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Lord Thank You for everthing in my life. No matter how meak is it. I appreciate it.
Saint Jude has intervened with God to help answer every prayer I have truly needed answering. Thank you to Saint Jude for helping intervene for our family. Lisa
Dear Jesus,St Jude, thank you for arrange someone for me, althought he is not the one I wait for, hopefully he is not so bad. ABY
Thank you Jesus for all my blessings. Mar
Dear Lord continue to bless me and my family.
Many thanks to St. Lucy who continues to illuminate us! We ask for your help - and you so generously petition in our behalf!
Thank You Heavenly Father for answering my prayers for help for my son.I'm so thrilled he is getting the help he needs.St.Teresa Thank You too.I couldn't have made it this far if it wasn't for the both of you.I Love You Both.
Dear Lord Thank you for my many blessings. Even though I pray for more I am appreciative of what I have. Thank you! T
I wanted to thank god for the success in my back surgery 4 days ago it really went well.Thats why I' m looking for a prayer of thanks for it.
St. Jude thank you for hearing and answering my prayers. Amen. E
Father, thank you for healing me. My spirit is renewed as well as my health. You are blessing me inspite of my unworthiness. Bless all those who have been so kind and helpful to me. May they be rewarded for their acts of kindness. Thank you for giving me another chance to change my life. May I live my life as your faithful child. Amen.
I thanks to GOD and to Blessed Mary and to St. Jude for strengthening my faith, giving me hope in my prayers and help me from my petition for my ex-girlfriend to reconcile. I will keep praying the novena, St. Jude I Thank you for your intercession on my behalf. St, Jude is the patron Saint of those in need. Thank you for hearing our prayer and to those answer prayer.
i just broke up with my gf and i feel very disappointed. i dont know whether she would be mine forever or not. but i prayed to god that if she is mine, then show me the sign.and it really happened one day, that is yesterday when i dream of her bringing back her back to my house. it happened before also about my previous lover but god tell me sign in my dream that i am not suitable for her. and introduce this gf to me. i feel glad and i thanx god for giving me all the sign. i love u god for helping through the toughest time.i hope god could bless us two. by t he way, my gf name is daphne yap xu han . and i still love her and thanx god for giving me such a wonderful time with her. i would spread god`s word to her family as her family is not a christian.thanks god and i love u , jesus christ. amen.
I praise and thank Jesus and all his loving Saints for all my answered prayers
Dear Jesus, I have made it through the first interview. Please help me to get the job.
Dear Lord, thank you for all the blessings you have given us, especially Jessica's scholarships. Please continue to watch over us.
Thank you St. Luke for favour received. Glory Be to The Father and To the Son and to the Holy Spirit. Amen
Thank you St. Jude for favour received.
Dear God: Thank you for today and for allowing me to see more of the old Dad again. Thank you for all the progress he has already made and I trust that you will continue to be with him and direct his healing. I believe in miracles and those have been happening slowly and in small ways but I believe them to be miracles nonetheless. Thank you God for your love and kindness and for helping us all deal with our current situation. Thank you for blessing us and please continue to be with us and help us to accept your Divine plan.
Dear Father: Blessed be Your Name! Thank You so much for hearing me and blessing me. Though I had not lost hope and faith in You, I feared you had turned from me. I know better and I am sorry. Father You blessed me today and I am truly in praise of You. God is so Great! Hallelujah! Amen. Angela
thank you Heavenly Father for being so kind to us and loving us for everything you give to us. I will not give up. ILOVE YOU LORD. FAHTHER , SON AND HOLY GHOST.
Thank you o Lord for Sab and D. They really lifted me up over the phone after a horrible conversation with MERV over the phone. Please protect me from MERV. It really distrbs me. Amen
Dar God thank you for making me strong on my difficult days even though I dont feel strong, and thank you for helping me pass that test
Dear God, thank you for answering my prayers for helping me find a job. Now please be with me of healing of losing the person i love. thank you. amen
Ftaher, thank you for healing me. Thank you for giving me another chance to change my life, and make things right. Thank you for my mother, and my family. They give so much, and ask for nothing in return. Thank you for giving my husband strength, and hope. Thank you for everyday that you have given to me. May I be your servent, and be worthy of all of your blessings. Thank you. Amen.
