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Please St. Anthony take care of my little friend.
I love you St. Anthony, broken heart and all.
I love you St. Anthony.
Thanks to God and to St. Jude for keeping me well. I also wish to thank all of you for keeping me in your prayers. V
Thank you for letting my aunt get well enough to go home from the hospital. Please let her continue to do well and get better and get rid of her cancer please. Please continue to let Mary get better and get through her radiation treatment. thank you for helping her through this too. L
Thank you Lord Jesus for my blessings, please continue to bless us and help us in our mess with the house. Please let this not cost too much money to fix and repair. Thank you God for all my blessings
Thank you Saint Anthony, Saint Jude, Saint Theresa and Saint Thomas Acquinas for helping my son with his final exam. Please keep him centered and focused and continue to bless him and help him
I give thanks to God for a 18 year old step-daugher prayed the Rosary today with me on the way to school. I so often ask for prayers for my one lost sheep that I forget what a gift this daughter is. She has always been interested in the church. I have helped raise he from the age of 7. I had her baptized 5 years ago along with her brother who also goes to church. I have seven grandcildren and she is the best aunt any kid could have. They range in ages 14 to 3. She is a senior getting ready for college and is going into teaching. I sent her to an Indian Reservation Misssiion trip this had a big influnence on her she alreay was a good kid she just came back better and well focused. She has always been close to Mary she wears a picture of Mary on her school jacket. She is in band and is a very beautiful girl. She wants to do the Rosary this year as the Pope has asked for the prayer of peace. Thank you Lord for bringing such sunshine in my life. John
Heavenly Father, blessed Virgin MAry, thank you for always answering our prayers. Thank you for Helping with N, J, M, S, M, and O. I am so thanful for this beautiful wesite and for all the prayer partners. God bless you. Amen
God answers our prayers. Often He willshow us that He is working in our lives to give us the big things we ask for by giving us the little things we ask for. This happens all the time for me. Just yesterday I discovered I had lost my ATM card. I pryed to Our lady and Jesus that someone turned it in to the bank. When I called the bank they had my card. Thank You Mary, Thank You Jesus, Thank You Father. Never give up your hope and your faith in God. BB
To Dec.4 5:51:31 Just keep praying/talking to God. My long time prayers haven't been answered but I have better peace of mind which I believe is a Gift from God in itself. Rick ~
I am so sad.
Thank You for your prayers ST. Micheal. Me
Thank You Jesus,St. Flora, St. Germaine, St. Ivo, St. Jerome, St Pelogius, St. Clair, St. Jude Thadeus, St. Therese, Mother Mary, St. Rita, and St. Jospeph for your intercessory prayers about my situation. I hope that my (S) will return to me for good. Me
Tomorrow is the last day of my Novena to St. Clare, please hear my prayers and everyone elses on this site. Thank you St. Clare.
Thank you Lord for hearing my prayers. I hope that you fix my messed up life soon. But I know that you will do it in your own time.
thank you st.jude st. anthony for answering my prayer that i have been waiting for 11 months . please keep answering my prayers and the other people on this site . thank you (bk)
My thanks to God, the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. To St. Joseph, St. Mary, St. Jude, St. Philomena, St. Michael, St. Raphael, St. Gabriel, St. Uriel, St. Cassiel, St. Sachiel, my guardian angels, Elizabeth and Mariah, St. Theresa, St. Lucy, St. Joachim, St. Gerard, St. Anne, St. Catherine, St. Martin de Porres, and St. Martin de Cabellero (de Tours) for answering my prayers that our house would get sold in time for us to move. For helping me and my family through a very difficult and stressful time. And a special note of thanks to the Holy Spirit for helping me to learn to pray with a quiet heart of faith and confidence. Prayers are answered in their own time and in their own way and we learn so much along the way.
Please pray for Christina and myself. They were at our location recently without me knowing, not once did she come and let me know or say hello. I am so devastated and heartbroken. So hard i prayed to keep the door of friendship opened and am so tired of dissapointments. I know this is so small but its been tearing me up for months and trying to let go because of the obvious. God Bless All!
Last year St. Jude, and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ answered my prayers in a time of trouble and turmoil. I have returned, asking for mercy and deliverance once again. Please prayer that the Lord gives me guidance once again and allows me to serve him and answers my prayers. Thank you Jesus, Thank you St. Jude.
