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It is unfortunate that people of other faiths don't understand the concept of praying to a saint. For the longest time, I had been misinformed and thought that we were "worshipping" a particular Saint and forgetting about Jesus and God himself. I didn't understand the concept of the Saint in Heaven intervening on our behalf and carrying our petition to the Lord Jesus. So we are essentially praying to Jesus but our particular patron Saint is aiding us and praying in agreement with us. I wish people of other faiths could grasp this concept because by mocking it and shunning it they miss out on all the wonderful blessings and powerful interventions that the saints in Heaven have in aiding our cause. Since Saints are already there with Jesus (and as Christians we all believe in eternal life, therefore the Saint is just as alive as Jesus) I believe they have a direct route to him. We need all the prayers we can get, so why not have a Saint pray for us and assist us in our petition. I do respect the concept of other Christians (such as the Babtists, etc) who make Jesus their personal Lord and Savior because I believe and practice that Jesus is my personal Savior as well, but that doesn't mean I can't pray to his foster-father for protection as St. Joseph was appointed by God to protect the infant Jesus. As far as Baptists pointing the finger at us and saying we are all going to hell if we don't repent, I don't take offense to that because there are just as many priests and nuns from my childhood who wagged that same finger at me with the same threats. Faith is a personal belief system, a relationship with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit and I pray that none of us miss out on the glorious and wonderful gifts we receive from God when we pray, when we ask, when we seek and when we knock. I certainly don't mind having a Saint help me knock on Jesus' door for help. Thanks for reading this and God bless.
I have never understood why people think that praying to a saint is a waste of time or idol warshipers. When we are in church we ask others to pray for us or when we are sick maybe laying of hands. Why then not a saint who has shown us the love of Christ. MY family after 30 years still can not accept me turning Catholic. When I was finaly ask why I have a statue of Mary I ask my brother if he had a picture of his wife. He said yes and I ask to see it then ask him if he was a idol worshiper. He said no but sometimes I just like to look at it when I need her strength and love. I told him it was the same with Mary for me and also when I am praying to a saint it helps me focus. He understood that and never made any more comments to me about it. I went to church with a friend who is not Catholic and when I was in that church with no saints or Mary I felt sad. The sadness I felt was like when I would visit my dad and stay with him. I loved being there but my mother name was not to be mentioned in his house. I felt the same way I felt I was in a house of God but could not mention my mothers name. The reformation was a divorce from the family of God how said for all of us christians. John
Good morning Lord thank you for this day.
Thank you, Heavenly Father, for answering my prayer about my car. I beg you to continue to keep it running correctly so that I can get to work and back safely. I work in a hospital and HAVE to be at work every day and it is hard to take time off to take it to a mechanic. Again, Dear God, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Amen.
When BORN AGAIN Christians get "born again" it is a different thing than Catholics. Totally different!!! Then they go around preaching in your face and condemning everyone they are going to hell. DIFFERENT THING, believe me.
JESUS, please help me in the cure of my abdominal situation. I thank You for answered prayer and the opened door in relation to the call I received from E. I pray for protection and guidance in this new venture. May this progress, blossom and be fruitful according to Your perfect will in the name of JESUS CHRIST, my personal Saviour. Alleluia and Amen.
Jesus said "When we are weak, then we are made strong..." Dear Father and Lord, may You help us to realize that our "lows" are Your way to humble us and to lead us to You. Please forgive our sins, ease our burdens and heal us emotionally and physically. We pray with thanksgiving for blessings both at home and at work. Thank You, Lord for all the mercy and compassion You grant us everyday in the name of Jesus Christ, our blessed Saviour and Friend. Amen.
Please do not fight!You can not be angry with each other in the name of Christ :Divine Love.He warned against anger directed at one's brother;we are all here brothers & sisters,members of the body of Christ.We are one family joined together by the love & sacrifice of Christ on the cross & THIS IS ALL THAT MATTERS.Let us all put anger,judgemental attitudes & all negative feelings behind our backs,& give each other a "virtual" kiss of brotherly love in the name of Jesus Christ.