Dear Lord, Thank you for sparing our lives tonight. We were in the wrong place at the wrong time, but you were there to save us! We thank You, we love You!
Thank you for helping me to find some furniture that I like. I think I made some good decisions. Thank you for the help I had in choosing my furniture. Thank you for a better day for Dad. It was not a bad day for him and I pray for other good ones to come. Please let Dad's doctor's appointment go well.
Dear God - Thank you for giving me what I need to succeed. I have a great wife and 2 beuatiful boys, wonderful house and we both have good jobs. I have always been worrying about succeding but never thought to realize it that I have made it. I just need the strength not to drink any more. You know and I know much I have struggled and how good I have done but we both know that I can do much better.
Thank you der God for all the people who posted prayers for me. I really felt loved so deeply and cared for. Something I have not felt in a long time. Thank you so much. Amen. AUDREY
My daughter and son in law were having financial problems. Neither of them were making much money. I was helping them financially. I even had to sell some property I owned to keep them going. I paid day care for their children as well as mortgage. I prayed and prayed for them to get on their feet and be able to pay their own bills. Thanks be to God, my daughter quit her job in January and immediately found another one. She is making very good money, and best of all they can pay their own bills. Never, never give up on prayer. Praise the Lord !!! Mar
Dear Lord, Thank You for forgiving me my sins and weaknesses. Thank You for showing me such mercy even though I am not worthy. Thank You for giving me the ears to hear what You were saying to me. Thank You for giving me the strength and patience to listen and obey. Thank You for allowing me to hear from James last night even though I did not expect to. Thank You for all of the work You have done on the healing of our relationship. Thank You for the Waves. I love You. Amen...Angie
Dear Lord, Thank you for this wonderful day where I met two nice people M and L who I feel will be good friends for life. I thank you for the maeal hosted by S's family. I thank you for the little blessing you have showered on me and keep me going in these times of trouble.
Thank you St. Philomena for once again showing me signs that my prayer was heard - I know it will be answered when the time is perfect! Heavenly Father, thank you for all blessings received and to be received, in the name of your Son, Jesus, Amen!
Thank you god for B whom I just spoke to. It is amazing. I was crying my eyes out over S and saying to the walls over and over I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU S and I called B and he just finished his church service and his words were rimmed with holy anointing. It was amazing. My sadness was immediately consumed in his words of wisdom. He told me about resting in you and that WE ARE TO CAST ALL OUR CARES upon you and that your plan for us is not to be tormented like that constantly. I feel so uplifted now. AMEN!
thank you
God, thank you for this website. It is the answer to my prayers.
Angie, Thank you. Thank you for this beautiful heartfelt prayer. I believe God had blessed you with the gift of faith and the gift of evangelization.
Dear Lord, I thank you for the financial blessing that came when I least expected it. Though its a small amount I felt so elated when I received it. I Thank you so much for taking care of me and keeping me happy.
Lord, I just found out that I got accepted for the course I wanted, and I know it is only through Your grace that this happened.....without your help I wouldn't have stood a chance. I am so happy and grateful to you. I will be able to work at making myself a better person through this course. The power of your grace amazes me. Thank You.
Father, thank you for healing me. Thank you for all of the kind and caring people who have helped me through this time. You are sending me so many blessings, and I pray that I can someday say that I am deserving of them. Thank you for my family, and all of your guidance. Thank you for another chance to make things right. May I use my life to serve you and make a difference in all those I meet. Amen.
Lord, Thanks you for carrying me in times of difficulty, when I feel I cannot carry the load, you give me the strength to go on. I know that you are guiding me in the right direction. I will be patient and let Your will be done. Everything will turn out okay in Your own time. Continue to be with me and give me strength. I place my trust in Thee.
Thank you God for B. His daily calls keep me alive. He helps me just by talking to me on the phone and calling me. I am so grateful for these people who still call me and treat me like a human being. Sometimes I feel I don't even matter anymore, like I am no longer living. Sometimes I am so touched and I feel one day I may never even get to speak to him or anyone again. I feel I may not live long Lord, but thank you God that I am still alive today to even pick up the phone. I sense your love in all of them, B, LF, etc,,, they have been great gifts of life to me. Thank you for the love you have shown me. Thank you for B sweet voice and constant talk of you... I felt so far away at times when he calls yet I feel a mighty spirit calling me and I know it is yours. Please save me and continue to save me. I know you have. I am very grateful and thankful. Amen
Dear Lord thank you for helping Jessica and Stefanie mend thier friendship. May they continue to have a life long friendship filled with love and fun times.
