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I had not worked in 2 years but still carry financial responsibilities for others. Most time I don't know how I am going to make it through the week or the nedt day. I have asked God for good spirits in my life and today a dear friend is lending me $600.00. God please bless her and her husband.
I have prayed for help in my business - I was losing a major client thru no fault of my own - I have kept that client and God has sent some small business to me that has helped keep me afloat. There is not one big anwer, but lots of small answers that are getting me thru day by day - Praise God!
Thank you Holy Spirit for answering my prayer requests. I ask this in the name of Jesus. Amen
Thank you Dear lord for answering my prayers. In Jesus name I thank you and praise you. My ordeal is over and i am healed. Thank you for the strenght you gave me during my Miscarriage. It was very painful having to give back to you the baby that I had prayed to you for. But accepting your will and the love you have showed me gave me the strenght to accept my loss. Thank you god for the healing of my body and mind. Please keep me and m and kids in your loving arms and keep us safe. thank you lord and and keep my baby angels with you till i can be with them. amen ....
Thank you St. Anthony for hearing my prayers for my sister surgery turn out just fine. Thank you!
Thanks to the Holy Spirit for the gifts he has given me. It is so good to feel those gifts getting stronger each day, and knowing they are special graces given to all, but made sronger to those who believe. It's nice to feel special like this.
Dear Almighty Father, thank You and on behalf of my mother and brothers for your compassion, love, protection and for the many many blessings (spiritually and physically) that You have showered on us. Dear Lord, You are all we have, so please be ever close to us and make us all whole in our individual situations. We praise and thank You in the name of JESUS CHRIST, our Lord and Saviour. Amen. Praise be to the Lord! Alleluia!
Dear Jesus Mary and God, Thank you so much for answering part of my prayer from earlier today. It would really mean the world to mean if you could anwer the rest of it by the end of the week. Please, I really need this to work out with the person I know you sent me to be the love of my life. Thanks again.
My Dearest Blessed Motrher Mary, Thank You. Saint Jude, Thank You. Saint Joseph, Thank You. Saint Jude, Thank You. Saint Clare, Thank You. My Guardian Angel, Thank You. All my ansestors, Thank You. My Lord, Jeasus, Thank You and Thank You Almighty Father. Thank You. I am forever in your service. Thank You. You have answered all my prayers. Thank You I dedicate my life to you ow and forever.
As promised I want to thank our Lady of Mount Carmel and the Holy Spirit for hearing my prayers through the novenas I have prayed. I know in my heart they will be answered and I want to thank you and all the angels and saints to whom I pray each day and who are always in my thoughts. Thank you for always being there as my guides and my help. For the intentions of heaven and the intentions of our hearts I continue to pray always till we finally get home. Thank you again and I love you.
Thanks to God, the Almighty and to all his Angels and Saints. Thanks St. Anthony, St Jude and St Theresa. I will always be thankful to you. Thank you for answering my prayers. Things in my life is working out positively now but I still need help to make them more smooth so that everyone concern will be happy at the end. For those who pray and think that God is not answering, I think it is for your own good. Maybe the thing your praying for is not meant to be. The almighty is the one who knows what's best for us all. Always remember that.
Thank you St. Jude, St. Peregrine, St. Faustina.
I want to thank the Lord for ansering my prayers that my mom's test results were fine. I know I have some other intentions for my family and a special one for me that may require a miracle but I know if it is God's will it will be done. Have faith and I'm sure your prayers and mine will soon be answered because nothing is impossible with the Lord.
May I witness that God Our Father Always hears our prayer requests. God has answered me, but always in his time. When I petition to the Lord its in Pray. I continue to pray ferverently and press in to our Father in Heaven because I know he knows what is best...first things seem not to go the way we want them, but if you continue, in the long run when you turn back, that path that was created by God is always the RIGHT Path. Please my brothers and sisters in Christ, pray to our Father for Godly Wisdom, especially to send you the gifts of the Holy Spirit: Wisdom, Understanding, Judgment, Courage, Knowledge, Love and Reverence for God -- think about it: if we can master those gifts, WE CAN DO ALL THINGS, THROUGH CHRIST WHO LOVES US. AMEN...Please let us all pray for one another, POWER OF PRAYERS in our Father in Heaven.
