Yenra Digital Video News

CopyingProtected HD Copying removable hard disk drive capable of recording and storing copyright protected high definition content.
CamcorderCanon HD Camcorder true 1080 HD video recording, 10x optical zoom, and 24p cinematic mode.
digital-videoDivX DVD Walkman ultra-compact Sony portable slimline player with 7-inch widescreen LCD supports a wide range of playback formats.
ViewerMyVu Personal Media Viewer ultra-light binocular my view eyewear viewer connects to an iPod to display videos in any light.
iSeeiSee iPod DVR video recorder for iPod records, stores, and plays shows and movies from television, cable, satellite, and DVR sources.
RecorderPersonal Multimedia Recorder handheld multipurpose digital device transfers video from multiple sources, including DirecTV DVRs.
HDMIHDMI deep color, higher speed, PC convergence, video audio synchronization, mini connector, and new compressed audio formats.
VideosPortable Videos snowboarding, skateboarding, and surfing action sports film titles from handheld entertainment movie download store.
PocketPocket Multimedia Center Archos Gmini Camcorder plays DVD-quality video and photos and acts as a USB host for transferring files.
PortableZVUE Portable Media Players on-board flash memory, rechargeable lithium-ion battery, and secure digital rights management software.
PlayerHD DVD Player Toshiba exhibits prototype of consumer model high definition video data capacity format blue-violet laser reader.
PortablePortable Media Player lightweight pocket-sized video and audio device stores digital content and plays it back on a large 3.5 inch LCD screen.
Video EyewearMobile Video Eyewear commuter-friendly visual projection solution for privately watching video on cell phones and other portable devices.
AVMobile DVR portable digital video recorder with 100 gigabyte hard drive, wide screen, and integrated scheduler plays music and movies.
Digital MediaDigital Media Processor software development platform extends content availability and ease of development for portable media centers.
Player RecorderPortable Media Player Recorder FlashTrax XT handheld hard drive device for storing, playing and sharing digital images, video, and music.
Eyetop DVDWearable Display Glasses nanotechnology based monocular microdisplay imaging device enables Eyetop DVD's mobile virtual private cinema.
ServerDigital Cinema Server acquisition, storage, transport, and display of video and graphics for traditional and non-linear production workflows.
FireStoreDV Disk Recorder direct-to-edit recording device with loop playback, scene marking, and multiple file writing for prosumer MiniDV camcorders.
Digital VideoDigital Video Expo conference focuses on HD, audio, broadcasting, business, independent filmmaking, lighting, and visual effects.
HD DVDHD DVD 30-gigabyte capacity on a single, dual-layer disc can hold as much as eight hours of high-quality, high definition movie content.
P2Panasonic P2 tapeless digital video recording professional plug-in card format expected to soon reach 128 gigabyte storage capacity.
HDVSony HDV Camcorder high definition video camera provides 1440 pixels times 1080 lines of resolution in a three-chip consumer model.
DVD CamcorderDVD Camcorder Sony Handycam features large swivel LCD display and the ability to take high quality still digital pictures.
Portable Media CenterPortable Media Center handheld entertainment devices store and play recorded television, movies, home videos, music, and photos.
Compact 3 CCD CamcorderCompact 3 CCD Camcorder with new multi-angle handle, superior lens, and megapixel imager that captures intense detail and color.
Pocket Video RecorderPocket Video Recorder portable television recording home entertainment center includes program scheduling and data storage.
Digital Video ExpoDigital Video Conference covers cameras, lighting, sound, post production, hardware, software, photography, and business.
Canon OpturaCanon Optura new model 30 and 40 2.2 megapixel camcorders strong for both video and still photography and feature 12x and 14x optical zooms.
Digital Video EffectsDigital Video Effects with eight channels of video or four video/key channel pairs in all SD and HD formats and enhanced workflow and network integration.
Canon HD LensesCanon HD Lenses include new prime lenses, zoom lens, and anamorphic converter for high definition production of episodic TV, commercials, and movies.
HDV FormatHDV Format standard for recording and playback of high-definition video on a DV cassette tape.
Mini DV TapesHigh Quality Mini DV Tapes - TDK provides high-performance Mini DV cassettes for consumers.
VideoLossless Video Codec cross-platform plug-in optimized to playback screen recordings for training, education, and business presentations.

Steadicam for Small Camcorders