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Thank you lord for my Gardian Angel Gabriel and my grand parents Mabel, her mother and all the family that pass on that still tries to help me. Thanks for my brothers and their children, may god bless them and abundantly bless them with all the necessity for them to live the best life. and also I want to thank the lord for my relationship with Charles, although it been hard I 've learn to love god with all my heart and ask for help to guide. Thanks the lord that Charles loves me help us to grow together and be the best people that we can. Bless us abundantly with life skill and wisdom to live a happy life. Amen
Thank you lord for my Gardian Angel Gabriel and my grand parents Mabel Matthews, her mother and all the family that pass on that still tries to help me. Thanks for my brothers and their children, may god bless them and abundantly bless them with all the necessity for them to live the best life. and also I want to thank the lord for my relationship with Charles, although it been hard I 've learn to love god with all my heart and ask for help to guide. Thanks the lord that Charles loves me help us to grow together and be the best people that we can. Bless us abundantly with life skill and wisdom to live a happy life. Amen
thank you so so so so so so so much for the good news dear god and mary and all the saints. that my mum medical test on blood and urine showed no signs of abnormalities. thank you dear god. i am sorry for all my failed attempts at holiness and i promise i will try harder to be holier by your grace and help. i love you and thank you deeply. amen
Father, thank you for healing my mother and myself. Thanks to all of the medical staff who are kind, and caring. Thanks for giving me another chance to change my life, and repent. May I be a better person, and help anyone in need, just as I have been helped. I am forever grateful for your blssings, and miracles. I love you. Amen.
THank you God and all the angels and saints for hearing my prayers. I got to see him yesterday , but I'm not sure what will happen from here. But thank you for bringing him back into my life as you promised you would. Please, guide me as to what I should do from here. I love you! AMen LN
st jude helped me with a special request concerning our business situation.
Thankyou Sacred Heart of Jesus for my son's CS continued employment and protection. May you continue to Bless him and keep him in good health. LR
Could someone who knows about St Therese tell me. I have been saying the prayer on and off now for a few weeks. And since then twice my dad has picked me roses from his garden. Could this be a sign that my prayers are being answered???
Thank you lord for showing me that with real faith I have nothing to fear - I thought I already had so much faith, but I didnt "Be still and know that I am God" Thanks for showing me not to depend on myself but Fully on you. *AT
I humbly ask you to post your praises to God when your prayers are answered. We pray many times for a miracle, but often we may only say thank you God once. It is a very great encouragement to myself , and maybe others, to know that your prayers have been answered. If you can please share this joy with the world and let us all rejoice. Thank you Lord. Amen . Ray & Ken
thank you dear father and all my angels and saints for the phone call today...i was surprised....i think he is falling back in love with me....i know we still have a long way to go but i know you are hearing my prayers...thank you....
I thank You, my Lord, I thank You, in advance for the prayer I am about to post. I know and believe that through You all things are possible. Dear Lord, I seriously need Your help tonight. You well know that something has been holding me back from beginning a relationship with a new man. I didn't even realize it myself until recently. Lord, wipe away my fear of rejection after a failed marriage, and several failed relationships in all the years since the end of my marriage. Allow me to trust men again, and fill me with the confidence that I have talents and skills that will make this new relationship work. Give me the opportunity to bond with the right man for me. Bring him to me and let us both know that we are meant to be together. Lord, I have been single again for such a long time. Please bring someone who truly wants to be with me. Please, let him find me soon because I need him in my life. I know that it is not Your will for human beings to live alone. Amen
Thank You Heavenly Father, and all the Saints and Blessed Mother and Jesus, for hearing and answering me! Amen.
thank you God for not forgetting me. You have given me jobs and now ensured that I have been called for an interview. Thank you for the miracle. Please be with me as I am going for the interview. Help me pass the interview God. Holy Mary, be with me.
Thank YOu Dear Lord and St. Anthony for helping my husband find his cell phone.
Heavenly Father, you continue to bless me thru the intercession of the saints, Thanks be to God!