Thank you St. Therese for the roses I saw today in Amy's class. I hope this is a sign. Please grant my favor. Amen
Thank you Lord Dear God for answering my prayers, Saint Therese, thank you for the roses. MMC
Dear God: Thank you for this better day. It was so wonderful seeing Dad in a better state. My prayers are being answered in your time and I trust that you will continue to shine your love on my father in his time of need. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Thank You St Theresa for the beautiful email my Aunt sent me today that was filled with nothing but roses. Love, Carol in SF
Thank You St. Therese for answering one of my prayers
St. Therese, thank you for the huge rose (sign) i saw this morning. I was thinking on my way to work I ahd not seen one rose and I opened my computer and my screen saver was a white rose , full screen. Please , st. therese, grant me the favor I ask.
Thank you O Blessed Holy Spirit for coming to my rescue, for answering me in the most wonderful way. The same day I asked for favors, you granted them. Thank you. I now put to you my other requests, by your divine intercession please remember me and answer me.
Thank You St. Jude, St Anthony, Holy Spirit,Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, St. Expiditus, Infant of Prague,Our Holy Mother,Sacred Heart of Jesus,The Most Powerful Hand for granting one of my favors today. I asked for the favor by Thursday, and it was granted. Now I pray that my other favor will also be granted. I am confident it will. Prayers WILL be answered if you knock, ask and seek! Don't give up hope!! Even when things look impossible, prayer will help:it may take a while, but it will. Lucia
Thank you Our Lord our God for all of the help you have given me. I am still in your need. I have been praying to the Saints and saying Novena's in hope that they will intercede and help me out of this situation. I don't want to be a sinner anymore. Please help me find a soulution without hurting anyone. Please help me to have faith and find strength to carry on. I am truly sorry for what I have done. Please don't turn your back on me. Please give me one more chance and I promise I won't let you down. In Jesus name I pray.
Dear St. Therese little Child of Jesus. Thank you for the beautiful roses sent my way today. I have faith my prayers will be answered. Thank you from my heart.
Thank you, Dear Jesus, for keeping me safe from all the deadly deseases that have attacked my body for the last 69 years. I also want to thank you for allowing me to serve you as an Eucharistic Minister. I love you my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
Thank you so much that Mum told me that Dad medical report all ok that shows all going back to normal. Thank you dear LORD JESUS. amen
St. Jude thanks for prayers answered and favors received. Amen. E
Dear Lord, Thank you for keep me strong in believing I will have P. back in my life. We were so good together and he thinks the same. But there is a little devil that is keeping us separated. I really want him back with me and I believe with you everything is possible. With all the Novenas I have completed and still praying I beleive I will have him back, whatever it takes. Thank you lord for giving me the strenght to keep loving him and being happy that he will soon be mine again. FA
Thank you God for this web site. Thank you for the man who wanted to put the contract on our house. Thank you that I was able to pack as many boxes as yesterday.
O Gracious and Loving God: Thank you that today marks 2mths on this job. Thank you for answering my prayer. Help me everyday to do the tasks to bring you the glory and honor. Give me the wisdom, knowledge, understanding and the patience, tolerance and peace to abide and do these tasks. I also ask for your continued guidance and direction on me. Amen
Please God heal my wife's shoulder. fd
Thank you St. Jude for all the help that you have given and all the prayers you have answered. Amen. E
Father, I thank You for loving me. I thank You for the spititual and emotional healing you have given me. I thank You for teaching me how to love selflessly. I thank You for showing me the things that I do that are not loving and for helping me change those behaviors. I thank You for changing me. I thank You for bringing me so much closer to You. I thank You for bringing me to my devotion to Mother Teresa. Thank You Father. B
Father, thank you for all of the blessings that you are sending to me. You healed my spirit and body. You sent me kind, and caring people to help through the tough times. You gave me a loving and generous family. You gave me your love, and compassion. You gave me another chance. Thank you for all of the wonderful people;thank you for all of the wonderful blessings.
