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MoCA MoCA Compatible Cable Tuners new 1-GHz tuner chipset offers immunity from in-home networking standard interference.

Connectors Fiber Optic Connectors pre-polished terminations give flexibility to behind-the-wall main and intermediate cross-connect installations.

Switch Intelligent Optical Switch 160x160 port connections for integrated power level monitoring, variable attenuation, and photonic multicasting.

DWDM DWDM CMOS Optical Link dense wavelength-division-multiplexed connectivity using 4 10Gb wavelengths with low latency and long reach.

Clock Network Clock precise time and frequency synchronization over networks within better than one hundred nanoseconds accuracy.

SAN SAN Chip high-channel-density, low-power, single-chip system-on-a-chip high-speed storage serializer/deserializer interface technology.

Tester Network Performance Tester next generation XFP module interface enables independent jitter measurements for transmission and reception.

VPN Appliances Mobile VPN Appliance roam across network boundaries maintaining application session persistence and virtual private network security.

Cabling System 10 Gigabit Ethernet Copper modular UTP cabling system with jacks, patch cords, panels, and punchdown provides high bandwidth media.

MPLS MPLS conference on Multi Protocol Label Switching with exhibits on network convergence, reliability, and security.

Ethernet Chip Single Chip Ethernet microcontroller brings affordable end-node connectivity to industrial control applications in a low-pin-count package.

Reflectometer Optical Backscatter Reflectometer ultra-high resolution time-domain analysis of fiber-optic components and modules.

Spread Spectrum T1 Spread Spectrum T1 technology with dual mode capabilities offers voice and data traffic network flexibility for corporations and carriers.

Optical Vector Analyzer Optical Vector Analyzer is first integrated, single-scan, self-calibrating solution for characterization of multi-channel passive optical modules.

ICT ICT : Information and Communication Technology Industry Approach Recommendation

Packet Communications Packet Communications Enhanced IP Services.

Advanced Switch Advanced Switching Interface Specification.

SONET ICs SONET/SDH Framer and Time Slot Interchange ICs - Interoperability of currently available and future-generation circuits.

Zero Delay Buffers Zero Delay Buffers - High-Speed Clock Distribution.

Promina Promina Scream ShoutIP Platforms pioneering products that form the backbone of today's networks.

MTNS MTNS : MultiTransport Networking Service seamless network connections, regardless of protocol used.

Multi Gigabit Switch 10 Gigabit Switch extensible, resilient, and scalable 10 gigabit switch the core of a converged network.

Converged Network Converged Network high-performance scalable infrastructure with IP telephony, data services, and wireless connectivity.

Fast Ethernet Fast Ethernet Routing and Switching turnkey enterprise and metro solutions.

Advanced Call Center Network - Converged Voice, Data, and Video over Private IP Network

Application Intelligent Networking - Integration of Security and Networking Capabilities

CWDM : Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexing - CWDM Platform for Three-City Backbone Network

Electrical Wiring Network - High-speed Internet access over the standard electrical wiring already installed in buildings

Instant Messaging Network Connectivity - Scalable Integration Point for Global IM Networks

Instant Networking - Wireless Instant Networks

Intelligent IP Networking - IPv6 and IPv4 Wire Speed, Performance, Flexibility in Network Deployments

IP Network Borders - Enhancements of Session Border Controllers

Multi Transport Networking - ITU launches Next Generation Optical Network

Network Power Protection - Local Power and Battery Back-up

Optical Vector Analyzer - First completely integrated, single-scan, self-calibrating solution for all-parameter characterization of multi-channel passive optical components and modules

OSI Implementations

Patch Management - Software evaluates missing and out of date hot fixes, service packs, and other patches for networked computers

Storage Area Networking - Efficient, highly reliable IP SANs

Storage Networking - Supporting the users of data storage technology by stimulating the creation of local and regional storage networking user groups

Wireless Network Management - Managing wireless LANs

Zero Delay Buffers - High-Speed Clock Distribution