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THUS, one of the UK's leading providers of voice, data, Internet and contact centre services, today announced the launch of transatlantic frame relay services facilitated via an agreement with Sprint, a global communications company. The agreement allows THUS to offer new and existing customers service level guaranteed frame relay connectivity to satellite sites in the US.

THUS's transatlantic frame relay service extends its already proven UK frame relay service, FrameLink. Although THUS is focussed on the UK market, customers increasingly call for seamless integration with their transatlantic data requirements. The Company is currently in discussions with these customers about the cost and performance benefits it can deliver by migrating to THUS's International Frame Relay service.

"This is a significant enhancement to our data services offering," said Bill Allan, Chief Executive of THUS plc. "We work to the highest possible standards in terms of our technology, security and service, and Sprint shares this ethos. Sprint is arguably the premier data provider in the US and offers us ubiquitous coverage across the continental US, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands."

"We are delighted THUS has decided to use our network for its expansion into the transatlantic data services market," said Christian Moeller, regional president, Europe, Sprint. "Sprint will provide THUS with low-cost, high-capacity network services, which it can confidently use as the foundation for its transatlantic business. We are excited to be supporting THUS with its first international frame relay customer and look forward to working together with THUS in the future."

One of THUS's primary reasons for choosing Sprint as its transatlantic provider, is Sprint's commitment to strong service level guarantees for network availability and data delivery.

THUS's International Frame Relay service is delivered over its own network throughout the UK and across the Atlantic to its network in New York and transferred to Sprint's data network via a Network-to-Network Interface (NNI) in New York. Initially, this service will only be available to UK THUS customers wanting to establish a link to the U.S.

Frame Relay provides fast packet-switching by leaving various checking and monitoring to higher-level protocols. Frame relay has a high throughput and low delays. It also is efficient, making maximum use of available bandwidth.