Here I sit, crying again. . .you guys really know how to make a person feel loved! I am so grateful to God for bringing me here and allowing me to be a part of this group. To my friend who has lost a bestest little buddy and to 13:52 -- my heart aches for both of you. I know you're missing the ones that you loved even more than usual at this time of the year. But you said it best. . .you're still connected to them despite the fact that they're not physically present. They're watching over you, just waiting for the day when you can all be together again. They are safe in God's tender care, and they love you even more than they did on earth. That's the joyous hope that we as Christians have. . .Jesus rose from the dead, and death is now a defeated enemy. So I'm asking for a touch of Easter to be in both of your Christmastimes this year -- may you feel a special hug and kiss from your loved ones. In the Name of Jesus, I ask this. Amen.
Thank you God for allowing St Jude to hear my prayers and for bringing comfort. Please keep it up, I am grateful and honored.
Thank you and anyone who is helping me through my bestest little friend's death.
Dear God, thank you so very, very much for all my prayers answered with regards to my financial problems. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Amen
Thank you for all your postings and Witness to the Lord. Whether for me or someone you are toucing so many here.You are truely blessed which has blessed all. Thanks DAvid
TO ... That was very well put to say the least. You have a gift and thank's for sharing. Rick~
For 07:01 -- sometimes when we pray, we're not asking something that God can grant us, and sometimes we don't recognize the answer when we get it. No parent is going to give his two year old a bottle of poison or the keys to the car. God is a loving Father, and if He knows that giving us exactly what we want is going to harm us now or later, He can't answer the prayer exactly as we want. And sometimes His answer is, "No, I can't give you that, but I have something better in mind for you if you will wait and let Me work out the details in My time." God is interested in our physical, mental, and emotional needs, but He's also interested in our spiritual needs and whether or not we're willing to trust and obey Him. It's easy to trust a guide when there's plenty of sunshine and the road is straight ahead. It's a lot tougher to trust a guide when you're on the side of a mountain and you can't see a step ahead of you because of the fog and rain. I guess what I'm trying to say in my long-winded fashion ;-) is that I just try to place the situation in God's hands, ask Him to do what's best for me and everyone involved, then try to let go and let Him work out the details. That may sound like a cop-out, but it's given me a lot more peace in the long run than trying to force God's hand. My life hasn't always been easy, but He has always given me the peace and the strength to deal with what has to be done. I pray that you will find that same peace and strength, no matter what the outcome of your situation is. Love in Jesus from
I believe that your little guy is with Jesus. . .I believe that with all my heart. He loved the little ones when He was on earth, and I can picture Him standing there with open arms to welcome them Home. There are several books by people who have had visions of Heaven. . .try your local Christian bookstore. The odd thing is that all of these visions happened at different times to people who didn't know each other, and yet they all describe very similar things. I pray that you will find comfort in them, and I ask in Jesus' Name that the Father grant you your own glimpse of Heaven. Love in Christ from
To 20:59:47 I truly thank you for your thoughts and prayers because my tragic loss is being a true test of faith. I am so sad and I hope that all of our beliefs in heaven and after life are true. I miss him so much and just keep having thoughts of his sad death. I hope Jesus is holding him now. My little guy was so timid and only responded to us. I sob and cry and hope Jesus is with him now.
I am throughly confused about prayers. It's like the tires on my car constantly spinning and not getting anywere.
I recieved the roses in different forms, but never a real one yet. (I meant to write this below)S
If any of you have prayed the Novena to St. Therese and received a rose in any form and then actually received your prayer request favorably, please let us know. I haven't seen my prayer granted and I have received roses and I am losing faith. I don't mean to, but I am. S
God didnt take your friend, illness did. God welcomed your friend home.
I prayed a novena to St. Therese and I saw roses the day I started the novena. I kept seeing roses everywhere I was so sure through other signs as well that God was going to answer my prayer, 3 days into the novena my bestest little friend died. What were those roses for?????? I am so sad and so hurt and so confused.
On Thanksgiving evening God took my very special friend from me. He died. I hope he is with God now, because my heart is so broken, I prayed and prayed to so many saints, the Blessed Mother, the Holy Spirit and any superior being that would listen and he died anyway. I am so sad.