Thank you father for being with me..when nobody else is ther..thank you father for guiding me and strengthening me in all my needs..thank you lord..thank you lord..thank you lord
Thank you lord for guidance and protection, please help me to find the right doctor to teat my brain tumour. My current doctor has a wait and see attitude
May God Bless all the people on this site with perfect responses to their prayers. May He also fill them with the Holy Ghost to assure them of the "way" the "truth" and the "life" who is Jesus Christ. fd
Thank you Saint Anthony for always finding things for me and my family.
Thank you for day and last night thank you for your blessings and thank you for hearing my prayers.
Thank you St. Jude for answering my prayer. On Saturday, I met the person I have been longing to meet for sometime. I hope and pray we can be friends. Thank you.
The results of my daughter's MRI showed no new disease. Thank Sweet Jesus, Virgin Mary and Sts Jude and Peregrine for your intercession.
thank you Lord and St joseph for again helping me thur my hard times and my many many blessings your beleiver yank,
dear Lord thank you at first I thought you were mad at me now I realize that you were with me all the way, and that I was doing somthing not in my best interest. I finally got a clue. Please Lord and St Joseph continue to help us to get our dream. And thanks again and again for the strength to stop smoking. love jeannine
Thank you God for letting my sister get the fulltime position. AMEN. - D
Thank you God for the very nice evening last night! AMEN. -D
yesterday ,i asked prayer for my Brother-in-law who wasn't talking with us, today he talked with me ,praise the lord and thanks for all who prayed for me
Praise the Lord! Praise you Father! Praise you Jesus!Thank you lord for hearing us in our needs!
Father Almighty and St. Jude thank you for hearing my prayers regarding daughter and work.
Father, thank you for your healing hands. They have healed my body and spirit. I am grateful for the people who are helping me, and for your blessings. Thank you for never leaving my side. I have left you many times, and yet you never forget about me. I am sorry for all of the awful things that I do, and think. Please keep guiding me. I really need it. Thank you. Amen.
St. Therese, Holy Spirit, St. Claire and Lord thank you for making my situation a lot better. I love you and thank you so much.
Thank you dear Lord Jesus! My brother is out of surgery and doing wonderfully. Thank you for my beautiful girls and my family. I love you!
Thank you Eternal Father, St. Therese, St. Claire, Holy Spirit and Holy Virgin Mary for hearing my prayers. Also, thank you Father for your forgiveness and faith in me. Amen.
St. Therese, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the roses seen over the past days. I also thank you for my prayers answered and thank you for the prayers that I am certain will be answered very soon. I love you.SR
Heavenly Father, if I lived a million lifetimes I could never thank you enough for every grace and blessing you give to me. No words suffice except "I Love You".
I thank you, Heavenly Father, for the birth mothers of my two children. God Bless them for their unselfish act. Amen
Thank You. love, nancy
Thank you St. Therese for interceding for all my prayer requests. Thank you for the beautiful roses I have seen as well. I want to thank you for all my answered prayers and the ones to be answered very soon. You are truly a miraculous and powerful saint that intercedes on our behalf. I am very very grateful for everything.
thank you out there in prayer land,i know your prayer has made a different in my life and my families, please keep us in your hearts.s.e.
thank you st Jude for interceeding my prayers. And thank god for answering them. Amen
Lord, what can I do to repay you for your forgiveness and faith in me. Please send me a sign. Amen
Thank you Dear Lord for helping me in my recovery and assisting me in becoming a better person. I am forever grateful. Please continue to hear my prayers in this time of need. I love you and thank you from the depths of my heart. My faith in you is stronger than ever before. Thank you my lord.