God guide my daughter.
God,St.Rita,and St.Jude, I would really appreciate if you woulld heal Mr. Cotterill from cancer. He is Anne Louise's dad and it would be terrible if he died. I appreciate all that You do. Thank YOU, Your loving servant, Natalie
Hi St. Anthony, this is my daily thank you for everything you have helped me with. Your power is absolutely one of the most incredible experiences in my life. I again need your help in new troubles, but I have faith and confidence in you to help me through, again troubling times. I love you!
Thirty three and 34 yrs ago I prayed to San Martin for a little girl, and he answered my prayers twice. He has continued to answer my prayers and I thank God daily....
To Jesus, Mary and all the saints and to the Holy Souls: Thank you for being there in my time of need. My request may have seemed trivial, but through it all, my faith never waivered. Through the Holy Spirit and God the Father they guided me. I give thanks to all of you and hope that my testimony will inspire others to keep faithful; your prayers will be answered.
Mother mary, you are the most caring and loving mother. Thank You for hearing my prayers. St. Jude, Thank You. St. Clare Thank You. St. Joseph, Thank You. You ahv answered my prayers.
Thank you St Anthony for prayers partly answered. I will still keep on praying until all is fine.St Jude and all the Saints go with me before God and please let my necessities be answered.
No, my prayers that I have said and cried so hard over have not been answered. I have been praying for so long and I am in desperate need. I am so depressed I don't know how much more I can take. I need you Lord and you are not helping me. I will continue to pray but am becoming doubtful. St. Jude, St Anthony and St. Theresa please help me.
I have been praying for my girlfriend to come back to me and be a wonderful couple again. I have been praying to St. Jude, St. Joseph, Mother Pauline, ST. Ann, St. Anthony, St. Theresa, St. Claire the Holy Spirit and all the Angles and Saints in Heaven. First of all we are not back together yet but it looks good and the signs from Heaven are incredible. I ask to hear a song on the radio and BAM there it is. I ask in prayer for her to call and the phone rings. I ask St. Theresa the little flower to help me and the next thing i am getting showered with Roses. I asked the Holy Spirit to fill her mom with love for me and then a couple days later she tells me that her mom and sister LOVE me. Believe in the power of prayer! These Saints are AWESOME and are working hard for me and Kelly to get back together. God Bless You and everyone on this site. I will let everyone know when my prayer is answered in full and we will all rejoice in the name of the Lord! Amen.
thank you god for answering my prayer my pass to the next term in nursing.
Dear God - thank you for answering my prayers.
St Clare and St, Jude and St. Joseph. I am praying very hard for the only thing I will ever ask. Please let me continue to be qualified in the eyse of the NYSE and continue to work. AP
"Promise me that you'll give faith a fighting chance" Thank you for all your favors and friendship, St. Anthony. Please don't ever leave me I need you desperatly in my life every day.
Thank you St. Clare for your intercession. May all 3 of my requests of prayer be granted.
Dear God thak you for making my mothrs day wonderful and thank for you for getting me through the social event with my husband. Also, thank you for beginning to let me realize that I should not be so judmental of him and worry what others think of him
Thank you St. Jude and Sacred Heart of Jesus for the favors received on Saturday. I promise you, St. Jude, to be ever mindful of this great favor. I will honor you as my special and powerful patron and encourage devotion to you.
I would just like to thank the Heavens, God, Lord Jesus, the Holy Spirit, the blessed Mother, St.Jude, St. Therese, and St. Anthony for keeping me calm and at ease in these dark troubled times in my life. Thankyou for giving me a faith to hold on to. T
Thank you, St. Jude, for answered prayers. And St. Peregrine and St. Faustina. Thank you.
Thank you Saint Therese for sending my roses. I cried with such relief, I waited till the final hour today, 5th day before I was granted seeing them, maybe you sent several and I wasn't sure enough, but today there was no doubt. I continue praying for my miracles, but thank you for letting me know my prayers are heard and will be answered. Yes, God answers, no doubt.
Dear Blessed Mother, thank you of answering my prayer - please continue to help us with our on-going challange.Thank you, I love you.
thank you for a nice mothers day and that i heard from all my children
Where born Mother Teresa Of Calcuta
Dear St. Rita and St. Therese, my patron saint, thank you for bringing back the lost ring my beloved husband gave me and which I had searched so hard for but could never find. And it was only moments after imploring your aid that it appeared right in front of me, glowing brightly in the dark.
