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God is so GOOD. He answered our prayers in letting our mariage be blessed and my comming into the church during Easter Vigel - Thank You Lord!
St. Jude, thank you for hearing my prayers. You truly are the saint of the impossible. God does answer prayers! Maybe we don't like the answer sometimes, but He knows what is best for us. Have faith! JW
Does God answer prayer? maybe, it seems when ever something wonderful happens in our lives we always give full credit to God, and when something horrible happens we tend to blame our selves, go figure. If my prayers are answered is it because of god or because of a luck. And how does one tell the difference. Many of the things we prayer for tend to have 50:50 odds, example: you might get the job your looking at or you might not, if you don't get the job it's always "God works in mysterious ways" and if you do get the job it's "God has answered my prayers". You see? God can't lose we give God credit no matter what happens, God could infact ignore us all and we wouldn't have a damn clue because we always give all the credit to God. We assume it was God, even though it probably wasen't. Hence why I never prayer for small things, I will never Give God an easy prayer only hard ones, so that luck isn't part of the picture, no 50:50, and that only truly God could make it happen. But this has only created a darker picture since God has yet to answer a prayer of mine. So what am I to assume? there is no God? or simply God doesn't answer prayer. I suppose one could say "God answers prayers in his own time", but is it just me or does that sound like an excuse.
Jesus, my God and saviour.... i was having many problems with health (cysts, thyroid, arthritis etc..) making it difficult to conceive...but as God does answer our prayers i am now pregnant with his grace, thank you father, thank you mother, thank you holy spirit, thank you Jesus....
Blessed Virgin Mary thank you for favors received. You truly are the Most Holy Mother. Thank you. Praise you O Lord
I am child of god just as you are and I am going through my tough times as well. You must remain consistant with the Lord he has heard your prayers, loves you, and still wants the best for you. Your time is yet to come. Carry on with your life and go in Faith. Move forward, God does need you to carry on and do his will, while he plans the wonderful way he has for you. You cannot give up, believe in him and that he is taking care of your life for you. Faith is not seeing. When you least expect it God will do the good in your life. So be consistant in prayer, he is increasing your Faith, Patience, and teaching you to live your life in a new and enlightening way. You are growing closer with him in prayer and love. God be with you, and all praise be to him. your servant
God definitely answered my prayers. My boyfriends family was about to have to move because of his dads job. Their whole house was packed up and ready to go. I was so upset about it all I could do was pray for a miracle. About a week later...his dad got a job here and they didnt have to move. I was soo excited and it has helped my life out in so many ways. I love God and I try to live my life for God. God bless.
Thank you St. Jude, St. Peregrine, for the healing you bestowed.
Thank you St Jude for answering my prayer my son needed to pass a history report I asked for prayers and yes he did pass this much needed credit. Thanks for all who prayed.
Thank you Dear Lord Jesus for curing my friend, Bernadette's cancer. I really thought it would be fatal, but I continued to pray to you in hopes you would heal her. She is now cancer free, thanks to Your intercession. Praise to Your Holy Name.
Yes, GOD does answer prayers! After many prayer requests on this site, personal Novenas, and prayers by many family members, it appears that GOD has answered my prayers to have a project taken from our company which could have destroyed our company. I thank you Lord for hearing my prayer, and the prayers I requested from St. Jude, St. Claire and St. Therese. I commit to continue my prayers--only now they will be for others.
Thank you Lord and everyone for hearing my prayer to be released from a job that kept me from my church and God !
Dear Lord = I pray for all these people who have asked for your blessings and I thank you for all of mine. Thank you Mary Mother of Jesus, St Jude, St Anthony, St Clair for taking all my special prayers to God and for all the answered prayers that I have received.
Yes - God answers prayers. He answered mine through St. Jude. Thank you St. Jude for restoring peace in a certain friendship. I cannot thank you enough. I thank our Lord for giving you to us.
Dear Blessed Jesus,Mary,Joseph, Saints, Angels, Achangels, Yahweh, How thankful I am and elated I am. My father's health is improving. He gained two pounds last week and is eating like a horse. *S*...Also, God, thank you for showing me how necessary it is to enjoy myself, take care of myself, and to have fun, and not to fell guilty about living while another is dying. Thank you. I have so much to learn. Be with me.Show me Thy will in life. May I meet my true mate, so I may fulfill the blessed sacrament of marriage. This I pray. Amen.
