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Dearest Lord Jesus and blessed Mother Mary, thank you for answering my prayers and saving the life of my wife, after the Dr. told the family that my wife had only ten percent chance of living the day after a six hour major surgery.
Thank you, I just feel guilty sometimes doing a novena and then waiting for a sign. I am not sure how God feels about his, like the St. Therese Novena. It is certainly comforting to see a rose in an unusual place, especially when your heart and very life is waiting on an answer, like so many of us are. Any other thoughts on this? I have recently been praying asking for St. Therese's intercesion. I have received two very special blessings (actually three now) in the last week or so, and am waiting on another that is very close to my heart! I pray that you are equally blessed, as well as everyone else here. I just want to make sure we are all going about it in a way the Good Lord approves of! M
Thank you God for those that have prayed for me here. They do not know me and yet they prayed for me. Me the forgotten alone lady. Whose family has abandoned me because I am sick and poor. But that is ok Lord is with me. Thank you God. Thank you all.
Thank You St. Therese for the roses you sent me. I will continue to pray until my prayers are answered. I love you and have faith. God bless everyone on this site and may all your prayers be answered.
Dear Lord, I prayed that you would heal what I feared was a very painful broken toe. This would have meant anywhere from 3-6 weeks off work since I am on my precious feet for 8 hours at a time. Today I went to the doctor and he thinks it is something other than a break, and could be healed within a week or less. Thank you for letting there be an inexpensive medication, for getting me in to a doctor right away, and for my boss being understanding about needing the week off. I trust that you will provide for me any lost income this next week. Things were slow at work anyway and I guess this was your way of giving me a much needed "break" since I have not been feeling well or sleeping well lately. Thank you for reminding me that "in all things God works for the good..." Also, please forgive me for the big mistake I made yesterday. It was a disgraceful display of lack of trust in you, your answers and your timing. I hope you will pardon this sin and give me another chance. Please in the name of Jesus help me to keep the faith, not be tempted by worldly, demonic forces and show nothing but love and patience for everyone in my life. Please give me another chance to make things right with M before any real damage is done. I think you know what I mean. Thank you again Lord for the many other blessings this past week. It's wierd how things work out...then again, maybe not so wierd. I also pray for everyone else on this site. It reminds me that there are so many of us with pressing needs. Show us your mercy. Amen
Holy father many many thanks for the blessings you have showered upon my family in the past few months. Lord thank you for hearing my prayers. Please Lord hear my prayer concerning my daughter, i know she has been so blessed in the past and now things have changed, what is is you want ...what is she to do? im trying Lord to help her, please show me...
Thank You God for delivering our family from the spirit of confusion and restoring peace to our home. Please continue to assist us in guarding our minds and hearts from evil; to make frequent petition to Your Son Jesus and His Mother Mary for their prayers and intercession. Please forgive us our sins and lead us not into temptation.May we be forgiven for sins committed against others and make amends, may our hearts be humbled as we forgive others their trespasses. Please Bless our family, convict our hearts, grant us the firm ability to love You more and realize that we need You to be first in all our affairs. Please place us in the gentle shadow of Your Holy spirit to guide and protect us. We thank and praise You God, Jesus, Mary,Holy Apostles, Saints and Angels. Amen.
Thank You St. Therese for showing me the roses during my Novena that I am still on. I have prayed this Novena about the same thing for a year now. And since I have not received a real red rose I feel that my request was heard but not to be granted. Feel Free St. Therese to correct me if I am wrong. sb
Thank You St.Therese for Roses seen. Beginning the sixth day of the Novena unexpectedly i saw a woman with a arrangement of white/peach roses. May the Lord Bless everyone here! David
Thank you Lord and all of you prayer warriors. I had asked for you all to pray for Julie and her boyfriend who were both in a motorcycle accident a few weeks ago. He was hurt very badly and she was in a comatose state for over a week. They have both come out of it with flying colors. Thank You Jesus. I had also asked for prayer for Luciano who had a massive heart attack last monday, but he passed away last night. He never regained conciousness. I think that during that time, the Lord showed him heaven and he found it so beautiful and full of Love that he just didn't want to come back here. Thank You for your prayers
Susan, thank you so much for your words of encouragement. Your kindness means more to me than I can say. God bless you, and much love in the Lord from
I had posted a prayer request last year for my husband to pass his exams without anyproblems and miraculously he passed out with good marks...thank you verymuch for praying for us..
Thank you for answering my prayers oh heavenly Father. I will always love you and I will be a better person. I thank you so much for my new job and my new friends.
In Response To Posting at 9:04:06-- Please keep total confidence in Jesus. Our Father does not look to punish anyone. Sometimes He just wants us home sooner than others. Please be happy that your little friend is with Him right at this moment. Heaven is the perfect place of happiness. The pain I am sure is so great for you right now, my prayers and thoughts are with you and your friend's family. Soon you will be able to think of your friend and smile at the things that you have done together. Your friend is at peace for he or she is with the Father. God Bless
It's just so difficult trying to find justification for such a tragic loss, try reasoning with a broken heart. No hurt feelings just things to ponder. Thanks
Thank you St. Jude and St. Anthony for receiving my prayers.
Thank you St. Claire for prayers answered.
Thank You St. Anthony for helping me find my ring yesterday. You are GREAT.
Lord, I would like to take this time to Thank You for all that you have blessed us with. I am so thankful for you answering my prayers and will always be thankful to you. Without you Lord, we would have nothing,and each day I praise you knowing you are here with me to help and guide my days. Thank you again,Lord.
Thank you for all times I have asked for help and you have answered. Thank you too to St Anthony De Padua for being there for me
A couple of years ago their was a song that I think about a lot that had a phrase in it that said "IF ONLY PRAYERS WERE ANSWERED" R~
Lord, I want to thank you for taking the time to listen to my prayer request to be hired as an RN in the ICU at the hospital where I work. I know you listened to my prayer and for that I am thankful. Even if I do not get the job I know that you will steer me in the right direction to be placed in the medical field where you need me most. and for that I am even more thankful.
Father, Thank you for all that you do for me. thank you for blessing me when you do, and thank you for not blessing me when I ask. I always know it was for my best interest that certtain petitions not be granted. I accept and respect that Father, and I continue to love you more and more. I love You Father. In Jesus' Name. Amen.
thank you mary for your help!! I have faith that you will answer my prayer
What is the new rubric announced today on EWTN after the priest washes his hands?
Thank You S. Therese for the Roses i saw today and those i dreamed of last night! God Bless Everyone in All their Needs! David
Thank You S. Therese for the oses i sa today and those i dreamed of last night! God Bless Everyone in All their Needs! David
Thank you very mcuh for all my answered prayers and all the blessings.thank you.
Heavenly Father, thank you for giving me eyes to see, ears to listen and mouth to share your love. We are grateful everyday for the many blessings you have showered us.
I started a fervent prayer to St. Theresa today and a friend who has never stopped by stopped by with a bouquet of red and white roses. Thank you, God.
Thank you God for your many blessings.
Thank You Jesus for blessings answered. Thank you for letting me feel at ease to speak to you and ask of you my hearts needs. I thank you for my son, my husband and my family. I thank you for the peace and happiness you give me daily. I am forever with gratitude for your love and blessings. Lord I ask that you continue to bless me. In Jesus Name. Amen.