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Most Blessed St. Jude...thank you, thank you, thank you! You have always interceded for me. I won't forget. Thank you, again.
Thank you for answering my prayers. My sister got the job that she need for her and her children. Thank you Jesus. Amen
Yes, I support you. All folks who come to bring trouble in this board get out. Let us believe on what we want. But I will pray for you no matter what trouble you bring here...
Will the folks who come here to stir up trouble please look at the name of this site? We're a group of like-minded CATHOLIC believers who come here to pray for each other and to be encouraged by answers to those prayers. I wouldn't go to a Pentacostal message board and make derogatory comments about praying in tongues, and I wouldn't visit a Baptist site to stir up trouble. If you can't treat your fellow Christians with respect, then please don't post here and try to harm the faith of those who do believe.
Jesus Himself said in Luke 20:38 "For he is not a God of the dead, but of the living: for all live unto him." Since we are all a part of the communion of saints, I can ask someone in Heaven to pray for me, just as I can ask someone here on the message board to intercede for me. We do NOT worship Mary or the saints. . .we ask for them to pray for us. Hope that clears up the matter.
Thank You, Father God, and thank you, St. Claire, for answering my prayers.
Thank you Jesus & Mary!
Pray to the Father He loves us and wants to give us gifts. Pray the rosary, Mary Our Blessed Mother is the way to Jesus. Thank You St. Therese
Answer; We pray to God for continued blessing upon the saints (Eph 6:18 With prayers and deep desires, making requests at all times in the Spirit, and keeping watch, with strong purpose, in prayer for all the saints), and we ask the saints to pray for us as they have special intercessory privileges in heaven with God (where two or more are gathered in my name). Just as we ask others on this site to pray for us.
Thank you to Saint Jude for all of the help you have given to me, who is much less than perfect. Thank you to Mary and the Sacred Heart of Jesus who protected my home spiritually and mentally. I made jokes to my family that the reason the statues in the yard broke at the necks and had to be put back together was because we were whinning and just whipped mentally. Please let this help be a stepping stone that we will use wisely, because we have prayed for so long for your help and pray that we have not been given the help we ask for to lose it. Please pray that we are strong enough to maintain. Thank you Lord and Saints. Thank you Saint Jude, St. Anthony, Sacred Heart of Jesus and Mary, Blessed Mother. Thank you.
By praying to the communion of saints, you invoke the intercessory prayers and support of many powerful advocates who will carry your message or intention to the Heavenly Father on your behalf. Yes, ultimately it is indeed God's mercy and will that answers prayers. But, in desperate times, isn't it nice to know that there are so many angels and saints willing to come to our aid and offer us comfort and strength as we seek guidance and blessing?
Why don't people just pray to GOD ? Why do they play to this saint, that saint, some people go on and on. It's God thru HIS mercy that answers our prayers. It sure cannot hurt to pray to all the saints, I just do not understand.
Holy Mary, Mother of God, I offer my love and affection in celebration of the true anniversary of your birth. O' Queen of Heaven and Gracious Advocate of all who seek your intercession, I pray before you now for the healing and restoration of the loving relationship I shared with M. Please heal her of all hurt and grief from past family problems. Blessed Virgin, I implore you to remove all fear and doubt she has about whether our relationship could flourish and grow. O' Loving Star of the Sea, please look into my heart and know that my love for M is real and unfailing. I ask you to honor the commitment I make before you, and bestow a special blessing that our paths may be free from obstacles and that our hearts find one another again in love and commitment. My request is an honorable one, and I promise I will not let you or her down - I will not fail her. Holy Mary, always willing to offer comfort and strength to those in distress, I plead with you now - with all respect and humility - please re-unite me with the woman I love; a woman so blessed with inner and outer beauty, and so full of virtue and goodness, that she most assuredly had to have been Heaven sent in response to my prayers. I appeal to you as one who was blessed with a loving marriage during your time on earth - let me experience that same joy and love with the wonderful woman I began a relationship with last year, but am now apart from because of her doubts and grief over past hurt. Please hear and answer my prayers Blessed Mother, and I will forever sing your praises. I ask all this, bold as it may seem, in the name of your Son, my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ - through whom all good things come. Amen and Happy Birthday!