Thank You God for my life and all my answered prayers! Please use me as your tool to touch the lives of others here. What can I do for you? I love you. Amen LN
Father, thank you for all of the blessings that you are sending to me. Thank you for healing my mother and myself, thank you for guiding my husband, thanks for the kind people who are helping us in our time of need, and most of all, thank you for giving me another chance to change my life, and understand that I can't be selfish, and impatient. I am forever grateufl for your blessings. I love you. Amen.
dearest jesus and mary and all the angels and saints, want to testify to the goodness of jesus christ and the power of god. thank you dear god for my heart pains which has gone. and also the pain and numbness in my last finger is better when i got up this morning. thank you also that a man whom i dwelled on and was heartbroken by for many months now no longer dominates my emotions. thank you god for all the new and wonderful things that are happening to me. amen
Thank you, God, for my good neighbor.
Thank you, God, for all the good things you have given me, and help me to receive gratefully and graciously the good things you send me. Love, Wendy
Thank you, Lord, for leading me back to you. Thank you for the small relief I had this morning and for the calm I know is in my future. Thank you for granting me faith--A
Lord, Our Father, I thank you for always being there for me. I feel Your presence and hope others can feel Your comfort too. ILLINOIS
St. Therese, thank you for the roses seen over the past 5 days. I await for my prayers to be answered. Amen. SR
PLEASE NOTE: Please be careful when choosing or sharing prayers. The three candles with sugar prayer, is from a Wicken spell casting. I've been told that, "Witches, who practice white magic, often combine prayers to Saints with their spells." "Be wary of any prayer that asks you to place candles in groupings or certain areas, or ask for the use of sugar, salt, cinnamon, etc." PLEASE BE CARFUL.
Thank you Jesus for hearing my prayers, oh lord I thank you for hearing me and answering me. Amen
thank you jesus and mary and all the saints for helping me feel better. its a miracle. my heart feels good and i dont feel terrible even though i ate a hearty and full dinner after breaking my fast. please continue to bless and heal my and also thank you for the friends i get to chat with on the phone. amen
Thank you God for casting my sins out to the "sea of forgetfulness". I am truly sorry for having affended you in any way .You who I love above all. Thank you Jesus,Mary and Joseph all the Angels and Saints and all who intercede on by behalf.Be with me today and always I will be forever greatful for your prayers and intercessions.Pray that we may all be worthy of the promises of Christ.Amen.
Thankyou God for answering my prayer to the Holy Spirit . It has made a huge difference to our business . Now things look much brighter . As always . I love you Greg
Father, thank you for healing my mother and myself. Thanks to all the people who are helping us. Thanks for giving me another chance to change my life, and I pray that I will be a better person. I am forever grateful for the miracles and blesssings that you are sending to me. I love you. Amen.
Thank You Lord for answering my prayer request. I did not go to jail today. The judge gave me a continuance, so I'm still asking for your help. Everything won't be cleared up until the end of December. I thank all of God's children in here for praying for me, especially Irene for showing so much concern and helping me find new strength and courage I hadn't before. I thank You Lord for letting me find this site and giving me some inner peace with it. I love You Lord and everyone in this beautiful world You have created. Good or bad, may they find You as I have and serve only You for the rest of their lives. Thank You! Amen~ Heather
Thank You Lord for answering my prayer requests for my biopsy to not be cancer , for the medication from the Dr. and for my sister being able to see the same Dr. Thank You Jesus for all my prayers that have been answered.
Thank you lord for my grand mother and I hope that you help me to resolve this issue with my family as soon as possible. I don't know how much more I can Take.
Thank you lord for my grand mother and I hope that you help me to resolve this issue with my family as soon as possible. I don't know how much I can Take.
Thank you God for the phone call last night. - D
Lord thank you for being my savior as always you pull through for me. Please forgive me for being not only selfish but full of negativity forgive me for having no faith in you. You have always been there for me through every trial and i never noticed, however now i am seeking and i know you are with me but things are not the way i ever expected them to be. I do not want to be one of those people who carries hate within them due to horrible situations i want to be filled with love and get stronger from this expierence and i know over time these feelings will diminish. Lord please guide me in the right direction i need to follow my heart and listen to you more often. Please pray that someone buys my furniture and that i go back to school and that the right job will find me. I know you are here and i love you.
