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Thanks to you O Heavenly Father! You are Great, Mighty, Eternal, Awesome, So Kind, So Tender, So Loving, Compassionate, and all the Superlatives I could think of. I can never thank you enough. Thank you for my life. Everything that I have is a gift from You, all my life is Thanksgiving. This, i pray through your son Jesus Christ. I worship and adore You and praise your name forever!!!!!!!Maria
Lord Jesus, thank You for hearing and answering my prayes. You always come through in one way or another. Thank you for allowing me to enjoy this wonderful life here on Earth.
Thank you Virgin Mary for the request granted.
Praise and Thanks at all times to Jesus and to The Holy Trinity one God . Glory be to God The Father ,The Son and The Holy Spirit, now and forever.Amen.
Thank you dear Lord for starting to bring him back into my life. Please continue to guide us through this period of our lives I know that we can make this work through the love of you. Amen
St. Jude, thank you for interceding on my behalf with those who hold the power to help me succeed. My promise to faithfully remember you in these matters will not be broken.
Lord, I just want to take the time to thank you for answering my prayers yesterday. Please keep your angels watching over us. I'm asking all of this in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy ghost. AMEN
Thank You, Heavenly Father, for visiting our Crisis Pregnancy Conference in a mighty way. Thank You, Jesus, for giving Your utmost for the Father, that we might give our utmost for You in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, Amen.
Saint Jude...thank you for answering my prayers. I will be eternally grateful :-) ~D~
Mary, full of Grace, Mother of Mercy,I love you and thank you with all my heart because I came to thee in my distress and i implored you to assist me and you did. Blessed Virgin Mary, Queen of Heaven and Earth, you are our mother, pray for us, sinners.
Dear Jesus, my Lord and Savior, may the light of thy countenance shine upon us. Dear Lord, stay with us... Thank you, thank you my beloved Redeemer, you heard my cry and helped me!
Saint Jude Thadeus, thank you with all my humble heart!!! May others in need believe in thy intercession and come to ask for your assistance in times of need and desolation as myself. Thank you, you helped me and my request was granted. I am so grateful! Dear God, blessed be thy name now and forever and bless all your children.
Sorry I didn't sign my post and it's Dana's friend not Dana who got a negative biopsy report.
St.Jude I believe in you and your powerful intercession with Our Lord. Please keep my son healthy/happy and safe from harm/danger and injury. Please let his injury heal fast so he can continue to play his sports this weekend. It's so important to him. I am so glad that Dana biopsy came back negative. St.Jude is one of the most powerful saints and I believe in him. So many of my requests have been answered. Thank You St.Jude and for your intercession with Our Lord for hearing my prayer request today.
My friends biopsy came back negative!! Thank you Dear Lord!! Thank you! Thank you! I love you so much.
God,Jesus and Holy Spirit, You are just too Awesome, words fall so short. I Love You.
I am sorry for giving in as quickly as i started my offering not only during lent by all of my life I need stern guidance and I know you can give me all but i must make do with it. I love you and wanted to thank you for shoeing your presence in much more of my everyday life. Love Always bj
Blessed Mother thank you for letting my friend make it through the surgery and for everything going well for her. LOVE DEE
Immaculate Heart of Mary cause of our joy, thank You for immediately letting my request for prayer get posted as soon as I prayed to You. after it wouldn't post after so many many attempts. I love You. Please pray to Your Son Jesus to give me the desire of my heart. BB
Lord I thank you sooooo much for that encouraging sign the other night. I really needed it. Please God give me the strength to stop with my destructive habit. Please allow me to wait on your word and your timing. I need your help. "Faith."
Thank you Father God for your most awesome help in the time it was really needed. Thank you for loving me so much, giving me the strength and courage to face anything. SHM (NY)
Thank you dear lord for prayers answered. We love you. Greg
Father, Abba - I come to you today with such gratitude! Thank you for hearing me and making me believe that you love me so much.
Jesus I love you and thankyou.St theresa thankyou for the e-mail I recvd today with a picture of you in it.thankyou and I am foreva grateful for you interceeding for me please conitnue I thankyou
Jesus thankyou with all my heart thankyou for everything and thankyou for yesterday.I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!you are my world.Thankyou to the holy the blessed mother,st theresa,st jude st anthony st rita,st claire st michael and my guardian angel for interceeding for me everyday it means alot to me please continue to interceed for me to jesus I love you all.
O Lord my Almighty God, my heartfelt gratitude and thanks for miracle received. My prayers are answered in full. GLORY BE TO THE FATHER, THE SON AND THE HOLY GHOST, now and at the hour of our death. AMEN.