Thank you St.Jude for prayers answered//. scc
Yes, beyond a shadow of a doubt God answers prayers of those faithful. There is no reason to ever fear; God is with us no matter what it is we are thinking, feeling, or experiancing. I know this as much as anyone, and I know how difficult it can be to believe... but it is the truth. Prayers to the Blessed Virgin are most powerful, how could Christ deny his own mother?
Sometimes I thank God, for unanswerd prayers remember when your talking to the man upstairs, and Just because he doesn't answer doesn't mean he don't care.... Some of Gods greatest gifts are unanswered prayers........... (Sung by garth brooks)
Glory to our Heavenly Father, Lord Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit for answering my prayer. Thank you to St. Jude who interceded for me. Yes, my prayer has been answered and I give all praises and glories to our Heavenly Father, Lord Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit. St. Jude Novena worked and I confessed to it.
God hear us and guide us.
I do one of two things, Pray and not worry; or worry and not pray. DOING BOTH IS NOT THE BEST USE OF TIME!
Thank you all for your prayers! Last year I asked you to pray with me for an Aunt who was in an abusive relaitonship. Her boyfriend has left her for another. Auntie is mending her relationships with the family and is talking about moving back home.
Thank You Lord- At 13:02 i asked the lord for a sign that me an my girlfriend would be ok. At 13:45 she called to wish me a happy Easter. Please Lord continue to hear my prayers and bring us back together better than ever. I Love You Lord, God bless everyone on this site and continue to help k and myself.
God guide and lead us.
Does God answer prayers?? Such a question brings many replies both uplifting and joyful as well as those that are pain filled waiting for an answer to a prayer that someone so deperately yearns for. After reading many replies on this site to the question I must admit that I believe what a majority write about...God does answer prayer in His own time. Know your motives for a prayer--be COMPLETELY honest with yourself and God as to why you are praying a specific prayer--God has a will for each of our lives and if we are not in tune with His will than our prayers are not going to be in tune with His will. He wants to bless us more than we can imagine but our hearts are not always where He wants them to be. God is Love. He does not want us to hurt or cry or be sad, no not at all. He wants us to be joyful and know that what He has planned for us is far greater than we can imagine. Without suffering there would be no compassion. I was in a bookstore with a dear friend of mine whom I have now grown to love more than I ever thought possible. I was frustrated that we could not be together. I was asking "Why not yet God?" "Am I not ready? Is he not ready?" "I think I am ready." "Lord, I want to be with him, please." "Lord, I have yet to meet anyone like him, he is such a wonderful man...when??" In my frustration I grabbed a book off the shelf and opened it to a page and the first thing I saw was "The right thing at the wrong time is the wrong thing at the wrong time." Wow. I am learning and living that now. I always pray for the man I love but I have let go of the dreams of us together because it hurts that we aren't together. Instead I cling to the Lord and His will knowing that it will bring the greatest joy for me and also for the man I love. I love this man and I love him enough to let him go discover God's will for his life, so he can be completely happy and fulfilled--whether with me, in the single life, or with someone else. I can not dwell on it even though I love this man very much. I have had so many little blessings along this path that I focus on rather than on my own pity that I am not getting my way. One thing I must recommend though is to never give up hope and never give up on prayers and never give up on love and most importatly never give up on God. "...all things are possible with God" (Mark 10:27). I am taking this time to myself to grow deeper into God, to firgure out His path for my life, and to become the wife, woman, mother that God wants to mold me into. Before, when all I focused on was being with this man, I was willing to give everything up for him and I knew in my heart that I was not ready or nearly the woman/wife/mother that God is calling me to be. God has plans. Love isn't at all what I originally thought it was either. Love is grand, love is freeing, love is wonderful. Love is also scary. But without it, we would all be nothing. Love comes from God, starts within you (love yourself!!) and snowballs to every area of your life. Read 1 Corinthians 13. It is a beautiful testament to love. So, re-align yourself with God's will and watch as blessings begin to pour onto you from above. And know that in this journey called life we are never alone. Just when you think you can not take it anymore God will be there to show you the way. He will never give you more than you can handle. May God bless each and everyone one of you and may love always be bountiful in your life. God Bless. "Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding..."(Proverbs 3:5)
I pray for my home during divorce settlement. My husband wishes to me with nothing.
