Yenra OSI Implementations

SONET/SDH - Point-to-point synchronous networks that use TDM multiplexing across a ring or mesh physical topology

SLIP - Serial Line IP - Modem protocol

PPP - Point-to-Point Protocol - PPP Built into NEC's new V850 NetChip modules, enabling easy Internet connection solution

IEEE 802 - Basic concepts, terminology and key specifications

FDDI - Fiber Distributed Data Interface - X3T9.5 - Open source access for Linux to provide clustered computing users access to high-speed driver technology

Frame Relay - Fast packet-switching in new transatlantic frame relay services


OSI : A Model for Computer Communications Standards by Uyless D. Black - Global networking standards are the link between computers and users when communicating across geographical and system hardware boundaries. This volume details the OSI standards, the data networks they serve, and the modelling and mathematical issues affecting them. Designed as both a reference and tutorial, complete with extensive graphics, this book examines the International Standards Organization and CCITT OSI protocol and reflects the latest changes to the network model's upper layers.

Handbook of Computer Communications Standards : The Open Systems Interconnection (OSI Model and OSI-Related Standards) by William Stallings - an excellent textbook as well as reference on OSI Reference Model and related standards. The OSI Model is presented in detail. Various protocols for wide area networking, like HDLC and X.25, are explained in depth with clear illustrations. This book provides in depth analysis of computer communication technologies.