Yenra : Networking : Promina Scream ShoutIP Platforms : Pioneering products that form the backbone of today's networks


For over two decades, has pioneered technology that has formed the backbone of much of today's multi-service networking architecture. This tradition of innovation has continued by developing next generation networking technologies and delivering revenue generating service creation platforms for broadband, IP telephony and multi-service networks. These platforms, on show at ITU Telecom World, will enable network service providers and operators to achieve fast ROI, lower cap ex and profit from the rapid creation and delivery of services.

"Twenty years in the telecommunications industry is quite an achievement and is in no small way, testament to the success of our family of products with their resiliency and reliability, " said Hubert "Bert" Whyte, president and CEO,

"The future of our company and indeed business model of the carrier community is service centric and offering QoS enabled IP services. The infrastructure at the edge of the network will combine ATM, IP and BRAS functionality in a non-proprietary environment which are the characteristics of the SCREAM platform."

The SCREAM platform uniquely consolidates ATM switching, BRAS functionality and edge routing in one unit and will serve a critical role in the multi-service edge of the future, by working alongside a switch to provide QoS enabled IP services. will demonstrate one such QoS enabled IP application on the stand live in the form of video on demand over DSL, allowing users to increase the bandwidth to dramatically improve the quality of the picture.

The Promina platform will demonstrate the superior reliability of the multi-service access and switching platform used by organisations worldwide for their most demanding mission critical applications. NET has continued to develop Promina and has produced a migration path to IP networks of the future through SCREAMlink, which will be discussed further on their stand.

The SHOUTIP platform is a versatile telephony platform that will be demonstrated in the SHOUTIP kiosk along with an enterprise VOIP application that addresses and circumvents firewall issues. will also be hosting the Service Creation Community's presence at the ITU show. The SCC is an independent organization dedicated to fast-tracking new communications services and provider revenues. Founders and current members of the SCC include Accenture, ADC Telecommunications, HP, Microsoft, Oracle, Paradyne and Siemens ICN. For more information, the current president of the SCC, Mr. Craig Forbes, will be available at the booth during the show.