Please, let's give thanks on this page, let's not talk about anyone, especially our friends. God is here at this site and we should all love one another and give thanks to God for prayers answered.
Thanks you God for keeping Todd safe today in the woods and for letting him get a buck!
Good morning, there recent post are so wonderful and encouraging and strong in Faith and Love.I have a question, is it possible for ones soulmate to be of 20 yr difference.Yes common sense tells me it is unrealistic, even when co-workers saud we would mak e a good couple.Over that last year every time i denied the thought and did not find her overly attractive to me. Yet everytime i denied this feeling i felt stronger,Spiritually closer to her.Well she returned after a yr to do our audit and i felt like i was kicked in the heart,still every time i try to think its not real she would show up, or write. Why i do not know but all of a sudden I Spiritually not romantically am completely in Love with her! I have no idea why or what happened, but i opened up my feelings, when she did not write i got upsey, now she does not write at all. I have no idea what is going on, and pray for her constantly.I feel God did something here,infact i know He hasbut i don;t know Why,and What His WIll is, Is it possible She is my Soulmate and i scared her off?? DW
Thank you very much for all my answered prayers.Thank you.
Thank you Lord for a wonderful weekend with Todd. It was what I had prayed for. Thank you Lord for Todd. AMEN.
Thank You Lord and everyone out there who prayed for a safe trip for my family.Praise be to You Heavenly Father-they arrived home safely.God bless everyone on this website.(T.A)
Does anybody else find the new format on the prayer request page a little hard? Scrolling all the way from left to right on each sentence is hard to do! I'm afraid I might miss something important!
John - - Friday, November 29, 2002 at 19:26:13 (EST) Dear John, I thank God for sending you to this site. Thank you for sharing your story. Thank you, I do not doubt God, I believe ANYTHING is possible with God, even the impossible. It is the things a loved one is doing that scares me really bad right now and well, I thank you for sharing. I want to hold on to my faith and hope tightly and I believe what I am praying for is the best and your story is an inspiration and I appreciate you. Thanks, God bless you and everyone here. Amen! BMG
(DW) Thanks Again, I without a doubt keep you and Christina, in my prayers. I hope everything turns out OK for you and for all of us. May God Bless you and thanks again for your encouraging words Peggy
Well trust and Faith are so closely related. Not knowing him or feel what he has felt its hard to say, but yes very possible. Trust to me anyways is the foundation to friendship and thereafter.what i feel as i write this is he maybe needs to trust himself or the situation, its not you he is scared of and then he can openly give without fear. DW Please pray for Christina ! I miss her a greatly and feel our new friendship maybe lost. God Bless All this week ! DW
(DW) Thanks for the "guy" perpective, yes, your right he does keep coming back, so your suggestion as much as I said it hurts not to be with him do I just let him take the lead and let it play out, also what do you really think will he ever be able to trust me enought to be with me? Peggy
Hey you guys! and the previous letter; In away but different situation i am currently and have expierenced the same thing.As a guy i can't stand being pressured whether i am or not, i feel cornered,trapped and scared. But if its suttle and slow, kind i then will do the searching.This guy is leaving the door open so that is a good sign of Hope. God Bless and Prayers ! (DW)
You may not be a professional counselor, but you certainly make sense in what you say. I read your postings to others and I feel inspired and have more faith than before. Thanks again! SR
You may not be an expert but you are right on, I have tried to push the relationship further and he has bolted,He is a scared puppy, he was very young and the girl he was going with got pregnant, she had complications at 5 months delivered the baby, and it only lived 9 days, From what I can see it may have been 9 years ago the week of Thanksgving but I can tell he can't really let it go yet, this girl was only 18 and not really mature enough to understand that she had to take care of herself so he blames her for loosing the baby, There is where the lack of trust and pain comes in , Things are better when I do let him do the contacting and coming after me, I have asked him a number of times if he wants to stop seeing me and he tells me no, we have been at this for a year now , I'm not a very patient person, I just get so frustrated especially now at the holidays, when I think of all the things we can be doing if he wasn't so shy about it. I am going to ask St. Therese to help me down the right road and to say and do the right think and if I just need to learn a lot of patience and let it develope on its own Thanks for your prayers and God bless you for helping me
That's the problem I don't know which way to react, the situation is with a man, he has been hurt before and is afraid to try it again, I don't know if I should let him control the whole situation not say anything and just see him when he wants to or do I push to be with him more, I have asked St.Therese to help me and she has on may occasions sent me real roses and yes some in the most uunusual way, I just can't read what she is trying to tell me to do I am of course very said because I care about him alot and know I won't hurt him but he only gives me so much and then pulls back, How do I figure out what St Therese is trying to tell me? 14:43:48
Thank You Heavenly Father for a blessed weekend.Please Father protect my beloved family who will be travelling tomorrow.Please keep them safe from harm - I love them so much.(T.A)
God, please help me, save me, answer all my prayers.please provide your devine protection, safety, good health, help, longivity, blessed lives for all my loved ones and me.thank you.Thank you very much for all my answered prayers.I know that there is a reason for my current situations and you are always with me and all my loved ones and everybody and every with me and be with all my loved ones, protect all of us and guide all of us well being in every way.thank you.
