Yenra : Answered Prayers : God's Favor


Thank you Heavenly Father for all the blessings in my life. For my children, friends and work. Please let us all know your blessings and graces. Amen
Thank you Jesus, for his freedom from all addictions, thank you for his job at the school, thank you because he is lovingly and financially responsible for me and my children, thank you for blessing us with health, and most of all, thank you for the wonderful financial blessing. I feel very grateful and blessed. Amen.
St. Therese, thank you for all the wonderful prayers that I have had answered and the ones to be answered very soon. You are a truly amazing and miraculous saint that intercedes to our Lord on our behalf. I am very very thankful to you.
Father, Thank You for all of the blessings you have given me especially those that I failed to recognize. Thank You for loving me unconditionally. Thank You for always providing for us. Thank You for all my friends epecially these awesome prayer partners.Thank You for all the work You have been doing on James and Thank You even more for the work you have been doing in my life. Thank You for all of the lessons I have learned and those that You still need to teach me. Thank You for Your endless Mercy. Please forgive me my sins and weaknesses. I am truly sorry and I intend with Your help and guidance to do better and be stronger everyday. I love you. Amen...
Dear Lord, Thank for keeping me healthy and providing me with the basic necessities in life for today.
Lord, Please bless Sadie. Please help with her breakup with T. Please let him call her soon, thankyou dear Jesus. I also pray for myself & P. Thankyou Lord. Amen
Heavenly Father, I love you and adore you, Thank you for the many wonderful blessing you have given me.
Father, thank you for all of the healing miracles that you are bestowing upon me and my family. I am forever grateful. I love you. Amen.
Thank you Lord for everything. What I'm going through right now I know is part of your trial. Please help me to overcome all of these. All my plans for my life have gone, I believe everything you take away has something to take it place, much better that I've expected, what I have to do is to wait and have faith in you Lord. Help me to be strong and continue to hope. Amen
Thank you God for granting my prayers for Jan. She has received some of the results from her breast cancer surgery and the lymph nodes are clear! Please continue to bless her with your healing grace and love as we await the next phase of her care. Thanks too, dear Jesus, Mary, and Joseph. Also, thanks to St. Peregrine, St. Therese, St. Anthony, St. Jude, St. Ann, St. Gerard, St. Walberga, St.Raphael, and St. Elizabeth. Thanks also to all the wonderful and caring folks who have been praying for my sister.
thaks for all that have been praying for me.
Thank You Lord for a spiritual face lift. amen
Thank You Lord for a successful day. amen
Thank You God for everything. Love, Carol in SF
Dear Lord, Thank you for your love and mercy. Thank you for bringing my son back to his mom and brother. I know that my husband will be right behind him. Thank you for taking care of our needs. amen
Dear Lord, I am thanking you in advance for the request I make tonight. I have myself in a terrible financial mess, and I pray that Your Guidance will show me the way to reduce my debtload and help me get back on track financially. I know that I either have to clear my debt, or consider the possibility of selling my house, unless I find a good man to share my living expenses. Lord, I know You will show me the best solution. I love You, Lord. Amen C
Dear God: Thank you for guiding events and having them happen as they should. I trust in your wisdom and guidance and know that you are with me every step of the way. Thank you for the fact that the storm wasn't as bad as was expected and there wasn't as much damage as anticipated. I pray for all those who have suffered the devastating effects of Hurricane Isabel.
Thank you Lord for all goodness and kindness for prayers answered on this day. I love You Lord Jesus Sue
thank you st. jude and god mary and jesus that you love even the most unworthy people . keep us in your grace.
Thank you you so very much Dear God, Jesus, Mary and my grandparents for watching over us and keeping us as safe as possible from Hurricane Isabel. My home never lost power and had very little damage. We are truly blessed! Cathie in Norfolk, VA
Oh Lord Dear God, Sacred Holy Spirit, Holy Mary Mother of God, Saint Jude, I thank you with all my heart and soul for being with me and answering my prayers. I will have eternal faith in you and will be with you for eternity.
Dear Lord, Thank you so much for sending my son home. Please let me help him in this healing process. Thank you for the blessing you give me each day. Amen K
Thank you , Lord, for today. I have a little more faith and hope. Thank you for coming to my rescue and seeing the beauty and excitement in one simple day. Thanks
Dear Saint Jude and Sacred Heart of Jesus: I want to humbly thank you for helping my daughter Megan. She has been waiting for her test results from the County and yesterday got them-she scored 4th place with a 90%!! I turly believe you have been watching over her and helping her achieve her goals. She is working so hard and really needs to get an interview for this job--and hopefully be awarded one of the positions. I know you will continue to guide her through this process. She was so excited last night to be 4th on the list--thank you, thank you, for watching over my baby girl. Amen.