Dear Lord, I'm indeed very grateful to you for answering my prayers especially for my newphew & his ex. girlfriend. (She has caused a great nuisance to him & his family) Hope she will not bother them anymore. Please continue to bless him & his family. Praise the LORD, Jesus Christ.Amen
Thank you for my family and friends.
Thank you God for another day.
Dear Lord, Thank You for the negative results from the biopsy and Mammogram. Your faithful servant, BTH
Heavenly Father, I thank you for being with us in our good times and bad times, thank you for answering our prayers by giving us new opportunities and new jobs for our family business. Thank you for bringing us new tenants for our property, so that we will be able to pay off our mortgages. Mary Mother of our Lord and Our MOther, thank you for praying for us. Thank you also for being with my Son Charles, who went through a rough time and is now coming out of his moods. Please continue to watch over us and bless us in our daily lives. AMEN
Thank you Father, Son,and Holy Spirit and all the saints who assisted in my financial difficulities. I also pray now for forgiveness for my sins.
thank you St Jude for answering my prayer...P.M.
Thank you, God for bringing me safely through this latest winter storm. Thank you for protecting my family as well.
Dear God. You answered my prayers this morning and I thank you with all my heart. I pray that others find the relief I know. Please help me to continue on this path. SB
Thank You Lord God, Father, I thank You again for Your Love that surpasses all else. I am undeserving yet You have saved me from making yet another mistake of poor judgement. Thank You for granting me the wisdom to see the truth in the chaos. Thank You for a new life and open doors. Please grant me the fortitude to continue on the path. Thank You Jesus and Mary for prayers & intercessions. Amen.
Thank you Jesus for giving me Jane. I am so sorry I hurt her through my cheating I still love her very much and I thank God for the time she was with me. Please watch over my little family always
Dear Heavenly Father, praise be to You, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for hearing and answering all of the prayers for my youngest regarding his schoolwork. I ask humbly that You will continue to guide and help him with his schoolwork, so that his self-esteem grows along with his knowledge. I love you Father......
Lord I love you soo much Thank you for answering my listening to my prayers this morning. I hope to begin my day with a positive attitude. :)
Mary, St. Jude and Heavenly Father, thank you for listening to my prayers.
Thank you for keeping me in your prayers and full of strength and faith during Lent bj
Thank you Jesus for the good life you have given me, for my two children and two grandchildren. I have been asking for a special favor regarding my marriage but have not taken the time to thank You for all the things in my life that are good. I am sorry I was so neglectful to thank You for everything. I do so now - Thank you for my life. May I continue to try to do Your will. Help me during this Lenten season to focus on the meaning of Lent and what it leads us to. I will offer my sacrifices during Lent to You and hope you will answer my marriage request. I Love You. Thank You again.
Thank You Dear God For EVERYTHING.Rick~
Thank you Jesus for letting me get to church today. It was such a blessing to be there and pray for all the people on this site. Thank you for blessing Joyce so she could get to church today. Thank you for helping John find help for his daughter. I thank you and praise you.DJB
It has almost been two years of loss sadness & turmoil, throughout it all Lord you sustained me & mine. Today finally it seems like the beginning of the end of this painful period and I thank you Lord . Now I see that it has all been for the best , sometimes I was thinking of earthly "best" while you were preparing for a more enduring "spiritual best". Father I thank you & praise you for caring about us & for loving us. Only you can turn something bad into good. From the bottom of my heart, I love you Lord.
Remember to go to Confession when you have mortal sin,before receiving Jesus at Holy Mass.
I want to thank You Jesus for dying for me and all sinners.And thank you for leaving us Your precious Body and Blood in Your Holy Mass.