OK, I usually don't jump into other people's discussions, but I just want to say that this *is* a Catholic message board. Most of us here believe in the doctrine that our church teaches. It doesn't mean that another denomination's doctrines are wrong. . .just that this is what most of us, as Catholics, believe. We have made a commitment to live out our faith and to follow what we believe to be the truth, based on our understanding of Christ's teachings. When someone posts here, I think the marjority of the "regulars" assume that the person knows that the message board is Catholic oriented. I wouldn't go to a Islamic site and post a prayer to Krishna, and I wouldn't argue the doctrine of speaking in tongues on a Baptist website. It would be offensive to their beliefs, and I don't want to cause problems for anyone. Maybe we can agree to disagree about some issues and try not to offend another believer, but without compromising our own doctrines and beliefs at the same time. This and the "Ask for Prayer" page are wonderful places for people to live out their faith through prayer and compassion. I'd hate to see the message boards divided and people leave because they feel hurt or offended. (And believe me, I have seen that very things on too many other sites.) Please, let's extend the hand of fellowship to all who come here and live our faith through our lives and our words. Much love in the Lord to one and all.
To SB-Who are you to say what false religion is? To undermine anothers faith or belief system? I'm glad you are found or born gain, but there of people of other religions who have been answered by thier god. A born again christian is not a Catholic and so there are people here who differ from what you believe to be the truth. Faith is believing in something and holding on to hope when there seems to be nothing else in this world, and one surrenders themself to a higher power. When I said that this life is all that is guaranteed, I did not mean that it was perfect. I meant that our time on this planet is a given and its time is limited. No one really knows what happens for fact when we pass on, and we could argue this as it has been argued since the beginning of time, but each of us knows this despite what we we may preach is the truth. You can repeat verses from the bible, call people satan, pray for their redemption, but I am as others on this site,comfortable with my faith. I feel no guilt for the life I have lived or the choices I have made. I don't need to be saved or set apart from the world. I am and want to be a "part" of this world. I am no better or worse than anyone here,and neither are you. I am not a child and did not grow up in some remote isolated area. I have seen, travelled and expereienced the world. I know this much-the only person you can save or have control over is yourself. Respond if you wish, but I refuse to waste my energy any longer reading or writing to someone who can only see things one way. I hope you can overcome what you perceive to have been a a rough or sinful life, and wish you the best.
Lord I love you.
St. Theresa I have turned to you for help for my daughter Chris and her 3 children. You have helped so many I pray that you bring a rose to them. I offer this Novena to you for them in hope you will as the lord for this favor and I will publish the results.
Thank you St Theresa for the roses. I will keep on praying.
Thank you St Philomena my prayer is answered. I will continue to pray. I love you.
P.S.S. I never said that there were not kind loving people of other faiths. I merely spoke the Truth. SB
Father, please open the eyes and hearts of ABH to your ways. In Jesus name. Amen. SB
To ABH. Get behind me Satan! SB
P.s. "Exodus 8:23 And I will put a division between my people and thy people: to morrow shall this sign be." When you become a saved born again believer in Jesus Christ you become set apart from the world. You are in the world but not part of the world. Mathew 5:13 says that you are to become the salt of the earth. You should try and stay peaceful with youf fellow man but do not comprimise your faith in Jesus Christ. Never fear anyone. Do not fear the one who can destroy your life, but fear the one who can destroy your soul. Christianianty teaches to respect your neighbors, do unto others as they would do unto you. But disagreeing with someone or even telling them that you believe that their beliefs are incorrect and not the right path to the one true God Jesus Christ, does not mean that you are a hater or racist, or a mean person. Something terrible has happened to much of the thinking in the world today to jump to that extreme conclusion. And at the same time, people are still saying that the teachings of the Karan are peaceful. When the Karan teaches that if a man refuses Islam that it is taken as an actual attack on the Islamic religion. And that of course to them is punishment by stoning, prison, or death. There was a man recently in Iran I believe it was, whom spoke out saying that he didn't understand why in his religion why the leaders in the Mosk were the only ones allowed to interpret the teachings of the Karan. He wanted to read it and figure it out by himself. Well if he was to read the Bible he is certainly allowed to interpret it anyway he wants. Of course there are many people who study the Bible and who have degrees and other experts of the Bible and there are those people who just read it and meditate on the words everday. We Christians like to debate issues etc to understand it better. Iron sharpens Iron. But nobody is going to prison for not understanding it the way their pastor or preist understands it and teaches it. It is up to everyones own interpritation. But some false religions, cults, may teach that it is ok to go and blow up and abortion clinic and then they go to prison. That is not what the Bible teaches, but that is how he interpreted it. That person should go to prison for going out and murdering the Dr.'s and Nurses in the abortion facility, but not for misunderstanding the Bible. Real Peace will only come when Jesus Returns for the Church. Thats my two cents. God Bless You. SB
SB you should change your name to BS becuase that is the biggest load of crap I have ever heard. I agree with the person who wrote nov 9 at 21:12:44. Stop taking eveything you read from the bible literally and blowing things out of proportion. Don't you think tou're a bit judgemental? You don't sound like a catholic. Get a grip. ABH
This is to Cyndi and anyone else on this site. Don't get offended by others who are critical and mock you for being Catholic. I'm about to say something that many peole on this site may not want to hear, and it is this simple fact: there is truth in all religions. Yes that's right, ALL religions. Self righteousness is not a sin, it is an ugly human attribute, and to insult another persons FAITH shows an extreme sense of insecurity and indignity. Insulting a persons faith is equal to insulting their age, race, culture and so on. There is a Universe and a God which is represented by all that is good-LOVE. WE are all looking for truth, hope, redemption, answers to something we have no proof or control over. Faith in the Universe is all that is needed. So pray however you want to whomever you want-God, Jahova, Allah, Buddha and learn to have respect for your fellow human beings in this life, because this life is all that is guaranteed. Love, respect, have faith and live in peace people.
