Yenra : Networking : Patch Management : Software evaluates missing and out of date hot fixes, service packs, and other patches for networked computers

New Boundary Technologies today announced the selection of St. Bernard Software's UpdateEXPERT technology for inclusion in the Prism family of products. The Prism product line continues to provide leading-edge technology focused on easing the pain of system administrators.

Patch management is critical to maintaining corporate network security and integrity in the current IT environment. With the frequency of patches released and potential threat to an unpatched network, IT departments cannot afford to manually research, collect, and deploy all needed patches. Patch management software evaluates missing and out of date hot fixes, service packs, and other patches for networked computers. The software discovers missing and applicable patches and reliably deploys them through a central management console. This recent partnership enables organizations to review and deploy patches that have been thoroughly tested for interdependencies and compatibility within their unique IT environment

"The addition of a proven, robust patch management solution to the Prism product line supports our focus in meeting the evolving needs of the system administrator," said Kim Pearson, New Boundary Technologies President and CEO. "As the recent Blaster Worm illustrates, networks must be maintained with the almost daily release of new patches and hot fixes. Administrators need the easiest and best tools available to identify, deploy, and validate the updates quickly and reliably."

"Our partnership with New Boundary Technologies is very synergistic for both our companies and our customers," said John E. Jones CEO/President, at St. Bernard Software, Inc. "Patch management capability is a valuable addition to the powerful software distribution technology contained in Prism Deploy and Prism Pack. St. Bernard Software and New Boundary Technologies both focus on providing the best technology in easy-to-use, reliable applications for network and security management."

St. Bernard Software (now part of EdgeWave) provides security solutions that protect against data loss, system threats, Internet abuse and unsolicited e-mail.

New Boundary Technologies creates innovative software solutions that enable organizations to quickly benefit from emerging complex technologies.