Blessed Mary, St. Joseph, St. Michael, St. Francis, St. Raphael, St. Gabriel, St. Christopher, St. Mark, St. Theresa, St. Maximillian Kolbe, all the angels and saints, my special guardian angel and spirit guides as well as friends and family that have passed...thank you so much for answering my prayers and getting me through this difficult time. I praise God in your names and especially our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, without whose love and guidance I could not have made it. I love and pledge my undying devotion to you all. Amen -C
Thank you for answering my prayers one by one, please continue to be with me until I see the new day clearly
hi my name is helen and i have been dealing with a troubled relationship for 8 months and the salvation of one menber and as i was filling out a prayer request the holly spirit came over me and told me to claim the victory today and i did this has been a battle of fighting satan everyday and now i feel like rejoicing and praising god. i was filling uncertain this morning but god is saying i have prayed thur and now the victory is won. thank you jesus. now i cant wait to see the person all the praying was for because he is freeing him from satan's grip. bless you
Heavenly Father, Lord Jesus, Holy Spirit, thank You for all the answers to our prayers! Blessed Mother, St. Joseph, St. Anthony, St. Philomena, Blessed Margaret, Blessed Pere Lamy, and all the angels and saints. . .thank you for so compassionately adding your prayers to ours. Love always from
Dear Lord thank you for hearing and answering all the prayers offered on my behalf yesterday. The calmness that came ove me and the confidence I had to go in and present material I hadn't prepared for, I know came from you, Lord. Thank You for sending earthly angels my way in the form of my co-workers who volunteered and helped me present and who eased my burden so greatly. Thank you too Lord for all the wonderful people who prayed for me yesterday on this wonderful site. Thank you my Lord and God for being a part of my life and for taking an active and loving role in it. Thank You ! ---C
Blessed Virgin Mary - thank you for hearing my request and granting it. You are always with me and I will continue to honor you all the days of my life. GB
Lord, you are so good to me! Thank you so much for answering my prayers about getting an offer on our place. Please let it be what we are asking. Lord, there is never a time when You do not come through for me one way or another. Thank You! I love You! ~B
Dear Lord and St Anthony, thank you from the bottom of my heart for answering my prayers. I love you and place all my hopes and dreams at your feet.
Thank you Lord for yesterday and last night. This is for my prayer partner's Chris does want help and we were able to find a doctor yesterday who is going to help her with her drug withdraw. He also told us she was by-polor and has been self medicating for all these years. I know we have a long way to go and she will not always make the right decisions. Thank you for all of your prayer's for her and my family. You have given me strength when I had none and encouragement when I seen no hope. My youngest daughter had a great time at the convent last weekend and thanks for praying for her. She is going back next year in college. She is going to the nuns summer camp as a youth counsler. Thanks again John
Dear Jesus and St. Andrew, Thank you for giving me my many blessings. Love to you. S.
Thank you St.Therese, for showing me roses!
Thank you lord for saving my son Christopher. I called upon you and you came. I asked you to enlighted me and you did. I will be forever grateful. Praise Jesus. Praise Mary.Praise God. Amen
Dear Lord let me say I had the choice to do wrong but would rather do your will for some day I will share eternity with you in heaven Praise to You Lord Jesus! Ron
thank you Jesus, I love you and desire you the most.
than u for answering my prays i love you
yes i think he does answer our prays but sometimes we ask to much and never give him thanks for what he has given us.And most of the time we only ask for things we want not what we need. from Anthony baaini Marist college kogarah i know because i am in the best school in the world.
In my earlier posting I forgot to thank Good St. Anne - forgive me dear grandmother of our Savior! Also, thanks to St. Expeditius and St. Martha.
P.S. I also asked my deceased mother to pray for me. I hope she did. I pray for her and my father every day at Mass. Barbara
Thanks to the Holy Trinity and to the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary, all the angels and all the saints, and anyone else in God's good universe that prayed for me when I had to go the the hospital emergency room February 22nd. By the grace of God and the grace of God alone I survived terrible pain in my stomach and under my right rib, possibly a gallbladder attack - an ultrasound later that week showed I do have gallstones and the doctor told me to have the gallbladder out. I am continuing to pray for natural health remedies to dissolve the gallstones (by enzymes) as I have heard this works and is safe, and won't result in a gallstone possibly getting stuck in a duct, the way it can with olive oil flushes. I pray for continued help, but thank God on my knees for the help God has already given. Praise Jesus! I also asked for intercession especially from St. Theresa, St. Jude, St. Rita, St. Padre Pio, and Mother Theresa. Thanks for all prayers, and thanks to God for kind results. Barbara
Dear God,Jesus,Mary & all the Angels & Saints watching over me & my loved ones. I haven't felt abandoned & I know you're by my side even before i call out for you. Thank you so much for keeping me safe & mending my broken heart. I love you always......Jessica
Thankyou Jesus for listening and answering my prayers. Thankyou Jesus , Glory Jesus , Praise the Lord.
Thank you dear Jesus for all prayers answered. Love Christine
Thank you dear Jesus, Virgin Mary, St Jude and Padre Pio for your interssetion on my request! I am grateful to you and never ever will I doubt you. I love you Jesus, Virgin Mary, St Jude & Padre Pio for all your help. I comend my self always to your will. I LOVE YOU R.
Abba, I come to you today with a heart full of thanks and praise. Thank you Sts. Anthony, Jude, Pio, Theresa, Rita, Philomina, Joseph, Raphael, Dymphna, Benedict and Michael. Jesus, in Your Holy Name I have asked the Father for so many things thru the intercession of Mary, your Immaculate Mother. Thank you for granting my requests. I promise to do the best I can to make a good Lent.
