Therese of Lisieux. Today I finished my nine day novena. I was wondering when and where I would receive a rose if my novena was heard. While I was watching television, there appeared the roses on the show I was watching. I take this to mean that my novena was heard. Thank you God for hearing my request.
Sometimes, God answers prayers in the most unusual way. Thank you God for answering some of my prayers, please hear them all and answer them for me. Thy will be done.
My daughter underwent extensive abdominal surgery this morning and I want you all to thank GOD with me for being in the theatre with her and guiding the surgeons' hands (there were two of them) to successfully do the surgery. She is in great pain at the moment, so I ask your prayers that God will help ease her pain and place His soothing and healing hands on her so that she will soon be able to lead a normal life again.
I love and treasure this website!
Thank you Mary for keeping my little friend cancer free.
God is wonderful..always trust in the Lord.. never give up your faith.. i love Jesus
St Jude Thadeus has always interceded for me. Without fail he has always helped in the most difficult moments. Pray to him, pray to Mary mother of God, pray to St Therese. Your prayers to God through them will be heard.
Lord thank you for hearing my prayers and giving me a sign that you are listening. I pray everyday for you to hear my prayers regarding my husband. Thank you St Jude for all your help and hearing my prayers. For all those who read this passage please add an extra thank you to the Lord and St. Jude. (SR)
Lord, thank You for Your unceasing love and mercy. Thank You for continuing to carry me when I am weak and cannot go on in my strength alone. Thank You for all the gifts and blessings You shower on me each day. You are such a gracious God, and I truly adore and worship You alone.
Thank you God for answering my prayer of employment. Thank you ST. Jude.
Thank you God for answering my Prayer. I hope that everything will turn out fine. You know what I want, Lord and I know that you will give it to me in ways you know best. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart - C
Please pray for a successful operation for my Uncle Sonny. He has 4 blocked arteries. Please pray for healing and comfort for him in Jesus Holy Name,Amen.
I have finally found Saints, St. Jude, St. Rita, St. Peregrine, St. Michael, St. Ann, St. Therese - Thank you for answering recent prayers -- Still need some prayers answered and still a little scared but in my heart of hearts I know that through your intercession the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary will come to aid and protect me. Thanks you God for always coming to our aid.
Thank God for the gift of prayers. I have one request to make to all my fellow friends, please pray for one another so that when many prayer together, our prayers have better value in the sight of god. So as we pray for one another, I am very sure that God will never denied our wishes and grant our request as soon as possible, VA
Thank you to Saint Jude and to The Holy Spirit for hearing our prayers and answering them. We have prayed to you many times and you always come through Through Jesus Christ.We spread your name with love. L and T
Thank You St. Jude for hearing my prayers. This is my second Novena to you. And Thank You St. Therese for hearing my prayers. This is my 3rd Novena to you. Please help me with my prayer request for a second chance romantically with my love W.S.S. God Bless You All, S.
Dear St. Jospeh of Cupertino, Thank you for your help on the exam I took last week!!!
God loves us all:o) I know it's easy to judge people and what their needs are, but I don't think it's fair to note in on these prayers. People come here of all ages races and spiritual backgrounds. Prayers are a beautiful communion to help ourselves and each other. Please come without judgement to help our brothers and sisters. I just found this site and it's amazing reading on prayers that are needed and prayers that have been answered, but then I noticed people dropping jugdement and I don't think that is very fair. This should be a safe haven where people can post things without judgement. Life is about love and understanding. Oh Bless our heavenly father:o)!
Thank You Lord for answering my doubts. There is still uncertainty on how to proceed, but thank You for shining some light in my path so that I may persevere in Your way. How much I love You for everything, not just answering my prayers, but because Your love is so great, so all encompassing, so worthy of love!
God is good always..God answers all prayers in time.. everything in life happens for a reason. we may not know the reason but trust in the Lord.. He will never leave your side...
Thank you dear lord for all the prayers answered so far.
I would like to share an example of answered prayer in my life. Last weekend my sister's dog "escaped" from her back yard, apparently to go sight-seeing. Instead, she got lost and was hit by a car. Witnesses said that she was able to get up and run off into a wooded area even though she was limping. No one could find her. My sister and her family were heart sick. After two days of praying for the intercession of St. Jude, St. Anthony, St. Francis and our Blessed Mother, our dear Lord answered our prayers. Zoe is now home, safe and sound, with just a few scrapes to show for her adventure. This reminded me that miracles do occur. I am now praying for my own miracle. I am enlisting the aid of St. Anthony, St. Joseph, St. Jude, St. Veronica, St. Theresa, Our Blessed Mother to intercede on my behalf. Please pray for me. God Bless you all. Christina
Please pray for me also dear friend. I have read your posting below and I praise the Lord for helping you out of a difficult situation. I pray for help. I am in a real dilemna with my career and family life. I don't know which way to turn. I could stay in a job where I am near home or I could go to a firm in Central London where the reputation is good. Either way I will work. If I travel for work I will not get to see my family so much as I do at the moment. Please pray for me at this very difficult juncture. Please...