Thank you for always being with me. Please never leave me no matter how many stupid things I do.
Thank you Lord, St. Jude and Our Blessed Mother for hearing our prayers. Our little granddaughter is not completely healed yet but through our prayers and your intervention, she is improving rapidly.
I want to be honest and post this message regarding prayer. I have been praying constantly since last August to St Jude, Blessed Mother, St Joseph, St Claire, The Infant Jesus, St Theresa, Holy Spirit, and God himself. I have tried every Novena suggested, every candle burning, I have even gone to some of the Shrines around the country and payed personal homage to these Saints. Unfortunately, I have yet to see any one thing come to fruitition. Not even a sign...Instead I have become even more heartbroken, depsaired, confused, and feel completely alone in my situation. I ask...where is God's love through all of this? I am not sure what to believe anymore and why I keep thinking reciting a few words each day will help my situation, or at least bring peace and tranquility to my heart. I will be in Mexico City in 3 weeks and yet another person suggested I visit the famous Basilica of Guadalupe in search of a miracle there. I feel this is simply one more disappointment to chase after. Will someone please explain this to me. Maybe God is reading this message??
I am knocking the door God hear me...
Thank you Lord for all I have. You are always with me. I am blessed. I will continue to pray for my son and ask you to help him find his way as you have shown me mine. I believe in your love and guidance. Please God, help my son find a job close to home that will enable him to support himself and bring him peace, contentment and happiness within him. God Bless all who read this.
Yes, God answers Prayers. Just at his time and pace. Us as humans need to question our motives as to what we are asking for. Are we asking for something for our own selfish reasons or our own gratification? Question your motive to what you are asking. Only when your prayer is heart felt and true will they be answered. When you stop asking is when you will start receiving.
thank you God,Jesus,Blessed Mary and St Jude.for answering my prayers.fs and ccs
Thank you God for answering my prayers. Once again you have belssed me and my family. Praise to the Father, The Son, The Holy Spirit and Mary, St Joseph and all of the Angels and Saints. Amen.
Prayers do not fail, we do. I am sorry your house did not sell, and your car neither, and you did not get your annulment. I dont know how God has things planned for you, and I dont know how he has things planned for me. I do know God wants the best for us, and it's at times like these that we have our faith and patience tested. I pray the best for you and know God loves you and I very much. However it may turn out, it will be for the better purpose in your life. Don't lose hope. Show your love for him, look inside your heart, believe. He will never let you down, so dont let him down. I believe in you and love you just as much. Show your love for him outside of your desperate times. Be consistant and believe. Also, my ex-Fiance' parents buried a plastic statue of St. Joesph in the back yard of the house they were selling, and it sold shortly after. And for your car, place a palm leaf from Palm Sunday in your visor. And for your annulment say the prayer of St. Jude. I pray for you and when someday you see the wonderful way God loves you and all he does for you, share it here with others who need help as well. May the Lord bless you and keep you. Your Brother Chris
No,No,and No. I had my house on the market to sell and prayed that it would but after about 8 months and no contracts I took it off the market. I have a 2nd car that I need to sell and have prayed for a year that it would but still nothing. Two years ago I requested an annulment from the Catholic Church, normally it takes a year but they still will not make a decession so that I may re-marry in the church.Three different request and not one answered.
Thank You For The Mercy Holy Mother of Son of GOD, I pray to you for your help in my hour of need. Holy Mother please help me deliver my request to the Lord JESUS CHRIST (make request) and send the Holy Spirit to help me make this wish or miracle to become a reality. Forgive my sins and allow me to walk proudly as God's servant. I accept JESUS CHRIST as my savior and teacher. To guide me towards the path of righteousness way of life. Thank you and praise the Lord GOD. Amen. Pray this for three days, then publish. The miracles that you asked for will become a reality.