Thank you Dear Lord, for guiding the medical staff and Doctor today, for making my surgery go well. The prayers of many have been offered up on my behalf and I thank you for these good souls, with love and caring in their hearts. BTH
Thank you Saint Anthony for all that you have done.S
Thank you God for answering my prayers about my health and my other problems. I give praise and offer thanksgiving to Blessed Mother and all the angels and saints for praying for me to the Lord our God! Sylvia
Father, thank you for my Uncle Sam who you took home this morning. Unite him with my Dad and the rest of the family. Grant him peace and the light of your love. Forgive any transgressions he may have committed, Lord - have mercy on him, grant him eternal rest. As he was my Godfather on Earth, he is now my Guardian Godfather in Heaven. I Love You, Uncle Sam, please pray for me.
Lord thank you for making sure my boys were okay in the accident I ask that you watch over there best friend who is in critical condition. St. Jude thank you for hearing my prayers I know I do not always show how greatfull I am. I ask that anyone who reads this please include St. Jude and Dorn in your prayers. SR
Thank You Saint Treresa and Saint Anthony for being my friend.Rick~
Thank you St. Theresa for coming to me in a dream. Thank you for all the roses. I don't know why you are contacting me but it was sure nice to hear from you.
Thank you God for your love, support and strength. i love you Lord and I want everyone to know how great and special you are to me. You got me through the hardest time of my life and I have a long way to go but I know you are carrying me.
Thank you God. I know that you are here for me. I know that you hear my prayers. I believe in the signs I received from you. Kim
Why did Saint Patrick follow in Jesus's footsteps
Heavenly Father, Abba, I come to you today full of thanks and praise of you Holy Name. You have given me so much, if I forget to say Thank You sometimes, please forgive me - it's not that I don't appreciate it, it's just that we get so wrapped up in life we forget who carries us thru. Father, in the Name of your Son Jesus and thry the intercession of Mary, his Immaclate Mother - thank you for granting my petitions re: J&T. I continue to pray they will be married soon, I know you will make that happen, Lord. Thanks again,
Thank You Jesus,once again you have answered my prayer. Praise you jesus, you are so kind and merciful. Amen. MH
thank you st. theresa for helping us get in a house in a few weeks god bless annie
Thank You, Lord, for my wonderful prayer partners, my great family and all my friends. Thank You for the gifts of wisdom, humor, joy of life and the courage of my convictions. Thank You, My Father, thank You for showing me the way; that love not hate is the true way and for continuing to drive the devil from my life - that evil that makes me doubt myself when You have shown me over and over that through You I can do anything I put my mind to doing. Dear Jesus be with all of us here on this website and all my family and friends; give us peace and show us Your infinite mercy in answering our cries for help. Amen
Thank you ,Our beautiful Mother of the Lord, for prayers answered. Alison
Thank You Lord for hearing my prayers. Please bless us and guide us to fulfilling Your Holy will. Please allow us to be worthy servants of Your promises for us. Please remove all obstacles from our path and if it is Your will bring our personal and spiritual goals to fruition so we can be completely united with You and Your Church. Through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior! Thank You Lord! Amen.
Thank You Lord for Your Blessings for our family. Thank You for restoration and reconcilliation and for the Spirit of Hope! All things are possible for those who truely believe in Your Mercy! Thank You from the bottom of our hearts! Please continue to bless us & keep us from all harm. Please hear the prayers of all who come to You here. Jesus & Mary please pray for us! Amen & Amen.
Thank you Lord for answering my prayer and help us to know what to do now.John
Thanks for your prayers..My daughter had a call from the company and she might get the job. Thank you Jesus. mb
Thank you Jesus, St. Jude. Our Lady of Mt Carmel, and St Therese for all my prayers and requests that have been answered.
Thank you Jessus,and staint Jude for answered my prayers.IP
Thank you Lord for preventing an accident on the road this morning.
Thank you, God, for Carol and Nick. Thank you for many blessings in recent days. Jeff
I found myself experiencing some difficult times from May last year. I felt hopeless and alone. My sister sent me the St Jude prayer along with some psalms and she encouraged me to say them. I have to say thank you to God for giving us St Jude. I have since found some peace in my life. Things are not yet quite normal, but it is much better than before.