Dear Saint Therese, Thankyou with all my heart for the roses. M
Last night I left a request for prayers for my father-in-law because he would be dying without sacraments. Today I found the courage to call a priest on my own and my father-in-law will be annointed tonight. Thanks to God for the answer to my prayers.
Thank you Sacred Heart of Jesus, Our Lady of Good Health, Saint Michael Archangel for save my life from a train accident last year September 8, 2002. Thank you so much to protecting me during the accident.
Jesus, I thank you for this wonderful life!! Thank you for my wife and our children. Thank you for the requests made in you name, and your answers according to your will.
St. Joseph, beloved spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary, thank you for all of the blessings you have secured for my daughter and her children. You are truly the Patron Saint of everything need.
Saint Anthony thank you for answering my prayer with a positive outcome.
Father, thank you for all of the blessings that you are bestowing upon me. You have healed my body and my spirit; you have given me another chance to make things right; you have sent me your blessed servents in my time of need; you have loved me even when I turn my back to you; you have given me a loving and caring family; you have given me peace; you have given me so many things that I have not requested. I am not worthy of these beautiful gifts, and I know that I must share your generouisity with others. Thank you for everything. Amen.
Dear God and Mary, I thank you so much for a good nite's sleep last nite. I thank you for good weather today. I thank you that I woke up feeling good today, bodily speaking. Amen
thanku god for all of my talents! i am verry grateful! i hope for the years to come i make it to the top in my sport! i am verry grateful and id just like 2 say thanku for giving me a loverly family who supports me all the time! plz god keep an eye out for me in the future! thanku god! AMEN
Laord. please help my fiance and I be re-united in love and peace. Let him know I can't live without him. I love him so much. Ask him to come to me, Lord...Amen.
Lord, please bless all of my prayer partners. I am so grateful for answered prayers. I feel such comfort and am so grateful to you for guiding me to this prayer site.
Thank you Lord for presenting me with these two opportunities. Now if you would simply guide me to the one that most honors and serves your will. Amen.
I was on my knees last night praying to God because I know that my ex and I are never going to get back together. I was so anixous that I couldn't sleep. I believe and I know that God told me call my mother and talk to her. I did that and I felt a whole lot better. I am still lonely, sad and depressed but I am glad for my mom. And I know God showed me many signs that I just didn't catch. I thank him for everything. I just wish he would send that special person whom I am to share my life with to me soon. As I am lonely for affection
Father in heaven, I thank you for your count-less favors to me today and in all my past. I am grateful for the silent inspirations of your Holy Sirit and the assistance He lends my human weakness and instability. I know my prayers and petitions are present before you, and rely confidently on your granting my requests I ask for your powerful and far-seeing goodness. I ask above all for the special favor of remaining ever faithful to the teachings of you only Son, Jesus Christ, who lives and rules with you in union with the Holy Spirit, one God, now and for all the ages to come. Amen
Thank you God that you gave me strength to survive that terrible situation i was in a year and a half ago. I belive that I only survived because you wanted me to. I believe that you are still with me and taht you will hepl me solve other problems I have. Thank you. Amen.
Thank you God for keeping your scriptural promise. Each time I am near death, you save me and prolong my life. For this I give thee infinate thanks. Amen
Thank u so much God for the lovely nite walk. Thank you that they shortened the chain on the swing which makes the seat higher. It is so much better sitting the swing now, little things like that save me from death. Thanks.Amen
Father, Thank You for all of the blessings you have given me especially those that I failed to recognize. Thank You for loving me unconditionally. Thank You for always providing for us. Thank You for all my friends epecially these awesome prayer partners.Thank You for all the work You have been doing on James and Thank You even more for the work you have been doing in my life. Thank You for all of the lessons I have learned and those that You still need to teach me. Thank You for Your endless Mercy. Please forgive me my sins and weaknesses. I am truly sorry and I intend with Your help and guidance to do better and be stronger everyday. I love you. Amen...
Dear Eucharistic Jesus, I want to thank you that I managed to get taxis easily today which helped as the sun was scorching hot. I had quite a good time too in the Adoration Room. Thank you for helping me get there safely and back. Even though I am still rather depressed now, I still thank you. amen
St.Jude thank you for answering my prayers and helping me learn to forgive. SG
Father, thank you for healing me-both physically and mentally. May all of the kind people who have helped me in this tough time be blessed for their kindness and help. Thank you for sending me these wonderful people, and blessing my life. I am grateful for another chance to make things right. May I be worthy to keep accepting all of your beautiful blessings, and share my good fortune with others. Without you, Father, none of this would be happening. I am forever grateful. Amen.