Dear Sacred Heart of Jesus, in the past I have asked you for many favours. This time I ask you for this very special one [maake request]. Take it dear jesus and place it within your own broken heart, where your father sees it. Then in your merciful eyes it will become your favour, not mine. Amen Publish on thirs day of reciting. Holy Jesus, I beg of you to hear my prayer and help me through this. Thanks and Praise
I went to the St. Jude Shrine Today. There was a Statue of St. Theresa ther. I prayed to her to send me a rose if my prayer was to be granted. I was walking along the Street and ther was a rose on the street about to be swept up, I swa it first. Sayurday night I was crying and screaming at God to tell Me one way or the Other if we were ment to be together, I said if it is your Holy will if wwe are ment to be together then wake me in time to see 2:14am on aclock that I was thinking about. Later I went to bed and after tossing and yurnig a long while I finally got up, not knowing the time or really thinking about it. I went into the kitchen and turned on the light I looked at the clock i had in mind and it said 2:13 after a second or so it said 2:14. I dont know what to think. Eary saturday noght I was cursing at him as usuall and I went to the posts here and saw one that said Dinner is on serving Miracles anyone want one. Being Nasty I Wrote that yes I would like one. A little befor going to bed I went back on the Posts and went to the anonamoyus ones when i was done and the first one said EXPECT A MIRACLE.All night long i was cursing and sreaming at God and said the thing about the clock. That night It happend, all in the same night. Monday i had to go to the banl and just befor going in I asked St. Theresa to let me see a rose if you were listening and when I was being taken care of I saw a little Pink and White rose in the strangest place. I told my mother to look and she just smiled. Today Friday almost a week later I asked St. Theresa to have some one give me a rose if it was to be granted. Walking along East 59 street i swa the one on the groung abot to be swept up, right in my path,a bud. Iam asking ti be given a roese by monday to be sure it was from her. I dont know anyone that would give me a rose. I pray the St. Theresa gives me the rose. If this happend to anyone please let me know and tell me how long it took for your prayer to answered Thank you All LOVE all PRAYERS HIS
I can only hope the distinction with the other Christians and Catholics does not get wider. I too dislike them putting me down because I am Catholic. They tell me we worship statues! They challenge our knowledge of the scripture. Many can quote scripture, you bet! But then they go and mock a "friend" put down the down and out. Often are judgemental. I tell them it doesn't matter to me how "Christian-like" they claim to be. I want to see it in their actions!!! I don't think just memorizing scripture is the same as being good to your fellow man. No matter what color, religion or job they may do. Cyndi
God please pray for my soul, save me from all evil lies and sadness. I know oyu will find it in your own time to bless me with much more love and I will continue to wait for you to deliver.
Thank You Jesus, Mother Mary and Saint Jude for helping me to resolve my educational and economic needs. I ask in accordance with the plans that the Father has designed for me to receive the special someone I have patiently prayed for for so long. I pray for a virtuous, Catholic relationship based on the love of Christ and the mutual love, respect and trust of each partner. I believe that the Father has this all under control and will provide for the two of us in every way. I ask this in the name of Jesus Christ my Lord and Saviour. Thank You God for Loving me unconditionally! Amen.
