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To all of you in search of a miracle....I have prayed all of these novenas for several weeks and months times wanting to give up, but just could not. I would pray every day to Jesus, the Holy Spirit, St. Jude, St. Claire, St. Rita, St. Joseph, and the Holy Mary...My miracle has happened!! so please!! to all of you that are in need of a miracle...miracles do happen and never lose your faith in God and his angels and saints..they are all looking over you but never give up faith!! thank you Dear Jesus..I know you are always with me and I love you..thank you to all the saints and angels who were always looking over me!! AL
Thank you so much Lord that Nanay's operation today was successful. I am praying that the result of the biopsy will be fine and that she will recover fast following this operation. I thank you so much Lord and I praise and blesses you Lord for all the good things you have done to us. Thank you so much Lord.
Thank you Heavenly Father, for making my Mother's leg improve. Please help her to continue healing. Amen.
Heavenly Father, I thank and praise You for answering my prayers and blessing me with your peace. I understand that Your will be done. Amen!
We believe God answers our prayers. He has brought my husand to a point of remission. We pray that God will coThank you God.ntinue to answer our prays, for us and all cancer patients. Thank you God.
Thank you St Therese for all the roses you shower down on me daily, and St Anthony for always helping me find stuff, and St Jude for helping me out with my impossible requests!!! I love you all !!
God is good ALL THE TIME.
Dear God, thank you for letting us have a wonderful weekend with my daughter. She seems happy and well and for that i am most grateful. Please continue to wathch over her and let her do well in school, get into graudae school adn find a happy and productive life with love. Thank you
Thank you for answered prayer! In Jesus name. Amen.
Thank you Father for answering my prayers. Thank you Saint Therese for your intercession. I wanted all the faithfuls on these boards to know God does hear and answer us, if it be His will. There have been times when I did not recieve my petitions, but I kept praying and realized God had a better plan. I never get discouraged when He does not answer my prayers. I thank Him and praise Him always, in good times and bad times. God is wonderful! God is Great! I feel so blessed to always have Him in my life. Thank you again Saint Therese for your powerful intercession. You are a Rose! Amen.
Dear Friends, God does indeed work in mysterious ways. Recently I have been praying for my troubled marriage. I had asked my mother to come and spend the date of my husband and my 25th anniversary with me as I did not want to be alone. I also intended to ask her to bring up the statue of Mary that we had donated to her church after my father passed away. God must have passed that request to her, because she had already decided to bring the statue to my home. I received much comfort and peace after praying the rosary in front of the statue. I also was hired by a company doing the job I really wanted. God is so good to us. We just have to be listening to him and trust him to lead us in the direction he is showing us. No, my marriage is not healed, but I feel in my heart God does not want me to give up on it. I pray for continued strength and have placed my marriage in God's capable hands. Ann
I thank Saint Padre Pio: on suggestion of a prayer partner here, I looked up and found a prayer to Saint Pio and I prayed it and I felt a nice calmness come over my heart, in the midst of the storm around me. Thank you Saint Pio and God bless, please the dear prayer partner! Amen.
God answered my prayer today. I have been out of work for a very long period of time. The other day I found an ad in the paper wich was an entry level position in my chosen field. I had given up on that field for lack of opportunity and so many slammed doors in my face. But I decided to take a chance on this one. I prayed while I worked up my resume. I prayed before I took it to the fax machine. I faxed it today at 4:30. I came home turned on Christian television and called in a pledge of $100. One of my prayers was for a new job. I went outside and came back in and there was a message from the company that I applied with. They called me back for an interview at 4:52pm the same day that I FAXed it. Thank You Lord. Also St. Anthony led me to some lost drawings that I had been looking for. He is great.
YES! YES! YES! Our LORD does answer our prayers...I feel so humble that the Lord took time to hear my prayers and answered them....I will forever be his servant in prayer and on earth. i only hope to be able to serve him properly and Honor Him .Thank you LORD JESUS for hearing my prayers .YOU have made us very happy! I love you! To every one here ..PRAY..PRAY..PRAY!! mj
Father, I humbly thank You for showing me to this site, these people are wonderful, please bless them all! Please hear their prayers and answer them with Your Love. Amen!
Father Almighty, thank You for answering my prayers for bringing me to the woman who will share my love.
Seems today I again Humbly thank you yet again. Thanks Saint Jude, Saint Anne & God for all the answers to my prayers and for healing my son. This is the best he has felt since april. -
Thank you Jesus for answering my long awaited prayer-Blessed be you name forever.
Thank You, God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, St. Jude, St. Therese, God, and Mary, the Mother of God for answering my prayer.
God DOES answer prayers. I am not a very prayerful person, but back in February of this year, I was confronted with a problem at work that could have destroyed our family business. Thru prayers posted on this website, daily recitation of the rosary, and a few Novenas from February thru May, we received word this week, that the contract we would lose money on was pulled from our company, and we would be compensated for all costs associated with it to date. Back in February, I wanted answers immediately to cancel the contract ---- I received the best answer this week without having to fight out a legal battle, which could have sunk us. It really is true that God answers prayers in His time, not ours. The best part is, I am still praying regularly.
