Yenra Handheld Computer News

Sidekick iDSidekick iD customizable T-Mobile handheld with voice calling, Web browsing, and keyboard for instant and text messaging.
PepperPepper Pad handheld media computer enables consumers to hold in their own two hands the world of digital media and broadband services.
TreoVerizon Palm Treo Microsoft Smartphone mobile phone with e-mail, messaging, and web access through a national wireless broadband network.
Linux TabletLinux Internet Tablet pocket-sized device with widescreen display enables easy broadband access over Wi-Fi and will support VoIP.
Mobile ManagerLife Drive Mobile Manager productivity and entertainment device features 4GB hard drive and built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless.
Wireless ComputerWireless Computers rollout of handhelds that support four different protocols improves UPS route planning, loading, and package delivery.
ComponentsModular Mobile Computer System innovative design gives retailers a platform for building devices that match their enterprise applications.
HandheldIndustrial Handheld PC rugged mobile computer for signature capture, barcode scanning, RFID, transportation, logistics, retail, and field service.
Mini KeyboardMini Keyboard Belkin compact PDA Pocket PC add-on typing solution snaps into place on the bottom of Dell Axim handhelds.
GizmondoGizmondo multi-entertainment handheld console offers next generation games, GPS, messaging, movies, and digital music.
AximAxim X50 Bluetooth, Wi-Fi for wireless Internet, and VoIP capable PDA with Compact Flash and SD slots and high-performance graphics.
Handheld DockHandheld Dock adjustible car cup holder brace provides flexible stability for mobile devices.
SidekickSidekick 2 T-Mobile color personal organizer and keyboard cell phone has slim design, camera, instant messenger, and built-in speakerphone.
Handheld AccessoriesHandheld Accessories high-quality colorful fashionable designer leather cases for Treo 600, Tungsten C, Tungsten W, and Zire 72 devices.
Dell AximDell Axim X30 dual WiFi and Bluetooth wireless technology and Intel PXA270 processor at 624MHz, the fastest for a handheld device.
Soft Touch FinishPPG Velvecron Soft Touch Finish next-generation coating feels smooth, soft and comfortable in your hand.
Rugged Handheld ComputersRugged Handheld Computers deployed to mobile workforce for strategic logistics, delivery, and service applications to maximize efficiencies.
Zaurus HandheldZaurus Handheld portable Linux-based data terminal with full VGA screen, extensive wireless options, and remote connectivity to applications and databases.
Virtual Laser KeyboardVirtual Laser Keyboard attaches to PDAs and computers and projects the image of a full-size keyboard onto a flat surface.
Palm VPNPalm VPN - VPN Client for Palm OS 5 Handhelds.
Sony HandheldSony CLIE WiFi Bluetooth Handheld computer with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.
Palm NavigationPalm Navigation Software in landscape or portrait mode.
Palm DocumentsPalm Microsoft Office Native Document Support seamless, fast solution for working with Microsoft compatible documents.

Hand held computers are scaled down versions of larger computers. Everything happens in the small space. Applications are necessarily different, usually much simpler. Also, the way memory is handled is different. When you power off the machine and turn it on again, usually, the last application you were working on is waiting for you just as you left it.

Speaking Translator Card - Comprehensive Cross Platform Speaking Translator Card for Handhelds and Smartphones

Casio Handheld Pocket Organizer - Cassiopeia BE-300 Pocket Manager (Color)

Casio PDA - Casio Cassiopeia PV-S400 Plus Pocket Viewer

Compaq iPAQ Color Pocket PC - Compaq iPAQ 3835 Color Pocket PC

Discount Toshiba Pocket PC - High quality PocketPC at a good price

Handspring Treo - Handspring Treo Smartphone Developer Kits Available

Handspring Visor - Sharp full-color screen displays over 65,000 colors.

Palm Pilots - Palm buys Handspring

Palm Pilot Zire - Palm Zire Handheld

Palm Software - Online and Over-the-Air Delivery of Palm OS Software

Palm Tungsten T Handheld PC - Advanced palm pilot

PDA Cases - New Accessories for iPaq 2200 Series PDAs

Pocket Radio FM PDA Handheld - Converts standard PDA into high-quality FM tuner

Sharp Electronic Organizer - Built-in 8-PIM Functions

Sharp Zaurus Multimedia PDA MP3 Player - PDA with multimedia capabilities, including playing video and mp3

Toshiba Pocket PC - Toshiba e330 Pocket PC Handheld