I am glad too see other Christians hold Mary in such favor. I just do not see it among my Protestant friends and my own family. I was not raised with a father at home and it was our mother and 4 children. Living like most in poverty but happy because of our relationship with our mom who was ever so strong. We never went to church but had a loving home. When I came to Jesus I could not understand his forgiveness and strong hand at the same time. So it was with the love of Mary that I could understand her son. I knew no matter what I had done my mom would love me and she did. That is what I seen in Mary. So because of her I am a christian and probley Catholic. We all come to the Lord from different points of life and should share those values to help other's find the Lord.JOHN
To (T.A): We are all happy for the restoration of your marriage. We pray that the Lord will send his holy spirit to make your marriage even stronger & better than before. All things are possible with God. He does answer prayers. Glory & praise to you Lord Jesus Christ. He is alive!!! God bless you and your family. We are all happy for you.
If I may add a comment,John &,I come from a country where Christianity is a ridiculed,even persecuted minority religion.The Christian community is sharply divided among different denominations,along ethnic and theological lines.The result is horrific,all are busy invalidating the communion,baptisim,mass of the others.You can imagine how the majority religious community is taking that:Christ is crucified daily by his own followers!Most of these divisions started centuries ago as expressions of political & nationalistic issues that have nothing to do with Christ ,& degenerated to such trivial issues as should priests grow beards or not!I was baptized Orthodox,grew up Anglican & joined the Catholic Church.I believe that Christ by choosing more than one disciple had a point to make,& He said it when he said that those who are not against us are for us.I do not believe that I am worthy to judge the belief of others as is being done in my country of origin.As long as people believe in the creed ,I do not dare to judge.Those who malign the Virigin,as you said,wrong themselves first.Our Holy Mother is above all that.My dream is one day to witness a unified universal Church, the true body of Christ,lets pray for thay.
Absolutely, John! Catholics and Protestants serve the same God and love the same Lord Jesus. And you'd be surprised how many Protestants do love the Blessed Virgin, despite the put-downs from some of the members of their own churches. (I can also relate to what you said about someone badmouthing my mom and expecting me to be real happy about it. She would have flattened anybody that said anything bad about her daughter, and I would have done likewise for her! Never, I mean NEVER mess with a little redhead from Kentucky like my mom!) She was a Lutheran who loved Mary and had a beautiful statue of Her sitting right on the fireplace, so that you saw it when you first walked in the door. Her pastor made some comment about it, and she looked him straight in the eye and said, "Sometimes it takes a woman to understand another woman!" End of discussion. :-) We are so blessed to have the Mother of God for our mother, Her Son as our Brother and Savior, and all the saints as friends and helpers. Protestant or Catholic, we're all fighting the same fight to save souls, and we're all on the winning team -- God's team! May he richly bless you today and forever. Much love in the Lord to you and yours.
DR: I am glad you see Catholicism the same way as me. I thank to many people see what has happened to our priest and thank thats Catholicim. The church has gone through some tough times in the past and will continue to go through them because it is a living church. The things that have gone wrong in my life I have caused them myself but through the help of the church teachings I continue to grow. I am also glad that we have a mother to help us along and we don't have to go it alone. Protestants are missing out on it I mean a family with God, Jesus, and Mary. I do not think you have to be Catholic to go to heaven but I wonder what they who talk so bad about Mary will say when they face her son. I know if you talk bad about my mother I wont be to happy to see you. We also have our Saints to show us what can be done and what we can do in the Lords name. We Catholics and Protestants are on the same team we need to stick togeather to fight all souls. John
All Praise and Hounour to You Loving Father for answering my prayers and restoring our marriage.Thank You Father for my wonderful husband and family.St.Jude you have guided me through confusion and showed me the way.I am so happy.Now I can look forward to a happy Christmas with my family.AMEN.(T.A)
Thank You St. Jude for giving me the sign that I asked for last month. I pray now that God will give me patience. Your Awesome St. Jude! I love you JESUS please don't let me feel that you are not with me. Always let me know that you Love me and are here with me.