David and SR, you're both welcome, and I'm glad that I could help. I hope that you'll post again soon. God bless you both!
DR after reading your posting Saturday, November 30, 2002 at 14:24:34 (EST)I have a new hope. I have been praying for my soulmate (or at least I thought that he was) now I understand that maybe there is someone more suited for me. Thanks for helping me. SR. Sydney Australia.
DR Thank you for the insight and profession of faith, it is greatly appreciated. God's Blessings David
I think St. Therese has put me on her payroll! :-) If you ask for a rose, then that's what she'll send you, but it's OK to ask for another sign, too. The rose is the traditional answer to a novena since St. Therese said that once she was in Heaven, she would let fall a shower of roses. But any flower or even a specific type of bird or some other meaningful symbol would be just as appropriate as the roses, IF that's specifically what you ask her for. Usually, you are given the rose or find it in an unexpected way (like left in a church pew or blooming in a winter garden when all the other roses have died.)And sometimes, people have just seen an unusual rose picture or even smelled roses where there are none. I think it depends on whether you feel that a specific rose or incident is the answer to your prayer. Ask St. Therese for a clear-cut indication -- she'll help you. As far as waiting or doing something, I think that if you *know* that there is something God wants you to do (like apologizing after a fight or making restitution for something that was stolen), then yes, you should definitely go ahead with it. But if you feel as if you're trying to "nudge" the situation forward and the Holy Spirit is telling you to wait, then it's not a good idea to try to "help" God along. Pray about it, see if the Holy Spirit brings something to mind that you need to do (or else gives you the feeling that you should wait), do what God leads you to do, and then leave it in His hands. Hope that helps.
Thanks to God and the Patron St. jude for answering my prayers with my situation at home. I am ready to accept your divine love,wisdom and guidance to understand my relationship,so I can have the love I want in my life.Lou
I have a Question about ST.Therese and the Roses. Do they have to be roses or any flower and do you acually have to receive or is seeing them unexpectedly a answer too. Thanks God Bless All
If in fact you have received these roses in those odd ways, and if yes it is a sign from St. Therese that your prayers will be favorable to you, My question to you is, do you think I am going about it the wrong way, should I also be going out and doing something about what I want and not just sitting at home waiting for it to happen and come to me or do I need to go after it I keep thinking of that saying , God helps those who help themselves not the babies that sit home and cry and do nothing to help themselves?
S, I don't think it matters if the rose is real or not, but just that the rose is given to you personally and usually in a way that you're not expecting. There are lots of things with roses on them out there, but it's been my experience that someone gives you the rose directly or leaves it for you to find in a place that you wouldn't expect to find one. So I can't say for sure what seeing all those roses actually means, but just keep praying and asking St. Therese for help. If she can't give you exactly what you want, she'll give you something much better. God bless you!
May God bless everybody on this site and may all your prayer be answered. (mine too) SR
To John: I want to thank you for sharing your awesome testimony with all of us. Praise be to God the almighty!!!! We are happy for you because some of us here feel that our prayers are not getting anywhere; however, you said it clear, God works in mysterious ways. He has a beautiful plan for all of us, just like he did with you and your family and especially your parents. I, too, am praying for a marriage reconciliation. I have hopes and dreams that we will be united with the grace of God. I will never give up my faith and believing that he is working in us already. God Bless you and your family.