Thank you dear jesus for taking care of one of my best friends and helping her to get through her terrible tragedy and surgeries. You heard our cry and answered it with loving care for her!
Thank you God for the mothers day card from my daughter i know you were insturmental in the message
thank you for lettingme be able to book my mohter's trip and for watching over my family
St. Theresa, St. Jude, St. Anthony, Mary Mother of God and Divine Mercy of Jesus. Thank you so much for answering my prayers. My daughter closed her business last Friday, but through prayers she started another job on Monday. Praise God!!!
Yes God answers prayers, in his time not ours. I recently finished the following St. Jude Novena: May the Sacred Heart of Jesus, be adored, glorified, loved and preserved, throughout the world, now and forever. Sacred Heart of Jesus, pray for us. Saint Jude, worker of miracles, pray for us. Saint Jude, help of the hopeless, pray for us. Say the prayer 9 times daily for 8 days. Promise publication. Your prayers will be answered. Mine was. Thanks be to God.
Yes God answers prayers, in his time not ours. I recently finished the following St. Jude Novena: May the Sacred Heart of Jesus, be adored, glorified, loved and preserved, throughout the world, now and forever. Sacred Heart of Jesus, pray for us. Saint Jude, worker of miracles, pray for us. Sanit Jude, help of the hopeless, pray for us. Say the prayer 9 times daily for 8 days. Promise publication. Your prayers will be answered. Mine was. Thanks be to God.
Guide and lead my daughter. God.
God bless you all. I can say that through the power of Jesus name to day im healed. When I was a kid I was very sick, and weak. My family new a bout Jesus, but did not have a understanding who He was, and way He came for. To My family is serving the Lord, and did the sinners prayer. I want to give you story of what happen to me. I had many sickness, I could not write, speak correctly, I could not walk the way others did. One day I was so sick that I went to a hosptail,they said I had cancer so Iwas there for days. One nurse came to me, and she said do you khnow Jesus, she also led me to sinner prayer. The Nurse said " Child the Lord has healed you" she said also tell everybody what Jesus did for you. I have mediacal proof that I was Healed not by doctors but by God. Today you might be a person who is sick, are feels no body loves you thats not ture. John 3:16 says God love us, Iwould like to encourage you to put your name as you read it. Also if you want to know Jesus as Lord,and God of your life Roman's chapter 10:9. Do what it say or do it with a believer, than phone a church close to you that only preaches Jesus is God's Son,and Jesus is God. It through only the name of Jesus you are saved, not by man or good deeds.
Thank you for getting me through another week alone. Your strength, wisdow, love and guidance are leading the way for me, Dear Lord.
Thand you St. Anthony for always hearing my prayers.
dear lord i thank you for helping me and my wife things are getting better slowly and im greatful things are going in a positive direction-----i ask for your continued help please help my wife and i get back together--please in the name of jesus-amen.
dear lord thank you for the help you have been giving me ---i love you in the name of jesus.amen
Thank you St. Jude and Sacred Heart of Jesus for giving me the opportunity to re-connect with a loved one. I once was lost and now I'm found...I truly believe in your support.
Dear Holy Mother, you are answering my prayers, everything is going smooth - please let all of this continue, I know it is a lot to ask for, but please I need your help.
It is just me St. Anthony saying thank you for everything always. I love you and will be back here on Monday to let others know how wonderful you are.
It's nice to see God has answer so many peoples prayers, because God sure as hell hasen't answered any of mine.
Dear God thank you for helping my children, please continue to help them
Thank you Saint Jude for answering my prayer and so quickly, you certainly are the Saint of things despaired of. CN
My mother has always tole me to pray to St. Jude when time are the worst. I can now attest to the fact that he is the patron saint for things despaired of. He has helped me, and answered my prayers. Who says that an old dog can't learn? C
Thank you Mother Mary, Holy Spirit & St Katherine Drexel. My manager is now treating me more humanely and not bullying me. I am continuing to pray for my wife to get a job and for my CEO to stop harrassing me into leaving my job. I am praying to St Jude, St Clare & St Anthony and will not stop praying till my prayers are answered.