I Praise and Thank You Lord, for anwering my prayer to "Please help me God!!!!" in getting thru this awful time before, during,and after the loss of my precious son, Steven. Dear God, You heard me!! Thank you for sending prayer partners to be my strength! All those who have become so dear to me, have helped me more than they will ever, ever,know. Thank You God,for their love and support.
Thank You God & Blessed Mother,st Jude,St Theresa for all Your prayers help.Thank God for all the Saints for Your HELP.--george 23/10
Thank You Lord our God for the many blessings through our Bless Mother,St Jude and all the Saints.--George 23/10/03
daer st.anthony thank you for my son getting a job,thank you st. jude for mu son getting a job. amen
Thank you Lord for my son sisters and my brother. Please bless them all. Please help my son feel better and help him to know that I love him and am very proud of him no matter what he chooses in life. Lord please hear my prayer. Amen
Dear Sacred Heart of Jesus please bring r back to live with E and continue doing well in school . Please help his life to change for the better and to realize this is the best way for him. Please also help N to totally turn to You Lord and have a complete change in her life also and never go back to her addictions or bad ways. Please prayer partners pray for good things to happen to this family and I pray they will all seek you into their lives Jesus Our Lord and Savior./
Dear Sacred Heart of Jesus please bring r back to live with E and continue doing well in school . Please help his life to change for the better and to realize this is the best way for him. Please also help N to totally turn to You Lord and have a complete change in her life also and never go back to her addictions or bad ways. Please prayer partners pray for good things to happen to this family and I pray they will all seek you into their lives Jesus Our Lord and Savior./
Please Jesus help us to find a purchaser for our home and for C's property. Please also find a suitable place to build a smaller home, a place we both agree and like together. Please also help my husband's business to improve in sales and his wages to increase grately so we can be totally out of debt. St. Jude and St. Anthony please intercede for us in all these requests. Thank You for all our Blessings.
Thank you for helping my daughters home to sell and for the purchase of one more suitable. Thank You Lord for helping this to happen to this family.
Thank you Sacred Heart of Jesus, because you are working a miracle in his heart, mind and life. I thank you because you are also miraculously working on the salvation of his soul. I am grateful from the botoom of my heart.
Thank you Dear Jesus and St Jude for helping me during a bad time. There will not be a day go by that I don't thank You for the wonderful blessings that You have given me. GB
Thank you Sweet Jesus for answering our prayers to get us out of the financial mess that we were in. We had no difficulty in getting everything cleared, just one visit to our Banker, that was how simple you made it for us. Thank you Sweet Jesus. I will never stop praying for I know,for the rest of my life that YOU hear everyone's prayers.
Thank you, God, for the opportunity to go to London next semester, for the neighbors who made my mother's birthday happy, for the doctors who take care of my father, for my beloved's support of all my endeavors, for food in my refridgerator and heat in my house, for my abilities, for mystery books, for fall foliage, for a working car, for a computer of my own, for my friends Betty and Nancy, for the help you have given all of us, for my boyfriend, for my family, for my cat, for nephews, for the love of my boyfriend's family, for a comfortable bed, for graduate school, for electricity, and for everything else you have given me. Amen. Love, Wendy
Thank you Lord Jesus! Thank you, Thank you! My girls are doing so much better and so is my mother. Thank you for answering our prayers! JS (NE)
Thank you Heavenly Father for letting Terri's feeding tube be reinserted. Amen. Natalie
Thank YOU Lord my God for everythings,I praise and thank for me and my family.Please hear my prayers Lord my God in Jesus Name.Amen.
thanks to St.ANthony
thanks to all the saints St. Hilarian and St.Jude and St.Pio
Thank you St. Michael, St. Joseph, St. Therese of the CHild Jesus and the 9 choirs of ANgels/for all your protection and St. Faustina, St. Rita and St. THomas Aquinis.
Thank you, Blessed St. Clair of Assisi for listening and answering my prayers during this very difficult and stressful time. Words can not describe how grateful I am that you listened to my nine day novena prayer to you. You are truly a powerful and great saint.