Thank you Deb for your advice i wish i had more solid answers to why this is occurring, like you have said i have considered every side of the spectrum and there is more than one possibility i know that prayer will see me through i can not change Gods will bj
Bj, I think there are two possibilities here. One is the scenario that BL mentioned -- God may be preparing you so that you can avoid a bad situation. The other is that the Devil is deliberately trying to upset you by showing you these negative images of death and dying. Like BL said, it'd be a good idea to talk to your priest and get his imput. I've experienced both situations, and it's sometimes hard to tell when it's God warning us and when it's the Devil (or our own minds) playing tricks on us. Usually, if it's God, I feel led to pray about the situation, and then I'm at peace, no matter what happens. But if it's the Devil, I just feel worse, no matter how hard I pray. Hope this helps a little.
bl thank you
I prayed the novena to the Holy Spirit, Blessed Virgin Mary, St. Jude and the Sacred Heart of Jesus. My prayers have been answered.
Jesus i love you and I need you in my life.I thankyou for everything.please let miracles happen to me for everything i hold in my heart.thankyou and I love you.
I want to thank the lord for being with me in my life as I am 13 years of sobriety!I also asked that i have a chance to live being exsposed to HIV!I recently learned i am negative:)thanx to god!!~
Father, tomorrow is J's 21st. birthday! She has been thru so much in those few years. I thank you, Father for keeping her safe, and restoring her. You have brought a wonderful boy into her life, I say you brought him, because I prayed so hard for that to happen - that a great person would come into her life, and love her dearly. I will never forget this favor, my dear Father. Please let this realtionship continue to marriage, I know its' the best for them - but, they are human, Lord, and we humans sometimes screw things up. Don't let that happen, Father! Thank you so much for this miracle!
Thank You God for keeping here with us in prayer and love. BB
Dear God, Mary, St. Joseph, St. Jude...thank you for answering my prayers and bringing a possible resolution to our failed investment...please continue to work toward its successful end. K
Question recently I 've been expierencing a sixth sense which has somewhat ruined me in a way that i can only feel and not fully explain. I have been having strong feelings that death is nearing and I know what the cause is. Can this be possibly the lord warning me to be a bit more cautios. My situation is very brutal and the emotions I am expierencing will not leave they only continue to get stronger. Sadness is overcoming me and I do not want to live this way. Help bj
Thank you Our Mother of Perpetual Help, St. Philomena, St. Pancratius, St. Jude, St. Anthony, St. Claire and St. Therese of the Child Jesus from interceding for me to our Lord Jesus to grant our request. After more than a year finally we are seeing light. Faith and perseverance really matters. I know that in the very very near future we will obtain justice and peace. thank you so much. victoria
Oh my sweet Jesus, thank you, thank you so much. Please stay with my family always. I need you, help me have a peace of mind and heart, ease my troubles away, I really long for a good-night sleep without any tears. Amen.
Thank you God for keeping me away from my former lifestyle, however appealing it seemed on the surface. Thank you for steady income and being able to work fewer hours. Thank you so much for safe travel and the means to do so. Thank you for all the "little" things that have gone my way lately, for comfort through some difficult times, for my mom's healing and improving health, for my younger sister's safety on her outreach mission, and for the many more blessings on the way. Also, thank you so much for the improvement in my living conditions, it has made such a difference. Amen. MissMM.
Thank you Jesus for granting such huge favours and blessings. Thank you for answering my prayers. May your holy name be praised. I would like to encourage people to say a novena through St. Jude.
Thank you for another day. J
Thank you my Precious Lord for answering my prayers. You are my strength and courage to endure the struggles of life, and the many blessings you give to us daily. In Jesus name Amen
Thank you Lord God, and thank you St.Jude. and the blessed virgin, for coming to my aid, and answering my prayers. Praise God.
Dear God, Thank You for letting me see Joe again.
I will not loose the faith and love in you please just continue to keep me strong. bj
Thank You Lord for granting my requests I love You and am very thankful for your sign this morning more often than none do i run across certain signs however I acknowledged this and knew that it is and always is forever you I love You thanks again and take up my requests for others on this site bj
Dear Father, Son and Holy Ghost, Blessed Virgin Mary, St Therese, St Katherine Drexel, Mother Teresa and all the angels and saints, thank You for all the times you have given me what I ask for in prayer. I know that if we ask we will receive. I know that because I ask in faithful and confident prayer I will be back with my wife and stepdaughters in a new holy and sacred beginning. Thank You. BB
Thank you, God, Mary, St. Joseph, St. Jude and all who have helped bring about what we pray to continue to be a successful resolution to our failed investment opportunity. Thank you for the buyer and please help continue to move this effort forward with the landlord and buyer. Thank you for the patience of all who have endured our struggle and thank you for our chance to start our life over in a new town. Thank you also to all of you who pray for all who make their intentions known on this site. K
Thank you God for a beautiful day today. J
Just a little a lot of the reading I have done, and in the novena prayers, it is always asked that we give thanks, as though the request we are seeking has already been granted even as we are praying for our special need. I take that to mean we should say thank you to our Lord, even while we wait for his answer to our request. Is that how others understand this? Sometimes it is confusing because we pray day after day for a special need, and usually wait until it is granted before offering thanks. God Bless. -
THank you Jesus, for a lovely day, for my wonderful family, for good friends both where I live and here on this website. Thank You, Dear Jesus, for giving all of us here the courage to not give in to the temptation of letting any who post mean-spirited things to have any chance of winning. The more we talk about them the more powerful they become, it is sometimes better to act as though their words did not sting us because that way we take away the power that evil can have over us as human beings. Thank You Lord for once again showing us the way to You. Amen
Thank you Jesus, Thank you Holy Virgin, Thsnk you St Claire for prayers answered R.D.