God lead and guide my daughter.
Husband has been out of work for months thank you Blessed Virgin and Heavenly Father for answering prayers.
dear God thank you for letting me hear frommy daughter and the fact that she seems fine. please continue to help her. thankyu for helping
Dear Father - Thank You, for the wait. Though it may have seemed unbelievably long, To You Lord, it was a means to secure for me what You have eventually blessed me with at present. Thank You for Your protection, guidance and care. My faith is renewed, knowing that even during those periods You were there with me and was gradually finding me what only You knew I needed. Thanking You, in the name of the FATHER, SON and HOLY SPIRIT. Amen.
Dear Almighty Father, Thank You very much for Your continued presence in our lives (mother, brothers'and mine). Thank You for answered prayers and for the changes I have begun to see. Please be Lord and Father over us and make us all whole, both at work and in our personal situations, in CHRIST JESUS' name. Amen.
Thank you for letting my son do well on his exam
Thank you St. Anthony for coming through for his blood results. Thank you so much!
I thank you God for every thing that you have done for me, giving me a son and a good husband. Thank you for making me survive after i had commited suicide, im so greatful to you Lord thank you for watching over me. Please God i ask for your help, im going through a very difficult time right now. Plaese God help me through it, you are the only one that can help me. Thank you Lord for listening to me. .. I.N
It is me, St. Anthony, just saying thank you for everything. Your power and friendship means everything to me. I love you.
In response to VB the single mother of two boys - that is a wonderful, wonderful story - I wish you all the best - and for those who do not believe in the power of prayer they miss out on soooo much. Your testimony is proof that God does hear and answer prayers - but he can't answer prayers in you don't ask.
Thank You Lord for answered prayer. When I was down and out and couldn't do anymore the Lord took care of it for the night. Amen
Thank you Jesus for today and thank you for wonderful things. My prayer for salary increase has been answered and Lord just what I expected. Thank you Jesus. Patience is a vertue in Jesus name.
Jesus, You said, "Ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find, knock and it shall be opened to you." Through the intercession of Mary, Your holy Mother, I knock, I seek, I ask that my prayer be granted. F had been so sickly as a child I ask that you keep him in good health as an adult. Jesus, You said, "All that you ask of the Father in My name, He will grant you." Through the intercession of Mary, Your holy Mother, I humbly and urgently ask Your Father in Your name that my prayer be granted. F had been so sickly as a child I ask that you keep him in good health as an adult. Jesus, You said, "Heaven and earth shall pass away, but My word shall not pass." Through the intercession of Mary, Your holy Mother, I feel confident that my prayer will be granted. F had been so sickly as a child I ask that you keep him in good health as an adult.
God my daughter.
God does answer prayer and it is soo evident through somethign I like to call little miracles. When you are not called on in class although you think you know the answer and then find out you were wrong, that is a miracle right there. It's God answering a prayer before it even became a prayer in your mind. Little things like that are being done constantly around us, we just have to open our eyes to them. St. Anthony also answers my prayers for me constantly I, too would be lost without his help. So yes God does answer prayers, we just have to learn where, how, and when to look for them and where and how he answers them.
Thank you God for the blessings I received from the Charismatic Conference last weekend. I was truly blessed in my heart and must say thank you Lord. God is really mighty, very great.
Holy Spirit, I give you thanks for my answered prayer. I am a true believer and know that my life is nothing without you. Forgive me for my many sins and thank you for loving me despite them. When no one else was there for me, you stepped in and showed your love beyond belief. I will not let you down. All that I am and will ever be is because of you. I did not know where to go or what to do and I came to you and you answered my prayer, you took away the pain and doubt and in their place gave me love, faith, and happiness. I am yours and I will serve you from this day forth. I will never forget what you did for me and I will tell the story of my answered prayer to those who are weak and in pain and just as desparate as I was. I love you and want nothing more than to dwell with you in eternity. Thank you for everything. I will make you proud.
Thank you St. Jude for answering my prayers. I'm sorry for my weaknesses. Please don't give up on me. God does answer prayers, but in His time. We must continue to pray and to believe. Thank you St. Jude, St. George, Agia Irini, Hristouli mou, Panagitsa mou.