Thank you, God the Father, Mary the Blessed Virgin, Holy Spirit, and Jesus my lord and savior for listening and answering my prayers during this very desperate time.
Thank you, St. Francis of Assisi, St. Charles de Borromeo, and St. Jude for listening and answering my prayers during this very desperate time.
Thank You, St. Hedwig, St. Margaret Mary Alacoque, St. Ignatius Antioch, St. Luke, and St. Paul of the Cross for answering my prayers.
Dear Sts Jude and Peregrine thank you for helping my daughter through her illness. The doctor told her today that the tumer appears to have shrunk a little. I continue to ask for your intercession with Our Lord, Jesus Christ for a remission in this disease.
Thank you for the miracle that Rick and I were able to come to see our daughter together. Even though we are divorced, I pray for his conversion and for the restoation of our marriage and family, I know Jesus that you are working a miracle in our family.
thank you St.Jude for prayers answered. I am so mesmerized you responded so promptly and took me out of my great trouble. Thank you forever with all my heart for solving my ordeal.
Thank You blessed Virgin Mary for listening to me. I will remain hopeful and faithful. Ipromise to pray the Rosary everyday that you grant me the miracle I ask of you. Thank you! D.A.
St juse. Thank You for your ever loving prayers and intercession. My prayers to you are always answered and as often as I turn to you your ever loving kindness is always there to catch me. Thank You again for your prayers
Thank you Lord for this day! FOr the productivity and co operation and friendliness of all! Thank you for our blessings. Amen Denise
Thank you Saint Jude for your intercession on my behalf with the Lord, and for your infinite patience with me. My prayers to you have always been answered. Thank you so much. I am eternally grateful.
God thank you that you gave me one more year of life. thank you for your blessing especially today is my birthday. I ask you to bless me make my day special. And also i want want to have a great time with my friends. and today I wish for jose olguin to take out for dinner or something special. i just want to spent time together with jose please thank you for making me special today. I wish you bless jose and his family in also i wish he will fall in love with me. and we have a great time together today. please god thank you and also please i ask you to help me on my classes pleas help pass all my classes. and i can succeed in life. today i want to forget all my problems think possitive thank you for loving me and blessing me. thank you for doing that favor amen.
Thank you Lord for making my medical license go through so quickly and with no problems. It was a great relief because I have been pressured to get this accomplished over the last few weeks. Thank you Lord for all you do for me and my family.
Thank You God for my many friends and prayer partners who are supporting me through this trying time in my life. Love, Carol in SF
Thank you Lord for the Prayers starting to be answered in South Africa in a big way. For all those that have been ignore by the rest of the world, & may Gods spirit stay with them & continue to bless them
Thank you lord for Maya. Help her and protect her from all evil. Give her the best angles possible for her life to go in the righ direction. Help her parents to nuture her and guide her to do your job. Thanks Amen
Thank you heavenly father, St Theresa and St Anne for hearing my prayers for my daughter. Thank you.
Thank you lord and to all the Saints for helping me get through this past weekend.
Dear St.Therese, last few day i ask for a rose if I can meet E again. Yesterday i saw so many red roses, i hope it is a sign for me. Thank You St.Therese. I really wish to meet E again. ABY
Father, thank you for healing my mother and myself. Thanks to all those who have been helping us. Thank you for your many blessings, and miracles. I am forever grateful. Amen.
i want to thank st monica for helping out my children .. i have been prying to her that my children will be happy in their lives; they still need help finding Jesus in their hearts but they have turned a corner that i am so pleased with.. thankyou JESUS and ST Monica for listening to me!! please pray to ST monica if you have problems with your chidren...
Dear Lord - thank you for teaching me the lessons that I've had to learn. Lord, it has been a difficult few years but I understand that you do things for a reason. Lord, I appreciate your unconditional love. You are the only one I can depend on. Thank you for loving me as you do.