I would like to share this with everyone. A couple of days back I got the news that I have to do something which I didnt want to do. Infact you can say that I was scared of the outcome so I was avoiding it. I was so very depressed about it and was even contemplating suicide, then I thought why am I thinking about it so much when I know I can't do anything to avoid it. So I just prayed to Jesus and said that I am putting this problem in your hands. Now you tell me how I am to react to it. Give me a sign of your love and your presence please. But still in my heart of hearts I was still scared. Then suddenly somthing happened during the day which made me realise that I am not alone, Jesus is always always there with me. He turned the situation in such a manner that we got a sudden holiday, It was a Bandh so we all had to stay at home and I didnt have to face that situation at all...I just couldnt believe the power of God. If he wants- everything is possible - even the impossible is possible with the Lord. Hence I am telling you all, place your trust in the Lord and believe me he will never let us down. When we still have the fighting spirit, he tests us, but the moment he sees that we will break down -he lifts us in his arms..I love Jesus very much. I really Love him a lot. Annie
My testimony is that when I was so low in spirit and the darkness was over coming me I found a picture of Saint Jude. I asked Saint Jude to pray with me to My Lord and savior. I learned that faith is the stongest gift given to us. I thank my Lord, the Blessed Mother, Saint Jude and Saint Michael for showing me the way to the light. It has not been an easy road but I know that my Lord has walked, cried and smiled with me. Keep the faith. jane
Thank you Heavenly Father, Jesus my Savior, Holy Spirit, Blessed Mother Mary, Saint Jude, Saint Theresa, Saint Claire, Saint Padre Pio, and Saint Michael for answered prayer! Thank you for bills paid and food on the table! Thank you for conversion in my family and healing of relationships! Amen. K-----
Thank You, Father, I know You are listening. Thank You for all the blessings in our lives, thank You for the grace You have bestowed upon me to try to be patient! Thank You for our children, thank You that we are still together now and can still have a chance to work things out(please consider in Your Divine Mercy to grant the favor I seek, Thank You!). Thank You for the wonderful prayer partners here, and for all our family and friends. Amen.
dear friends in Christ, I came across this site and it made me sooo happy to see that Our need for GOD is much stronger every moment I am pleased to see all your faith , because that is what he asks of us for faith, a faith that can truly move mountains. I will pray for all of you. Remember to always TRUST GOD soo much, he trust's you. And Please make time for the divine Mercy of Jesus christ read the chaplet of the divine mercy and you will recieve many graces but most of all you will help save souls!!!!
Does God Answer Prayer? You bet he does. I want to thank God for answering my prayers. Again, thank you Dear God. Amen
Dear Mother of Jesus, thank you so very much for anwering my prayers. Amen
Dear God. It's me again. Only this time with a very special thank you for answering my prayers. Thank you Dear God from the bottom of my heart. Amen
Dear Christ: Thank you so much for allowing me to get a job that I like. Let me fruitful in my dealings and always give you the glory. Amen.
Dear Jesus and Mary, Thank you so much for answered prayers. My brother's temporary employment is truly a blessing. Without your help and Mary's intercession, it would not have been possible. Also thanks for allowing us to find a good solid car for him as well. Your love and guidance is evident in all we do, if we are just open to your word. Bless us, Lord, with your mercies and generosity. Thank you for all your blessings.
Dear God thank you so much for letting my duaghter find her wallet, it means so much for her mental health. Also, thank you for letting her cope as well as she did when it was missing
Father, I want to thank you for everything you've done for me. For carrying me when I needed you the most. For giving me the strength that I asked for. Without you, I wouldn't have been able to do it. Thank you.
St. Therese will S keep praying
I meant to say that St Jude gave me the sign that I prayed for last time, not last night. But I just started another Novena to him. But St therese hasn't given me any roses and I prayed the Novena twice. S
I am praying again to St Jude. He gave me the sign that I wanted last night, but it seems so impossible. I am asking him for another sign. I know that I am stupid. I really Love St Jude and St Anthony. They are quick. I am praying that me and WSS reunite in love and marriage. I know that we were meant to be, but the enemy caused confusion in our relationship and ruined it. I am so much pain, that I sometimes wish that God would take me. I have been away from my love for so long now. I need peace and I need him back. I have loved him for so long. And he loved me and we didn't even know it. S
The job I've been asking God for is going to be posted in a few days. That means that the interview is coming too. I am going to need God to be with me at the interview. You all know how interview can be. But I trust that God is going to be with me and I going to make a very good impresion. Thank you God for all those who were looking for a job and found one. jjj
Thank you for your prayers. Yes, my previous prayers have been granted by God. Thank you Lord.I love You.