Thank you Lord for delivering me and my family from all that was put against us. You delivered us in the form of a miracle. I love you.
Thank you for very meaningful prayer answered!!
Yes, through St. Anthony, God has answered several difficult prayers. Their power is unbelieveable. Thank you St. Anthony for all your blessings. I love you so very much.
Yes Jesus does answer prayer. Maybe not in the exact form we want it, however, after receiving the answer I can understand why it was does that way. For my benefit. So I could see it for myself. Amen Thank you Lord. Please give me strength and courage to go on and do Your will. Help us to bond and to focus our marriage on You and Your goodness for us and our son. Amen
yes he does im still learning that-but he answers my prayers just you really have to open up your eyes to see and sometimes we all get impatiant but in time they are answered------just keep praying-------
Prayers to the Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit, you who makes see everything and showed me the way to reach my ideals, You who gave me the divine gift to forgive and forget the wrong that is done to me and You who are in all instances of the my life with me. I want to tank You for the everything and confirm once more that I never want to be separated from You no matter how great the once more that I never want to be separated from You no matter how great the material desire may be. I want to be with You and my loved ones in Your perpetual glory. Amen Mention your request. While make the request, you must promise either (a) to publish the prayer or (b) to circulate the favor. This prayer should be said for 3 consecutives days. After the 3rd day, the request will be granted, no matter how difficult in may be.
Thank you so much all Lord for the peace in my heart today, and the feeling I am being cared for. May u continue to shine ur warm and most compassionate love on me, and to be patient and positive knowing that my prayers will be answered. Without you, life has no meaning, and I would not have anything to hold on to and live for. Thanks for always being there to lift up my spirits, My life I owe to u.
This is just a good forum that share our experience with God. I have got so many prayers granted. Whenever I am or my love ones are in difficulties, when my soul is tired and sad, the only place I go to find a refuge is thru my prayers. My favourite is the rosary and prayers to Our Lady. Sometimes it is hard to express my need and my desire, but I believe that Our Lady always translate it beautifully for me. I love her so much! God has worked his miracle one by one. There are prayers that is not granted, but miracoulously when I looked back to those prayer, I don't want them anymore, God has slowly helped me to forget those wishes because it is not the time or it is not appropriate. He worked gently thru my hope. He knows me like the palm of His hand. However, everytime after prayer, God gave each of us a sense of peace, a sense of His presence with us in our difficulties. So, please pray when your heart is in trouble, you will find Him when you seek Him, and He will be holding you when you go through the hardest part of your life. For those who is hoping for a prayer to be granted, God does listen to our prayer. He made a way and we just couldn't see it sometimes. But as time goes by, I can testify that He has done the best for me. And I love Him and I thank Him for all the decision he has made for me. They are all wonderful. And one day if I die, I would like to sit under His feet and listen when he explains the mistery of the way He works things out. Right now love Him with all your heart, and He will be there for you. He is the way, the truth, and the life. Amen.
God has answered all my prayers. Sometimes it might be yes, no or not right now. He has healed me numerous times and because of the situation, it could of only been the Lord that could of done it. The greatest prayer answered was when He saved me! The answer to the question obove is Yes God answers Prayers! Praise the Lord!!! PS... There are many aswered prayers in my life, I could write a book.
God has answered all my prayers. Sometimes it might be yes, no or not right now. He has healed me numerous times and because of the situation, it could of only been the Lord that could of done it. The greatest prayer answered was when He saved me! The answer to the question obove is Yes God answers Prayers! Praise the Lord!!! PS... There many aswered prayers in my life, I could write a book.
Thank you St Anthony for prayers answers .Blessed Mary ,and of course Jesus. You have never let me down Thanks
Thank you so very much St. Jude for all the times you have helped me. For so many years you have come to my aid and help me thru it all. Thanks
Thank you St. Therese for answering my prayers thru all of my very hard times in life. I promise to do what I promised for you.
Thank you Blessed Mother Incarnate for prayers answered. Thank you God. Your power is awesome.
Thank you for mending my broken heart, helping my children and getting me thru this week at work.