Dear Lord Jesus, Thank you for taking the time to be with me and show me you care. Thank you for always being there when I need your help and support and for blessing me and those around me so so much. I wouldn't have got this far in any part of my life if it hadn't been for you. You have been my strength this whole journey. There is still a very long way to go though. You have given me the faith to step out there on my own and do my thing. You want me to make a real difference in this world and have given me the means to make that happen. Please help me Jesus when I don't see past me. When I pray only for me and my dreams, and not for the people I come into contact day after day that just so need your help and to see your light. Please help me to shine your light on them. Please help me to open their eyes to you, and all you are waiting to offer them. Thank you for giving us all here such great support and love and for giving us the chance to learn more about you everyday. Thank you for forgiving me so many times in my life. For all the wrongs I've done that you have still loved me afterward. Please bless those who are around me when my attitude is bad, and when I put my emotions and feelings onto their backs. Help them to see it's my problem not theirs. I just want to thank you for being my friend!
Thank you Father ,Blessed Virgin and all the Saints for the many blessings that you bestow upon myself and my family.I am so grateful to have a roof over my head ,a good job, food on the table, a warm bed to get into ,our health and pretty much able to pay our bills each month.I know there are so many that don't the basic neccessities of life and so I am grateful to You,Father.I thank you daily for everything that you provide and my faith lets me know that You are ALWAYS there for each of us. Amen DB(CT)
Heavenly Father I give thanks to you for my son doing better, I beg of you to intercede and continue to help him overcome his serious illness. He is a fine young man. Direct his path so that he will continue to help others. He has always had that quality about him. He needs you to help him. Please continue to guide us and the professionals for his betterment. I thank you in your Holy Name,My Jesus Amen
Dear Lord I thank for the many blessing for today....I have a place to stay in, I have the basic needs, food, clothes, water. Thank you for the mass I could attend. The people I could interact with. Thanks to Br.L for buying me a drink during lunch. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to say thank you online.
Father, thank you for healing my mother and myself. Thanks to all of the kind and caring people who are helping us. You gave me another chance to change my life, and I pray that I will be worthy of these blessings. I am forever grateful for your forgiveness, and your love. You protect me, and provide for me, and I know that I have strayed, and sinned, but I pray that I can repent and be a better Christian. I love you. Amen.
Thank you God for a great class last night, time to feel my feelings and time alone to worship You in adoration - God, I'm so blessed in every moment because I feel freed by You
Dear Lord, I sometimes forget to Thank You when I'm praying for something. Thank you for the blessings in life that I have received. Thank you for my family, job, friends, pets and this beautiful fall day. Most important though is thank you for being my rock and strength at times when I need you most. AB
Thank You God for everything. Thank You especially for my prayer partners who have stuck by me through thick and thin. Love, Carol in SF
Thank you St. Jude for your many blessings. I encourage worldwide devotion to you and you will always be my powerful patron Saint. Amen. ELPJ, CA
ST Therese thank you for the rose. Please ask Jesus to give me what I ask for on Sunday. BB
Father, thank you for hearing my prayers. You healed my mother and myself. You have provided for my family everyday of our lives. You send us your servents to help us in our times of need. Thanks to all those who help us. Thank you for giving me another chance to change my life, and be a better person. Thanks for the miracles and blessings. May I serve you and obey your requests of me. I am forever grateful. I love you. Amen.
Thank you st Jude for answering my prayer. Thanks for sorting out the issues between us and the wonderful plans that we have talked about in building our lives together. Thank you for your assistence and continuos blessing for the both of us. Thank and Amen.