Thank you God. I know He answers our prayers. My brother Tom had a triple bypass yesterday. When I spoke with his nurse last night and this afternoon they said he was sitting up in a chair. Thank you Lord. Thank you to all the people who prayed with me. I love the Lord. God bless and keep you always in His care.
Thank you God and all who prayed for Gene. He is not out of the woods yet but he did experience a little bit of the light at the end of the tunnel. He received an invitation to attend a mental health bnoard meeting. I nominated him as an advocate for others. He is in the final picks for nomination. He also received food stamps which will help him through the next month. Maybe there is hope for him and I hope he feels that way too. Joyce
Please pray for the person who posted the negative comments about God. Rev 3:15 says, "I know your works, that you are neither cold nor hot. I would that you were cold or hot." This person is closer to God than he realizes because the opposite of love is not hate. . . the opposite of love is indifference. God still loves this soul and wants to take away the pain, hurt, and anger out of his heart. Let's join together and ask God to heal the ones who are hurting, OK? Lots of love to everyone who posts here today.
My Novena Rose Prayer to St. Therese: O Little Therese of the Child Jesus, please pick for me a rose from the heavenly gardens and send it to me as a message of love. O Little Flower of Jesus, ask God to grant the favors I now place with confidence in your hands (Mention specific requests)St. Therese, help me to always believe as you did in God's great love for me, so that I might imitate your "Little Way" each day. Amen.
I've been praying for a financial breakthrough and today I received a check in the mail for $500 god is so good. Thing is I have so many needs I don't have a clue which one to meet... Pray for creative ideas...
Thank you God for prayers answered!
God is not in charge of destroying the world; we are. This is a result of a choice made by our forefathers, ADAM & EVE (GN. 3).--MICHAEL
[moved from prayer requests:] Hello everyone, Its so nice to see so many people praying and waiting for miracles to happen. I would advise all not to waste their time, coz God doesnt listen to us...He is busy destroying the world and bringing unhappiness in families and the lives of people. So please just wait and watch how much more sadness comes your way.
Can someone write the Saint Theresa Novena here, so that I may pray it.
I completed my Saint Therese Novena, and already some of my prayers were answered. For those of you who do not believe Novena's are worthy to try, you are missing out on god's great works! Saint Therese has shown me her love, and sent me her roses. God is so Great! Amen. Angela
I was in the pictures in this site and was reminded of what god told me one day. I was haveing a problem with a friend believing what i told him about god. When i asked god what i should do he said to bring everyone who believed in what i said, and he was to do the same, and whoever had the most would be right. This later turned out to be the best merical i ever saw because this was myself in agreement with god, and he had taken me to a church where i saw a object god had shown me that would prove to him i knew. When i had told him i found it he didnt want to find out and wouldnt come over to see me. He died shortly after this. When god speaks its definatley a entry into the mind because there is a slight loss like falling asleep but not and the tingleing comeing like a arm falling asleep and there is a tingleing around the head as wearing a hat with a larg brim all the way around, but is over the top also. So if you were ever courious about hallows thats what it is. thank you lord forever.
One night after i prayed and went to sleep, a dark figure opened the closet door, and walked over to me. It was very dark and i could barely make out the form of a man in a suit and tophat, and he took me by the hand and said to me... would you be my fiend, and if you will be my friend i will give you anything you want, and he showed me things that i did desire but were not practical. These things were more as lustfull objects one would have over excess, and again he said would you be my friend. I realized who he was, and that i was sleeping, then i forced myself to wake up and i was sitting up in my bed with my hand out with a showdowy figure holding my hand. After some time i might have just shruged this off, but i never go to sleep with my closet door open, and it was open. Its true to take prayers into the closet, and not annouce them on the street, And there are prayers for others that can be said in the open depending on the intent. But when we take things that are not gods into the closet they come back from a bad place to haunt us. So alway pray with gods intent in mind and based on his words for our needs, and if we dont know we should ask him what is acceptable for us, and then pray what he tells us as long as what he says is in the scripture. This protects us from the evil one. Such repeated praying is how i get my answers from god, because we dont give up on what we ask and this makes him very happy with us that we would believe he would help. If god doesnt answer your prayer its because you give up, or you are not in line with his word and need to ask him for help beyond this. chris.
Somtimes God will answer prayers. Sometimes he wont. Just because you do 12 persay novena's he still might not answer a prayer. It depends on what kind of faith one has in order to move those mountains. One can still receive an answer from the enemy and think it is Gods blessings. His trick to get us moving in our direction of prayer only to find it only a mirage.