Dear God, are Blessed Mother and St Jude please pray that we have a safe trip to Florida. John
Thank you God for answering all my prayers. Amen.
Hi this is 14:18:32 No I have not gotting the answer to my prayers, yet that is why I wondered what the meaning was, I have received roses a couple of times after the novenas but yet have not had my prayers answered, that is why I am trying to find out what the novena really means, maybe I just need to keep praying and maybe the key is patience.
John, thank you. I needed to hear your testimony today. God bless you.
thank you very much for all the blessings and all the answered prayers.thank you.
Thank you, dear Lord, for a nice Thanksgiving where all 8 of us could be together and truly enjoy the day and each other. Bless Kara and Charlie in a special way. Jeff
How does the chat room work?MJ
Hi. I like what you had to say about St. Therese. I keep seeing and recieving roses in weird ways, but not one is a real one. So I am wondering if this just means that my prayers are heard and that my request will not be granted because it wasn't a real rose. I asked for a red one. I got one on a business card and the same day as that, I went with someone to the grocery store and they bought a bouquet or red roses for their Mother surprisingly. But none were for me. S
John, I meant go to prayer talk if you will. FXH
John, can you go to share a prayer on this site, I'd like to talk with you FXH
FXH I wish I had the time to tell people the power of what I have seen God do in my life and other's that I have been able to work with. Not that everything in my life has been perfect. I know when it is not I just have to turn back to him. I know I want to work for him again now that I am retired. I know at 55 I am looking to for away to serve the Lord again. I just hope he has more work for me to do. I am praying for that he will show me what he wants me to do.John
Take note that the power of God is AWESOME, it has no boundries, it can do anything and does everything. John, this is a powerful testamony and the more you withness to God goodness the more you will feel the power of God in your life. GOG IS GOOD.... PRAISE GOD!!! FXH
Yesterday I gave you a Testimony about my coming to the Load Jesus Christ. I will tell you again so you know that there is hope. I was the youngest of 4 children the youngest next to me was 9 years. My father left us when I was 6mo. old. My sister had to quit school to raise me untill she go married at 17. My older brother joined the Air Force after High School and spent 20 years away from home. My other brother got married when I was in the 3 grade. This left my mom and I in the geto projects alone. I quit kindergarden, failed the first and third grades. The only way I got thru the 6 grade my friends dad was the janitor, and we took his keys and went into school and chaned my grade's so I could go on to Jr. High. While in Jr. High I was expelled in the 8 and 9 grades. I quit school during the 10 grade and ran off at spring break and got married to a 16 year old girl friend. She was not with child. About 2 years latter we had one baby and we were having problems. She was Catholic but did not attened church at all. I was sitting on my front proch in tears not know what to do, and with no were to turn I ask God for help. I remembered a story about Mary Magdlen I had heard from Ted Gardner Armstrong. I knew that if he could forgive her and love her he could love me. I had been in gangs from the 6 grade on, and was into motor cycles gangs as well. I had a bad temper and was angery with everything and everybody. I carried a gun and knife from the 8 grade on. I went to church that sunday at a Catholic Church by where I grew up. The priest told me in that serman what I must do, and the next day I went to see him about instructions. I did not tell my wife untill about the 5 week and ask her to go with me and she did. I converted at 21 to the Catholic Church even though we never attended church of any kind growing up. I went back to night school and finished then got into a apprenticeship for skill trades which was 4 years and finished. I had a good job with a major company and started teachning CCD and loved it. I left that company and went to work in the state correctional institution for adults teaching that skill. While there I went to college and received associate degree in criminal justice. I left there after 3 years to teach high school in the same system that had expelled me. I then finished College with a BS in Education and tought troubled kids for 27years. I was even fortunite enough to win a State Championship for that same school as a coach. I do believe that he had me go through all of this so I could relate to the people I would later come into contact with. I will tell you I had no back ground for any education, and finishe college with a 3.75 he opened every door for me that I ask him to. I can tell you any thing is possible for you if you let God lead the way, and you are willing to try as hard as you can. By the way my mother and father remarried after being devorced for 35 years. They have had a happy 15 years togeather. My father and I worked togeather in the company that I started with, and became close friends. I love him with all my heart. I never knew him as a child growing up. God works in mysterious ways. John
To Thank you so much for the answer so quickly, I was always confused as to what the receiving of roses meant, I have twice received lives roses, after I have finished my novenas, so I guess I just have to be patient and my prayer will be answered. Thanks Again and Happy Holidays to you! and God bless you.
