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Thank You Lord for saving Dav. Thank You for this site and all the wonderful people here. The power of prayer is so strong. I have no doubt that it was You and the prayers of those who prayed for Dav, that saved him. Please Lord, answer the prayers of all those here. Help each and everyone. I Love You Lord. I Believe. DED
Thank you Saint Claire for the petitions that I am about to receive from your intercession. I really believe that my prayers will be answered as requested. I believe you will answer my request.HK
St.Theresa thank for the rosess .... amen ef
Lord thank you for a wonderful day amen ef
Thank You St. Anthony for guideing me to the tax papers I have been looking for all morning. Amen HP
Thank you God and St Jude for answering my prayer....I passed the NCLEX....I am an R.N. today!!
Dear God, Thank you for answering my prayers and placing my son, Kerry J. Sr., in this job. It is the best thing that has happened to him in a long time and it came just about when he was ready to give up. Thank you again for your miracle. Praise the help of God. Amen Irene
Dear God, Thank You for bringing me through yet another night. Thank You for not allowing my faith falter. St Jude please continue to intercede on my behalf and thank you for all you have done for me. Love, Carol
Thank you Jesus and all his saints for helping me this morning. I will continue to pray in the hope that my problems may be relieved. Thank you. Sacred Heart Of Jesus I Place All My Trust In Thee.
Thank you Lord for blessing our family with two new babies to be born this year. My niece is having a few problems with her pregnency, keep her and the baby safe. My nephew's wife is expecting her first. Keep her and the baby safe. Children are wonderful! My mother, who will be a greatgrandmother to four when these babies arrive, is so excited. Bless her with good health so she can spoil them like a greatgrandmother does. Lord, bless all those who are trying to conceive with babies. The children are our future. Bless all the children. DED
God thru Saint Jude, thank You for your help and for Your continued guidance thru this current financial and emotional situation....& thank you Saint Jude
Thank you O most loving Virgin Mary
I've said the novena prayer to St. Clare and have always been fortunate enough to receive a response...she knows I come to her when I really need her....I will be eternally grateful always...also, thank you to St. Jude...he has helped me in miraculous ways and has always given me a sign that he's working on it for me....I love him for it...thank you so much for listening
O Divine Child of Prague, St. Jude, Heart of Jesus, Our Lady of the Sacred Heart, and St. Therese, thank you from the bottom of my heart for hearing my prayers and even considering to answer my prayers. St. Jude my patron saint, you are always listening and with me. Thank you and Dear Jesus for hearing me and I look forward to prayers yet to be answered but thank you from the bottom of my heart for those that have been answered.
St. Anthony one more, please help find that our dear friend will have a healthy baby in the coming months Thank You
Thank You St Jude, you have answered my prayer and I am publicly acknowledging it. REH
Just would like to thank God for all my blessings, big and small and thanks to all prayer warriors. God blessings upon you all. Amen
Thank you St. Jude for answering my prayer, even though this is not what I am asking for, but you have gave me the peaceful moment during the most difficult time in my life. It takes me awhile to recognize that you have answered my prayer, because I was confused by the answer you gave me. Thank You Lord, Love, Irene.
Praise Jesus for answering St Jude's intercession that Alain and Carol might have the speedy reconciliation desired. Dear God we praise and thank You and ask You to continue to bless them according to Your perfect will. Thank you for this uplifting testimony O Lord. Barb
Thank you St Jude for continuing to intercede on my behalf in bringing about a speedy reconciliation between Alain and I. In Jesus Name, Amen. Carol
Thank you St. Anthony for hearing my Novena today.I have published it as promised and know in my heart that the miracle I have asked of you is upon us through your Blessed and most powerful intercession, the promise's of our Blessed Lord Jesus, through the power Jesus' precious and powerful blood which I have covered my request in, through Jesus' Divine Mercy and in the power ot the Holy Spirit.I trust Jesus, I thank you St. Anthony for your powerfull and miraculous help and intercession.I l
Dear St. Jude and Our Dear Lord Jesus: I want to thank you for the prayers you have already answered--especially for my sister's operations, which turned out fine. I want to be able to thank you for my "biggest" prayer--for my daughter to conceive a baby again (after her loss last winter). Please help them to get pregnant this month. I wll be forever grateful and contribute to the St. Jude Shrine every month in her name if you could just help her. ND
Thank you Lord, blessed virgin Mary for always helping me and answering my prayers. Some things in life are very hard but I am so blessed that I am not alone. Thank you so very much for always being there and guiding and protecting my family and I from all harm and evil! I love you! Amen
Praises be to God whom has blessed me much! God has given me a very faithful and loving life partner. He has brought into my life my Fiance, Alex Aris who is about to share his life with me next year! I thank the Lord for my wonderful and understanding parents who have raised me well and have given me a sound and Christian education! I thank the Lord for these and every blessing that He has given me! Thank U Lord for answering my EVERY PRAYER especially the one I asked U to bring to my Life a very loving man to be my spouse! You've certainly have brought me to AWE! Amen
Thank you God! I have been praying to Jesus,Mary,Joseph,St.Jude,St.Gerard,St.Anne and St.John Bosco for another child. Just found out that I was pregnant yesterday! Prayers work! Have Faith!
