Yenra : Digital Video : Personal Multimedia Recorder : Handheld multipurpose digital device transfers video from multiple sources, including DirecTV DVRs

Multimedia Recorder

Thomson's LYRA X3000 personal multimedia recorder is a handheld multipurpose device that will soon feature secure high-speed video transfers from select DIRECTV digital video recorders. Along with this DIRECTV2Go capability, the pocket-sized LYRA X3000 by RCA allows for the direct recording of up to forty feature-length films from multiple video sources without using a computer and is ideal for digital subscription music content - all in the palm of your hand.

"The LYRA X3000 morphs into a virtual VCR, utilizing MPEG4 technology, with the capability for both real-time recording from any analog source or high-speed transfer of digitized content, plus the advantage of DVD quality picture performance when outputting to a TV," said Thomson's Dan Collishaw. "These features, along with remote control operation and programmability, make the LYRA X3000 an ideal entertainment complement for the next-generation DIRECTV digital video recorders (DVRs), scheduled for deployment in 2006. A convenient software upgrade, at no cost to the consumer, is all that is required for this remarkable DIRECTV compatibility," Collishaw added.

Although compact, the LYRA X3000 by RCA boasts a 3.6-inch TFT ultra-bright color LCD screen with 320 x 240 resolution. The lightweight portable entertainment device weighs under eight ounces and is only 3/4 of an inch thick. The LYRA X3000 features a replaceable lithium ion battery providing for at least four hours of constant video playback on one charge.

While the X3000 is a great portable solution, it also features a home theater docking base that can be connected to a home entertainment system. The docking base enables easy time-shift recording of TV programs from a tuning source such as the video output of a television or cable/satellite set-top receiver. With a composite video output the X3000 is capable of displaying high-resolution photos as well as video with DVD picture quality. The X3000 is ideal for watching video content transferred from a PC on a television.

The DIRECTV2GO compatibility further expands the LYRA X3000's capability for entertainment on the go. Digital quality content securely downloaded from compatible DIRECTV DVRs to the X3000 can be easily viewed on televisions located in other rooms. The device displays TV programs and program information in a format familiar to customers with these compatible DIRECTV DVRs. This will make it simple to navigate through the dozens of hours of DIRECTV programming that can be stored on the X3000's 20GB hard drive.

Compatible with both pay-per-song and subscription services, the LYRA X3000 can store hundreds of hours of mp3, Windows Media Audio, and Audible audio files - including those from popular PC-based subscription music and video services. ID3 tag song data with artist, album, song title and genre is displayed on the viewing screen. Music buffs can listen to their collection of mp3 files using one of nine playback modes, including normal play, shuffle and repeat, or by programming their own playlists. The X3000 comes bundled with earbud headphones and features a built-in speaker.

This digital jukebox offers the capability to create slide shows with zoom and photo rotation, and users can add their own music for further enhancement. The X3000 can easily transfer digital photos from an SD memory card or compatible camera without needing a computer, or the consumer can move audio, video, and photos from a PC to the device with built-in high-speed USB.

A package of convenience and performance enhancements optimize enjoyment of the LYRA X3000. Voice Labeling enables recording of audio commentary to go with photos or images stored on the device's hard drive. Auto Resume remembers the track location and volume setting when the power is shut off and automatically returns to the location when the device is turned on. Universal 3-Device IR Remote Control allows user to operate the X3000 and other devices from a distance.