Unfailing Prayer to St. Anthony "Blessed be God in His Angels and in His Saints" O Holy St. Anthony, gentlest of Saints, your love for God and Charity for His creatures, made you worthy, when on earth, to possess miraculous powers. Encouraged by this thought, I implore you to obtain for me (request). O gentle and loving St. Anthony, whose heart was ever full of human sympathy, whisper my petition into the ears of the sweet Infant Jesus, who loved to be folded in your arms; and the gratitude of my heart will ever be yours. Amen
Thank you St Jude for listening to me, hearing my concerns and guiding me. Thank you for granting my request. Pat
Thank you Lord and all your saints for prayers answered. I can now feel a little less burdened than I have felt these last two months. Thank you St. Dymphna, St. Theresa, St. Anthony, St. Jude & St. Joseph. mhc
Thank you St Joseph, St Jude, Mary and my Guardian Angel who I suspect are watching over me. In the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Amen
I thank God, for my beautiful son, and for all the wonderful people in the world who are truly wonderful. You often wonder how can it be. Thank God, Jesus, Holy Mary all the Angel and Saints, because thats how it happens.Amen CRU
St.Jude I keep hearing how you are the Saint of the impossible, but as far as impossible I have always prayed to Jesus, Holy Mary, St Anne and of course God our Father. I am in a very impossible spot right now. I know this is something that may sound so selfish but I only ask to have peace with myself , my son and my husband. I constantly have to beg my husband any time I need financial support although we have been married 14yrs everything that we have worked together for it is still his. I am sure it had something to do with his divorce but I had nothing to do with it. St. Jude 9 years ago I came up with an invention I know the Lord Jesus planted it in my head.I know it--I never acted upon it until my brother forced me to do it. I finally sought out the help of and patent attorney, he is a brillant man but I don't know if he really wants to fight for me. I know this will work. I have never really worked on anything so hard except for trying to keep my faith in God even when there have been some disappointments also when I was in the middle of a divorce and really wanted to keep my family together. Even though similar inventions have been submitted I know mine is quite different. You might ask why I wanted this so badly--I need this for my sanity so I can help my family--help those who need help I cry when I see children, women, men on the streets who need help. I cry and yet I say thank you God. I pray for all these people but how can I help I have donated 100 Bags of clothing to shelters, boxes of blankets, gave money, donated my time to the homeless women's shelter, but I still cry. Please help me -- so I can help myself so I can help those who really do need help. I know this invention was meant to be. I have shoved the papers in this attorney's hand's although he told me it was not possible. I need your determination, and encouragement to make what I have been told impossible , Possible. From my mouth and thoughts to God's and Saint Jude's ears. Amen
Thank you for a peaceful night and day, Lord.
Thank you St. Jude for interceding, I will honor you as my special and powerful
Jesus thank you for keeping me together with my husband and family, we were at the point of divorce, and I really thought that is what I wanted. But somehow through your infinite strength and wisdom you pulled us out of it. I now know how important communication with you and family member is I thank you so much. I only wish you could help me with my husbands stingyness. when it comes to him whatever he wants but when it comes to me it is still everything seperate seperate everything. I know you are listening and sitting right next to me. The invention I designed was not to brag or show the world it was so I could support myself and my son, I detest having to beg my husband for anything. Although I love him I will never be able to change him, but I know that I can better myself with you help and encouragement support and love you give me all the time. Please stand by me as you always do, thank you for the continued faith show me that whatever good thing you put your mind to to you can and will do. Amen CUMc
Jesus I love you and I thankyou for everything
Saint Theresa: WOW-praying to you really does work.I thought it only worked for other people.I LOVE YOU.Rick~
Thank you Lord for helping me have the peace I have been praying for lately. I continue to pray that my friend and I may reconcile someday but I thank you for the peace. Thank you too for the first good night sleep in a long time. Thank you for so many blessings in my life. I sometimes forget to thank you and I'm sorry. Thank you for this website. It truly has been a blessing in my life. I love you and I thank you and you are the joy in my life. Kathy *K*
Thank You Blessed St. Jude for helping a dear friend get back on his feet after a difficult period in his life. The morning after I put all faith in you St. Jude he came to see me at 630 a.m. and I immediately saw the light back in his eyes. I said you're back to yourself and he said yes I am back. Thank you St Jude for giving him strength and for the beautiful friendship I continue to have with him. LMG
Thank you Lord for giving my husband and I a very nice anniversary. This morning we started knowing we didn't have enough money to even buy a card, you showed me the way and we ended up having a free dinner out, some nice conversations with a friend and we came home $57.00 richer than when we left. Thank you for showing us that you are there and bless this marriage of 14 years. Thank you also for the small favor in the mailbox, what a wonderful day you have made for us. BTH
Thank You Dear God for prayers answered regarding my brothers bypass surgery!