Thank you St. Jude and Lord for helping us get over the past financial crisis and please help us to make ends meet.nt
Thank You Dear Lord for the blessings You provide for us. Please forgive us our sins and lead us from the occaision of sin. Please continue to help us during these troubling times.Send healing to the sick, the poor in spirit, those without jobs, broken relationships, help us come closer to the Cross of Your Beloved Son for it is through Him and with Him that we have redemption. Thank You for our friends and family and the love they share with us. Please send our Dad our love this Father's Day. Thank You Jesus for being our Saviour and Guiding Light....Amen.
thank You Lord for all that You have done for me and my family. For the safe return of my son from his trip. Thank You for letting us get the loan, now we just need to sign.
in spite of it all I had a wonderful day THank you LORd fo rit was from you thank you for last nite as well .........oh LORd please bring us togetehr bless our love please I love you lord my life is in your hands in Jesus name I pray amen ef
Thank you God for a recent social justice meeting going very well and being very well attended (so someone reported to me). They reported that J was in great spirits. This made my heart very happy! Thanks again. B.
Dear God, Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I prayed to You earnestly asking for courage to send Alain a Father's Day greeting. I was so afraid to do so because I did not want to interfere with anything you were working on behind the scenes. I had not spoken to Alain in over two months and was afraid of a rejection from him. Thank You Father for he responded to my email thanking me for my kind words. It was a short email from him but it is more than I thought I would get. I pray that this is just the beginning towards a full reconciliation. Thank You Father and St Jude for interceding on my behalf. This is a major breakthrough in us reconciling. Thank you also to all that have been praying for Alain and I to reconcile. My hopes are renewed. Thank you. Love, Carol
Dear God, thank You for the courage to make decisions today even the smallest one. You know what is deeply carved into my heart for you put my hopes and dreams there. I will continue in faith and I remember that my dreams will be realized. I also understand the meaning of the darkest hour is just before dawn. Love, Carol
Thank You dear Lord for answering all my prayers, and bringing with each step a closer view and understanding of Your will for me. Please help me to have the courage and foresight to achieve it. Please help me to accept all your blessings graciously. Please forgive my many sins. Amen. -
Thank You for the awesome gift of Your only Son.
Dear Blessed Virgin, thank you for answering my prayers for a reconciliation with my husband, thank you for taking him from the dark area of his life, and making him realize that he was losing his family by being selfish, self centered and withdrawing from everything and concentrating on only on his work. -
Lord Jesus thnak you for all the blessing in my life. Thank you for my health the health of my family. St. Jude, Holy Mother, st. Claire. Holy Spirt, Thnak you for listening to me in prayer. I love all of you. David
Dear Lord, Thank you for loving me, give me strength to accept your will no matter what and the grace to accept the cup you have given me. I will love you and serve you always. Thank you St. Anthony for your intercession on my behalf on this your blessed feast day. Thank you St. Padre Pio for counting me as one of your spiritual children for your forgiveness and prayers. Thank you St. Terese for the blessings from heaven which you send in the form of prayers. Thank you St. Joseph, our defender of the family. St. Anne for your intercession and understanding of the pain of longing for a child. Thank you St. Jude for still proving there are No lost causes. Thank you Mary my most dear mother for being there for me always. Thank you St. Francis my guardian dear. But most of all Thank you Jesus for helping me always to trust in you, and to look to you for the compassion, mercy and love I need. For dying to save me and living to show me how to attain a place in heaven with God, you our precious Savior, Your Holy Spirit, Our Mother Mary and all the saints and angels. Jesus I praise your holy name. Love Eileen (DE)
Dear Lord- Thank you for a successful cataract surgery and for your presence that gave me peace throughout all of it. Thank you for my lovely wife and triplet girls, and the joyful peace we have in our home. Finally, thank you for guiding my life as you have, for making of my life a song. Oh, and I pray for all those in Israel who fear for their lives from terrorist bombings
Dearest Lord, you are my rock and my salvation. How can I ever repay all you have given me? I can only promise to be faithful, to trust you completely and to spread your Word. Thank you for all your beloved Saints on whose constant intercession we rely. Thank you St. Philomena, St. Rita, St. Joseph, St. Anthony (especially today), St. Anne, St. Therese. Holy Trinity and Our Lady of the Rosary, Blessed be your Name.
