Yenra : Digital Video : Lossless Video Codec : Cross-platform plug-in optimized to playback screen recordings for training, education and business presentations


TechSmith today introduced EnSharpen, an unprecedented lossless video codec for QuickTime that offers Macintosh and Windows users a compression solution that enables high-quality, small-file video playback.

Content professionals and software developers can now compress their tutorials, multimedia presentations and animated content with the EnSharpen codec for easy viewing in the QuickTime Player on Macintosh and Windows platforms. EnSharpen is based on the TechSmith Screen Capture Codec (TSCC) in the company's market-leading Camtasia Studio desktop recorder. EnSharpen is the first delivery codec that provides Macintosh users with lossless quality and a high compression ratio.

"EnSharpen is the most exciting new codec for QuickTime in years," said Ben Waggoner, principal of Ben Waggoner Digital, a compressed video consulting, training, and encoding company. "It provides Mac users with a way to play back the large existing library of Camtasia Studio content, and gives content creators a great new cross-platform codec for screen animations, with file sizes that are only a fraction of what used to be required."

Once downloaded, EnSharpen integrates with Camtasia Studio, QuickTime Pro, Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro and all other Macintosh and Windows authoring and editing tools that allow access to third-party video codecs for QuickTime Movie files. In addition, EnSharpen enables all AVI video files encoded with the original TSCC codec to play in the QuickTime Player on the Macintosh and PC platforms.

"Thousands of training professionals, educators and content developers who use Camtasia Studio to create videos, demonstrations and presentations now have a single codec to deliver material via the Internet to Mac and PC users," said Cindy Fuhrman, EnSharpen Product Marketing Manager at TechSmith. "Anyone who must deliver content to Mac users will realize immediate time and cost savings by effortlessly delivering high-quality content without having to sacrifice compression."

Internal company tests at TechSmith have shown EnSharpen delivers exceptional lossless compression results. For example, a 280MB file of screen recordings and animated video can be compressed to 1.8MB. EnSharpen has a 1:1 compression process, meaning that a 1-minute long video will take one minute to compress.

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