I prayed last night that he would call and he did. I thank you for the calls and for the conversation. I truly feel that his words without directly coming out and telling me, made us one step closer to the commitment that I pray for everyday. Please God, I hope can stand by his words. Thank for the baby steps. Thank you so much for what he said. May we continue to grow closer and closer each day. AMEN. - D
Thank You St. Jude. 13 years ago you blessed me with a beautiful and healthy son, today you blessed me with the job of my dreams. I honor you daily in my prayers to the Lord, and have passed your works on to many family members. Thank you for your dedication. Michelle
Dear St Jude, I forgot to thankyou for your intercession after my previous novena. My Prayer has not being answered yet, but I am confident that it will be so. I ask you to please keep intercessing for me until my prayer is answered, despite the fact that the situation has got worse. I ask you to please send me a positive answer soon. Please answer my prayer and unite us forever this time, Please have strenghtened our relationship during the break up and make it have being gods plan that we did so. I ask you in the name of Jesus Christ Amen.
Thanks Jesus.
Thanks, to al the peoplemwho preyed for my brother in-law.he is doing a lot better.God bless you. Maria.
The Lord provided $ and through other means for both my daughter's to attend a wonderful Christian University. They are both liking it very much. but it was only thru HIS Intervention & Graces!
My prayer to St. Jude will probably take a long time to be answered. I promised that I would thank him publicly for any assurances he may give me along the way. I have been praying for a lovely and loving woman to be my wife. I asked for some type a assurance and the past few days she has been amazingly verbal, which is very unusual for her, about her affection for me. So thank you St. Jude. I will continue to pray to you, and I renew my promise that I will do what ever you ask of me to make your name known when I am married and have pulled it together. So thank you for all that you have done for me, the things I am aware of and the things I am not. I am a realist and can honestly tell anyone, though I don't understand it, Jude will do what he can to help.
Thank you, Lord, for this new friend MN who You have brought into my life. I do not know what he is to teach me, but he is a kind soul, and a bit of a kindred spirit in that we like the same things. Lord, if it is Your Will for him to be "the one" please show us the way. Amen
Thank you Sacred Heart of Jesus for taking my prayer into your heart and helping my husband. I still need complete cure and restoration. Please answer the rest of my prayers. I love you Jesus, with all my heart, soul, mind and with a love that passeth all understanding.
Father, through Mary and in Jesus thank you for answering my prayers. Please continue to answer them as only you can help my husband and it would take a miracle and only you can if you will perform this. I love you Father with all my heart, soul, mind and adore and worship you through Our Lord Jesus our Saviour and his most Blessed Mother Mary, whom I love so very much. Thank you again Father for all the signs, miracles and mercies you have shown my husband and myself.
Father, thank you for removing all of the cancer from my mother. Thank you for healing me, too. Thanks to all of the people who have helped us. They are so kind and caring. May they be blessed. Thank you, Father. Without you none of these miracles would be possible.
Oh Lord Dear God, I thank you with all my heart and soul. My Mom's test came back with good results. My faith in you will never stop. M
Lord, My Father, thank you for blessing us with our two children. Bless their birth mothers for having the courage and strength to do what was right for these two children. We feel so blessed. Send these women, comfort in knowing they are well cared for and very much loved. Amen
Holy Spirit of God, Blessed Mary Ever Virgin, St. Anthony and St. Jude, Thank you for answering my prayers. Please continue to help my family. I ask this in your names. Amen
Dear God, I am so stressed when I think of how deprived I am when it comes to swimming and also the clean car. It really annoys me when I think I no longer have access to the clean car. God have mercy on me. I feel so down again. I need to go out more and there are so many factors working against me for that. Amen
Dearest God and Mary, I am so touched by LF efforts. He actually came over to drop me the original STARGATE DVD at my door with a sweet birthday card... thank you so much for a sweet ending to a day where my dishwasher has been installed. Thank you.
Thank you Saint Jude for answering my prayers.
Dear God - You know as well as I do that this has been a very good week for me. I have been very strong and I owe it all to you. I'm trying myself but.... you know, you have been with me and the devil is no longer riding on my back.
Thank You Lord for the company of the faithful and their generous and insightful words. Thank You my friend and your prayers for me. You are in my prayers also! Thank You Blessed Mother for all Graces. Amen.