Thank you God, Mary, St. Theresa, St. Anthony, St. Clare and St. Jude. Thank you for watching out for me this week. Please continue to bless me with your aid. Thank you. SL
Thank You St Therese for the rose petals that cascaded down off the rose in front of the statue of Our Lady of Guadalupe after I asked You to send me a shower of roses. Never in my life have I seen the petals float down off of a rose like that. I know that the fact that I was looking at the roses just at the time the petals fell is your doing. Thank you for hearing my prayers and for the miracle I know God will send because of your intercession and the intercession of Our Lady and the other Saints whose intercession I ask for. Thank you St Therese, Child of Jesus. BB
Thank you Lord for sending me help. Amen
Thank you Father, the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Blessed Mother, Saint Therese and Saint Jude for answering my request. My son has been found unharmed and is resting in a hospital, Amen.
Thank you Jesus and St. Jude for prayers answered. Thank you for the continued healing of Charles and for upliftng of his spirits. Nancy
Thank you LOrd for a wonderful day I did have a nice day thank you .thank you for all the wonderful blessings wiht in my life my children,family freinds prayer parteners adn all thelove you give me lord . Oh LOrd thank you for Bobby as well and the freindship we have .LOrd I miss him os so very very much with him nad his family all the time each and everyday. thnak you LOrd for my job as well I love it .LOrd I love you My life is in yourhands in Jesus name I pray amen ef
Thank You St. Jude,and God for answering my prayers. The test for my youngest grandson came back that the sezure's that he had did no damage to him. and they have stopped. MKP
As promised, I see signs of my prayers being answered. VN
Lord, Thank you for answering my prayer. You always show me Lord, how much you love me and that you are always with me, help me to be deserving of your love and goodness. AMS
Thank you St Jude for interceding on my behalf regarding Alain. I will continue to say my novenas. Carol
Thank you for the miracles you have done so far, and you know that I need more, I have faith that you will grant me my requests.Thank you most beautiful flower of Mount Carmel.
Thank you Lord for all you have given us. Thank you for the health of my mother. Thank you Lord for my sons. Keep them safe and guide them through life. You are wonderful Lord. Please bring us all the good news we pray for.
Trough the intervention of Padre Pio I am witnessing the cure of my son B. I trust in the Lord that his cure will last for ever. Amen.GG
Thank you St. Jude for answering my prayer.
Thank you St.Therese, St.Joseph, and the Holy Spirit for the thousands of prayers answered, blessings received, and intercession.
Thank you LOrd for another day thank you lord for hte lessons I have learned thank you for all the wonderful blessing i have been givin and continue to recieve thankyou for lal my prayer partners my family my freinds and most of all thank you lord for loving me and bringing him into my life this situation is in your hands lord let thy will be done and grant that i will and can accept it. in Jesus name i pray amen ef
Thank You Jesus for my Angel. Please bring us together again forever.
Thank you AGAIN St.JUde for answering my prayers regarding my son. HIs tests came back good with no serious problem. I believe in you and your intercession with OUR LORD. Please continue to protect my son from harm/danger/injury and keep him healthy. Thank You so much.