Thank you St. Jude Thadeus for all the prayers you have answered for me, as promissed I am so happy to publish my faith and all Glory is to God the Father.... amen FXH
Before her death, St. Therese promised to let fall a shower of roses from Heaven. The first example of sending a rose in answer to a prayer was shortly after the saint's death. A priest friend of hers asked her to send him a rose if his novena would be favorably answered. A member of the congregation unexpectedly gave him a rose that had fallen out of the bouquet in front of St. Therese's statue. This is where the tradition of receiving a rose from St. Therese originated. It's not a doctrine by any means, but it *is* a time honored tradition that she will send you a rose if your prayers will be answered favorably. Hope this helps.
I have been watching this site for a while now and I still have not found the answer I have been looking for. Is it just somebodys theory that if St. Therese send you roses your prayers will be answered and is it just a sign that she has heard you? Anybody out there have the answer?
Dear Lord I thank you from the bottom of my heart for a wonderful time at home with my loved ones.Things are so good with me and my husband.How could I ever have thought of leaving him.I see your goodness shining through him.Lord thank You for restoring my marriage and bringing my family joy.YOU ARE AWESOME.(T.A)
dear jesus, thank you for being you. love, lori
Thank you Father and Saint Anthony for my answered prayers. Father you are always for me and I love and honour and bless you endlessly. Saint Anthony your powerful inercession is overwhelming. God bless you! God is so Good! In Jesus Name, I send praise and thanks. Amen.
I have to thank you Saint Jude for all you have done for me and for those close to me. I am ever mindful of the requests that have been granted and pass your name on to those who may need you.
Thanks to the Novena to St. Jude my daughter has a good chance at a job. I'm doing a Novena to St. Ann can you do than one Novena at a time for different reasons? I still need all the prayer's I can get for my daughter Chris and her children. I ask nothing for my self lord except the change of heart for her so she my come back to you. Only you have the answer's of life and it problems. John
Thank you Lord for your many blessings especially for the successful surgery on my husband. He is now cancer free and on his way to recovery. Thanks for all your prayers and a Happy Thanksgiving to all on this site. I continue to pray for all of your requests daily.
Thank you Lord, for all your blessings/ garces to me, to my family and to my fiancee. Please guide guide us always. lm
Thank you Jesus because of being sucha compassionate God.i am praying for a reconciliation with my boyfriend.Thank you for V's friendship and i thank you for exptending his job at work.I pray his position becomes permanent.NNAmen.
A Rose is a Rose is a Rose is a Rose, Did you ask for a Rose or a Color. I would say if you received a Rose of any color, you received it from the one whom you asked for it. Give Glory, Praise and Thanks to God almighty and St. Threasa for her faithfullness. May God continue to Bless You and St. Threasa continue to grant you your favor. FXH
Thank you, Our Lady of Lourdes, Saint Anne, St. therese of the Little Child for the white roses
Yes, i prayed that i would find my time card that i had lost at work.I said 9 memorares and within an hour i had found it.I also prayed through St.Anthony, finder of Lost articles. The memorare Remember o glorious Virgin Mary, that never was it heard that anyone who fled to thy protection, implored thy help or sought thy intercession was ever left unaided inspired with this confidence i fly to thee o virgins of virgins my mothe rto thee i come, before thee i stand sinful and sorrowful o mother of the word incarnate despise not my petitions bu tin your mercy hear and answer me.Amen. St.Anthony Tony, Tony, Look around. Something's lost that must be found.Amen. NN. Happy thanksgiving
Thank you Lord for V, Lord i ask you to bless him with a permanent position at work.I thank you Lord because you have already provided.Thank you Jesus.
Recently, I had a little doubt about my existence and purpose here on earth. I almost felt abandoned. This was due to a combined physical, emotional, financial and psychological turmoil I was experiencing. But JESUS, literally zoomed in and saved me from collapse, beginning with the most crucial of them. He came in at His appointed time and led me out of a very frightening situation. My prayer is that JESUS will continue to finish the wonderful work He has started on me regarding my health, marital situation, and the gift of children. He is deserving of my praise and thanksgiving, in Jesus' name I pray. Amen.