Pray to Our Lady today!!! She promised at Medjorge that if we pray to Her today, her true birthday, at 11:40 She will give us what we ask for in prayer to Her. Pray the rosary every day She will intercede with Jesus and God Our Father for us.
Thank You jesus For Blessing me!!!
Thank You for keeping us safe and letting me find our way the other night. I had gotten so lost and i was so scared, I now it was you Lord who took us to our destination safely. Thank You.
Thank You oh Lord for answering my prayers and making things perfect! Eternal Father, I offer You the Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity of Your dearly beloved Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ, in atonement for our sins and those of the whole world; for the sake of His sorrowful Passion, have mercy on us and on the whole world
Thank you Almighty Lord, St Jude, St Clare, St Anthony and all the Angels for prayers answered. I praise and thank you and pray that you continue interceding for me.
nowhere in the Bible does it say anything about praying to mary or any saint. quit your idol worshipping and read your Bible.
Jesus, I know you have received my prayers for all that is troubling me at this time. I understand patience is important, but more so faith that you are leading me to where you want me to go. I have tried to go it alone, but realise that without your will the path is dark. I have faith that soon you will remove the confusion that clouds my path, close doors that need not be open, and light up those that you allow. Christ you are my light, I accept, tears of Yes stream from my heart as my response to which the Angel of the Lord asked of me. I thank you Jesus and God for the miracles you have given to my family, this journey thus far you have brought me too, and the protection from the physical presence of the Dark One as he has tried to harm me on numerous occasions. Thank you to my Guardian Angel for all that he has done, my father and friends have seen you in real life, my mother in her dreams, I know that you are helping me towards God's will. You have answered my prayers Jesus, and through the Holy Spirit I have received them, however I still require your constant light to shine on me otherwise I will be nothing. Please help me use these new found gifts properly and in the time and place that is required, always. And lastly, thank you for my Father for bringing me to the Catholic faith, thank God for allowing my mother to accept his decisions, and for the many friends I have who have prayed for me and constantly do so. God Bless Marko, Fr. Paul, Selase, and Nataly my dearest. Ivanka, you are in my heart and thoughts, and in my prayers constantly. May God Bless your life and answer my prayers for you. ciao for now God, I'll be speaking to you soon again Jesus!
Thank you God! Thank you. Please open my eyes to all the blessings and miracles that happen every day!! Love and blessings to everyone, don't give up hope!
Of course we can go directly to God in prayer, but it never hurts to have other people praying for us, too. And since the Bible says that "All live unto Him," it doesn't matter if we ask someone who is on earth or in Heaven to intercede for us. Personally, I find a great deal of peace and comfort in knowing that Mary and the saints are adding their prayers to ours when we talk to God.
Thank you Saint Jude, Virgin Mary, Gentle Jesus, Holy Spirit and Sacred Heart of Jesus for answering my prayers. I knew I could count on you. I love you all and thank you again!!
jose said quit praying to me and mary. don't you know you can go straight to GOD with prayer?
Thank you jesus for this beautiful day. Thank you all saints for guiding me today. .
Thank You Dear Jesus and Holy Mother for favors granted. *IN*
Last night I was in despair! I was so saddened with everything that has been happening to me and my family. I was falling asleep and started to talk to the Father. I absolutly cried my heart out to him! I asked him to forgive me for fighting with my mother. I asked him to be with me and to guide me through life. I woke up today and felt like a hudge burden was lifted from my shoulder! My mom and me started to get along and we had fun with each others company. I felt extremely happy. Thank you Father for hearing me in one of my darkest hours. I pray for everyone who is troubled, anxious, disheartened, in despair, depressed, feeling alone, saddened, lost,and for everyone praying to you to please hear them and to lift all of their prayers up to hevan where you will personally hear and answer them! I pray for you all =), please remember to pray the Rosary every day... Please remeber what Mary has done for everyone, she loves us all unconditionally ans weeps for us, and loves us and interceeds for us. We can all pray through Mary to Jesus! She loves us and hears us and she wont turn her back on us! Stay Vigil and Pray! "Worry about Nothing, But pray for Everything!" Take care of yourselves!