Lord, Thankyou. Thankyou for being there with me the past few days. I wanted reconciliation with my ex. Although I didn't get it, I did get a chance to talk to him today. For him to tell me why he was so angry, and for me to apologise. I realised how awful I was to him, and how much I thought I was right, when I wasn't at all. I should have been more loving, more understanding, more patient. Thankyou for letting me see where I failed. I don't know now whether this is now the beginning of us being able to work more out and reconcile, or whether this is some closure for me. But thankyou for being there for me. I hand the matter over to you now. I know you will do what is right and perfect for me. You know deep in my heart my true desire is to marry and love and be loved. YOu know I have waited many many years for this prayer to be answered. I pray that you will not forget me or my request. That you will bring a love into my life that is perfect. Thankyou Jesus, my life now belongs to you. All of it. Thankyou
Thanks & Praise Lord our God for everythings & blessings for my family and for my sister & brothers.I will always thanks & praise You Lord our Holy Father in Jesus most previous Name.Amen.-George 17/10/03
thank you lord, bvm, st's & guardian angels for all blessings, we pray to recive favour soon in our urgent petitions. dear jesus we trust in you! amen.
thank you for giving my father in law more time to think, amen
To all the Saints I have prayed to recently, thank you for hearing me. Please continue to hear my prayers.
Thank you lord and St Christopher for my brother arriving safely after his long drive. Please continue to watch over him.
I find when I get down, or don't see a clear path, only hurt and despair. I say to myself, "There is no pain or hurt in the Kingdom" I declare it out loud over and over again. It really does give you a renewed hope.
Thankyou Lord for giving me peace. For making me calm, for removing me from evil paths. Thankyou from the bottom of my heart. My prayers have not yet been answered, but I realise that it will take time to heal all wounds involved. I believe you can make miracles happen. And I thankyou in advance for answering my prayers. I will never leave you or not have you apart of my life, ever ever again. You truely are the only way!!
i feel wonderful today! it is amazing! considering i thought last nite I was at deaths door. please help me o lord god! my heart feels great today, my mind feels great today... had a good sleep... incredible. thank you so much lord jesus. you are the greatest!
Thank you eternal father for prayers answered. I appreciate it with all of my heart. Dear Lord, please forgive me for all of my sins. I am truly sorry. SR
Dear Lord Jesus Christ, Mother Mary, St. Joseph, All the Angels and Saints in Heaven, Thank you very much for our answered prayers on behalf of Dorie, Patrick, Juan Jr & Sr. and the rest of the members of my family Lord. Amen.
Thank you Lord for RJ doing better everyday. Please continue to work miracles in his life so that he may do the things that you wish of him and help others! Amen
In the name of Jesus, I thank you for the beautiful weather for our daughter's wedding. Please guide our children in their married life and keep them together so that their relationship will blossom. Keep him in the USA and bring PEACE to our troubled world. Amen
Lord, I really need Your help with this matter. I am employed with a good job, I have my own home, I have lots of friends, both men & women, but no man ever asks me out. Obviously, I am doing something wrong, Lord, and I need your help to make it right. I spent a long time raising my son alone, and have lost the knack of dating. Can You please provide what I need to attract a nice, decent man into my life. One who will take the first step of asking me out, and not think less of me since I have been out of the dating world for so long. Thank You, Lord Jesus.
Please My Lord, give us the light to walk in this darknes. Thank you My God for give us your love, and the force love our enemies. Please, sent your peace all over the World sun.
Heavenly Father, thank You for all going well at the test today!! Amen.
Thank you God for a gift of a job offer in a sunny place - please guide me in my choice
Dear St Therese, Thank you for the "hordes" of roses that I saw this afternoon. I prayed to you many times - and today just after I publsihed I got your gift/sign. Please keep praying for me * K to reconcil. AB
Thank You God for giving me the courage to write Alain and tell him some of what has been on my mind lately. Thank You for him responding back to me. I pray that the time will present itself soon that I will be able to tell him everything that I feel he should know as it has been bottled up inside of me. Love, Carol in SF
thanyou lors jesus for helping me with the apartment amw/k
Thank you Holy God, for giving me the strength to do what was right and for guiding me.
Thank you God for the phone call last night, the invite and the wonderful weekend that we had. AMEN!
Just forgot my son thanks you for the 3 gallons of milk that he got. Harry Wahl
Thank you St.Jude for answering two of my prays, its has help a lot and I got my medcine, it makes me feel younger again, Know I can out work people half my age again. Harry Wahl
Thank you God for answering my prayer.I asked and received what I asked for even though it was almost two months ago. I knew you would come through to help make things easier for me at work. I asked for the minimum you gave me the maximum. Thanks for everything I am forever greatful.