Jesus, thank you for all your blessings. I pray for Love, Peace, Kindness, Joy and strength. My Son is going into the hospital soon. I pray that you give us strength to get through this time. Help us during this time ( May 9th & 10th)and always. We lean on you Lord. Amen
Thank You, Lord.
thank you St. Anthony for everything You have done for me. Please continue to hear my prayers and help me. St. Anthony please help me with my special intention concerning my friends. Please hear and answer me. Amen
Holy Father please continue to bless me and my families. Please see thru my heart and see all my faults help me to make me a better person a better christian. Sweet Jesus console me in my moments of trouble and strenghten my faith I pray in Jesus name I pray. Amen ....
Thank you you dear Lord for answering my prayers and letting me always feel and know your presence. You are truely a loving a god. I thank you for the strenght you give me everyday and the love and light of jesus shine thru me.In Jesus name I thank you and I pray to always live my life to please you Lord. Amen..
There is never a doubt in my mind God hears and answers every single prayer you ask in faith. The answer may not be the answer you want, which seems sad at the time, but his blessings in other ways suffice because God's no is the same no a parent gives a child that cannot comprehend. God's no may eventually be a yes at a different time. Never give up your hope or faith. God has blessed me immeasurably and I thank him for all I have and all that is yet to come.
he does
Thank you Blessed Mother, St. Rita, St. Claire and St. Jude for answering my prayers. I was so helpless and alone and you helped me. Thank so very much. dag
Blessed Padre Pio & dear guardian angels, I thank you from the bottom of my heart, for all the marvelous deeds you've done to me last week. I believe that they were not just coincidences but rather, they were miracles!
St.Anthony, you are a wonder-worker indeed. Thank you so much for helping me retrieve my stolen jewelry despite all the obstacles. You are truly loved by our Lord...
Oh Lord, I know you will be with me today as I make a final life decision and I just pray that you will give me lots of strength to see it through with wisdom. I love you Lord, please forgive me for the terrible behaviour I have displayed over the last year. Please show me the way.
yes he does over and over again. thank you Dear God, grandpa, my angels and St. Jude. Amen.
Lord, thank you for the good signs I seeing after I prayed for days. I still need your help because I don't want to jump to conclusions too soon. All thanks to you so far.
Thank you St. Jude, St. Peregrine, for all these blessings.
Dear lord GOD above in heaven thankyou so much from the bottom of my heart for helping us to keep our realtionship together through these hard times and thankyou so much for helping me so much and so quickly with work, allowing me to get more hours so i can survive financially and be fulfilled. Please help my faith to remain strong and help us to have a good relationship together. AMEN.
Thank You Lord, for the renewed faith. Please help me stay very close to You always. I need You Lord. Alleluia and Amen.
Dear Father Almighty, Thank You for everything. Thank You for the changes and improvement to the family life. Thank You for the smiles, laughter and hope. Thank You for the thoughts of sharing. Thank You for the renewed strength and hearts. Thank You for the financial blessings and thank You for our lives and health, in Jesus Christ's name, Amen.
Dear ALMIGHTY FATHER, Thank You for the many blessings both seen and unseen. It is exactly a month ago today that You miraculously made it possible for me to report to work (A new and fulfilling job, I thought was far out of reach and impossible). Thank You for showing me compassion and for giving me a fresh start. I am grateful and thankful to You for Your presence because I do feel Your presence. Thank You Lord for Your guidance and protection. May Your name OH LORD be praised for You are the GOOD SHEPHERD of the lost, the MERCIFUL LORD of restoration and a GREAT GOD !!! Thank You LORD, I love You, in JESUS CHRIST my SAVIOUR's name. Amen.
Dear God, Lord Jesus, Mother Mary, St. Jude and St. Rapheal: Thank you for listening to me and for answering my prayers. If you have faith and remain open, God has a way of pushing us in the right direction. Yes, it may not happen immediately and it may not be exactly as you hoped, but often times it is even BETTER than what you had imagined. This was true in my case. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I do believe and will continue to believe in the power of prayer.
Dear God, Thank you for answers to prayers. My son's new job, another son's position on the basketball team, some new work I wasn't counting on, and the 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep last night. These are the things that will keep me holding on - Thank you God for prayers answered. Amen
Thanks for help received. Thanks to the Holy Spirit and Angels and Saints for prayers. Thank God.
