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Following an extensive evaluation and competitive bid process, QuVIS servers will be installed by Arts Alliance Digital Cinema for the UK Film Council's digital screen network. Arts Alliance Digital Cinema will supply QuVIS Cinema Players for a network of up to 250 screens throughout the UK as a core part of the UK Film Council's strategy for improving access to specialized film and broadening the range of films available to audiences throughout the UK.

"Access to specialized film is currently restricted across the UK. The choice for many outside these areas remains limited, and the Digital Screen Network will improve access for audiences across the UK," said Pete Buckingham of the UK Film Council.

Under the terms of the contract, Arts Alliance Digital Cinema will, if and when required, utilize a QuVIS Acuity to create secure encrypted digital cinema masters for specialized film content. The QuVIS Acuity offers a wide range of SD, HD and 2K with real time mastering from film or tape as well as the ability to directly ingest animated masters. The mastering process also provides flexibility for audio, and the ability to incorporate subtitles when required.

After the 128-bit AES encryption process, the secure content can be loaded to hard disk for delivery to the cinemas.

"We are delighted to be working with QuVIS on the Digital Screen Network," said Fiona Deans of Arts Alliance Digital Cinema. "Their cutting-edge server solution provides the quality and flexibility this project requires."

At the theatre, the secure content is loaded from disk to a QuVIS Cinema Player. Arts Alliance Digital Cinema also provides the security keys required to play the feature. The cost of this process compares extremely favorably to the current cost of 35mm film, currently a significant barrier to specialized films being seen in more cinemas.

"This is an exciting example of the real benefits that a digital alternative to film offers," noted Kenbe Goertzen of QuVIS. "Secure, easier and less expensive to deliver for the film maker and distributor, consistent presentation quality and extra flexibility for the exhibitor, and a greater choice of features for the theatre-goer wins all around."

QuVIS digital cinema servers have been utilized for more than 100 digital releases.