Yenra : Networking : Optical Backscatter Reflectometer : Ultra-high resolution time-domain analysis of fiber-optic components and modules


Luna Technologies has introduced the industry's most sensitive frequency-domain reflectometer: the Optical Backscatter Reflectometer (OBR). This failure analysis tool offers unprecedented diagnostic capabilities to the manufacturers of fiber-optic components and assemblies. Using the OBR, designers and manufacturers can peer into the heart of optical components, modules and assemblies to measure minute reflections with 125 dB sensitivity, 60 dB dynamic range and 40 micron spatial resolution for up to 30 meters of optical length with zero dead-zone. This saves money by improving product quality and reducing test time.

Luna's optical backscatter reflectometer represents a new class of measurement instrument that fills the gap between conventional optical time-domain reflectometers (OTDRs) that have long reach and backscatter-level sensitivity but poor resolution, and component-level reflectometers that have high resolution but lack backscatter-level sensitivity. With data acquisition rates exceeding 5 million points per second, the OBR provides extremely fast and accurate plug-and-play inspection, qualification, verification and failure analysis of a wide variety of fiber-optic components and modules.

"We've created an ideal combination of speed, accuracy, sensitivity and resolution in an instrument that will be useful to anyone that assembles fiber-optic components," says John Goehrke, Chief Executive Officer at Luna Technologies. "Utilizing the OBR can dramatically improve component quality, significantly reduce testing costs, and ultimately improve production yield rate."

The optical backscatter reflectometer comes configured with an integrated internal tunable laser source, a computer and a monitor.

Luna Technologies manufactures fiber optic component test and measurement equipment.