I standing before the face of Christ do give testemony for what i have seen the lord do, and i do hope these things given by our lord are stored up someplace. In the past i had told of a dream of our lord comming to me in a gold cloud and he did tell me that i shouldnt give up, and that if i didnt give up i would have all the gold i wanted. At the time i was very sad i couldnt be like one of the people in the new testement and was going to give up trying. Now as i look back on it i see a complete story layed out in my life starting with the last supper, betryal, trial, stripes, and crusifiction, and mainly this was about makeing rightouse choices and corrections in my life. When i had gotten to a rejection because i was juded to be like any other man, i knew it was the end and i did recognize the story and i did know that one piece of this story was missing. It was a very good thing i shared this story to others before the end came, as this did effect those around me as well. Since i was very stuborn in what i should believe i only listend to God when he spoke or did something, as i had no idea that salvation could have a physical side to it as to where God could do such a thing in the liveing life. When the end came it was because God told me to go to a church and be baptized, and there he showed me and answerd all my question that i had. I didnt really understand why untill God our Father showed me just latley, and he said, wisdom she is torment and confusing at first testing every virtue to salvation, and when you reach the end of her and think that you understand wisdom she starts over to show me God our Fathers endless wisdom. I thought this to be humerouse because mostley it was because i was looking for someone like myself to share my life with, and at every turn found someone not worthy of themselfs. Forevermore if a branch should fall from a tree you should know it is God correcting your sin unto your salvation, and even as the palms fell on Jesus way to the last supper. For it was our lord who said to me, for your sins the branchs will fall. Peace and love be with you in Jesus name. Chris.
Lord Jesus, Blessed Mother, St. Anthony -- thank you for protecting my wallet this afternoon when I accidentally left it out in plain sight in an unlocked car. That parking lot is busy, and anyone could have stolen it while I was in the grocery store. Thank you so much for keeping it safe! Love always,
Thank You Lord for helping me fiind a job. I hope it all goes well! Thanks!!
thank you st. anthony to find my check book.(bk)
bj !! I will pray for you. hang in there.
Thank you, Father for being my strength when I have none left. I need so many things but my only desire is for my children, especially J at this time. Thank you for every blessing you have sent her, especially T. Please make her see him as your gift to her, it's hard for her because of her depression, please lift it and take it from her, in the name of your Son, Jesus - Abba, please come to her aid now!
Thank you Lord for answering my prayers regarding charlie. Thank you St. Francis for interceeding on my behalf.
Can someone offer me some advice in my current situation just below. bj
You are truley blessed to recieve the Lord in your dreams bj
Please be with me now, i know you are however my world seems so lonely I am completely lost. I no longer fit into my exsisting world and i nopw realize i never have. My heart aches for some release from all of this emotional dissterss. I eagerly await my release and beg of you to guide me with this sometimes unbearable cross. Reveal yourself to me, i do believe however my doubt is beginning to cosume my faith with your help i will conquer i need you bj
Well, I got chills reading about the dream of Jesus. I had almost the exact same dream a few years ago and it is what changed my life. "Faith."
St. Dympha, thank you for your prayers these last two months. You have been by my side through it all. Please continue to guide me through these next few months. mhc
Thank you St. Jude, for prayers answered.
I would like to share a dream with everyone I had few months ago. I dreamt that I was walking with Jesus, he was carrying a big Cross on his back, much bigger then him. He got tired and stopped and called out my name from the crowd, he said come here and help me. So I happily did, we walked together in peace his head leaning against mine, I felt such serenity and happiness and proud to be picked amon all the rest. I used to stop and wipe the blood and sweat off Jesus face with the sleeves of my dress. The dream went for a long time and I kept on feeling the warmth and divine breath of Jesus against my cheeks. All that time in my dream, I never got to see the face of Jesus, just his profile. My interpretation of my dream was that the Lord was happy with me, I carried so many crosses in my life, sometimes believe much more then I could handle, but I always had Faith in the Lord and he always compensated my patience. Does anyone else have any comments about my dream?
