Yenra : Digital Video : Wearable Display Glasses : Nanotechnology based monocular microdisplay imaging device enables Eyetop DVD's mobile virtual private cinema

Eyetop DVD

The Kopin CyberDisplay 320C has been selected as the imaging core of the Eyetop DVD, one of the world's first private, wearable DVD players. It features a monocular display near the right eye that gives the experience of a virtual private cinema while allowing users to move about freely, fully aware of their surroundings. The Eyetop DVD from Eyeneo includes high-quality cool blue video glasses with stereo earbuds, a portable DVD player with rechargeable battery, and a custom carrying bag.

"When we say mobile video, we mean it literally," said Atika Elsayed of Eyeneo. "The Eyetop DVD provides the best of both worlds: an immersive private multimedia experience with a large, crisp image magnified from a tiny Kopin CyberDisplay, and the simultaneous ability to see your surroundings while you're on the go. These features make it practical for busy professionals as well as fun and entertaining for film lovers and gadget gurus."

Kopin's CyberDisplay has been the integrated microdisplay for previous generations of the Eyetop that plugged into digital cameras, camcorders, portable TVs, third-party DVD players, laptops, desktops, and PDAs. The Eyetop DVD, with improved viewing technology and a dedicated DVD player specially tuned to the eyewear, dramatically enhances the customer experience.

Built with nanotechnology, the Kopin CyberDisplay 320C is one of the world's smallest, lowest power, QVGA-resolution microdisplays. The active matrix liquid crystal display (AMLCD) packs 76,800 pixels in the 0.24-inch display, a density that no other QVGA microdisplay can offer. At 1,700 lines per inch, the Kopin CyberDisplay 320C is the world's densest AMLCD. Along with displaying standard text and graphics, the CyberDisplay 320C operates at video speeds and consumes less than 100 mW of power, including the backlight. Kopin's ASIC chip allows color video images up to 60 frames per second, and displays 16 million full colors.

"Eyeneo's unique design is an innovative approach addressing the mobile video market," said CEO Dr. John C. C. Fan. "Our CyberDisplay enables an enormous video experience originating from a tiny, power-efficient package, contributing to the portability today's consumers demand for all of their video on the go applications."

The Eyetop DVD is available for $599.

Eyeneo manufactures personally worn information devices, integrating video capabilities into eyewear.

Kopin provides microdisplays for mobile consumer electronics: ultra-small, high-density imaging devices for camcorders, digital cameras, next-generation Internet wireless handsets, and other electronics.