To all who read this message board...please remember to pray for the poor souls in purgatory. They desparately need the prayers of those living on earth in order to end their suffering and enjoy eternal reward in heaven. And once these souls are released, their gratitude is so immense towards those who prayed for them that they are more than willing to assist their earthly benefactors in their needs.
Thank you St. Jude, Holy Spirit, Mother Mary, St. Joseph, and St. Terese, for listening to my prayers..........
Dear Lord and Blessed Mother and all the Saints thank You so much for blessing us with our precious grandchildren. These babies are truly miracles and I don't believe they would be here without all the prayers and Your help. Thank You and I love You.
My husband & I would like to have another child. Please dear lord pray for us. We already have one son and we are happy but we would like to have another. Please hear our pray. God bless cb
Thank you God for all the blessings you have given me in my life. Thank you St. Jude, Agia Irini, Agia Thekla, Panagitsa mou, Christouli mou for all the blessings you have given me in my life. Above all, thank you for strengthening my faith.
I want to thank the Holy Spirit for guidance. I found some important documents which were misplaced. Thank you Holy Spirit. I praise you.
I posted a prayer for my daughter J this morning for help in completing work in this her finals week at college. Already she was able to complete a paper she started last night and her professor accepted it 15 minutes late this morning. Keep the prayers coming as I will continue to pray for your requests. God Bless you. C
Thank You Saint Jude, for answering my prayers. We have a healthy and beautiful son. RGB
God is so Powerful.... Thank You, Lord for an answer PRAYER!!!! Amen...
St. Jude thank you for continuing to answer my prayers for my brother. I always turn to you no matter what and you always seem to be there. Thank you.
Thank you St. Anthony. My daughter's surgery was successful and without detriment. I love her so much and asked you to please let her be alright and you did. I will forever be in your debt. Thank you with all my heart.
Thank you St. Jude and St. Anthony for answering my prayers. Pray to Jude and St. Anthony for help.
t,jude st,rita, thank you
Believe in miricle . Seeking your guidance. God be mercy.
Thank You Jesus for the answered prayer tonight for Chris to come and see me. It truly was a prayer answered and a sign for me not to give up on our relationship. I love you Lord Jesus! Thank You from the bottom of my heart. Don't get me wrong I know that we have alot of hurdles to get over but with you help and guidence we can make it. Thank You Blessed Mother, St. Joseph, St. Anthony, St. Ann, St. Clare, St. Rita and St.Michael for all your intercesstions. I Love you all! I know that prayers are answered some are instanly seen and some we don't see. Never give up hope! Trust in Jesus!
I have been praying the novena for the reconciliation of me and my husband. His heart was full of anger and hatred and never wanted to go for counselling. Since praying the novena he has been gone to counselling and has also gone to see the priest in our parish. Thank you St. Jude for your divine intervention and thank you Jesus for your loving grace. Prayers are really answered!!!
Two years ago my son and son-in law were arrested for a cirme they didn't do. After court date and court date the case finally was dismissed because of DNA evidence. I prayed so hard and was losing hope until this. Please pray and remember that good things do happen if you believe.
I pray for protection for my 4 children, my two grandchildren,myself and their loved ones. I prayer for recovery for my sons Illness. I prayer that my daughter and I can get along and communicate better than it has been. I prayer for guidence and healing for us all. I prayer for support and a loving husband that I am suited too and someone that will show me true love and we do bring out the best in each other. I prayer for good health, work for me and true friends. I pray that Damien and Annie are guided to do what is right for them. I pray for my youngest son to get full time employment and friends that are a good influence on him . Please protect my family and self and loved ones from evil and harm when there is no one there too protect us or nothing there too protect us. Please keep my daughter safe while driving. and protect us from harming others. please help me manage my emotions in a godly way. Please I pray that I get help with my financal problems. please bring love, comfortableness back into our family. and I pray for all those that try too get right but dont seem too always make it. I pray that my mum can show me a mothers love. Amen I
answer my call . God be mercy.
Just reading about so many experiences brings a great joy to my heart. Thank you Lord for discovering this website. There is so much courage to move on. Holy Spirit please answer all of our prayers and continue to bless us in your special way. Than you Jesus for today.
