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On December 10, 2009, JDSU announced it earned the Frost & Sullivan 2009 Worldwide Growth Strategy Award for its Gigabit Ethernet test equipment. The Frost & Sullivan Award is presented to the company that has demonstrated excellence in capturing the highest annual compound growth rate for the last three years in Gigabit test equipment. JDSU offers a single-source Carrier Ethernet test portfolio that facilitates analysis of all seven layers of Carrier Ethernet services. The JDSU portfolio provides the industry's deepest set of test features in an integrated, end-to-end approach to testing Carrier Ethernet products and services, including lab and service verification, development and production, installation and maintenance, troubleshooting and overall service assurance. The portfolio offers NEMs and service providers worldwide the confidence to successfully build, deploy, and manage Ethernet and Business Class solutions.

Product lines recognized for innovation:

Also on December 10, 2009, EXFO Electro-Optical Engineering announced the release of the MCM Gigabit Ethernet Interface Series test module, designed to meet performance and capacity requirements of network equipment manufacturers (NEMs) and network service providers (NSPs) who are developing and deploying voice-over-IP (VoIP) and IP multimedia subsystem (IMS) networks. These high-performance and high-capacity networks need to be verified in the lab before deployment to ensure they meet capacity and performance expectations while ensuring acceptable level of quality of customer experience can be delivered. The new MCM Gigabit Ethernet Interface Series was designed to meet testing challenges of today's networks. A single module can emulate up to 256 000 unique IMS/VoIP subscribers and 64 000 voice/video streams while performing quality analysis on every stream in real time. The MCM Gigabit Ethernet Interface Series can be housed in EXFO's InterWatch R14 and QualityAssurer QA-604 platforms, and is backward-compatible with existing software options. With the MCM Gigabit Ethernet Interface Series, a single 2U QA-604 platform can support 512 000 emulated IMS/VoIP subscribers and 128 000 voice/video streams while the 9U R14 platform can support 1.2 million emulated IMS/VoIP subscribers and 320 000 voice/video streams.