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Firetide has introduced a new wireless mesh router.

"Firetide offers a break-through approach to wireless networking," said Chris Shipley of DEMOmobile. "The HotPoint wireless mesh router, by unwiring the LAN backhaul, will enable the accelerated build-out of our wireless infrastructure." Existing wireless networks are not truly wireless, since access points must be connected to a wired Ethernet infrastructure. Installing Ethernet cabling is expensive, difficult, and time-consuming. As a result, wiring is the most expensive portion of a wireless network.

HotPoint wireless mesh routers use advanced routing technologies and IEEE 802.11- compliant radios to "unwire" the Ethernet backhaul and create a self-configuring, self-healing mesh network - a Firetide Wireless Instant Network. Instant Networks are IP networks that support multi-hop, point-to-point, and IP multi-cast routing. Firetide networks scale and self-configure instantly by simply plugging HotPoints into standard AC power outlets.

"Conventional wireless network deployment requires extensive site surveys, disruption of business operations, expensive construction, and skilled technicians to manually configure each access point," said Tareq Hoque of Firetide. "Firetide's Wireless Instant Networks dramatically reduce the cost of wireless deployments. An entire wireless network can be installed in hours rather than months." Firetide's Instant Networking solution is designed for hotzones such as hotels, airports, convention centers, warehouses, educational institutions, housing complexes, and any place where wiring is difficult, disruptive, or expensive.