Just reading about so many experiences brings a great joy to my heart. Thank you Lord for discovering this website. There is so much courage to move on. Holy Spirit please answer all of our prayers and continue to bless us in your special way. Than you Jesus for today.
I' m thank for because I know God answers my prayers and I know I need to have patience and not to panic. Because I panic so much and I worry to much and but I know God answers me because every day I receive it and he listens every day and night so I thank God answer me because I was having problems with my step mother we were not getting along and I use to fight a lot and i was tired of fighting with her and I was fighting with her well I was angry and it was not about her i was angry for other reasons. I was angry to myselft because of my parents divorce but I pray to god because i was so despret and i couldn't take it anymore. and god answer my prayer I prays for a lots of days. and finally when least expect it. I suddenly my step mother started to talk to me I guest that was one step. and little by little I's started to get use to. and now I feel more close to her. we share many things and now we hug and kiss and we no get along i feel so happy now because i was praying and i want peace in my home and God finally answer my prayer by not even knowing that he really answer because I never had patience now I know God anwers my And I know God answers even when lease expect it. I feel so thankful now. thank you God for answer my And the virgin mary especially her she really was with me because she is very special to me I know if you have faith that God Will answer I believe God And virgin Mary the mother of God and jesus they will always be in my heart so thank you Jesus Christ and Virgin Mary that is my mother I will always call her mother because she is my mother thank you mother mary for answering me. Amen
Thank you Jesus for answering my prayer concerning my son. For a long time I have prayed to you that he would find peace in his heart. For him to someday forgive his father and yesterday he called me at work and through his tears he told me that something came all over him and had to tell me how sorry he was for being so difficult with me because the hurt and anger he had for his father. For 20 minutes he let it all out and kept telling me he loved me over and over. Oh God how I prayed and prayed that I would hear those words someday. All I wanted was for him to be free of those feelings. Thank you Jesus for my son's repentance thank you for everything that you have for me.
Thank You Jesus! Thank you for healing me of the fear of losing those I love. Thank You for increasing my trust in you. Thank you sending the Holy Spirit to me. Thank you for all the ways you are healing and changing me.
My son, who is a seminarian, had car problems that totaled $560. Since seminarians are usually short of cash he took it to the Lord in prayer. He was overjoyed when he went to pick up his mail. There was a check from the Knights of Columbus for $500 and a check from some lady he didn't know for $60.
St. Jude continue to answer my prayers. Thank you.
thank you God for making this day go so well. you answered my long-time prayer. i love you even more and i have an even stronger desire to serve you more. i love with all my heart and i hope that you will not tire from giving us graces that we will use for your glory. thank you for keeping us safe today and forever. thank you Saint Jude, Saint Therese and the Heavenly Mother for interceding for me, and for my guardian angel, Luis, for being God's messenger for our family. thank you and I love you so so much! Amen
Thank you Padre Pio for answered prayer!
Thank you Our Lady of Perpetual Help for prayers that have been and are being answered!
Pray to Saint Jude, Saint Anthony and Saint Rita, I believe they are answering my prayers! Thank you!
Miraculous Invocation to Saint Therèse O glorious Saint Therèse, whom Almighty God has raised up to aid and counsel mankind, I implore your Miraculous Intercession. So powerful are you in obtaining every need of body and soul our Holy Mother Church proclaims you a "Prodigy of Miracles ... the Greatest Saint of Modern Times." Now I fervently beseech you to answer my petition (mention here) and to carry out your promises of spending Heaven doing good upon earth ... of letting fall from Heaven a Shower of Roses. Henceforth, dear Little Flower, I will fulfil your plea "to be made known everywhere" and I will never cease to lead others to Jesus through you. Amen. - Thank you for an answered prayer!
After 3 years of dissapointment and fertilitly treatments We almost gave up trying to concive Having no religious background I had rememberd that I once hard that praying ST.Jude could make all things possible well I prayed and our prayers have been herd my wife is pregnant. thank you
St. Anthony answered me this evening. Thank you, St. Anthony
Beloved and faithful servant of God St Francis of Assisi. I thank you for your intercession with our Lord Jesus Christ. God is truly wonderful and I love him so much. St Francis, I promise you that every day I shall say your prayer; Make me an instrument of thy peace. Praise to the Lord our God in thanksgiving for the healing of a dear friend's father. My Lord and My God