Dear Lord, Thank you for keeping peace in our home last night. Amen
God is faithful and He answers prayers. Sometimes the miracle is happening before our very eyes, but we may not see it at the moment, but when we look back on the situation we realize it was God and not our own will, or good luck, or the medical science, etc. that changed our situation. It is the power of prayer, the hand of God, the intercession of Saints and prayer partners and faith, lots of faith. I have witnessed it with the miraculous healing of my father last summer, and I pray that he will do the same now for my mother. God has answered so many of my prayers, I could be here all day listing them..someday I will. Peace
Yes He does. He answers them not in a direct way but the way things or situations seem to fall into the right place and the outcome is pleasant and bearable.I believe because He answered my prayers today. He knows that I need His help and guidance and He has never left my side since. Have Faith and be patient because He will never let you down!!Praise Be the Lord!!Praises to Dear Mother Mary, Our Lord Jesus Christ, St.Jude and St.Claire.Thank you ES
Thank You Lord for sending me hope. I know the change of circumstances between Mike and I are only of Your doing. Help me to continue to trust in You, for You alone are my salvation!
thank you st. jude for answering my prayer .you have saved my home .saint jude i will keep you always in my heart.
Thank You Heavenly Father for all the little everyday blessings
thanks Saint Jude, Saint Anne & God for all the answers to my prayers. -
Thank you God for guiding me to the right doctor with the correct diagnosis, and to the right Physical Therapists.
Thank You Lord Jesus for hearing our prayers for our family and the good health of our parents, children and grandchildren. We are truly gracious Lord for our many Blessings from You, Father, and Our Heavenly Family. We pray for our family members who've passed on and pray for all souls salvation. Please guide, protect and deliver us from evil. Thank You to Holy Virgin for kind intercession. We are inspired by the love and prayers on this site and pray for those in need & suffering. In Jesus Christ we pray. Amen.
Thank you Saint Jude for asking Jesus to grant my special request.
Thank you St. Anthony, thank you for everything. I love you soooooo much!
Thank you Saint Jude for answering my prayer. My son passed the written exam to continue his career in the US Air Force to serve God and country. Amen
Yes. God does answer prayers. I prayed that someone from my past would come to visit me in my new town. I got a letter last week from a friend who is coming to see me. Thank you, Lord. Please bless their trip with safety and may we have fun when they come to this city. Amen.
Thank you for answering my prayers and for helping me heal. I do not know if I am being tested or if this is how it is suppose to be?MAry please continue to guide me and allow me to LOVE and receive LOVE...Praise be to GOD
Let us give thanks and praise to God for giving us kind, dry weather. Please heal the World and please note that there are many God-loving people on Earth. We love you God..
Thank you God for giving me temporary peace with myself. Thank you for giving us dry weather this week. England has (along with many other countries) had too much rain as of late resulting in damage to property, floods and loss of life. Please bless all the countries in your beautiful world. Please protect us from floods, storms, tidal surges as you promised Noah. Please protect the United Kingdom and all the countries of Planet Earth.
Thank You Father, for answering my prayers regarding the home. Thank You for guiding us to the right one. I give you all the glory.
Thank You St. Therese for hearing my
Thank You Lord for letting things go well in my legal situation. Thank You for letting it be all over with. Also, I am still waiting on my rose from St. Therese concerning another most critical situation. I pray that she makes it crystal clear that it is from her. May God Bless all who read this website. sb
Thank you Lord for answering my prayers. I was offered a very good job and will start working on 1st October. Thanks for all other favours received. Lord bless us always.
Thank You dear Lord for answering all my prayers! R.A
Thank you for my life, "Seigneur je ne suis pas digne de te recevoir, mais dit seulement une parole, et je serai gueri"
Thank you Lord for helping me find the leagal document I needed.
Thank you for not making yesterday be the disaster it could have been. Dad is okay. Thank you so very much.
Thank You again Lord, Jesus, Mary, Joseph, Saint's Therese,Jude, Thomas,Michael...for interceeding on our behalf and for the very special favours after the trial...the special Angel from Heaven, who is truly the light of our lives! Bless You God, Jesus, Mary & Saints!!Amen. Love Always, HC,JY,MT and Families.
Thank You Lord, for letting by brother and I speak to each other again. Let us begin to have a better relationship with one another and always comfort instead of hurt each other. SFB
Thank you Lord, for giving me a chance to do well at the job interview. Now its up to you. Please help me. Please
Thank You Sweet & Kind Jesus for hearing my prayers. You knew exactly what I needed and only You could deliver it! I am grateful yet I am undeserving. Thanks and Blessed be the Father.
Thank you Lord for blessing me with a job interview
Dear God, thank You so much for providing for all my needs.
Of course you're not wrong for wanting a personal relationship with God -- that's what prayer is all about! I've said it before, but I think it's worth repeating: prayer is a love letter, not a laundry list. We are called by God to love Him and to know Him as our beloved Father. Our yearning for God will never be over until we reach Heaven and spend all eternity with Him. He draws us closer to Him each time that we trust Him and confide the deepest thoughts of our hearts and souls to Him in prayer. Put Your trust in Him, know what He has said in the Holy Bible, and then let him bring You closer to Him every day. God bless you in your walk with Him.