Thank you Jesus for hearing my daily prayers and the progress my husband and myself have made in re-uniting. Thank you Saint Jude for listening to my prayers and await your help with my situation.
Thank you Saint Jude for asking Jesus to help my son Matthew pass his special run for the United States Air Force. He did his two mile run under the time limit. Again, thank you for this special favor that was granted.
thank you lord. the chance that i have asked for was granted. be rest assured that i will not blow this chance again. with your help, i will continue to give more effort in having my family back together again. hope that you will always be by our side. thank you.
Thank you dear Lord for answering my prayers. My husband and I do Not have to refinance our home because he received a check from a lawsuit for asbestos disease. Now he is able to catch up on the bills and I know that my refusal to sign the papers for the loan was the right thing to do. Thank you Jesus! And thank everyone here who offered a prayer for us, God bless you and I pray that He meets all your needs.
I start my new job Monday! Thankyou Lord! Please help me be a success. Praise be to God.
i thank you. my God fo giving me a wonderful day. i thought that i couldn't last since my problems on separation and death of a brother still haunt me. with the signs from t. therese , help me seek the decision i have to make. i tried to ask my husband and daughter to come back to our family. they are not responding. inspite of this, allow me to thank st. therese for her miracles. what a great day i had with my friends, im not alone after all. my lovely and pious st. therese, holy spirit, st. jude, archangels, blessed mary, you continue to be at my side in my quest for inner peace and centeredness. may i see the wisdom, courage and love to pursue your will. i accept your divine answern and your willingness not stay with me in this turbulent times. shower of roses, how else can i thank you. please guide B ans CALS towards inner healing as i await the family whom i will love and care for through all the days of my life. etrernal rest grant unto Tutoy who now belongs to you. My wish is granted. All i have to do is carry on your will, whatever it is. I shall graciously acknowledge this knowing you will be there for me. I love you. Amen. Bless all the people in this site, my counselors and dear friends.&&&&& NEONTE
Pray the rosary. it is a powerful prayer. Our Lady promise to give those who pray the rosary whatever they ask for. Believe and pray. Pray to the Saints to intercede for you, god gives them miracles for you. Wait on the Lord!
Blessed Kateri Tekawitha.. I love you ! .Let us all pray for her canonization .. "The Lily of the Mohawks" when she intercedes miracles happen !
Yes, God wants us to know Him as a loving Father not as someone who punishes us. Talk to Him as you would your earthly father. He loves us and wants us to know Him and talk to Him asking for what we need. He promises to always be with us when we call Him Father.
Thank you, St. Lucy for giving me more home. Amen
Can anyone share with me any prayers on St. Isidore? I had a dream of him, I didn't see him or anything I just heard his name said repetedly. Please let me know! Thanx
Thank You God for the kidney you have blessed me with that has lasted for five years now. I know that this kidney is really mine and the person and family who gave it to me I thank also and pray special blessings on. Thank You Lord for giving me this kidney after waiting for ten years. TP
Dear God, Thank You so much for letting J get her job at B.A. It is nothing short of a miracle in these tough times. Thank You God for answering my prayers posted on this site. Thank You God. Love. J
Thank You, most blessed Saint Jude. St. Jude is the benefactor of those in "hopeless" cases. He is very close to God and will intercede for all who ask. Pray to the Lord, Our God!