Lord thank you for making me happy again anf for making me to go for confession.Amen
Dear almighty Father in heaven , I thank you for this day for its sadness , for its gladness,for its brightness, for its dullness, for its excitement, for its quiet time, thank you for you and all that represent you.....Our Lord in Heaven please allow my Mother (Ellen) to remember ,think clearly and and so be as clear headed as possible. I humbly ask youand I plea for mercy for my sister and brothers I thank you Terry T
dear god, i would like to ask you to watch over me, for all that i do and grant me the guidance that i need even at times when i seem to forget you. always know that im trying my best to do your will. i would always ask you to grant that special friend of mine all the wisdom he needs right now. let him see whats good for him and help us to try and gain a healthy relationship even if not now but in the future, i know that everything has its own time. i love and thank you alwayz1
For those as well as I that are waiting for the Lord to answer their prayer, be patient and remain faithful. His time is not how we may see it, but rest assured there is a time and place for everything and he will not abandon us. Smile through the times of darkness, he will be the light and his plan will be better than we can possibly imagine. I love you all my brothers and sisters and we need each other to depend on at times. Be strong he is with you. Thank you lord for your strength and love that you give us, and thank you for being you. I love you, your faithful servant.
Thnk you God, St. Jude and St. Anthony for answering my prayers so quickly. I love you........
Thank you Lord for all the Blessings that you have given us. Amen.
Yes,Lord, You have answered my prayers many times, please don't leave me now. Thank you.
Yes! God answers all of our prayers! In all of my life I have always had everything I have ever needed and more. I am truly blessed. God answers the prayers that I don't even know I am asking for. Thank you God! Thank you will all of my heart. Praise to The Father, The Son, The Holy Spirit, Mary and St Joseph and all of the Angels and Saints. Amen.
St. Christopher I wish to thank you once again for watching over me and mine.
Yes, we do belive that God feels with his heart. We do belive that God is alive inside of our heart. Yes we trust Jesus Christ his son, that gave his life to save us. And that our mother Virgin Mary wants us to pray, to pray, to pray. We must love each others. As I dreamed, God gave us the gift to keep our family together with the strenght of our love.
You have forgiven me my sins and you have healed me with Your Love. Thank you for hearing and answering my prayers.
Glory to GOD in the Highest. I bring Glory to your name oh Lord. You truly deserve to be praised and glorified. I love you soooooooooooooooo much!!!!!!!!! Thank you for all the Blessings that you have provided me with. For I am nothing without you. Everyone Praise and Honor JESUS our Lord!!!!!!!! Amber
I have been trying to obtain a prayer request for several months. Now instead of one blessing I had two. What a great God we have. I just need to learn patience in his timing, a frailty of my humaness. So thanks to St. JOseph, St Anne, and Jesus Christ our Lord
Thank you dear Lord, St. Joseph and St John Vinney for answering my prayers and for all the help finding and keeping employment, especially by sending Your Holy Spirit to guide me and comfort me throughout all the testing. May my humble work be for Your Glory. Amen
Dear Lord Jesus, Blessed Mary, St. Joseph, St. Anthony, St. Jude, St. Raymond, St. Claire, St. Anne, St. Therese and St. Catherine of Sienna thank You from the bottom of my heart. Thank You for hearing my prayers. Amen.
Thank you Saint Jude for always hearing me and helping be out in all my problems, you realy do come through for me always and my family, than you again and I love you Saint Jude.
Thank You For The Mercy Holy Mother of Son of GOD, I pray to you for your help in my hour of need. Holy Mother please help me deliver my request to the Lord JESUS CHRIST (make request) and send the Holy Spirit to help me make this wish or miracle to become a reality. Forgive my sins and allow me to walk proudly as GOD's servant. I accept JESUS CHRIST as my savior and teacher. To guide me towards the path of righteousness way of life. Thank you and praise the Lord GOD. Amen. Pray this for three days, then publish. The miracles that you asked for will become a reality. Thank you for the prayers answered.
Dear God thank you for answering my prayers regardig my mother. Thank you for the protection of my family, extended family and also my pets. Thank you Father, Son, Holy Spirit and Blessed Mother. Amen.
God help my family i pray.
God really answer prayers!!!! Thank You, Lord, Thank You, Jesus. Amen.
Thank you ST. Jude for hearing my prayers when I was most despaired. I pray to you to please continue blessing me with your help. In my heart, I will always honor you. Amen.
Thank you Lord, ST. Anthony, Mother of Perpetual Help for answering my prayers. I thank God Almighty for healing me.