Thank you Lord God, Blessed Virgin Mother, St. Jude, St.Therese,St.Martin de Porres, St. Rita,St.Excreditus,St. JoseMarica Escrivia, thank you answering our prayers we are partially there thank you. Please continue to hear our petitions and thank you for granting us mercy during our very difficult time. I know Lord Jesus you will continue to answer our prayers. Thank you and we love you Bk
Thank you Jesus for keeping this nation safe, keeping your hand on my family at home, work, & church. Thank you also for giving us your loving Mother, the Saints and our Guardian Angels. Thank you for your favior and grace.
Thank you Lord for the angels you have sent to help us. You have carried us through the past few weeks when we thought there was no one. You gave us a friend who has been a great help. We still need your help with the battle that is down the road. Give us the strength to fight the evils that lurk around. Give me the knowledge who to trust and who to not. Thank you for being there for us.
Thank you Lord for letting Momma be an angel to the lady that is sharing her hospital room. Thank for the compliment that she gave to Momma. It made her feel good. She doesn't often feel good. You made them angels on earth for each other. Thank you . Amen.
Thank you Lord for all the answered prayers. Especially for Betty's job offer, Irene's son's employment and for special people you've brought into my life. Thank you with all my heart and SOul Lord. I could not exist inthis life without you and I look forward to the day that I will be coming home to you again. I love you. Amen LN
Thank you Lord for the care mom has received and that she will get to come home tomorrow. Amen.
To God be the glory for all the good things he does for us.Thank him for providing this site and thank all my fellow brothers and sisters for the time they took to pray for me.It is indeed a miracle and my brother's situation is resolved. Words are not enough to express my gatitude to you all and I pray all your prayers will be answered too.Keep the faith for our God never fails. Nsha
To God be the glory for all the good things he does for us.Thank him for providing this site and thank all my fellow brothers and sisters for the time they took to pray for me.It is indeed a miracle and my brother's situation is resolved. ords are not enough to express my gatitude to you all and I pray all your prayers will be answered too.Keep the faith for our God never fails. Nsha
Thank you St. Jude for prayers answered.
Thank you St Jude. I feel your loving power interceding on my behalf. I will always be devoted to you. Love Carol
Thank you St Jude for your intercession. My request has not been granted yet, but I truly believe it will be. I am grateful. In God all things are possible.
Thank you Virgen Mary, St. Jude, St. Anthony, St. Therese, Sister Josefa Menendez, and Venerable Matt Talbot, for your intercessions to our Lord on my behalf. You are truly amazing and miraculous saints and saints-to-be. I am so grateful for everything.
Thank you God, St. Theresa and St. Jude for making me feel somewhat better. Please continue to do so. I love you all. Thanks for prayers answered.
heavenly father thank you so very much for answering my prayers and giving me peace and joy in this life... i praise your name dear lord... amen...k
Thank You Jesus for loving me always and letting me really feel Your love yesterday. I know You love me always no matter what. BB
Dear Lord Our God, Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ and Our Holy Mother Son of God thank you for answering our prayers. Without you guidance I don't know where we would be. We are so lost but with you we will fine the way. You have answer our prayer and we are thankful. My faith will always be with you because I truly believe and understand the power of prayer and faith. thank you wa
Lord, thank You for the opportuinities you are opening for me. I just want to close one for a change. Please guide to the right decision, always and forever. Amen. -LLL
dear st,jude and st.anthony,mother mary ,thank -you for answering our prayers, please continue to pray for good results, than-you!!!!
LOrd thank you for a wonderful Day adn for easing my pain. Im not sure but I think its over na dits killing me inside .Oh LOrd I miss him but thank you for the time we shared for I was truely blessed thankyou for al the wonderful things you have givinme thankyou for my family freinds and job thankyou LORd for hte love Iw as able to show him even if my heart is breaking thnakyou LORd for everything My life is in your hands In Jesus name I pray amen ef
Thank you dear God for answering my prayers. The serial killer was caught. We can live in peace. I have learned to appreciate the freedom of living day to day. You never know about this until it is taken away. Thank you for taking him off the streets so that no more women can fall into his hands. Amen.
Thank you heavenly Father for answering my prayers. Thank you for watching out for AC. You are a gracious God. Thank you and please continue to look over the economy especially the airline industry. Amen
I thank you Father, from the bottom of my heart for all you have given me, and for all you have in store for me and my family. I love you.
Thank you Lord for hearing and answering my prayers. Thank you to Blessed Mother, St Jude, St Anne, St. Rita, St Anthony, St Expeditus., St Joseph, Holy Spirit. Thank you for not giving up on me even when I was doubtful. I promise to continue to praise you. Please stay with me even when I falter and continue to show me the way.