Thank You Father, Sweet Jesus, Mother Mary, St Therese, and St. Jude for interceeding for me! St Therese has sent me a rose the other day and I KNOW you have heard all my prayers and soon enough they will be answered. Thank You Agian! Remember to pray evry day! Your answers will come!
Remember God loves us no matter what! Pray anywhere you want, it doesnt matter, God just wants us to PRAY!!
God has answered not only one of my prayers, but more then I can possibly count, my faith has been nurtured into a blazing inferno of love for all. Those poor souls who have little faith, even a single humble prayer, especialy the lords brings on the thundering roar of all the saints in heaven and ignites the fire of the holy spirit inside us to ever intense levels, I testify that this can be felt inside and seen manifest all around us, god gives this to us, those that pray the rosary and chaplet of devine mercy with focus and stong will and trust in god forget themselves and are given a taste of heavenly peace here in the midst of satans army. pray for the church and conversion of the shellshocked souls, misdirected souls who study the word yet run from the blessed sacrament. Strengh for our holy father, mercy and salvation to all the people of the earth, all can be saved, this is the will of christ. The lords heart is mercy itself. He who asks, receives, remember that god knows our needs, he knows when it is the best time to receive, trust, because god's servants the holy angels are hard at work to fulfill our humble desires, some things come quick and some things come later, God feeds us when we can apretiate his gifts to the fullest, not when we are full, he does not stuff us like pigs but nurtures us to perfection through trust and patience. Isreal is a nation, rejoice, let us leave a slight emptiness in our belly's brothers and sisters in every meal so that we may have room in our belly's for the feast of the lord.
Dear Father, Thank You for sending forth Your spirit to calm my soul and mind. Thank You for the job You have so wonderfully given me to cater for my needs and for the needs of those around me. Please be ever with me in all aspects of my life (spiritually, emotionally, physically both now and ever more in Jesus Christ'name. PRAISE THE LORD! Alleluia and Amen.
Thank you ST Jude and St Therese, for answering my prayer!! I talked to him, so the lines of communication are open again. Thank you, I know we will shortly be starting our lives together as a couple!!!Ilove you both, St Jude you have helped me so many times before, please continue to petition for me. St Therese, I know you are hearing my prayers because of all the roses I have recceived!!! I love you both!!
YES!! Thank You St. Therese. I have a strong devotion to St Therese. I had to go to the archdiocese of Washington D.C. Offices. I saw there a brochure for an exhibit of St Therese relics at another place in DC. I found out that the exhibit was only 10 minutes form the place where I was. I drove there and went to the door. It was locked. A security guard came to the door and told me the building was closed on Mondays. I told him I had driven 75 miles and asked if he would just let me in to see the St Therese relics. He told me he couldn't because he might lose his job. He told me to go to another door and ring the buzzer. I did that and someone from security came on the speader box and I told him what I had told the other guard. He told me to wait. Then A woman walked up to the door and I asked her if she worked there. She said she did. I told her I had driven 75 miles to DC and realy wanted to see the St Therese relics. I asked her if she would take me inside to see the relics. She told me she would. She took me past the guards and she went into an office and told me to wait outside the office for her. She came out with a man she introduced to me as the director of the cultural center. He told me he would give me a personal tour. I said thank you but I don't want to trouble you, I only want to see the St Therese relics. He said ok and called on his walkie talkie to someone and told them to turn on the lights in the locked hall where the relics were on display. He took me to the chapel first, where he had to set up the altar for noon Mass and so I could see the picture of ST Therese painted by her sister Celine. Next he took me to the exhibition hall where The relics of St Therese were on display. He unlocked the door and let me spend time alone with the relics. I prayed to St Therese, in front of her relics, asking for her to ask Jesus to bring me, my wife, and daughters back together in a holy, happy,loving marriage. I thanked the director and left the center. I then went to the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception just down the street. I lit a candle and prayed to Our Lady to bring me back together with my wife and girls. I said a prayer at sevearl of the side chapels dedicated to Our Lady in the Basilica. As I was getting ready to leave something told me to go into one more chapel, the one next to where I was. It was a chapel dedicated to Our Lady Of Guadalupe. The altar in the chapel and the steps in front of the altar were filled with vases of roses. I know St Therese sent me to that chapel because she sent me to the shower of roses she promises us as a sign she has heard our prayer and will give us what we ask for. I know that all these things that happened were done by St. Therese. Pray and have faith. Never, never give up. The Saints are our powerful intercessors with Our Father and His Son Jesus. Thank You St. Therese I promise to make you known to all.
