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Sandburst Corporation has joined the Arapahoe Working Group (AWG). AWG is developing the Advanced Switching (AS) interface specification for switched data interconnection in storage, computing and communications equipment. AS provides advanced communication features on PCI Express technology.

Sandburst will actively support the development of the AS specification. Sandburst's unique expertise in high performance packet-switching architectures will be a primary contribution to the AWG AS effort. Sandburst's central role in storage and blade server standards, including iSCSI and RDMA on IP, will also help to develop AS as a universal platform for modular storage, computing and communication systems. Sandburst plans to support AS-based equipment in future products.

"We look forward to sharing our quality of service (QoS), traffic management and packet switching expertise in the AS standardization effort," said Stephen Bailey, chief technologist of Sandburst Corporation. "The broad adoption of AS will reduce development costs and accelerate delivery of next generation modular systems."

Arapahoe Working Group members include Intel, Agere, IBM, Integrated Device Technology, Vitesse Semiconductor, AMD, Agilent Technologies, Huawei Technologies, Alcatel, Siemens AG, Sun Microsystems, EMC, Fujitsu, Hitachi, and numerous other companies with expertise in storage, computing and communications.

Broadcom acquired Sandburst Corporation in March 2006.