Thank you Lord and St Jude for helping me find the resources I needed to keep my home from going into forclosure and for the wonderful new job. Amen.
the night is dark,i cant hear your footsteps,i want to belive that you are there and you will never let me fall,please lord let my fath in you never falter and my belive that you will listen to me & grant my wish never fail me.
yes God does answer prayer! My grandmother had leukemia and I prayed, and so did the monks at the abbey which ran my highschool and I prayed to several patron saints (such as Rita, Philomena, Jude, Gregory, the Blessed Virgin Mary, Peregrine and many others) and the Lord healed her of her leukemia and she is now in remission. Amen!
God answer my prayer.
Thank you Lord for an answered prayer. Thank You Lord, Thank YOu, Jesus. Amen.
Dear Lord, keep me safe in your hands a let no harm come to me from the evil that surrounds me.
Thank you St Jude and all who prayed for my help in getting a job so I can take care of my wife. My prayers have been answered and hope everyone gets the blessings that I have received.
Thank you Dear St. Jude Again, you have listened to my prayers, and have interceded for me to our dear lord Jesus,who has answered my prayers in the name of Jesus, who is so merciful and forgiving. You have never failed my request even in the worst of times you have strengthened my faith even more.And thank you dear mother mary who always listens to a mothers prayers for her children and love ones.
I love you Lord Jesus. I love you with all my heart, and I want too have faith in you forever, even though I am a big sinner. You may not answer my prayers the way I want them sometimes, but in the end I find out that everything turns out great. Besides, I don't deserve your mercy, and I am grateful for what I have now. Thank you O LOrd. I love you! You know what's best for me, so please, instruct and direct me in everyway. Thank you!
Yes, Our Lord does answer our prayers! He answered my prayer regarding a mammogram, and that the legal issues get taken care of on some land we owe. I praise Jesus, the Blessed Mother and my dearest Padre Pio. Jesus said "So I tell you, what every you ask of me in prayer, believe that you have received it and it will be yours." Now I pray knowing that it will be done if I ask in Jesus' name. Sometimes we forget how much He really LOVES us. Like the person below who says "thank you", knowing she will receive an answer from Jesus, it truly does increase your faith and ease your worried. If you start to fail in your believe, or get scared repeat "Jesus, I place all of my TRUST IN YOU." God please bless all the believers on this site, and answer more of the prayers on this site, so all may become believers and trust in you. I love you Jesus, I thank you.
See St Matthew's Gospel chapter 15 verses 21-28, then 2 Corinthians chapter 12 verses 1 -10. The woman prayed in her need and her request was heard and granted according to her will: "Woman, you have great faith. Your request is granted." St Paul prayed in his need and his request was heard, but the answer was different: "My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness." Here is the beautiful balance of the Scriptures: one way or the other, our prayer can be answered. A direct answer or the grace to bear what isn't relieved. Amen.
Yes, tho the answer isn't always "Yes." I'm saying "thank you" before my prayer has been answered because I know it will be... Someone once told me doing so helps increase your faith and even ease your worries, and I truly believe that it does. So God, thank you in advance for hearing (which you've already done) and answering my prayer, whatever your answer will be when it's revealed to me.
Yes, tho the answer isn't always "Yes." I'm saying "thank you" before my prayer has been answered because I know it will be... Someone once told me doing so helps increase your faith and even ease your worries, and I truly believe that it does. So God, thank you in advance for hearing (which you've already done) and answering my prayer, whatever your answer will be when it's revealed to me.
Yes, tho the answer isn't always "Yes." I'm saying "thank you" before my prayer has been answered because I know it will be... Someone once told me doing so helps increase your faith and even ease your worries, and I truly believe that it does. So God, thank you in advance for hearing (which you've already done) and answering my prayer, whatever your answer will be when it's revealed to me.
thank you lord for hearing my prayers and letting my husband fly into nyc safely today. cindy
I forgot to mention good old St. Jude, who helped my boy, with his legal troubles and has helped me with finacial and spiritual difficulties.
My 14 year old son was arrested for distributing a small amount of Narcotics. The Lord heard my cry, and he was granted probation instead of prison. I believe my son has learned his lesson, but more importantly, this whole painful incident brought me back to the Catholic Church. I have been saying the Rosary every day, using it as prayer but also as a means of Meditation, in order to calm my nerves and calm my fear. Mary, the Mother of God, and Our Mother, comforted me and interceded with her Son for me and my family. I have also gone before the Blessed Sacrament, adoring the Lord but also speaking with him about my needs. I do believe that prayer is most definitely answered and that the biggest miracle of all is a renewal of faith and a love for Jesus and his Mother. God bless you, whoever reads this.