Thank you St. Joseph, St. Jude, St. Rita, St. Therese and the Sacred Heart of Jesus for prayers answered!
praise the lord for all all our answered parayer let us all continue to pray and pariase the heavenly father and all the angels and saints,amen
I want to thank Jesus for answering my prayers today. Thank you Jesus and all your Saints who prayed for us and all the ones who heard my request and prayed and also our family thats praying. Thank you and God Bless you. A Mother
God and Christ and HIs Blessed Mother have answered so very many of my prayers...I have avoided several accidents the last few days thanks to them...My retirement check has been raised...even if it is slightly raised it helps put food on the table.I have several new clients in my home based business and they keep coming back ordering more rosaries.I have a good family...I had big wins at the competitions at ORU and OU...I was able to complete five days of service to keep my retirement.I found my lost cell phone and lost bank card...Several friends have experienced a return to better health...and so it goes...Thanks,Dear Lord,Mary and of course,Dear God,for so much help.
Five years ago me and my husband went through a very rough time in our relationship. At this point of my life I was not very religious adn I admit it is indeed common for human to realized that there is GOD only in time of despair and when you lose hope of somewhere to turn to. To make the story friend introduce me to St. Therese of Jesus by giving me a novena pamplet. Not knowing where to turn to I started my Novena on a Tuesday and patiently waited for my flower. At the beginning I thought St Therese is not listening to me. However, on the Thursday of the same week, one of my girlfriends called and said she bought me a Rosary. I went to pick this up and it turned out that this Rosary is one of those St. Therese of Jesus Rosary from Rosebuds. Eversince, I beleived and thank St. Therese for opening my eyes. This also leads my husbands' gradual conversion. He is not a born Catholic but just recently, he had turned around and have started praying the Rosary. I indeed thank the LORD for making this happen. I believe the moral to this is.....sometimes we are not getting what we asked for but ended up getting something better if we believe and persevere.
Five years ago me and my husband went through a very rough time in our relationship. At this point of my life I was not very religious adn I admit it is indeed common for human to realized that there is GOD in time of despair and when you lose hope of somewhere to turn to. To make the story freind introduce me to St. Therese of Jesus by giving me a novena pamplet. Not knowing where to turn to I started my Novena on a Tuesday and pateintly waited for my flower. At the beginning I thought St Therese is not listening to me. However, on the Thursday of the same week, one of my girlfriends called and said she bought me a Rosary. I went to pick this up and it turned out that this Rosary is one of those St. Therese of Jesus Rosary from Rosebuds. Eversince, I beleived and thank St. Therese for opening my eyes. This also leads my husbands conversion. He is not a born Catholic but just recently, he had turned around and have started praying the Rosary. I indeed thank the LORD for making this happen. I believe the moral to this is.....sometimes we are not getting what we asked for but ended up getting something better if we believe and persevere.
Thank you St. Joseph of Cupertino for anwering my prayer!! Thank you Lord for a good outcome on Friday, July 26th. Truly God is good!!
St. Jude-thank you for prayers answered.
thank you Our Beloved Lord Jesus, Our Beloved Blessed Mother Mary ,The Holy Spirit and all the Saints for the favors granted.
thank you Our Beloved Lord Jesus, Our Beloved Blessed Mother Mary ,The Holy Spirit and all the Saints for the favors granted.
thank you Our Beloved Lord Jesus, Our Beloved Blessed Mother Mary ,The Holy Spirit and all the Saints for the favors granted.
thank you Saint Therese for sending me my rose.i know my favors will be granted.
thank you Saint Therese for sending me my rose.i know my favors will be granted.
thank you Saint Therese for sending me my rose.i know my favors will be granted.