God thankyou for everything with all my heart and I love you nothing in my life would be possible without you. Thankyou so much. To the Holy Spirit thankyou. To the Blessed mother St Jude St Anthony St Rita St Theresa St Expeditus St Michael all the angels and my guardian angel thankyou for your interceesion on my behalf everyday for the prayers that you have helped been answered. thankyou with my heart I will continue to pray and ask please to continue to interceed for me. Thankyou all and I love you. Jesus you are my world. kim
Lord God,Blessed Virgin Mother, ST. Jude,ST. Theresa, St. Martin, St. Joseph, St. Josemaria, Child of Prauge...thank you for listening to our prayers every day. Thank you for hearing our cries and bringing them to the throne of our Father. Please continue to hear our prayers, so they will be answered. Thank you for our Health, each other, and our families and friends. Thank you for keeping us safe each day and for helping us to find love in our selves. Thank you for the beautiful weekend with our nephew, that he to learns of God's love. Thank you for making him well, so that he can enjoy a wonderful life. Bless him mother, for she has had to carry a lot of burden on her own, continue to bless her that she too relishes in her love for you, and also the joy of her son, and her new found love. Thank you for L's health that she too knows that you were with her and still are..and that she too has you to thank you for her recovery. Thank you dear Lord for the love we have for each other, that it may never sour. You have carried us through some awful terrain, thank you. Please Lord hear our intentions and send us speedy help ASAP. Thank you lord for another beautiful day. BK
St. Jude thank you for all of your help with work and with the auditons. Amen. eh
Good Morning to all I am here to let you know yes that God the Father In Jesus Name DOES answer prayer, I had a red spot on my Breast I Prayed & asked for prayer that it would go away & PRAISE The Lord! it went away I went to my Doctors office & He was closed I found it so odd , I told my Husband it must be a sign that it is nothing serious. so I kept my Faith & it went away. Thank you Father & Jesus Name, Thank You Jesus! Thank you Blessed Mother in Jesus Name ! Amen A.P.
Almighty Living God, We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to God for showering us with our love & blessings for each one of us here. Protect us from harm & danger always. Cast all evils away. Glory Be To God. Amen.
We ask you for things in our prayer and sometimes we forget with our dailey lives here on earth to thank you for all you have given us-thank you for answering our prayers and for all lifes blessings you have given my family & friends. I like to thank you personally from deep down in my heart- words can not express the the blessings you have given me in my life every day of my life.
Remember O most gracious Virgin Mary, that never was it known that anyone who fled to your protection, implored your help or sought your intercession was left unaided. Inspired by this confidence I fly unto you, O Virgin of virgins, my Mother,To you I come sinful and sorrowful. O Mother of the word Incarnate, despise not my petition, but in your mercy hear and answer me. Many Thanks Mother Mary. Amen
Thank you God for giving guidance during my Bible reading session the several nights ago. I asked for your guidance and you answered with scripture that still leads me down the right path. St. Joseph, thank you for leading me to the right job, for praying to your Son so that our financial burdens may be lessened. Please continue to guide me so that I may do the best job possible, for Jesus and Mary. DZ
Thank you St. Jude for answering my prayers.
Thank You, Infant of Prague, for answering my prayers, Thank you St. Anthony for praying for my petition.
Dear Saint Snthony, Thank you Saint Anthony for answering my prayers. My husband and I had a great evening last night. In Jesus' name. Amen. M
Dear Holy Spirit I would like to thank you for answering my prayers. You know what I was praying for and you answered me. Thank you with all my heart. i will honor you with a mass.
Thank you God, Mary, St. Theresa, St. Jude for prayers answered. You are wonderful saints and i love you all.
Lord thank you for answering my prayers. Remember the dream I had about the house and what we would like to do with it. Please help me with that so we can do your work here on this earth.
Lord thanx for reassuring me that layke is okay, i heard from her this morning and after what has happened, i couldnt thank you enough, i love her and if you have plans for us, i am ready and willing, thank you for giving her strength in such a hard time, i love you very much! thanks again
Thank you Our Lady and all the other saints that I prayed to help my daughter get a good job Please guide her and let her be successful in her position Thank you once again our Lady