Dear God, Thank you for my three kids. Thank you that they all are healthy, Thank you that my husband has a job, Thank you that we have someone comming to look at our house tommorow at 9 am. Thank you that my husband's dad is in the hospital and still living. Thank you God that you gave me
Thank you Lord for caring friends and people like Dr. Popovich and her staff who helped me today. A in CA
Dear Lord, thanks a lot for hearing my request on my job. Today I been assign to learn new technology. AKN
Thank you Jesus for hearing and answering my prayers. I know you are changing Rick's heart and also calling my children back to the church.
Dear Lord thank you soo much for helping my father in his work. I requested you to help him and you sure are. I thank you Lord sincerely for giving him all the graces. I was so happy to receive his email and also that my mother is helping him with his work which is quite a miracle. Thank you for showing us light
Thank you for the sudden action I took to place an ad for SM in the NP. And for a good price too. Cheaper than all the rest. Anyway, thank you so much as I need some good outcome out of this depressed lag in biz. Amen
Thank you Lord for my prayer request being answered on Monday. The moments just came together, to me it was alittle miracle. Thank you, D in Maryland
Thank you God for the wonderful conversation I had with C in the concourse. It is really something that lifted my spirits. Please help me and bless me with new supports when I am down. Amen
Thank you God for healing my insomnia. I can sleep better now. And have had deep sleep for several nites now. Thank you so much. Please grant me the blessings of good sleep. Amen
There is very little I can thank you for right now Jesus. Everything looks very bleak in my life. My work life. My love life. My family life.... every area of my life. Amen
Dear Lord, please bless Carol in SF.....i've been reading about her on the prayer website...I know the pain she's going through....please give her the strength to get through each day, like you've given me strength and show her the way.
Dear Lord..thank you for giving me another day. Let it be a fruitful day where I can work for your good and honour. I thank you all my life for all the good things that you have showered on me. I fail to see them most of the time.
Dear Lord Thank You for the little white dove I saw this morning on the way to work. PLease let that be Your sign to me. Thank You for being my rock and for holding me up so far. Please Lord do not let me fall now....hold us up a little longer Lord until You are ready to fulfill my prayer requests! Thank You Lord for keeping us safe and for this website. PLease let it be working soon and Thank You for making me stop and slow down and thank You for all that I already have thru Your goodness and for letting me STOP today and....smell the roses a little. mm
Dear Sacred Heart of Jesus, thank you for helping my son in his depression. Bless him and guide him in the days ahead so that he will be safe in your care.
Thank you God for answering my prayer; thank you St. Jude for interceding on my behalf. I will encourage devotion to you always.
Thank you Lord for answer my prayers with me three boys, thank you for WJH and EJB got a job and BTB received his raise. God I give you all the glory and the praise, for you are worthy. I thank you Lord for all the prayers that you have answered for each and everyone and for the petitions that we are giving you, we know you will work it out for us. AHB
Thank you lord for giving me a trouble free day. For giving me a day filled with hope and blessing. Thank you for the meal that you provided me. Thank you for the family who I miss all the time and thank you for giving me friends online. Thank you for this prayer group who are really wonderful.
Father, Thank You for all of the blessings you have given me especially those that I failed to recognize. Thank You for loving me unconditionally. Thank You for always providing for us. Thank You for all my friends epecially these awesome prayer partners.Thank You for all the work You have been doing on James and Thank You even more for the work you have been doing in my life. Thank You for all of the lessons I have learned and those that You still need to teach me. Thank You for Your endless Mercy. Please forgive me my sins and weaknesses. I am truly sorry and I intend with Your help and guidance to do better and be stronger everyday. I love you. Amen...
thanks to st. jude for prayers answered and favors received. E
I thank you Lord, for I know you will answer my prayers. I place all my trust in you, I will try to follow along the path you lead me. Give me the strength never to doubt your grace, for you know what is best for me. Amen.
I thank you Lord, for I know you will answer my prayers. I place all my trust in you, I will try to follow along the path you lead me. Give me the strength never to doubt your grace, for you know what is best for me. Amen.