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Pocket Video Recorder

The Archos Pocket Video Recorder AV400 is the industry's first and only portable digital video recorder with television recording and scheduling capabilities, and audio, photo, and data storage in one pocket-sized device.

The experience starts in the living room where you can record television shows and movies directly from a TV, VCR, or cable/satellite receiver with a convenient one-time set-up TV Cradle. At the same time, the unit takes personal entertainment enjoyment far beyond the living room, where consumers can watch videos and view photos on a large color LCD screen, listen to and record music, and transfer photos from a digital camera and data files from a PC or Macintosh.

The pocket video recorder was designed with consumer ease of use in mind and presents many new features unseen in a portable video player, including a sleek and small design, 20-gigabyte to 100-gigabyte hard disk capacity, removable battery for extended life (20-gigabyte version), one-time set-up TV Cradle, an external speaker for enjoying music and video without headphones, best video playback quality, and a built-in Compact Flash reader for transferring photos directly from digital cameras. These new features make the AV400 a uniquely powerful device, yet slim, light and easy to use.

"While companies are focusing on music-only players, or developing first-generation portable video players, Archos is steps ahead with pocket video devices that put all a consumer's personal media in their pocket," said Henri Crohas, Archos chief executive officer. "With our new line of products later this year, we plan to provide consumers a way to secure their digital content and are engaged with Microsoft to support its new version of Windows Media Digital Rights Management, when it is broadly available. Archos' AV line of products are very robust in terms of both meeting consumer expectations and addressing industry trends, which ensures Archos remains at the forefront of this growing portable video player market."

To be placed on or near the TV set, the TV Cradle is a docking station for the AV400 that allows you to record directly from a TV, VCR or cable/satellite tuner. Once the TV Cradle is connected to the TV, VCR or cable/satellite receiver for the first time, you will not have to reconnect the cables again, just dock the AV400 and you are ready to record or view your files on the TV.

The AV400 Recording Scheduler directly controls the tuner inside your VCR or cable/satellite receiver to automatically adjust the channel and record based on the time and duration of the schedule. Further, the AV400 Scheduler will synchronize with Yahoo TV Guide (where available) from the Internet so you can prepare your recordings for the week or month in advance.

The new portable video recorder allows you to:

Leading with the 20-gigabyte and 80-gigabyte models, the AV400 series will be available in stores worldwide beginning the first week in July and are priced at $549.95 and $799.95, respectively.

Archos develops pocket-sized audio and video digital media solutions for mobile consumers.