Yes, undoubtedly! Pray, pray, pray. I have never had a prayer unanswered - maybe not always how I expected, but definitely for the best, at the end of the day. I am no angel, but I believe that there is nothing which can withstand the power of Our Lord Jesus Christ. ~~~ A most unworthy sinner
God help us. I really do not know what to do with my daughter. i pray.
Thank you God for healing my dearest daddy who is sleeping now in Czech Republic. Thank you for answering my prayers.Thank you for this miracle that is happening right now.Thank you Holy Mary, St. Malachy, St. Joseph, Child of Prague for healing my daddy.
Thank you Heavenely Father, for answering my prayer through the strong intercession of Mgsr. Josemaria Escriva that my husband was able to make the right decision. Thank you, St. Jude also for answering this prayer. This miracle was all from you, Lord.
Thank you Heavenly Father for helping us in this difficilt time through my husbands unemployment. Thank you St. Jude for leading us to the computer problems and showing him how to repair it so that my husband could look for jobs. Thank You I will forever remember this favor. Thank you for showing us that no matter what we will always have our faith and the love of God.
Thank you St Jude for answering my prayers. Thank you Jesus, Blessed Mary, St. Teresa, St. Clare, Holy Spirit, Child of Prague. I continue to pray and have faith in you.
Thank you St. Jude for prayers answered
Praise and Glory to Saint Clare, Thank you for your intercessions on the troublesome problems in our daily lives. Glory be to the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Amen
God help my daughter. i pray.
Thank you Lord for hearing my prayers. Amen.
Thank you for helping me through my exam tonight.
to all my brothers and sisters I thank u from the bottom of my heartfor praying for me and about my accident how i can become a better person and change myself around if I could change time back and not taking my client to his daughter house none of this would of happened not even the car accident he wouldn't of died of a heartattack but now I have to build a bridge to let him be at peace and knowing hes in good hands with jesus hes not suffering anymore hes stronger and now im weaker but now I have to be the strong one to let him go
My good friend had been very sick with kidney disease for a long time. My friend purchased a St Anthony charm for Beth and has been saying prayers for her intention. By a miracle one week later a kidney was donated to her and she was rushed into surgery last night. God willing she will enjoy a complete recovery. Thanks be to God and to St Anthony!
Yes, prayers do work...I have been coming online to request prayers for my son in the service, who was going through some difficult times....and today we found out everything was going to be ok for him......Thank you for all the prayers, and Thank YOu, Dear Lord
Yes, he truly does. My father has gained 11 pounds since last week. This is a miracle. Now, they will be able to proceed with furthur diagnoses of his health concerns;which are totally unknown at this point. Praise God. Thank you, Lord JEsus Christ. HAllelujah!
Lighten up my daughter God i pray for your mercy Guide her. i pray.
god really know when to give the rescue ....this is what i can assure you
real life angels are always around us ... just believe that they exist and they will be around
God answers our prayers in a way that is best for us the saying goes ...everythnig you ask in prayer believe that you have receive it and it will be yours ... " if God answers your prayer ,he is increasing your faith, if he delays the answer , he is increasing your patience, but if he does not answer , sure he has stored something better for us . when you pray ...never stop to hope ..bec ..only those who stop hoping lose hope ... thank you ,...and God bless
thank you for all the prayers of my best friend jo. he has already graduted
St Jude and St Christopher and all the angels and saints in heaven say a prayer of thanks to the holy trinity for sending angels to help with peace in my work place and pray that they will stay with me to defend me in battle. Glory be to the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, Amen
Yes, God does answer prayer. I want to say thank you to God and to St Anthony, patron of lost things. I lost my wallet on Friday and today, five days later, it was found and turned in by an anonymous person with all of the money, credit cards, and other valuables still in it. Thank you for the answer to my prayer.
Thanks to St Joseph and St Jude for answering my prayers again and again and again and again......
Right now I am staying in a homeless shelter. I've been under demonic attack for 13 years. My husband, mom, and only child are all in heaven now. The biggest sadness for me was to have to abandon my dear cat, Frances, who had been with me since shortly after my son's death in 1997. I found a Psalm, 78.2 I believe, or 72.8, which stated that "He feeds the beast his food." Of course, I had been praying to St. Francis, after whome she was named, and St. Anthony. When I went to Peekskill, she was fatter than when I left. A neighbor had been feeding her. Please pray for me to find an apartment where I can have her.
