Yenra : Networking : Fiber Optic Connectors : Pre-polished terminations give flexibility to behind-the-wall main and intermediate cross-connect installations


Panduit SC Opticam Pre-Polished Fiber Optic Connectors provide field termination in less than half the time of field polish connectors, and with their re-termination ability, provide yield rates approaching 100%. These connectors offer flexibility for behind-the-wall main and intermediate cross-connect installations. The factory pre-polished fiber stub endface eliminates field polishing to reduce installation costs, labor, scrap, and the number of tools required.

Opticam technology features a dual cam design that secures both the fiber and buffer in one action to ensure consistent termination results while reducing termination time.

A single termination tool provides fast and easy terminations of Opticam Pre-Polished Connectors. This user-friendly tool utilizes an integrated visual fault locator for visual indication of proper termination after the cam step has been completed.