Thank you SS. Jude, Therese, Fr. Englemar, Mother Mary, and most Sacred Heart of Jesus. You never fail to amaze me. I thnak you for the prayers you answered again yesterday and I beg you to help me to continue on the same path. I pray for a family for Hope and I and I ask that you give me the patience to hold out for the one You have annointed for me, Lord. THank you!
Thank you Jesus, Mary, St. Anthony and Our Heavenly Father for giving the miracle of finding a valued lost item, that was returned by You whispering in the finder's ear and making him do the right and honest thing. Praise You always, Jesus.
God Please answer my prayer. I need to know you are here. and please give me a signed. for what i wanted to happen. Please make my dream come true. at least for once. please God. give what i'm wishing for a long... Please dont make me loose that hope. please God. I want for jose ask me out on a date. Please I wish to see him. I miss him. i want to feel special by someone, like jose. and he can make me happy. I see everyone has somebody. and i see myself by myself. I feel want to be with someone too. so please i deserve someone like jose. you know who it is. So i want to spend time with him. And have great times together and bad times i want to share my times with jose. Please answer my prayer. i want be loved too. like everybody else. Thank you God for answer in you. I have faith in you God. that you will bring jose to me. Thankyou God for loving me. Amen.
Thank you Lord for drying my tears this afternoon. I think were going maek it afterall
Thank you for strength and wisdom
Thank You Lord for all your help in getting me through the very difficult times of the past year.
Thank You dear Lord Jesus for many blessings You have grant me & my families.Help me to praise & thank YOU more and more to honour You Lord my God.I always want to thank and praise You and continue to hear my prayers & petitions,Lord- George 14/10/03
Thank you
Thank you lord for getting me through this past weekend. Thank you for answering part of my prayers, I know the rest will come soon.
thank you o lord god and mary for the new postings on my ad site. It really made my day. But i dont understand why the postings come in clusters? thanks anyway... the day would have been really dull otherwise. please continue to help out with my ad site. thanks.
Father, thank you for healing my mother and myself. Thanks to all the people who are helping us. You are giving me another chance to change my life, and I am forever grateful. May I be a good person, and help others just as I have been helped. Thank you. Amen.
Thank you God, Jesus, St. Altagracia and my Gardian Angel for all the blessings.
Thank you, Dear Lord, for helping my daughter to attend her classes today. Thank you for helping her to get out yesterday and take part in activities with friends. Amen.
Thank you st Clare and st Jude for answering my prayers!! You both always answer my prayers!!! I love you both!!!Wendy
Dear Lord, Thank you for my daughter being invited to homecoming. I prayed and you answered. She will be a beautiful, good Catholic homecoming Queen. Thanks! AB
I wante to thank Saint Jude for praying in my favor to God. Thank you hevaenly Father for anwering my prayer. i will conitnue to honor your name and tell all of your blessing towards me. thank you SV
thank you lord for a wonderful family, great friends that care, a job and good health.. Please bless everyone and lead them to walk the path of goodness and grace.
Thanks to all angels and saints for all the things we have received in life till date. Our prayers are always answered. Heavenly Father, please continue to give us the same courage and strength and share your word with others by our good works etc. Thank you for curing my child who was seriously ill for 15 days. Thank you very much.
Dear Lord, thank you so much for all the blessings in my life. I know it is your will that I finally had the chance to pursue my studies to get a degree. Although I had wished for this to happen, I never thought the Uni. would accept me to do the degree course. Thank you Lord.
My Heavenly Father, thank you so much for helping me with the Cody situation, even though things havent turned out so well, thank you for giving me the strength to tell him the truth about everything, I still love him very much, and I ask that you keep sending your angels to protect him in everything he does and eveywhere he goes. thank you.. I love you very much! in your name i pray, Amen