Thank you St JUde and St Theresa for answering my prayers.
My thanks to God and to all of you here who prayed for my daughter(T) to have a healthy baby and an uncomplicated delivery. Our prayers were answered! She delivered a beautiful, healthy. baby girl Fri. morning in spite of earlier blood serum test being low and doctors scaring us about further testing for downs syndrome. Thank you dear Jesus. Iam so very thankful for each and every prayer offered up for us. And I pray with all my heart for every unborn baby, may God please bless them and keep them safe. I pray that the mother's have a quick and uncomplicated delivery and that their babies are born in perfect health. Thank you Jesus, thank you Catholic prayers.
the energy of spirit of people did this not prayer....positives outcomes do not always come from what you pray illness is prayed and when the person dies, people have wasted their time in prayer especially when the person dies and they just shrug it off (where does prayer come into effect here?) and say that GOD has them now. Oh my, get a clue people. Nobody is right and everything is based on theory. Get a clue, and i am not better than you...I am still human.
Thank God for keeping the 9 miners alive. They were talked to on phone. The Miracle of prayer. This is to thank all that prayed for them. -
God has answered my prayers through St Rita. She came to me in my dreams and had her arms open to me telling me to come to her. I was in Beirut Lebanon at that time, visiting my family, I asked my father who is a devoted christian what this dreams mean, and he told me to pray to her and visit her. So, I went to a St. Rita church and I prayed for her to help me as I was in a state of despair, I purchased a book that told me her story and I prayed her novenas. On the 9th day my prayers were answered, she miraculously helped my husband in his work, and from that day onwards, I spread her miracles and powers to every person I meet. God answers prayers, in His time and not ours. We should leave our worries to him, and not dictate to him the steps and measures that should be taken. He is far more superior to us humans, and we should never loose faith in our Lord Jesus Christ and his beloved blessed Mother Mary. Amen.
Thank you st. jude for helping me now in my time of needs.
I, in all my years have never stopped believing in my faith, but have "hesitated". Recently I have prayed specifically to St Jude for a few things to get resolved and he has always come through. Thank you St Jude.
I, standing before our heavenly father and our savior jesus christ do testify of his works upon the earth. Even though the trees die, they are made into something much more gloryous. The trees never really die, and they may loose a branch or two but by there seed of faith grows a sprout of a olive branch which is grafted in to take the place of that which god has choosen to fall. They are those as trees walking, and following not the bible only but the spirit of god first. They being tought by the spirit of god through jesus christ our savior, and intersesory to those who need help from god for the truth of the gospel of god. If we can learn to hear here then we can also hear with god, for what is done in heaven is done on earth, and is not about binding and loosing as many believe, its for yours is the kingdom the power and glory forever. If we truely stand in the valley of the shadow of death, in the garden of our heavenly father as adam did, then we are subject to pruning as god wishes and change to conform to his likeness. A person might not understand the word of god untill they live it, and in liveing it become the letter written on the heart, and a much likend story of faith. And who wouldnt belive that any saint couldnt intersess for us being changed into that same glory. Peace be with you in jesus name.
There is only one that answers prayers and that is Jesus Christ our Lord and savior.I am not sure where in the Holy Bible it is, but Jesus stated that no can come to the father except through me. I pray that all who think prayers are answered by Saints, or angles or anything else will pick up their Bibles and read the true word.
I found this site 3 weeks ago. I had been unemployed for over 6 months and feeling hopeless. I asked for prayes every night and started praying for others here too. Today I was offered a job!!! Prayer works! Thank you Sacred Heart, St Therese of Lisieux, St Jude, Blessed virgin and all who prayed for me, especially my parents