Thank you God for Todd! Please continue to bless us and keep us together!
I do believe he is bit by bit answering my prayers.All my life I didn't have all of God in my life until I got sick,and I never prayed.I think that was a warning to say I can Invite him in my heart and stop the sins.Although I am suffering right know he is making me a better person.I think he just wants to be loved,just as much as you and me want to be loved.
I do believe he is bit by bit answering my prayers.All my life I didn't have all of God in my life until I got sick,and I never prayed.I think that was a warning to say I can Invite him in my heart and stop the sins.Although I am suffering right know he is making me a better person.I think he just wants to be loved,just as much as you and me want to be loved.
I do believe he is bit by bit answering my prayers.All my life I didn't have all of God in my life until I got sick,and I never prayed.I think that was a warning to say I can Invite him in my heart and stop the sins.Although I am suffering right know he is making me a better person.I think he just wants to be loved,just as much as you and me want to be loved.
I hope you are right - because my heart is so broken. I pray that God finds it in His heart to answer my deperate prayer. Thanks
Respomding to the message below, I am really moved by your patience. Lord God bless this one here who loves you, this one that still trust you. Give them the graces that will give them peace that passes all understanding. May the Holy Spirit give you wisdom and knowledge. Father embrace those who trust you unceasingly and please Lord provide for them and all your children all of our needs. God Bless and keep your faith strong. FXH
I would give anything to proclaim on this web site that God has answered my prayers but after three years of waiting I still have to say no.
I don't believe anyone who responded to that poor soul was lecturing, what was offered was simply loving instruction in faith. That's what they were crying out for. God Blessings FXH
Heavenly Father & Lord Jesus Christ, My son's examinations results will be out soon. I hope he will pass his exams with flying colours and continue to do his very best next year.Amen
Thank You Father for blessings recieved. Thank you Saint anthony, Saint Therese and Saint Claire for your intercession. God is so Wonderful!!!!
God does not hate you, He gave His only Son, Jesus for your salvation. He is a forgiving God. Try talking to Him, He will listen and He will answer. What have you done for Him today except accusing Him of something that He will never feel (hate). Have you told Him that you love Him? Have you told Him that your sorry for doubting Him. Have you prayed to Him today? Pray to Jesus, tell Him your faults, your wants and desires. Love Him like the child loves Him with all of your heart. Your answer will come, just believe and trust in Him. My life has had its trials and tribulations just like all the people here at this prayer site, but never once did I feel that God hated me. It only brought me closer to Him. Talk to Him, tell Him and show Him the love you feel for Him. He cares and loves you dearly, maybe God is looking from you for the same thing that you are looking for from Him. God Bless you, keep your faith and the belief in the power of prayer for prayer is talking to God. He will answer.
Prayer to St. Jude O most holy apostle St. Jude, faithful servant and friend of Jesus, the church honors and invokes you universally as the patron of hopeless cases and things most despaired of. Pray for me, I am so helpless and alone. Make use, I implore you, of that particular privilege given to you, to bring visible and speedy help where help is almost despaired of. Come to my assistance in this great need that I may receive the consolation and help of heaven in all my necessities, tribulations and sufferings, particularly (state your request) and that I may bless God with you and all the elect forever. I promise, o blessed St. Jude to be ever mindful of this great favor , to always honor you as my special patron and to gratefully encourage devotion to you. Amen. Thank you St. Jude for answering my prayer.
thank you St JUde for helping me and my son to find jobs. We will always cherish and protect you.
St. Teresa thank you for sending me all those roses as a sign to my answered prayer however at this time I am in a state of confusion for if this request will do me good in the end my confidence in the Father and you will bring me to the truth. Thank You for always coming through for me. Your love is everlasting and your deeds are abundant may I follow your ways as you've done the Lords. God Bless me in every way.
holy mother of god heard my prayer first i want to thank you for answering in prayers sending my grandkids home they are home thank you and jesus for your kindness and hearing me but holy mary mother of god i have an other prayer that really really need to be heard i have been homless for 10 mos and i have been living here their with family and friends which now i have no where to go i had pay my way to each and more some more which im praying that i dont loose everything i own in storage cus people want more than i have i dont have much but iall i got holy mary please hear me the stress and depression of people just make me dont care any more but that not whats in my heart i dont want hate i want to have my own place so heard me ill be gratful to you and what ever you me to do i will do amen
Thank you God for all you have done for me and for a wonderful weekend with Todd. Continue to bless us. AMEN.