Every prayer that i have asked of the Lord is answered always in a manner that he feels fit I am sure. The last prayer I asked of the Lord was to protect my son as he headed of to the military and to protect him and make it easy for him to adjust and earlier today I got a call and he is doing great. My health was poor and I was suffering from panic and Anxiety attacks and his strength is helping me cope with all of it. I am getting well little by little. Thank you Jesus... and please continue to bless my family.
When I was 20 years old, I asked God to send a good man for me to one day marry. A few days later, I met a man who became my best friend for 3 years. I never thought I would marry this man. He was like a brother to me. I kept praying to God for a good man to be my husband not knowing he had sent him to me already. One day may friend told me he loved me and I relized I loved him also. Two years later we got married. We have been married for 8 years now and things are great. We love each other more and more each day. Two years after we got married we thought we would never have children. I had all kinds of problems and the doctors were about to give up on me. I went home and prayed to God for a baby and the next month I got pregnant. I now have a 3 year old and a 12 day old baby who I also prayed to God for. The 3 most important things in my life were given to me because of prayer. How can I not believe that God answers prayers. Just believe when you pray.
I know GOD does! I asked GOD to help me quit smoking. I was lying in bed asking this and knowing that I could not do quit by myself. I asked HIM to make me forget I ever smoked. (I had smoked for 17 years) I have never had such a wonderfull feeling enter into to me as I did that night. I have never once thought about it since that night. Jesus's love can do anything!
Can you show me pictures of this quote "To love god is to love one another."
YES.. i now truly believe in the power of prayer thank you st.jude,st.clare,our heavenly father thank you for our love bbeween myself and my wife we will conquer any adversity that the evil one throws at us. our love that you made is unbreakable,the bonds that you create in marriage are forged by your love for us. 'two become one flesh' i will love my wife until my final breath,until death us do part. thank you for my wife she truly is a gift from god
God answers so many prayers and at times, the answer is in our face and we know the answer right there and then and here we still ask for something we already know the answer to that he already answered....... Thank U God for so many thing in my life, and Thank u for the Staints u send us.. There is a God, because 10 years ago i could not bare children, I went church in San Juan, i prayed to the Virgin Mary asked her to bare a daughter at that moment I swear to my daughters soul, I felt my stomach funnie and I started to cry I looked at my exhusband and told him Oh my God, I am pregent its a girl, he looked at me and said your crazy you cant be, 8 hours later we got home, I took the ept test and there it was on his face super light pink, but it showed I was pregnet...... one more thing when I was 13 I met this guy that would chace me around the pool, I stoped him once and said what do you want from me, he said I like you.. he was deaf I said I like u too but not like that but teach me how to sign, he did 13 years later when I had my little girl, she was semi deaf she wears hearing aids and God has sent me this gentelman to prepare me for her my daughters coming.....My dughter wears hearing aids lip reads and is also doing sign lanugage she is now 10 years old.. what a true blessing, and I wouldnt change a thing..
It was discovered that my sisters husband Ronnie, had a spot on his lung that was cancer. I requested prayer for our Father God to protect Ronnie.. Ronnie is now out of the hospital after having the top half of his lung removed. The Doctors were amased at his quick recovery. Ronnie was in and out of the hospital in five days, and is now home, feeling great.......YES, our Father God DOES answer prayer..Praise be to our Father God......Amen
YES God answers prayer. I prayed for reconcilliation with someone I love and that he would bring me with him to his church. I'm going to church with him on Wednesday!
Yes, God answers prayers. He has answered mine many times. Sometimes we dont know until later, that when he answers no, it ends up to be for our best.
God,through the intercession of Saint Clare,has answered so man of my prayers in some of the most unusual ways...One example is how He saved my retirement. I have to give five days of service tothe school system from which I retired...God has helped me complete these five days each year ...along with a nudge from Mary and Saint Clare..I have many people in need of good health and God has seen fit to help them...Prayer is a powerful tool and I could not live without it..
God help me. i pray.
Yes God has answered so many of my prayers, I am very greatful and will continue praying for others as well!!
God has answered all of my prayers. Some of the greater gifts have been unanswered prayers.
Yes for sure!