Yenra : Networking : Optical Vector Analyzer : First completely integrated, single-scan, self-calibrating solution for all-parameter characterization of multi-channel passive optical components and modules

Optical Vector Analyzer

Today, Luna Technologies announced the enhancement of its award-winning Optical Vector Analyzer (OVA) platform with the addition of the OVA-MP for multi-channel testing of optical components and subassemblies. For the first time, designers and engineers of optical components and subassemblies have the ability to perform volume all-parameter testing of single and multi-channel DWDMs. The initial offering will have up to 128-port capability.

Luna's multi-channel solution provides simultaneous and independent verification of each channel of a multi-channel component with fast, accurate and simultaneous measurements of insertion loss, group delay, chromatic dispersion, polarization dependent loss and polarization mode dispersion. During a period of reduced revenues and corporate downsizing, the Luna's OVA-MP provides significant savings in testing budgets while accelerating production schedules reducing time-to-market.

The OVA-MP provides more thorough testing in less time by leveraging Luna's proprietary interferometric all-parameter analysis technique which provides unprecedented speed, accuracy and integration in optical component test.

"Luna's new OVA-MP analyzer can significantly reduce your cost of test and help bring your product to market faster," says John Goehrke, President of Luna Technologies. "It can also assure your product is more reliable than your competitor's by providing complete, all-parameter testing."

The OVA-MP is a compact, easy to use, small-footprint system that scales from the entry-level single-port OVA. Luna will introduce the OVA-MP at the 2004 Optical Fiber and Communications Conference in Los Angeles in February with immediate availability and 4 to 6 weeks delivery.

Luna is an industry-leading fiber optic component test and measurement equipment manufacturer.