GOD, thank you for all the grace and favors which you have given me through the prayers of your apostle, St. Jude Thaddeus. St. Jude I thank you for intercession in response to my prayers. I will always be grateful to you and will spread to devotion to you. Be with us always so we may face our problems with courage and serenity. LA
If the person who posted at 20:29 is talking about a "sign" that God has heard you, that's a dicey area as far as I can tell. A lot of times, what we think is a "sign" turns out to be wishful thinking or a coincidence. That's why I usually ask God to do what is best for me or someone else in a given situation. I trust Him to take care of the problem, and He decides what the outcome will be. I know that sounds like a cop-out, but by putting a situation in God's hands and leaving it there, we're telling Him that we know His will is best and that we love Him, no matter what He chooses for us. And I agree with BO, the anonymous person, and FXH. . .God sends us so many answers to prayer that we don't even notice them all. Some of His best gifts are peace, patience, hope, wisdom, and all the other fruits of the Holy Spirit. God bless you, and I hope that you will trust Him and wait for His best.
For the person who posted at 20:28. . .the problem is that sometimes what we think we want and need is either not God's best for us or else would turn out to be bad for us later on. I've prayed so many times for what I just "had" to have, only to find out later what a disaster it would have been if God had said Yes. God sees the outcome of everything that we pray about, and He sometimes tells us "No, there's something better for you if you'll just be patient and not do things your own way." Case in point: a man that I thought I really loved and wanted to marry. God said No on that one, and later on, I found out that the guy was a real jerk. Two years later, I met the man that I've been happily married to for the last 26 years. Sometimes you have to wait for God to send you His best gifts, but I can tell you from experience that they are always worth the wait. Just be patient and trust God. . .it's definitely worth it. God bless you!
Thank You St. Therese for the many types of roses. Please send me a real red rose as a sign that my prayer request will be answered. I have been praying all year for to have back what the enemy stole from me, God willing.
God doesn't hate he only loves. If your seeing or feeling hatred thats really the Devils playground!
You will know when God answers your prayers as soon as you ask the Holy Spirit to give you the fruits that will open your ears, Patience, Hope, Faith and Understanding, Wisdom, Knowledge and Love.
Count your blessings, look at the good that has happened in your life, trust God, he knows what is good for us and what isn't. You may be going through a desert right now, a desert where nothing seems to be happening but know that something is happening. Something very significant and meaningful. God wants you to listen to him, ask the Holy Spirit to give you the ability to hear the voice of God, ask the Holy Spirit to give you wisdom and knowledge. God wants us to have all of our needs, but sometimes not at the moment we demand to have them. You are in a state of learning to trust God right now, the quicker you accept that the quicker things will change. Remember, God fed the birds of the air, eventhough they do not store grain and He clothed the flowers in more beautiful regalia than the robes of all the kings of the world, eventhough the flowers will soon die and be thrown into the fire. How much more does God want to do for you. I am telling you right now that God wants to give to you abundantly, He is a loving, giving Father. Be patient, trust and receive what the Holy Spirit wants to give you right now! God Bless and Protect you, St. Michael the archangel send your protection upon this person. FXH
how do you know when god has answerd your prayer yes or no
how come what i really want and need never happens
God dosn't hate you, God is good, he loves you beyond any discription that could be made. If you think He hates you because things may not have been going exactly as you would have them, then you need to research many of the saints on the internet. See what challenges, dissapointments and anguish they went through. Job was a great example of one that believed God had abandoned him. God does not abandon us. We sometimes lose our faith and trust in God. That's when satan test us, I will pray for you to be strong. I pray that God will give you Graces you have not yet experienced, Graces that will strenghten you. God will never give us more than we can handle, believe me I have walked in your same desparate footsteps and am still walking there, trusting God!
why does god hate me
Thanks St. Joseph of Cupertino for helping me through that rigourous exam!!!! I.E.