For all those who doubt that God answers prayers, please don't. He always does in His Time and in His Way. The reward for being patient and letting go and letting God is immense. I have been facing a lot of financial hardship my husband and I. We have just sold our business at a great loss ,and our savings have gone down, but deep down I have a strong feel that the Lord will make things better for us . I truly pray for the person that bought our business to be blessed immensly and to not face the hardship and sadness that we faced. Please God bless R in his new business abundantly, and don't let him encounter the difficulties we had to face. Amen.
Thank You St.Jude for answering my prayers this weekend. Please let my son do well in his studies and that he will continue to be healthy/safe from harm/danger or injury and be happy at his place right now. I pray that his team will make second round and win this weekend. It means so much to him. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for prayers answered through the intercession of Our Lord Amen.
A big thank you to special Mother Mary, St. Jude and Holy Infant Jesus Christ that my mum has a successful operation. I can never be more thankful to all of you for answering my prayers. Please continue to bless all those in needy prayers. Love from PO. Amen
Thank you oh Lord for all the wonderful belssings you have bestowed upon my family and me....I am truly belssed by your graciousness and mercy...even though I am a sinner..I do believe in you and that you died on the cross for my sins..and I also know that all things good are sent by you..thank you so much for this new position and I pray that I may you glad while serving in it...thank you Lord
thank you Jesus for this time in my life with my sl and children and security that I have. Thank you for all the love and family that I have. I am ever so grateful and very happy. Please continue to be with me everyday. Amen.\
I want to thank God and St. Jude, St. Joseph for interceding in helping my beloved with his drinking problem. Priase God he is recovering!!!DH
Thank You very much for protecting me and S till now, thanks for always hearing my prayers...I believe in You and will always remain Your humble servant..Thank YOu LOrd, thank YOU St Jude, Thnk YOu Infant Jesus, Thank You Mother Mary..For hearing my cry for help.
I would like to publish my thanks to St Clare. I have prayed her novena and have faith that she will answer my prayers in relation to my son and his wife's health. I have great believe in the power of prayer. Thank you St Clare and Jesus.
Thank you dear lord for all that you do-and all you have given to us-and we are grateful also for all you have done for our loved ones as well - amen
Thank you Lord, for answering my prayers and for helping me find my kitten. I know she is with you and happy.
Thank you dear Lord, Mary of Mt Carmel and St. Jude, for answering my prayers, for K. and thank you for helping with the possible reconcilliation of K and D please give K the strength to accept D in his love for her.
Smiley 6214, here's a prayer that can be said at the cemetery. Deb//// Lord Jesus Christ, by your own three days in the tomb, you hallowed the graves of all who believe in you and so made the grave a sign of hope that promises resurrection even as it claims our mortal bodies. Grant that our brother (name) may sleep here in peace until you awaken him to glory, for you are the resurrection and the life. Then he will see you face to face and in your light will see light and know the splendor of God, for you live and reign for ever and ever. O God, by whose mercy the faithful departed find rest, send your holy angel to watch over this grave. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.
Dear Lord, Thanks for safe trips home for Jack,Millie and Tony...good tests for Jaxk and Millie,lower blood sugar for Margaret and Millie,NO cancer for Judy,big jobs for Paul,more business revenue for Margaret,paying students for us....thanks that I was not hurt in my fall and was safe onthe parking lot last week...found the CD,found money...thanks for retirement and my five days of required servicefor my retirement. MOney for car when it wqas damaged....job security for Robyn and Ed...Judy's dad is better.
Thank you Lord Jesus for guiding the hands of the surgeon and the successful surgery Dominic
Dear St. Jude, Thank you for finding a way to keep C close to his brother as he heard the devastating news regarding his brain tumor...J needed him so badly last night and I am so thankful that C was still in town to be with him. Thank you for E's opportunity last night to see Ivan.
Lord, you have heard and answered me once again in spite of my sinfulness and unworthiness. Thank you Jesus, you know how much I need you in my life, I can't do it alone.
St. Anthony ALWAYS helps me find my missing items. He did it again today. Thank you St. Anthony. J
Thank you Lord for all my blessings, I don't know how I made it this far all I know is I couldn't have made it without you by my side and sometimes carrying me. I am an ignorant sinner, I am sorry for my actions and my thoughts, I thank you for being a forgiven God and not turn away from me when I need you. God please be with me, my loved one and my prayer partners always! Amen