DR: I am a convert to the Catholic Church and I know what our protestant friends say about our bible knowledge. I always say being Christian is something you believe in being a Catholic is a way of life. I havent always been Catholic but I have mever been a Protestant. They should look up the meaning of protestant which means to protest the Catholic teaching. This is ok with me just do not try to take me with you on your journey. We Catholics so stand up more for our beliefs and what we believe in. We have 2,000 years of history to serve us in our understanding of what Christ wanted. This is the true church which does not mean other don't go to heaven. If you can't find your answers in the bible, then you go to your church history.
pray for john lattanzio in waterbury connecticut that tomorrow morning when his family and i call the hospital and talk to him that he will be waiting with a smile on his face to show his family and the people surround him thaat dont have faith that god works miracles every second of the day. thank you amen
Thank you Lord for bringing Scott into my life in the past. I miss him more than anyone or anything in the whole world and I wish that we could be together again. This time in marriage. He led me in a prayer to be born again several years ago and Jesus apeared to me afterward in a dream. I pray that Scott will return to me to share our lives together. I love Him.
Almighty and Holy Father, Thank You for everything, for lifting my burdens and yokes. Thank You for making me put the hurtful past behind and giving me a new perspective on life. Please Lord, help me prosper and be fruitful both at home and at work. Thank You for my m. and the mercy You are showing her. Please heal us all of our ailments and pain and please grant us Your eternal love and presence, now and forever more in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.
I wonder how long it takes for a seed to grow? I planted large seeds into TBN and Daystar a month ago. I am thinking a year. But I hope that it is sooner.
"S," I've heard that same arguement from some of my friends. "The only time that you Catholics hear the Bible is the little part that they read at Mass." The facts are that I've studied the Bible and read as much as I can get my hands on about Scripture. There are many verses that the Protestant theologians can't agree on, and that's why there are so many denominations! (Try bringing up the topic of sprinkling versus full immersion baptism in a mixed group of Methodists or Baptists. Even better, ask a bunch of Pentecostals and Baptists what they think about "speaking in tongues.") :-) But I think your approach is the best one of all: be a firm, quiet witness for what you believe, and don't let anyone intimidate you. And I'm sure that God is proud of you for being a peacemaker and a bridge builder among His people. God bless you and your mission, "S!"
Dear Lord, thank you for helping me deal with the anxiety and depression I had been feeling quite severe. I have been praying to you, your glorious Son, the Virgin Mary, ST. Anthony, St. Joseph, St. Jude, St. Rita, St. Therese and various other prayers I have found. Thank you Lord! Amen Cyndi
DR, when talking with my Christian friends, now I'm told they feel Catholics don't really know scripture. So some claim that is the part they feel seperates us from "them". Again I restate to them, we are all God's children, we all love and adore Jesus. Why they feel the need to seperate us I don't know. I still don't deny my Catholic religion. I even went to a singles Christian dance and admitted I was a Catholic. Oh my!!!! Some of the looks I got. But I still will never deny my faith. I can hear what they say but I will still stick up for my faith without getting pushy. I also add that much scripture that they feel we do not understand is also open to various interpretation. Don't you agree? Well to continue my journey to bridge the differences and the stigma of being Catholic amongst the other Christians. Maybe that is part of my mission in life? I hope that God does answer my prayer to assist me to find a way also. "S"
Thank you dear St. Anthony for everything. The gratitude of my heart will ALWAYS, ALWAYS be yours.
Even though my marital and financial problems are not totally solved, I know in my heart that they will be. Thank you St Jude for prayers answered and yet to be answered. Thank you Lord, I know that in you all things are possible.
I see God's blessings everyday and I appreciate all the love and kindness He has shown me and my family. But sometimes I just don't understand why He does or allows things to happen??
I am a convert to the Catholic Church for about 30 yeras now. I came to the Lord thru Mary the Mother of Jesus. I brought my wife back to the church at that time thru my own converson. We have 2 children and the one she loved the most is the one she has turned her back on. I do not know how to tell her this is the time she needs her. It is easy to love when everything is going great. I do not unerstand how a mother can turn her back on her own child. I pray that this will end someday her child needs her so bad. I try and I know that I have not been able to give her what she needs. I know all prayer's are answered in time and not always the way we want. But to have a mother and daughter share that unity seems normal to me. I love my girls with all my heart but as a father I fall short of thier needs.
Yes, sometimes one at a time. I asked God for guidance to know if a situation that came up was an opportunity I was praying for. I was prayed over by my prayer group on Tuesday night and on Wednesday at noon God sent someone to meet with me and that is the way He showed me that it wa not the opportunity in the way I asked for it. It may have been, however, another way of accomplishing what I prayed for the opportunity to be able to do.