Yenra : Networking : Electrical Wiring Network : High-speed Internet access over the standard electrical wiring already installed in buildings


Ron Pickett of Telkonet was featured in an interview by Eric, David and Sons.

Telkonet provides powerline communications solutions for the commercial and industrial markets. The company develops new methods for delivering high-speed Internet access over the standard electrical wiring already installed in buildings.

Telkonet's products provide connectivity over existing electrical wiring and do not require the costly installation of additional wiring, or major disruption of business activity. In many situations, the Telkonet system can be implemented more quickly and less expensively than adding dedicated wiring or installing a wireless system.

The Telkonet PlugPlusInternet family of Internet access products offers a viable and cost-effective alternative to the challenges of hardwiring and wireless local area networks (LANs). Telkonet PlugPlusInternet products are designed for use in commercial and residential applications, including multi-dwelling units and the hospitality and government markets.

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